Howling Ch. 4


Chapter 4

I walked a good couple of blocks away, when I heard a screech of young girls voice crying out in fear. Instantly I knew who it was, it was Jaz.

You should go help them. Seline voice cut through my mind.She was fully awake, pacing back and forth in worry in her little cage. I was wondering what she was doing up and instead of recuperating.

There not my problem. I grumbled, being involved with someone right now sounded like a huge pain in the butt.

Quit being stubborn! You’re not like this. I told you, it’s all because you’re becoming a full fledge Rogue. You’re better than this Tila. You need to help them. There just like us, outcast and alone.

Seline words cut deep into my heart, causing me to feel guilty. She was right, I don’t know what had gotten over me to become so cold. Maybe it was all the memories of looking through the bullying that made my heart turn, or maybe it’s really because I’m going rogue. I don’t know, but this wasn’t me.

I grunted as I dashed back towards my old house. Whoever or whatever it was, I knew I had to be careful. My instincts were on overdrive, putting me on edge. A nasty sour smell of a full grown Rogue mixed in with something else crashed into my nose. The smell reminded me of sewage, making my stomach churn.

The closer I got, the stronger it was. A loud piercing scream once again resounded throughout the wall, echoing off of the building walls. Even a loud crash and things being thrown could be heard, rampantly destroying the inside of the house.  I cursed. From the scent that I had picked up, they were a total of three Rogues.

Seline! Quickly how do I shift!

Just imagine yourself changing.

I did exactly what she had stated. My body cracked and broke, shifting into my wolf form. I could feel power underneath my body, and even strength washed all over me. Pure white fur enveloped my body, large paws with sharp claws flexed outwards as I landed on all four. My clothes were ripped into shreds. There was no time to see the changes, nor any thoughts on why the change of colors, and instead I bolted forward without a second thought.

Bolting into the front door, I barreled into the first ugly looking wolf that look more like a monster on bipedal legs than a wolf entirely, causing them to falter.This was the true Werewolves that I have seen in countless mythological stories and legends. The werewolf was terrorizing the kids, while the other two gray coated wolves had Ray pinned down on the ground bleeding.

My canine opened wide, I jumped forward towards the open throat. I clamped down viciously, tearing into the tough muscles of the wolf’s neck causing a gush of hot blood to spill onto the floor and down my pelt. This gave a chance for Ray to slip out and change into his rust blood colored wolf. He snapped at the second werewolf’s leg, pulling him off balance, and finally jumping towards the werewolf in a full out brawl.

I on the other hand let go of his throat, gave him a swift kick, and used him as a springboard, I barrel through and snapped at the werewolf’s outstretched arm that tried to smack me out of the air. Luckily for me, Jaz tackled the werewolf on his legs and bite down hard.

With a painful grunt, the werewolf kicked at Jaz, causing her to fly backwards into the wall. I was quite surprised at the little spitfire that attack the monster without second thought, but I didn’t have time to admire her courage. Lunging forward, I slipped underneath its leg, snapping at its heels.

The werewolf clumsily wobbled around, trying to get the best of me, but I was too fast for its lanky arm. I use my speed to my advantage, striking its stomach, the arms, the legs, and especially the throat. So far I wasn’t able to get a single bit in without almost get clawed in half myself. At this rate, I knew that I was going to get tired first. This was my first ever shift and I was already at my limits.

All of a sudden, I heard a loud yelp of pain coming from behind me. I didn’t have time to look back to see who was injured and who wasn’t, instead the sound caught the werewolves attention momentarily, giving me a chance to strike. My hind legs burst forward, propelling me into an arch as I jumped.

Claws out, snarling and opened teeth latched onto the werewolves throat. The werewolf howled and spat out in anger, its claws sliced through my back, leaving behind an angry mark. Even still I didn’t let go. I knew if I did I would die right then and there. Instead I bite down harder, tasting the metallic taste of blood that poured into my mouth. For a moment there, all I could think about was I needed this monster dead right now.

My heart was beating quickly, feeling it pounding in my ears. All I could see was red, I heard a sharp intake of a breathe, and a struggling movement of the werewolf trying to pry me off, but failed. With the last couple of vicious scratches on my back, I felt the monster shudder and fall.

With a loud thud, I landed on top of the werewolf’s body. Still unable to let go for the fear that he might rise back up and kill me if I did. Swirls of white spots danced in front of me, giving me a headache. I gritted tighter to the point where my teeth were grinding against its furry neck. The world felt like it was going to slow, and I was stuck in between this time. My breath was heavy, my head hurted, high pitch ringing sound could be constantly heard around me.

“Tila! Let go!” Ray shook at my shoulder, causing me to snap out of that momentarily relapse.

I snarled a deep growl till finally I let go and instead pounced forward, pinning Ray onto the floor. Blood dripped down my face, and onto Ray’s. Pure white teeth grazed dangerously close to Ray’s neck as I was planning on snapping his neck in half. It wasn’t until the familiar scent of Ray caught me off guard, causing me to reel backwards. With heavy steps, I stepped off of him, giving him space to push himself back up.

“Well…” Ray rubbed his neck as he gulped. “That was quite an experience.”

“Ray!” Jaz who didn’t seem harmed at all from that toss, ran up to him crying. “I t-thought you were going to die!” The other kids followed after, surrounding him with teary eyes.

Ray hugged all three of them the best as he could as he snuggled his head into Jaz’s shoulder. “Don’t worry. I’m invincible.” He chuckled.

Jaz punched him on his wounded shoulder where he got bite by the Rogue wolf.

“Ouch, Jaz. What was that for?”

“That’s for almost dying! Don’t ever do that again!” She screeched and started to bawl into tears. “We don’t want to lose you, too!”

Ray chuckled as he slowly patted Jaz on her head. “I’m going nowhere. You can count on that.”

I watched as the little family get together was taking place and I shifted out into my human form. The wound on my shoulder was quickly closing, but the deep gash took a bit long time to close. Taking off my battered backpack, I was happy that the werewolf didn’t shredded what I have. With great difficulties, I peeled off the bag, and placed it on the ground. My hands slipped into bag. The last spare clothes that I had was quickly fished out; a tattered blue jeans, and a purple shirt.

Being butt naked wasn’t something that I planned on doing all day. It didn’t take long, before I slipped them on and turned towards them. I realize a second to late that Ray was naked. Right now to me, he look like some kind of pedofile, holding onto the kids and gently patting their head. What the heck is wrong with me? He’s my nephew! I shook my head to get such disgusting thought out.

“Ahem.” I coughed, catching all there attention. My cheeks turned scarlet as I look away in embarrassment.

Ray glanced up at me confused and he got up. Then he noticed himself being in his birthday suit as he scrambled away upstairs to get a pair of clothes.

Usually werewolves aren’t ashamed of seeing people naked, but for me it was a whole different story. It was almost a full display of a free porn show if you get my drift, but the thought made me want to hurl because he was my nephew. Even if we weren’t blood related, it made me shiver.

Ray finally came downstairs with new pants, shoes, and shirt. He bashfully look at me and he gave me the biggest toothy grin ever. Something about his smile reminded me of my father. The same furrowed eyebrow, black hair, and the dimples that seem to sink into the side of his cheeks. I felt a tinge of sadness struck me in the chest from just looking at him.

“Tila, Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it.” I half grunted.

“No seriously. You saved all of our lives. Without you jumping in I swear I thought I was a goner.”

“Who were those people?”

Ray smile dropped in under a second as he crossed over towards the bipedal werewolf. “This is Crag. He’s a Rogue. The last time I seen him, he wasn’t like this at all.”

“What do you mean?”

“Rogues either go two ways. We turn into monsters or we keep delaying the time of turning monsters everyday till we finally succumbed to our feral side. The weaker you are the faster the change.”

“And how long have you been packless?”

Ray smirked proudly. “Two years and counting.”

“That’s pretty impressive.”

“Yep, I been doing great for an Omega Rogue if you get my drift. Some say I should been dead or shifted on the first week, but hell look at where I am now. I’ll be continuing to stay sane throughout the rest of my life.”

My mouth slightly opened in surprise. Two years and it takes one week to change? Wow. That is impressive. See Seline, Omega’s can become strong too.

Seline was quiet and didn’t say anything. Instead she seem to have an interest towards Ray with a newfound respect.

“We should leave. Right now from that scuffle, we might have drawn in unwanted attention.”

I nodded understanding exactly what he meant. We weren’t exactly quiet when we had that brawl. Things breaking, walls being smashed in, howls, yips, and even loud growls were apparent throughout the whole fight. There wouldn’t be any surprise if police came knocking on the door right this moment.

“Come on.”

Ray motioned us to follow. We ran out from the back and jumped over the wired fence. The kids were doing fine in keeping up with our speed. What surprised me the most was that their demeanor was calm and collective, better than most children that I have ever met. Honestly it was slightly nerve wrecking, but I pushed those thought aside.

We blazed through winding roads, till we found ourselves in another run down building very far away from where we were. My best guess was that we ran for hours till we arrived closer to the suburbs and none of us look too winded. Being a werewolf sure has some quirks that I never thought I would have in a human form.

We climbed over the fence, snuck into the private building, and went up a flight of stairs. The building we went in was a run down factory that had quite a number of old machines scattered around unused. Ray pushed opened the door, and inside I smelled a strong scent of variety of other people. Everyone turned their heads to see who just entered.

In total they were about twelve more other children of variety of ages, huddled together around a fan. They all bolted up when they saw me and growled.

“Ray, who’s that! Did you bring in another rogue?!” A young boy with brown hair and crooked teeth spoke out with a frown. He placed his hand on his hips, telling us that he didn’t like me here.

My lips curled into a growl, telling the kid to back off. The boy took a step back in fear at my sudden snarl. He cringed and stood still unable to move.

“She’s not just another rogue.” Ray smirked, causing everyone to wonder what he meant. “She’s an White wolf. A natural born Alpha!”

The others cried out in shock, and even I whipped around my head looking at him strangely. Me and Alpha? What the heck is this person even talking about? I was sure Kimberly wolf was an Omega, meaning I am one too. Not only that a white wolf? Yes, I saw my fur change to white, but it just didn’t make sense.

He’s right. Seline voice came jarring through my head, making me feel as if I was hit by a truck.  You’re not an Omega. I thought I felt a strange aura coming off of you, but after what Ray just said, I believe you are one. I am the Omega, but you’re not.

How is that even possible? Wouldn’t it make sense that I would be the same as you?

I don’t know. I believe it’s because of how different we are. After listening in on your conversation with Ray. You are not Kimberly of the past, but a new Kimberly. I don’t know, you both have the same mind and spirit. I don’t feel anything different from either one of you, but there is this nagging feeling that’s special.

Seline made me think over what she said, but no answer cropped into my mind.

“White wolf?” One of the young girl who looks about seven barked out in excitement. “Is it true are you the white wolf?” She squirmed over towards me. I could see that she had one bad foot that made her a cripple.

“You are?”


I wasn’t sure what to say.

“She’s the white wolf for sure.” Jaz stepped up, confirming Silvia’s awe. “You should’ve seen how she took out those Rogues. She went bam! Snarl! And even ripped out their throat with her teeth!” She excitedly jumped up and down. “She was so cool!”

A small blush of red spread on my cheeks. Hearing compliments wasn’t something I ever get use too.

“No way.”

“Mhmm.” Jaz placed her hand on her hips like a princess. “The story is true. White wolves are real.”

“Story? What story?” I was confused. I never heard of a white wolf story at all before.

Jaz came over, and pulled me to sit down. Everyone got closer to take a better look at me. I couldn’t help but squirm at the dozens of eyes that stared, while Ray took a seat on the opposite side of me, and made himself comfortable on a beaten up bean bag.

“Ray! Tell us the story of the white wolf!” The kids were shouting in excitement at the thought of hearing the fabled tale all over again. One could tell that the story was their favorite kind.

“Okay okay.” Ray laughed, holding up his hand to stop them from possibly tackling him. One couldn’t help, but be drawn in his heartful laugh and smile back at him. He had this warm charm that made anyone to trust. At first I didn’t notice until now on how he interacted with the others. “The legends starts out when the Moon Goddess created her children. She bore many daughters and sons to populate and guard over the forest floors. Each pack had a leader, that would govern over each territory far and wide. Peace was evident, until a pack of dark wolves started to kill it’s own brother for more power, more land, and more she-wolves. Leading the forefront of this pack was the black wolf that terrorized and destroyed a hundreds of pack”

The children gasped as they were scowling angrily at the thought of the black wolf killing others.

“Until a single female white wolf stood up against the tyranny of the black wolf. She went to each pack, calling them under her banner. She gathered many and she led her attack onto the black wolf. For a twenty years, the fight were bloody and ferocious, killing many on both sides. Then one fateful day, when the stars flew down from the sky, and the moon was rising did the final battle took place. The battle of the century took place on top of the rolling hills above the rest of the wolven underneath the full moon. Each one fought till the bitter end, until neither one stood standing. It wasn’t until, the moon goddess came down onto Earth, staring at her most beloved son and daughter, that died in front of her did she take action. She scooped them both up from the ground and placed them high into the sky.The goddess spoke to her sons and daughters, ‘From this day forth your kind shall be cursed. For if you ever leave your pack you shall turn into monsters. When the black wolf once again comes down from heaven, the day of destruction and doom shall follow your kind. Either it be war, revenge, or hatred the black wolf would be there heralding the end.’ For goddess was furious at her children for the endless bloodshed that was spread, but then her expression changed into sadness and she spoke. ‘But do not worry my children for the white wolf shall come and lead the way in the dark times to come.”

The children were squirming in delight at the story, but I on the other hand was not. Seline was the black wolf and I was the white. How this was possible. I don’t know, but it made a lot more things difficult.

“So.” Ray crossed his finger together in front of him and leaned forward. “Tila, would you be our Alpha and lead us towards glory?”

I could see hunger in his eyes, not the kind of lust but a place to belong. Every single one of the kids eyes were screaming the same thing, hoping that I would say yes. The pressure to lead was heavy almost suffocating to the point where I wanted to escape.

You should take the offer. Seline voice cut through my head.

Why? What benefit would I get?

Everything. We will both not succumb to the darkness of a Rogue’s mind and you can save the others as well. A pack is what we need and they are willing to join. Doing this will save all of us and not condemn us to our death towards that monster we just fought. Not only that we would have a home.   

Her words made me cringe. She had a point, I didn’t like the idea of turning into that horrible monster that seem to be stuck in between man and beast. Though what really got me was a sense of purpose that I didn’t think I would ever had. My dreams of the future was blank in my past life. I only went to school, got good grades, and even honed my body, but for what? A better college? A better future?

No. It was just a mindless repetition till I got a job, living the life of no purpose. That wasn’t what I wanted, but this? Being the leader of an pack was completely far to the left of what I would consider as normal, but still to see the fire lit under these children eyes with hope and a purpose pushed me towards something greater that I never knew stirred inside my heart.

A purpose. Yes…a purpose to give hope to my new family in this harsh world and a home I would gain in one fell swoop.

“Yes.” I spoke softly at first. “I’ll do it.” My voice became louder and filled with more conviction. The others, smile erupted on their face, understanding what they are gaining in return and cheered, cried, and jumped around in happiness for their hope of belonging has come. I was not going to squander it.

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