Drezo Regalia V6 ch. 3


Found a better really creepy picture. This chapter best explains what I mean by Shadow people.

Zero opened his eyes and noticed Agnis pointing at his face.

“What face?”

“That face is filled with dread.” Agnis touched her face. “Your eye’s become scrunched up, and even your mouth does that twitching motion.” 

“Then do you have an answer for the armor problem because I don’t?”

Agnis thought it over. “You know. I had to wonder all this time.”

“Yea, go on.” 

“You know how you have to use your weapon, right?”

Zero slowly nodded, trying to understand where she was getting at.

“Why don’t we do it with armor as well, basically coating our body with the same energy but focusing more on armor with a purpose? Hardening the energy around our body to create armor.”

“Do you think it will work?”

“Why not?” Agnis pulled out her sword and kicked the dead Mummy. “I’ll go first.” She closed her eyes and started to imagine the armor that she wanted. 

Zero and Zeraph watched her, wondering what would happen. A second later, a shimmer of energy as thin as paper started to wrap around Agnis’ body. Slowly but surely, the energy became thicker and thicker. 

“I..think I got it.” Agnis huffed with uneasy breathing. Using her energy to create armor was much more taxing than a weapon. 

“You don’t mind if I test it?” Zeraph walked around her, examining the so-called armor that she had created. 

The only different thing was now there was a thick blue aura protecting her body. Even still, one could see the clothes and skin that she was wearing. 

“Yea. Go ahead. Just don’t kill me.” Agnis folded her arms while she waited for the impact of Seraph’s attack. 

Zeraph, at first, tapped her armor with the back of his knuckles. Finally, the reassuring sound of metal could be heard. “Not bad. I thought it wasn’t impossible, but it might work.” He then pulled out his dagger and took a stab at her shoulder. 

A loud spark of energy fluctuated outwards, making it impossible for the dagger to penetrate. A sizzling sound could be heard following after as they disengaged. 

“Did that hurt?” Zero asked worriedly. He tiptoed forward to see if there was any damage. 

“Nope. Not at all.” Agnis grinned from ear to ear, excited that her armor was holding up. 

“So you said you did it the same way?” Zeraph put away his dagger, and he backed away from her. He closed his eyes and did the same thing. It did not take him quite as long for him, but it was quickly established in a matter of seconds. His armor was a mixture of black and blue. There were times when Zero saw sparks of light blue erupt outwards into flames but just as quickly disappeared back into the armor.

Zero followed both of their examples and willed the armor into existence. It was a strange, calming, ticklish feeling that ran across his whole body. 

“You missed a spot.” Zeraph pokes a side of Zero’s stomach. A snapping electricity bit back at 

Seraph’s finger, but it did not phase Zeraph. “It’s too thin on this side. Your enemy is going to notice.”

Zero glanced over where Zeraph was pointing at. His armor was a mixture of gold and black. Gold is its base color, while black energy sparks outwards like lightning. “Ah. Thanks.” The next second, the armor was perfectly covered over, making it thick and sturdy. 

“We should inform others of this breakthrough.” Agnis happily replied. 

“I agree.” 

They ran forward, catching up to the group. When they arrived, they noticed that they were in a minor skirmish between the mummies. 

Zero, Zeraph, and Agnis dove into the frenzy of the battle; their attacks quickly dismantled the oncoming waves, pushing them back. The armor that they wore kept them safe; so far, not a single weapon pierced through, giving them a lot more freedom to attack. It did not take too long before the battle was over. 

“That’s what I’m talking about.” Agnis gave a fist pump in the air. “Ah….” Her hand fell to her side, and she bit her lips. 

“What’s wrong?” Zero came up next to her. These days he was a bit more conscious of Agnis, but it was not too much that it was noticeable. 

“I’m not sure about you, but fighting with the weapon and the sword just siphoned away a good chunk of my M.P. At this rate, we’re going to be in trouble.” 

Zero checked his state. He also noticed that he felt heavy mental fatigue; it was double the amount when he used the sword. 

“I’m not sure if this was even a great idea anymore.” 

“No. It is. We must be conscious when our M.P. hits two-thirds down to disable it and focus on the weapon and recovery.”

Everyone who saw their fight was excited about what they just saw. The three looked like they were wearing armor, and they swarmed around them, wondering how they could obtain it. 

“Hey, Zero!” Valiant galloped over with Reed on his back. “Is that new armor? Where did you get it? I mean, how?” He excitedly asked; his neck snaked towards Zero’s armor, and he sniffed it. 

“Valiant!” Reed smacked the side of Valiant’s neck. “That’s rude!”

“What? I’m just looking.” Valiant turned his head over towards Reed with a frown. “I’m not doing anything bad, you know.” 

“You’re right up in his butt; seriously, are you some kind of dog?”

Valiant blushed completely red from embarrassment, realizing what he had done, and coughed. 

“My mistake, okay? Give a dragon a break.” 

“You’re turning into more of a dog than a dragon. It worries me sometimes.” 

“It seems our two lovely couples are doing well today.” Zeraph is joking and goaded. 

Reed turned scarlet; even her ears and neck turned red. She glanced away and mumbled under her breath. 

“This is Agnis’ idea of creating armor. You’re coating your body with the same energy but focusing more on armor with a purpose. Hardening the energy around your body to create armor.” Zero replied as to how to do it. 

Everyone was amazed at this new finding and quickly focused on doing the same thing. 

“One last thing,” Zero called back their attention. “It drains twice as much energy having both the armor and the weapon out. So I recommend watching your M.P. when it hits two-thirds of the way. You got to take off one of the two to allow your M.P. to recover. It’ll be slow, but it should keep you safe.”

“That’s a problem, but this does give us an edge in this dungeon. I was worried I had to fight naked against the monsters without protection. It’s already nerve-racking as it is living in this dimension.” Valiant spoke.

“Yea.” Zero understood Valiant perfectly. “Well then, time to get ready. We’ll be flying through the dungeon!” 

“Hell yea!” Dragons and their companions yelled with excitement, and hope-filled their eyes. No more was the dreary atmosphere that followed behind his group, and instead, they were all fired up to tackle the difficult dungeon. 


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