Black Moon V2 Ch. 6

Chapter 6

Soft voices could be heard in the darkness. My eyes slowly focused and I glanced around wondering where I was at. Moving around, I noticed that my hands and feet were tied behind my back.

What the heck? I glanced down. I was sitting on the chair with a my mouth wrapped with a cloth. Was I just chained to the chair? Rattling metal could be heard, and the murmuring voices stopped.

Two people stepped out from the darkness and into the bright light. It took a moment for my eyes to adjust to see who it was.

An elderly Asian man steps out, his bald head glimmers underneath the harsh light making his head shine like a cue ball. “So this is the so called White Dragon? A Kid? Are you sure you got the right one?”

“She’s the one,” said Rei calmly. He stepped out right behind the elderly man.

“Even though you are known to be the number one tracker you think you can trick me?”

“I am not lying nor did I find the wrong person. I’m telling you she is the one. Even though, I still have a difficult time in believing that she’s so young.”

“If you don’t believe in such things then why did you bring her here.”

“Its intuition. After she ate the gold, why wouldn’t I?”

“Your sense of reasoning doesn’t make sense.”

“Come on old man. I always deliver things 100%. Never have I failed once.”

“We’ll see if you tell the truth. If you lie, you will die first.”

“I am confident in what I bring.” Rei scoffed at the old man’s words.

The elderly man slowly walked around me. He reached up towards my head and lifted my chin.

I felt a cold shiver run down my back. My eyes squinted and I gave him a glare. The thought of being tied down like an animal made me want to tear of both of their heads.

“She looks like she’s only ten years old.”

“Probably why she had that tantrum at the store then.” Rei chuckled. “It wouldn’t be a surprise at all if we go with that reasoning.”

“You fool. You think a dragon would just show itself over a tantrum. Do you actually believe that? A dragon of all creatures are considered the wisest and knowledgeable mythical creature in existence. Compare to us humans they wouldn’t do things without a cause.”

The elderly bald man was seriously overly praising me. To my embarrassment, I would actually agree with Rei’s statement more. It was a so called tantrum of not being able to eat gold, that caused heavy amount of causalities and destruction.

“But she’s a kid.”

“So? A Divine creature like a dragon had lived one hundred times more than any one of us. You think such a creature would have a mind of child in our perspective?”

Uh yea. I couldn’t help but answer his question in his mind. Was I that old? Seriously? I barely even lived for over twenty-five years. Well I’m not even sure anymore. The wisdom of a dragon is completely bogus right now. If I had such wisdom, I would’ve used it by now not to get caught.

I wanted to smack those two so they have some common sense knocked into them, but all I could do was grumble. Plus this was kidnapping, hopefully Phil will know that I’m gone. Wait, I shouldn’t even count on him. I’m no damsel in distress here. I’m a dragon.…that has been tied up like a fool. Complete fail in trying to boost up my self esteem.

“A child dragon is fine. We might be even able to bring out the older dragon’s.” The old man spoke with a grin.

“I don’t think that is a great idea.”

“What are you talking about. Think about it, having a dragon under you to rule the country. Do you not understand what it means to have the symbol of a dragon means? It is the sign of a king.”

“This is modern times. I don’t think people think like that these days.”

“This wouldn’t only prove that the mythical creatures are real, but also boost me up in the political campaign. I do not see myself just ruling one country but the whole world.”

“I think you might be pushing your luck too much.” Rei snorted.

The old man glared. “Tch, you brat don’t understand the bigger picture. In China, an emperor is represented by the dragon. With me bringing her to China I would be revered as be placed as the king.”

“I highly doubt that.” Rei rolled his eyes at the old man’s words. “Or in the western culture you would be seen as the reincarnation of the devil that brought the end of the world.”

A loud punch could be heard from the bald man making contact on Rei’s face. “Be quiet fool! I am no devil.”

“You sure act like one.” Rei spat blood out of his mouth and onto the ground. He massage his face and grinned. “Pay up so I can leave.”

“I could kill you right here and now.”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You already know that’s going to completely backfire on you on your goal.”

The bald man grinned his teeth and venomously spoke. “Do you think you can dangle such cheap threat to me?”

“Cheap? Hardly. By the rate that you are getting angry, I know I hit the right spot.”

The bald man went silent and instead let out all his steam. The once angered voice was gone and instead a serene voice that was devoid of emotion was spoken. “Until she is tested, I can not give you your money.”

“Fine then, I’ll be sticking around.”

“Do what you will.” The bald man clapped his hands. A group of man in white coats came in and surrounded all around me. Medical machines that I have never seen before was pushed into the room.

“Will just start out with a simple blood test.”

The people in lab coats, brought out a syringe. They pushed my arms forward so they can take a sample of my blood. The moment of contact, the syringe broke in half.


The old man turned around. “What’s wrong?”

“Well nothing sir.” The people in lab coats tried again. The second syringe once again broke on contact as it tried to pierce my skin. “It did it again.”

“What did it again?” The bald man came forward and watched what the man in lab coat was doing.

One after the other every single syringe was broken in half. “I don’t understand what’s going on? How is it possible for a girl to have such thick skin?” They stared flabbergasted.

“Well let me try.” Rei came over and in one swing he rammed a knife downwards onto my arm.

Alarmed, for a moment I thought my arm was going to cut in half from that swing. Instead the knife broke into two pieces and fell onto the floor. Silence filled the room as they stare with gaping jaws. They did not fully understand what had happened.

“I guess, I ‘ll try with something a bit more stronger.” Rei had a hint of darkness in his voice. I did not like where this was going and started to struggle.

My strength was not completely back, but this did not mean I couldn’t break free from the chains. One pull, I freed my arms, and pushed aside the people next to me. They flew across and hit the wall, crumbling into the ground like putty.

“I told you I got the right one.” Rei spoke giddily. He pulled out a gun and shot multiple shot. Every single one bounced off my body and did not inflict a single wound. My arms and body was covered in white scales that cropped up to protect my body. I couldn’t help but wonder at the strange predicament of my skin, I did not realize that I could do this now and not in the past. I wonder why it was not that I can unconsciously bring up such power. In the past practicing with Phil, I always had a couple of wounds here and there.

I ripped off the gag on my mouth and pulled hard on the other chains.

“Stop her!” The old man yelled pointing towards me.

Large groups of men in black suit flocked in the rooms for both sides. Each and everyone of them had guns or swords in their hand. The first group of men shot continuous fire of bullets. Even if the bullets did not penetrate my skin, I did not enjoy the light ticklish feeling that the bullet was giving.

Bursting out laughing, I couldn’t contain it in anymore. The bullets were tickling my body making me convulsed into a fit. Everyone stopped to stare flabbergasted in what they saw as they drew down their weapons.

“What’s going on?”

“Is this even possible?”

“How is she still alive?”

“What are you doing you fools? Stop her not kill her!”

The old man jolted me out of my laughter. At that moment, I ran towards the closest person and punched him hard. Blood erupted out of his mouth and he was sent flying backwards into others.

I stared at my fist surprised that I was able to put in so much strength. Was I this powerful in the past? I know, I fought head-to-head with the Black Gryphon but that almost killed me. Not only that, I was not able to even subdue the Black Gryphon at all, but instead trapped him in a crystal. This was all done in my dragon form not in my human form.

This whole time, I thought my strength did not come even close to Phil’s. Maybe I was overly thinking this and I was actually stronger than Phil. A crack of devious smile spread all over my face. I couldn’t help but feel a rush of adrenaline that washed over me completely.

They all charged towards me in the hopes of overwhelming me. To me everything felt as if there motion was going in slow motions. All these attacks were easily avoided without a single hit on my body. Instead, I took their attacks and reverted it all back to them in multiple punch that sent them collapsing onto the ground unmoving.

“Wow,” Rei whistled cheerfully. “I never expected someone so small to be able to bring out so much power. It makes me wonder how you were so easily knocked out.”

I couldn’t help but feel stupid in what he said. It was true, somehow whoever knocked me out was able to transfer me all the way here. At the rate my skin was defending me unconsciously, I shouldn’t be even able to be harmed at all.

Then it suddenly struck me. They really was no one here except the old man and Rei. So that meant that Rei was strong enough to knock me out temporarily. “So it was you.” I carefully watched every movement.

Rei shrugged his shoulders as if he did not understand. “Little miss, I think you got the wrong impression.”

“What is she talking about?” The old man asked. Then a couple seconds later, he finally caught onto our conversation. “Rei, I’ll pay two times more if you can subdue her and bring her under control!”


“What did you just say?”

“No.” Rei walked forward and sighed. “I thought I choose a good client, but you can’t even pay up can you?” He look over his shoulder towards the old man and shook his head in disdain.

“What are you talking about? I can!”

“No, what you are saying is just a bluff. I have already done a thorough search on your background and your bank amount. What you just paid me was literally everything that you have.”

Alarmed, the old man turned quiet.

“You really think that the future prospect of support will give you the money when they see you have the dragon? Hardly.”

“You don’t know that.”

“No. I know it for sure. You see, I already made a deal with them.”

“Traitor! You dare rat me out! I’ll get you for this.”

“You get me?” Rei sighed and pulled back his hair. “This is why I hate low life clients. They think that they have the power to overthrow me.”

Out of nowhere, the old man’s head went flying. With a thud the body fell forward, and the head landed a few feet away from me.

I was completely shocked. What the heck just happened? Everything was moving too fast for me to comprehend. Did Rei just turn traitor or did he save me? Wait, the question is how the heck did this guy die?

Looking up, I saw a blood dripping from midair and saw a thin clear wire that was hanging where the old man stood. All of sudden, I felt my guts feels queasy from the horrendous sight before me. I ran over to a corner and hurled. All the food that I ate, except the gold coin came out of my stomach.

I don’t understand how I was affected by this when I have seen so many monsters and people die in the skirmish with the goblin. But then again, see them being beheaded so close up was a completely different story. The blood, the gore, and the beheading was all so vividly stuck in my head that I couldn’t help but throw up once again.

“You seriously don’t act like a dragon at all.” Rei was behind me rubbing my back.

I turned towards him and push him back. “Get away from me.”

“Little princess. You’re quite innocent aren’t you. I thought you would have ravaged villages, destroyed or killed people by now, but it seems you are nothing near that.”

“I’m not a monster.”

“Really? But that’s not how the world sees you.”

“Shut up.”

“What? I was telling you what the world thinks of you now.”

“Shut up.”

“Princess, it’s not bad you know.”

“I said shut up!” A large burst of fire shot towards him.

Rei barely dodged the attack and the fire dissipated into smokes.

“I was right. You are a dragon. That old geezer just couldn’t see it until it was too late.”

“What do you want with me?”

“What do I want? Hmmm.….Gold and maybe a couple other things.”

“Well we are somewhat similar on that level.”

“Really? You have a stash of gold?”

“That wouldn’t be your concern.”

“But you see, you have eaten my favorite gold coin. If that’s not called stealing what is?”

“Look, that was by complete accident. I was hungry and I warned you countless of times to take it, but nooooooo you didn’t listen! Then look what happened it been swallowed up in one gulp.”

“Apparently so.”

“You probably don’t understand this but that was one of the best meals that I had since a week. A Week!” I stressed the last words.

“A week huh. That could be a problem.”

“So with that being said, that was not my fault. So if you understand that I would like you to let me go.”

“You really think I’ll say yes?”

“Yes.” I stubbornly stated. Who am I fooling. Seriously, no bad guy would just let anyone go just because they asked. Right?

“Your right. You can go.”

I stare flabbergasted. Did I just hear right? I cleaned out my ears to make sure that I was hearing correctly. “Come again?”

“You can go.”

I squinted towards him not completely believing in his words.

“Go on. I don’t got all day.”

I slowly walked towards the exit, where he was blocking the way. “You’re not fibbing me are you?”

“Why would I?” Rei held up his hands showing me that he was defenseless.

I carefully walked around him watching for any sudden movements. Then I picked up my pace and walked towards the door. All of a sudden, I felt a sudden danger lurking in front of me.

Barely dodging hair breathe away, I felt something fly by my face. “What?”

“Rei, you really shouldn’t let the Emperor’s Dragon go so easily.” A young Asian lady with a red clothes walked out the exit that I was heading for. Behind her, ten guards in traditional Chinese clothing came with her.

“Xing Ming. What a surprise that you are here. I didn’t expect the Chinese Mafia would move in so fast.” Rei spoke. He raised his hand and place it on his hips.

“Are you out of your mind?” A young male’s voice came out from the other door. All clad in a expensive black with a hint of blue, an handsome Italian man stepped forward. A group of well outfitted man came in behind him. “You should’ve  killed it!”

“Why if it isn’t Stefano Accardi of the Italian mafia. What are two powerful forces doing here of all times, especially in the middle of the night to be exact?”

“Don’t give me crap.” Stefano spoke with disgust towards Rei. “You know as well as I do that wherever you go you can not hide from my family.”

“I would never.”

“We knew your scamming still persist till this day. Do you think we wouldn’t move when we heard that a so called Dragon wouldn’t appear before us? I came to kill it to bring honor to my family.”

“Kill it?” Xing hissed with anger. “You dare kill the Emperor’s Dragon that will protect my family? My family has descended from the great Dragon Emperor of ancient times. My brother will be the next in line for such title. We will never allow such barbaric act befall upon us in front of us. She will marry into my family and bring honor to our family name.”

“Marry a monster? Are you guys nuts? Do you not understand the evil that is standing in front of us?” Stefano pointed towards me. “It has been known throughout countless centuries that dragons are considered the devil’s pet or the harbinger of the end. The end of the world is starting and you want your family to marry the devil?”

“What preposterous lies are you spouting? You do not understand the power, wealth, and good luck a dragon brings. Instead your religion clouds your judgment in thinking everything is a devil.”

“I’m telling facts, you vile witch.”

“Witch?” Xing spat at Stefano’s feet. “The devil I see is already standing in front of me.”

Tension was high in the air. Already, the two was pulling out guns ready to shoot each other if necessary. Even I could feel that the spike in danger was out of ordinary. Every single one of these people were truly crazy. I couldn’t help but wonder what the heck did I just got myself into.

“Guys. Guys. Guys. Let’s not scare our little princess here. You all came here for business have you not?”

Both Stefano and Xing toward Rei and the tension in the air simmered, but still was present.

“Tch. You should’ve brought the monster to us Rei. Have you forgotten your favor to me?”

“No absolutely not.”

“Favor to you? I will buy off that favor and instead Rei, you should work under us. I always found you pleasing to the eye and charming in your own little way.”

“I am glad that I am popular but you see right now I don’t think that would be a good idea.”

“Why?” Stefano crossed his arms.

“Well you see…” Rei walked slowly around and walked next to me. I scooted backwards trying not to be near him. “She is the merchandise, but you forgot.” With a snap of his fingers, the light in the room became bright. They were twenty large monitors present in the room

Every single one of them clicked on, and twenty hidden faces were present on the screen.

“This was only the test trial.” Rei chuckled. “I was only showcasing her skills to show you that what I had found from this one single scale is the actual thing.” He grabbed my hands and with a flick of his knife he ran it across my arms. The blade skidded across my arm as the scales stopped it from penetration.

“Quite spectacular isn’t it? Her skin changes to the same color as the scale that I have here.” Rei show the viewers what he had in his hands. A single white scale. “Indestructible by modern day weapons and machines. Magic that she can conjure up by her own free will and I am certain that she can change to her original form. Though so far I have not found out the way to force her to change.”

I pulled back and spat out icicles that he dodged. A couple of them went flying to the wall and embedded itself.

“See what I mean. She can even summon ice magic now. What other crazy abilities do you think she has? Aren’t you all curious?”

“Quite a fine specimen,” a male voice called out. I couldn’t tell who was who behind each shadow. Every single one of their faces were hidden. “I am quite bedazzled at her strange ability. I never knew it was possible to be able to conjure up power like her. This is a whole different scale in itself.”

“I agree.” Rei stated cheerfully. “Doesn’t it get your blood riled up wondering what kind of power she has? Even controlling a dragon like her would be considered astronomical in profit don’t you think?”

“Yes. I agree, but I do not see this as a good sign.”

“What are you talking about? This is a blessing in disguise. I want to buy her. How much would you sell?”

“Be quiet! I’m the one who wants her.”

“No me!”

“Please. Please. Ladies and Gentleman. The bid has not started yet. We must consider what our little princess here thinks for herself.” Rei turned to me. Everyone went silent watching what I would do.

I spat in disgust to Rei. “Did you think that I would go with your sick plans?”

“Not at all. I brought you here to show you off to the underground world.”

“To the underground world?!” Alarmed at what he said, it made me really uncomfortable. “Why? What purpose do you gain in exposing me?”

A smirk rose up from Rei’s face. “You who seem to be sheltered for the rest of your life don’t understand how this world works do you? The crime organizations are the true owner of this world. Having a push and pull of things behind the scenes is finally going into motions. This is something worth watching more than gold itself.”

“Your crazy.”

“No. I’m not. I’m an idealist.”

“You think that one of these twenty or more loony people would change the world just by seeing what I can do? So far I haven’t even changed into the so called dragon that you have sought out for.”

“Doesn’t matter you see. Everything that you have done already put you on the top wanted list by the criminal organizations. What power you possess. They want it too.”

“Well if you think you can stop me, bring it puny human!” With a roar, I spew out fire from my mouth and twirled it all around me. Rei jumped back to not get burned. Pulling from my magical pocket, I pull out the Magic Stones that I had.

“Barrier!” A blue sheen could be seen around me. The sound of the gun’s going off by Stefano’s man could be seen. Each one of their bullets ricocheted off the barrier. Even though I was sure I could withstand the bullets, I did not know how for how long. They were a couple of them that did actually penetrated a bit into my thick scales.

“Kill her!” Stefano shouted.

“ Don’t kill her!” Xing shouted. “Stop him!” Xing pointed towards Stefano. It became a three way fight that caused Stefano men to drop dead like a flies. Stefano duck and shot back.

“Pull back! We can not win right this moment!” Stefano waved his men back. “I’ll kill you monster if its the last thing I do!” He ran out the room and left in a hurry.

While Xing’s men chased closely behind them.

I on the other hand ran towards the nearest exit.

“Explosion!” I threw another Magic stone. An it exploded behind me. I could hear the sounds of people in agonizing pain.

One of the Xing’s man saw me heading straight towards him, and he lunged to grab a hold of me. Ducking down, I slide underneath him. I honestly did not wanted to stay here and fight for a long periods of time. I did not know how many people were here in this building.

“What the hell did I get myself into.” I was angry at myself for even thinking about negotiating with Rei. I should’ve controlled my urges in eating the gold coin and instead I habitually ate it in front of him like it was nothing. What the heck was even wrong with me anyways? Why is it that even here on Earth this curse was still in effect? How was I even going to even break away from this curse and get back into my normal body?

“Stop!” A group of people with guns pointed towards me.

I threw another Magic Stone. “Explode!”

The group of men was pushed back into the wall stunned. Turning right, I continued to run ahead without even looking back once.

What the heck is with his maze like place? Everywhere I turned, I couldn’t find a single exit that lead me to the outside. Instead I found the stairs leading downwards. Without stopping once to take a break, I bulldozed my way towards the front of the building.

“Finally!” I yelled with relief, when I saw the exit not to far away from me. I did not expect the place to be a large office building.

“Couple more feet.”

Almost there! I reached towards the door, then all of sudden I felt a heavy invisible weight pushing down on me. “What the heck?”

My hands were shaking as I reached towards the door.


Electric sparks flew out from my hands and the door. I pulled back at the unexpected pain and then fell a harsh push downwards on my body. Stumbling backwards, I fell onto my back.

“What’s going on? Why is there an electric barrier?”

Confused, I tried to get up but once again a heavy force field push down onto me making it very difficult to get up. The force to get up took a lot more effort than usual as I stood on my two legs.

“If I were you, I would just stay still.” Rei voice could be heard from behind me.

Startled I turned around to see he was just lazily walking towards me with no care in the world.

“What did you do?”

“Me?” Rei acted all innocent like he did not know what I was talking about.

“How did you set up a barrier? Earth shouldn’t have the power to do this!?”

“Really princess? I think you are underestimating humanity.”

I couldn’t help but feel ashamed at what he said. He was right, where did I suddenly get this superiority complex from? I was once a human before, even if I was only part human now we were still familiar in some ways.

“Why the heck did you start calling me princess? Forget that, I’m going to throttle you when I get out of this!”

“Empty threat princess.”

I struggled to get up onto my knees. Even though the pressure was not strong, I could still feel the weight bearing down on me strongly. Finally able to stand on all four, I inhaled deeply letting out a deep breathe. “This is not going to stop me.”

“I know.” Rei chuckled. He threw a strange paper talismans towards my direction.

Five talismans flew towards me and fluttered down to the floor glowing red. A strange wave of harsh energy pushed down towards me. An chain shot out towards from the paper talisman and wrapped itself tightly onto my body.

“What?” I pulled with all my might. The first talisman broke causing one of them to suddenly catch on fire.

Rei threw another five talismans that fluttered around me like snow. Five more chains shot through the air, and wrapped around my arms and legs. The power from the talisman was no joke. Each one seem to zap my strength.

“These are a special type of talisman.” Rei was looking down upon me and he squatted down. “Nobody around here can see that these talismans are magically. Compare to your magic that seem to be vibrant with energy, these talisman are quite different. I got this from the the Buddhist temple. I was worried that it wouldn’t work but apparently it does fairly well.” He chuckled.

I spat in his face furious at what he did.

“That is disgusting, princes.” Rei whipped the spit off his face. Another set of five talisman were wrapped around me causing a serious pain to my chest. What the hell? I couldn’t believe these fourteen talisman. How was this possible that these paper talismans were able to create such strong force?

“The more you struggle the more you will lose your strength, princess.” Rei chuckled. “Doesn’t matter to me though, it makes my job a lot more easier if you know what I mean.”

“I despise you.”

“Please do. I do not mind at all. It actually make things a lot more easier you see. To have an enemy to go after. Maybe you will turn into some chaos dragon and ruin this world? How fun would that be?”

“You’re insane.”

“That’s your second time saying that. Thank you very much. I can’t seem to get enough of it, princess.” Rei reached over and lifted up my chin. My hair fell in front of my face covering my eyes.

Anger rose up from the pit of my stomach. This was not how I was going to end! With all the strength I could muster, I pushed up onto my knees. I blew fire from my mouth towards him and  the talisman in the hopes it would burn it away.

A couple of them caught on fire, while the others were protected by some kind of barrier. I pushed to the point where every single one of the chains broke simultaneously. Excited, I got up and rushed towards Rei with my hand clenched in a tight fist.

“Eat this!” My fist bee-lined towards his face, Rei sidestepped out of the way. He grabbed a hold of my hand and threw me over his shoulder. What the heck? Stultified at the sudden throw, I fell onto my back.

“To bad, I had the feeling you were just a beginner in a fight. Do you think I’ll let you hit me with that tremendous strength? I am not that stupid you know.”

Once again paper talisman that spewed out chains once again wrapped around me, but this time there were a completely different paper talisman that were three times more powerful than the ones that he threw before.

Like a wild animal, I screamed. “Let me go!”

“At the rate you are thrashing around you’ll look like a fool.”

Fire erupted from my stomach to my mouth. Everywhere I spat, the intensified heat pushed Rei backwards. Even still I was not able to touch the paper talisman. I changed the direction of my magic and spat out icicles around me in the hopes of one of them hitting the talisman.

Rei rushed in and knocked out the icicles from the air with his bare hands. Each time he hit them out of the air, I use this chance to redirect my aim. More and more were slowly coming together in certain areas becoming more specific. I couldn’t help but snicker at Rei’s little dance as he was forced to jump around knocking the icicles out of the air.

At this rate, he was going to tire out first than me losing my magic. I could go on for hours. Continuing with spewing out flying icicles, this time I aimed upwards towards the lights. The lights exploded and turned off. I felt that things were now going more in my favor. Without the light Rei will have a lot harder time to stop the icicles.

The number of icicles in the air increased by three folds, making it ten times more difficult to deflect. Not only that my control of magic was exponentially growing. My only thought was that it was because of my life and death battle.

“Princess, you need to try better than this.” Rei punched through every single one of them effortless. He was not even breathing heavily through this whole ordeal. His fist was glowing red light that I have never seen before. “You actually believe that I don’t believe in magic? It was all a show. A show.” Rei laughed. This time, he rushed towards me and aimed downwards towards my exposed stomach.

Instinctively I pulled up an ice barrier around my exposed stomach. Layers upon layers were thickly condensed into one. I had no choice but to create the thick layers of barrier before I could get hit.

Rei pounded downwards breaking apart the ice barrier as it splintered into a thousand pieces. The force of his hit made my stomach reel in pain. Black and white spots burst through my head temporarily blinding me. I coughed in pain.

“Don’t worry princess. I’m going to take care of you very well. Selling you to the highest bidder and see the destruction of the world begin. You do not understand how long I have waited for this.” Rei grabbed my hair and he whispered into my ears. “Haven’t you ever wondered how I am able to use more potent magic? I’m actually a Residence of Torren.”

I couldn’t help but be shocked at Rei’s words. Did the Goddess of Light truly bring a dangerous person over to Earth?

“I’ll tell you a secret. I too was once a Legendary Creature. A Titan.”


“Don’t you know all defeated Legendary Creatures of the past are thrown here on Earth. All our past powers and our original body stripped from us. Instead we are cast into this human body that can barely do anything. We are thrown here in this god-forsaken world where magic is almost barely usable. Not able to go back to the world that I use to call home. Destruction, Power, Wealth, and Women was all at the tip of my fingertips, till those damnable Heroes came and took it all!” Rei’s words were with such venomous that I felt a deadly chill down my back. He took a deep breath and calmed himself. “The moment you stepped into this world princess, magic has doubled. All the powers this puny human body had acquired had double to do things that I was dreaming for. You are a catalyst for magic princess. Even if I cut you into pieces and send parts of you around the world, magic will constantly flow from your body and enrich this world. Do you know how special of an existence you are?”

“No, but I’ll make sure to destroy you.”

“Oh really princess? You’re stuck in ancient magic that I have uncovered in Ancient Egyptian culture and around the world. I have lived on Earth for over one thousand years and found many things. I am the only Legendary Creature that was alive till you came. The others had dwindled into a human’s mindset and have forgotten the world of Torren. Those disgrace of a creature.” He spat. “Though, I have to wonder why is it that you are allowed to keep your form, but I am not.”

“I don’t know, but you for sure don’t deserve to go back to your original body.”

“Really now? I will get what is mine, even if I have to kill you.”

“You can’t kill me.” My voice cracked. I was actually starting to get scared for my life. I thought he was just a normal human, but he was not. He was from the world of Torren and a past Titan. His knowledge of what a Legendary Creature was a lot more than me.

“You really think so? Princess, I told you didn’t I? I have collected over a thousands of artifacts about what your kind can do at the ancient tombs of China. What Xing had said is true. Her family had married the past legendary dragon from the world of Torren. The so called the Red Dragon.”

“The Red Dragon. He was here.” My eyes became wide. “The Dragon’s Legend just ended a few days ago. How?”

“Than that means the reign of the Black Gryphon shall begin. Then finally it will be my time again.” Rei eyes sparkled with excitement. “I been waiting for this day. Have you heard of the Reign of the Lightning Titan’s Reign?”

“Lightning Titan’s?”

“It seems you don’t know. Damn, never mind it is no concern for me.” Rei picked me up like a lifeless sack of rice bag. I couldn’t move a single inch nor was I able to use magic. How was this possible? It did not make sense at all.

“Like I said Princess. You will be taken care of either in pieces or married off to mingle your magic with humanity. But don’t worry, I will not cut you into pieces yet, not until you are an adult. Your magic is not in its prime yet, by the time you are fully grown magic on Earth will increase by a hundred folds. By then will be the perfect time to pluck the ripe fruit.” He chuckled. “But don’t worry, I’ll always be besides you even if you get sold. I only need a puppet to do what I need to be done.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.” A male’s voice spoke out loud from the darkness.

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