Special Announcement for December~


Hi guys. Thanks for following my story for the past two years. This month is actually the month when I actually started to write the Drezo Regalia series. I didn’t realize how fun it was until I started. At first it was really time consuming, because I didn’t know what to write, then I got writer block, but eventually I started to got the hang of it.

So with that being said, this month is to celebrate the two years of writing by updating Drezo Regalia every week until the end of the month. Also the story Howling would be slipped in any time during the days that don’t have either Drezo Regalia and Black Moon. I’m not sure what days, but at least two chapters will be updated each week.

Both Drezo Regalia and Black Moon word count usually range from is about 6,000 -8,000 while Howling is about 2,000-3,000. I realized how much my writing has changed in the past two years, you can see the transition in the Drezo Regalia Series.

I still working on saving for my drawing tablet. Please be patient, I will have new artwork up one of these days. OTL

——Special Dec. Update—-
12/1- Drezo Regalia V6 Ch.3
12/2- Black Moon V2 Ch. 6
12/8- Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 4
12/16-Black Moon V2 Ch. 7
12/22- Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 5
12/15- Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 6
12/29- Drezo Regalia V6 Ch. 7
12/20-Black Moon V2 Ch. 8


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