Howling Ch.6


Chapter 6

    “Tila, I really think this is a very bad idea.” Ray told me for the hundredth time. He followed closely behind me, wearing a black suit. Every since he been gaining weight, he didn’t look half bad. I believe, he been hitting the gym, gaining extra muscle mass.

We knew that we couldn’t just go in with jeans, and shirts. I wanted to look presentable, so I wore a nice dress shirt and pants with simple black shoes that weren’t high heels. Ray had strongly spoken against the idea of going for the past week and made sure that he tagged along on this dangerous encounter.

“I told you. This is business.”

“But we’re talking about an Elder!”

We were walking through the crowd of people. A large looming buildings stretched upwards endlessly on all direction, making me feel tiny. Every time I walked through the city street, I couldn’t help but feel trapped against the tall building walls. The thought of being confined made me feel more antsy and nervous, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t deal with it. It just took a bit of getting used to.

Loud blaring sounds of the street horn beeped aggressively towards the slow cars that didn’t move quick enough, people quickly walked back and forth, minding their own business. Bums were walking around mindlessly like a zombie, while street performers played their music. Crowds walked past not paying a single attention to them.

“Say it any louder and we got everyone staring at us.” I hissed. A few people turned to look in our direction, I growled causing them to look away.

“Sorry, but you know what I mean. An elder isn’t someone you mess around with. Once they get their fangs into you they won’t ever let you go.”

“Look, if he does any strange business we’ll hightail out of there. Plus I know what I’m doing.”

Ray sighed, shaking his head at me. “You don’t get it. They won’t just let you go.”

“I already know.”

“Then why did you agree?” he asked dumbfoundedly.

“He’s not going to let us go even if I said no. It’s best to be on their good side. If everything goes well, we’ll have a big sponsor on our back and we won’t have to worry about our next meal. Do you want to see our pack starve and live in this city forever?”

“Then we should move out to the suburbs or the country!”

I stopped and snapped towards him. “With what money?” I look at him straight in the eye. “Did you forget, we don’t have much money to do any of that. Finding work in the suburb is ten times harder than finding one in the city. Our pack has just started to establish ourselves here. Right now we need to take advantage of every little thing that we can get our hands on.”


“Enough. I’m going through with this.”

Ray didn’t say anything else, and kept silent throughout the whole walk till we arrived. Not even a second later, an luxurious black Lycan Hypersport rolled up to the side. The door opens and an exquisitely handsome man stepped out in a stunning black and red suit. Everyone who were present turned to see who the model looking person was that could afford such expensive car. With a click of his button, a sound shouted ‘Lycan Armed’ initializing its alarm was set.

I on the other hand was shocked. That sports car was one of a kind. Only seven of them were made throughout the whole world and right now Adam was driving one. People started to swarm around the car, taking pictures with it in complete excitement.

Adam stood up straight, scanned around, and his gaze rested on me. A large grin broke up on his exquisite face, making every girl around him swoon. Some of them took the initiative to step forward to try to talk to him, but they were quickly ignored. Instead he strutted forward directly towards me.

“Well, well. How are you doing on this wonderful exquisite afternoon?” Adam reached over and grabbed my hands. He brought it up and lightly pecked it.

I snatched my hand away from the shudder of electrifying energy that he had shot towards me, he knew what he had done, and it made me frown even deeper than before. A smirk erupted on his face that told me that he enjoyed that little encounter.

“I’m well for now.”

“That’s lovely. Why don’t we get you out of those clothes and into more appropriate ones.”

What does he mean more appropriate ones? Wasn’t a nice suit is what almost all body guards wear? Throw in some guns and that’s it? Maybe it’s because of all those bodyguard movies that I had been watching that I thought of such cliche outfit, but this was my first time ever doing this.

Adam snaked his hand into my arms and dragged me to the nearest expensive clothing store on the block. Throughout the whole time, Ray was fuming at Adam’s sudden approach. For a moment there I thought, Ray would attack if I didn’t give him a stern glare.

“This way sweetheart.” Adam sweetly sung with a foolish grin on his face. He was having way too much for my comfort as he dragged me through rows upon rows of different dresses. Every time he picked out a dress, it was more colorful than the next.

“Why are we buying a dress.”

“Simple, my little angel. We’re going on a dinner party tonight and you’ll be my guard.”

I felt there were more to this than he told me. Something fishy was going on for him to just tell me that this was going to be a dinner party.

“You’re hiding something from me aren’t you.”

Adam gave me a half hearted gasp as if he was caught. “What are you saying. I’m not hiding anything at all. Believe me when I say you’re my bodyguard.”

“I don’t think a body guard wears a dress.”

“My bodyguard does.”

“But that makes fighting that much difficult!” I threw up my hand in outrage at the way this vampire thought. Seriously? Doesn’t he have a better reason than that?

“Who said you’ll be fighting any time soon?” Adam cocked his head.

“You said you needed a bodyguard and protecting someone high up there like you is bound to have enemies.”

Adam waved his hands as if there were nothing wrong with what I had said. Instead he gave me multiple dress to wear. “Go on. Pick one that you’ll like.”


He raised his hands, stopping my outburst. “My treat.”

My cheeks twitched and I scowled. “Fine.” I turned around and went into the changing room. I quickly swiped through the clothes that he had picked out and choose one that I liked and wore it. It was a simple black and white dress. Half of it on one side was black and the other was white. Flowery laces decorated the front, while the back was an opened up, showing my back. On the side of the dress were a long cut that came up to my hips.  Looking in the mirror, my black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. My arms were slender, but muscled. Even though I didn’t have an hourglass figure, I did have some kind of form.

I quickly took off the concealed weapon that I had hidden away in my clothes. Right now wearing it would be a lot more difficult than I thought. With a sigh, I knew I couldn’t really pull of these adult clothes was with the figure that I had. It was a beautiful dress, don’t get me wrong, but I just felt weird. Opening the door, I stepped out a bit ashamed at the clothes that I had on.

“Not bad.” Adam checked me out, and then he handed the card to the register to buy.

I motioned over Ray, and handed him my clothes. For a moment Ray was speechless at what I was wearing.

“You okay?” With a snap of a finger, I brought him back to earth.

“Yea.” He blushed.

“Thought you were gone there for a second.”

“Well than,” Adam broke into our conversation as our attention went towards him. “We got more to do. Let’s go~”

We went out to the beauty salon next, he scurried me along until a lady came over to drag me to get my hair done. Looking over behind me, I saw Adam flirting and talking with the lady on the counter. She look over towards me and a big grin plastered on her face, making me feel very uncomfortable.

“Little angel! I’ll be back. Stay right here okay?” Adam called out towards me. Ray wasn’t pleased at how I was being dragged all over the place.

I nodded and was quickly whisked away to do my hair. A couple hours passed, and my hair was done. It was a simple short haircut where the front of my hair was longer than the back, cutting upwards in an diagonal. For some reason, it reminded me of two wings folding gently over my head from the way that I twirled my hair. It just never got out of place.

From how I look a couple hours ago to now, there was a vast difference. I looked a lot more mature, and elegant. I actually really liked how it came out. Throughout the whole time, I was afraid that a short haircut would make me look weird.

Adam came back in a black heels that had an X mark pattern that went up all the way to my knees, he helped me put them on.

“Are you ready, my little angel?” He help me up.

“No.” I honestly wanted to get out of this clothes. It just wasn’t me and instead I felt like some kind of princess going to a ball. That thought actually made me want to hurl.

We head straight to his black bentley, where he opened up the door. Ray sat in the fback squished against the seat, while I went in next sitting in the front.

“So, how long am I supposed to stick around with you?”

“All night.”

The thought of sticking with him all night made me frown. I didn’t like that thought of that at all, but this was a job and there wasn’t a room to complain. We continued through the busy night streets till we arrived in front of a enormous gate that opened up to let us in towards the  mansion.

Excotic cars pulled up to the side as the valet opened up the doors. Beautiful pale skin people of different ethnicity stepped out from their expensive sports and luxurious cars. I could smell the same scent that radiated off of the people around us, they had the same blood smell as Adam who was standing next to me. The only thought that came to my mind was that they were all vampires.

Both Ray and I was in the nest for vampires and I couldn’t help but start to sweat that he and I might be the next meal for tonight’s dinner. I should’ve listened to Ray, but my stubborn streak didn’t listen and instead my curiosity got the better of me. There were no escape, after the way that Adam had snaked his arms around mine, making it difficult to untangle myself.

We continued up the stairs and entered into a beautiful victorian room with large open space. Beautiful chandeliers hung from the ceiling to pearly white marble stairs that circled downwards on each side. Butlers and maid vampires walked around carrying red liquid drinks. Soft classical music continued to play throughout the night.

Ray stood in the corner, watching for any possible threat that came around me and Adam. I could tell that he wasn’t enjoying a single bit of this from the cold expression that he was giving off.

“Dr. Everston.” Adam twirled around to face a bald elderly man in a tuxedo suit. His belly was slightly curving outwards with an extra chin sprouting out of his neck. Even in his arm was a dazzling red hair beauty in a sexy red dress. She glanced at me once and gave me a disgusted look.

“Why Mr. Kingston. I am pleased that you were able to come here.” Adam stated pleased. He gave him a nod of acknowledgement.

“I was looking forward to this event since last year. I am happy that you extended out your hands to invite me to this party.”

“Absolutely not, it is my privilege to have someone as fortunate as you here. How is the business in England coming along? I heard you had a couple of setbacks.”

“Never better. We have set up quite a number of blood banks throughout London. We been doing a fabulous job in keeping it well supplied, especially of virgin blood.” Mr. Kingston stated with a hearty laugh as he rubbed his belly.

“I see. It’s not children blood I assume?”

In seconds, Mr. Kingston went silent. “Why would I do something that despicable. Don’t you trust me. Dr. Everston?”

“Yes, I do. I have known you for a very long time.” Though I could hear that they were a strained undertone in Adam’s voice. Something about how he said it made me wonder if Mr. Kingston was really telling the truth. The abrupt stop of laughing and the sudden serious tone of voice sounded a bit suspicious and not only that I could feel the tnesed air around Adam.

“Who might this lovely lady be beside you?” Mr. Kingston stared at me, trying to change the flow of the conversation towards me. His eyes suddenly glowed red, making me feel really uneasy.

It was the same uneasy feeling I got when Adam was thirsting for my blood. My instincts were telling me to fight.A deep growl started to erupt out of my throat, but I caught it just in time before I made a fool out of both of us.

“This here is Tila. She is my partner.”

“Partner you say?”

I tensed up when Mr. Kingston lazily rolled his eyes on my body.

“Yes.” Adam gave him a gentleman smile. “Someone I dearly care about.” The words care about was stressed out, catching Mr. Kingston off guard. While the red head beauty stared at me with jealousy as she look back at Adam. I could tell that she was lusting after Adam by the way she seem to stick out her chest even more every chance that she got.

“But isn’t she a werewolf?”

Adam chuckled. “Yes she is and an Alpha to boot.”

The lady next to Mr. Kingston hissed and gave me a death glare.

“A-a-an Alpha?!” He stuttered, looking at me as some kind of monster.

“Quite a powerful one I must say.”

I could tell that Adam was having a blast, scaring the pants out of Mr. Kingston. I even stood up straighter and gave him a soft smile that was filled with confidence, playing along with Adam’s little charade.

Mr. Kingston took a step back with fear in his eyes. He fished out a handkerchief from his pocket and dabbed it on his face.

“Well then Mr. Kingston. I got a little birdy to attend too.” Adam patted my hands. “ I’ll be seeing you around.”

“I as well.” Mr. Kingston turned around with the lady in tow. We walked away and continued on throughout the mansion.

“Is what he say true?” I suddenly asked.

“Such as?”

“Him not having children’s blood, I feel like he’s lying.”

“What makes you say that?” Adam was surprised at what I had just said.

“It’s the way he moved and the tone of his voice. I get the feeling that he’s hiding something.”

Adam thought over what I had just said. “Let say what you say might be true.”

I frowned, the thought of having a stockpile of children blood didn’t sit to well with me.

“Don’t worry my little angel. Things will resolve in due time.” He winked at me. I felt the way he said it was to relieve my worry at the same time, I had the feeling that he had an underlying meaning to it, but I didn’t think much about it. Right now, it wasn’t my concern what Mr. Kingston did and instead my priority lie with my pack and getting this job done.

We continued to sweep through the ball room, talking with different people and being introduced as a partner for Adam. Every single one of them were vampires and their reaction to me when they found out I was a Werewolf was three things: fear, interest, or hatred. I knew that they were carefully calculating what I would do next and why I was here next to Adam.

With the party ongoing, I made my way over towards the table of food. My hunger finally caught up to me as it growled in riot. I picked up a plate of food, and made my way through. They were variety of different condiments to full entrees. Beef, Pork, Chicken, cheese, colorful dye dessert and even variety of fruits.

I couldn’t help but try out a couple pieces of the delicious delectable out on display. There wasn’t anyone who seem to come over and take a bite, my guess was that it was more for a cover up so it seem ‘natural’ if the cops came through. Sweeping through the buffet, I filled myself up as much as I could, but not to the point where I would become slow and sluggish.

Something caught in the corner of my eyes, my head snapped towards the direction of the flicker of metal light. An twitchy pale vampire with emo like hair, half tucked in tuxedo, and a slumped shoulder. He was rummaging his jacket as he slowly made his way towards Adam.

Ray, we got a possible attacker coming on the left.

I mind linked towards Ray. He quickly straightened up and searched for who I saw.

Emo hair. Half tucked in tuxedo with fumbling steps.

I see him.

I turned my head and saw another vampire who seem to be heading towards Adam on the opposite side. This time, the man that was coming towards Adam wasn’t as skittish as the other one. His step has a step of purpose and I saw him pulling out a metal stake in his hand.

Get the one on the left! I got the other one!

I bolted towards the man who had a metal stake pulled halfway out.

“Adam! Watch out!”

Swiveling through the thick crowds, I bulldozed into the man with the stake in his hand. My hands balled up into a fist as I punched with all my strength into the vampire’s gut. He flew backward into the wall, creating a large dent. With a loud thump, he slide down unconscious. Everyone whipped their heads towards the sudden sound and gasped when they saw the vampire thrown into the wall. While Ray was on the ground, wrestling with the vampire for the metal stake.

Suddenly gunshots rang out through out throughout the room. I jumped forward and pinned, Adam into the ground. Screams could be heard, panic was in the air as they scattered and duck for the fear of getting harmed.

“Kill Everston! Don’t let him escape!” A vampire wearing an half masked entered carrying a rifle. He shot in front of him, pelting into the ground. People started to fall onto the floor dead.

I scampered over, grabbed Adam by the hand, and pulled him through the thick crowds. Ray followed behind as we sprinted out the mansion and towards Adam’s car. More gunshots were heard, going off inside the room as panic filled the air.

We flew down the stairs, and I ran over towards a vampire that was trying to force his way into the Lycan Hypersport. The alarm was going haywire from being touched. I roughly pushed him away, the sports car turned off, allowing me to get in.

“Hey!” The vampire yelled in anger

I growled at him in a threatening growl. He backed off when he saw I would fight over the car at this moment and he slinked backwards in fear.

“Back off!.” I stepped inside and closed the door.

Adam was roughly pushed into the tight back seat by Ray, white Ray sat in the front. The engine roared to life. I stepped on the gas pedal and sped out. I was surprised that Adam didn’t say anything about me driving his super expensive car, but on the other hand he was slow and didn’t get into the driver’s seat at all. We had to get out of there and there was no time to wait for him to run around to get in.

“What the hell was that?!” Ray was fuming in anger. “I got the feeling you knew this was going to happen!”

Adam shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Who was it that was trying to kill you?” I asked.

“My best bet is Mr. Kingston.”

“That guy?” My voice spat out with disgust.

“Yes, though I had thought he would’ve attacked me sooner, but at last it seem today was the day.”

“Why now?”

Adam smirked. He leaned forward towards my ear and spoke.“Because of you.”

“Me?” I squeaked. What the hell did I do to get things so messed up? I’m positive I did nothing to offend him at all.

“He believes I have made an alliance with the werewolves.”  His voice tickled my ears and neck. I flinched pulling away from him.

“So, you’re saying you used me?” I let out a sharp intake of breath.

“Somewhat, but don’t worry my little angel. Today marks our relationship of our allegiance.”

I gripped the steering wheels tighter, not liking what he had to say.

“You damn blood sucker! You pulled in our Alpha into your damn dispute!” Ray was heated in anger, he flipped around trying to get at Adam’s throat.

“Sit down Ray!” Ishouted in my Alpha’s voice. Ray froze and angrily growled at Adam. He couldn’t go against my tone of voice and turned around back onto his seat.

I blew my hair in front of me. It took awhile to calm down without blowing up in front of Adam. The only thing I could think of was my pack and the danger that I had put them in.

“You owe me Adam and twice I have save your ungrateful ass. I should’ve just let you die!”

Adam chuckled. “Don’t worry, my little angel. I would definitely pay for the work you and your pack does. Plus I have a building ready for you to live in to for what you have done for me today.”

“Fine, but you gotta fill me in on everything. I don’t want to go blind, protecting you and other strange jobs that you give me.”


“Don’t forget, my pack listen to my orders. They are not your soldiers, especially the children. If any harm comes to them I’m going to saw off your head and stake you in your heart!”

I looked up into the rear view mirror and saw him give me a heart dropping smile. For once, I feel like I gotten into something way over my head, but at the same time I knew that Adam would give me what I needed to protect my pack.

“Of course.”

“Good.” I mumbled. I felt like I have fallen into a deadly poisonous trap that was impossible to escape. “I’ll be counting on you. Dr. Adam Julius Everston.”

    “Please just call me Adam.”

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