Howling Chapter 2


Chapter 2

    “What the hell?! How is this possible?” I pinched my cheeks, hoping that it would wake me up, but it didn’t. Instead I felt pain, reminding me that I was alive.

Maybe this wasn’t enough pain, probably punching myself will wake me up from a nightmare. That was one idea on waking up. A painful shock that would snap me out instantly and I would be back to my comfortable bed back at home.

Stop being retarded. I told you. You’re Kimberly Li. Seline proudly stated that she was right.

“No. No. No. That can’t be right. Fifty-eight years gone in flash. Not possible. I’m Tila Leo. Someone screwed up my face and made it into this.” My hand waved in front of me, accentuating on how badly this whole ordeal was going. “This can’t be happening?!” I grabbed the edge of the desk, trying my best not to fall down.

It’s happening. Deal with it. You are Kimberly Li.

My hands tightened and I shouted. “Don’t you dare call me Kimberly Li. I am Tila Leo. I’m going back home.” I pushed myself away from the desk and headed towards the door.

    Home? Really? Great! Seline was jumping around in the back of my mind, happy that I was getting away from this stuffy hospital.

I needed answers and fast. Who in the world would pull such an outrageous stunt as this? Changing my face that I have lived with for eighteen years! Boiling in rage, I stormed out the door. I saw a young nurse, pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair, chatting with each other happily.
With quick steps, I was in front of them, stopping them before they completely walked by. Trying my best not to blow up in anger, I asked her with the best calm voice that I could muster, but the anger still leaked. “Excuse me.”

Both the nurse and the old man looked up towards me. I could tell that they were both human from the way they smelled. The nurse with the Pink nurse uniform gave me a gentle smile. “Hello, How may I help you?”

“Um, do you by any chance know what day it is today?”

“Yes, Today is October 1, 20xx.”

I furrowed. How was it fifty-eight years go by? It just didn’t make any sense at all. Then it hit me, that means my family and friends are way older than me. I snapped my hands up to my face as my eyes became wider. One day has passed since I was admitted into the hospital. For what reason, I don’t know. Did I just somehow come to the future? That’s the only answer I could think of right now in which case didn’t sound logical at all.

From Werewolves, switching faces, to now coming into the future. What next? Flying horses? Seline snorted at my thoughts and scowled. She was still angry at me for breaking out last remaining bond between our supposed mate and didn’t talk much to me. That was perfectly fine with me. Talking to myself was already pushing the boundary of a crazy person.

I bounded out of the hospital and found myself in a small town that I had no clue where we were. Instantly realizing how bad of an idea this was to come out without realizing where I am. I wasn’t in Chicago anymore. They were no bustling city streets, stifling air that choked my lungs, loud obnoxious voices that grunted while passing by, but a complete opposite. It was like my lungs could finally breath in the fresh air without having a coughing fit. Even the sunlight that pelted my skin was a warm welcome.

“Where are we?” I mumbled shocked.

Terren Hospital in Yellow town, Wyoming.

A sharp gasp of intake stifled my voice. No way, really?

Yes. You do know that you could talk with me through your mind. You’re attracting unnecessary attention and you really will go to the mental hospital.

I hissed. She was right. There were a couple of people around me who were looking at me strangely, especially because I was in a hospital gown. Fine. So where is our home?

    Not to far from here. I seriously still can’t believe that you forgot.

    Look, this Kimberly you’re talking about is dead. Better yet, you’re more of this Kimberly girl than me. So why don’t you be her instead of this Seline or whatever.

Seline was definitely not pleased in what I had just stated. Instead she was in complete disbelief that I would say something so outrageous.

So with that being said. Which way. I need to go back to Chicago to make sure my family is okay.

My words woke Seline up. Family? We don’t have a family Kimberly. They all died. Her voice was close to a whine as a blunt of emotions smacked me in the face in full force. It took a couple of minutes to control the whirling emotions.

It’s Tila. I told you to call me Tila.

With a sigh, Seline finally gave in. Fine,  Tila. Our only family is with our mate.

The word mate seriously rub me the wrong way. The thought of being mated to this so called Alpha was a complete foreign thought. Seline’s memories was already slowly pouring into my mind, showing me all the memories since she woked up. I learned that Kimberly was an Omega, the lowest of the low in the pack of werewolves. From the top, the Alpha and his Luna led his large pack with an iron fist. Followed after that was his second command Betas and his Gamma, Deltas, the Protectors, Warriors, Scouts, Loyals, and finally the Omega.

Seline memories stopped at thirteen years old. Those memories were more fuzzy, but the clearest memories were the past few day when she full awoke when she turned sixteen. She had shifted into her black wolf form late last night, making this a truly strange case to the pack. All children at the age of thirteen would automatically shift at midnight on their birthday. For Kimberly it took three extra years, making the packs fear her and dislike her for her uniqueness. What was worse, she was the black wolf. The legendary cursed wolf that everyone feared will bring doom and death to their pack.

Since she haven’t changed at thirteen, she was constantly bullied and made fun of for being a broken werewolf that couldn’t shift. They made both Seline and Kimberly life a living hell.

Shifting through Seline’s memory, I frowned at the number of amount of bullying that have happened. I absolutely despised it and it made me wanted to punch every single one of them who had hurt Kimberly and Seline. It was not in my nature to allow such disgusting action just run scott free. Even Seline didn’t make much of an effort to fight back and took the beating as an Omega. Seriously? I mean come on, one punch in the face would do wonders, but then again if my memory about wolves serves me right this could spell disaster.

I felt a sudden pain, thinking about what these two have went through. Instead, I resolved my heart and vowed to myself that I and Seline would never ever get bullied ever again. This was a promise I held in my heart.

Seline seem to brighten when I said this vow. She barked at the appreciation of her thanks. My lips started to twitch till finally it curled upwards into a smile.

I quickly followed my mental map towards the direction towards my supposed past house in my memories. With hurried steps, I passed through towards a large three story campus like building. One would think this was a school building, but from my understanding it was the pack house. It was a place for all the members of the Blood Moon packs to live, excluding Ken.

My room was in the basement wine cellar cupboard in which case it made me frown. There were something seriously wrong with this pack, I shook my head and stepped forward. Passing through the hallway, I saw some of the older pack members moving around. They glared at me and turned their heads away not even entertaining the idea to talk with me. I was fine with that. There was no hurry to talk to a single one of them nor did I simply cared.

Quickly making it into the room, I opened the door. Inside the small cramp cupboard was a bed, a small desk, neatly folded up clothes on the side, pictures stuck on wall, and a tattered blanket. My decision was made. I am no longer staying in this god forsaken hell hole and instead was heading to Chicago to make sure my memories of ‘me’ was real. I needed to know if my family was alive.

Reaching over, I took the old back pack and stuffed in any clothes that I had. There wasn’t much, honestly my whole wardrobe fit in my whole bag. I took off the pictures on the walls, money that Kimberly saved up, and my blanket that somehow fitted inside my bag. It was strange to see that Kimberly barely have anything, and even the pictures that she had in her hand felt foreign. In total they were only three, one was her whole family, the second was her mother that look very similar to her, and the final was her picture when she was a child smiling up at her mother. A single tear erupted out of my eyes, making me startled at the strange feeling that I was getting. I didn’t know where this pain was coming from, but it was there, making me feel hollow and alone.

With all my things set. I put off my hospital gown and thrown on my a baggy brown pants and a t-shirt with a wolf print. I quickly left my room. Leaving behind the Pack House and headed out into the street.

Where are you going? We need to go back! Seline shouted in alarm at my sudden decision.

I on the other hand blocked her completely out. I noticed that I could completely suppress her urges, giving me full control of this new body. Going back wasn’t an option. Bullying? Hell no. They could kiss my ass before they lay a hand on me.

Off in the distance, I saw a large group of people standing around something. Chattering among themselves in fear. Whatever it was, it was not my problem and I tried my best to go around them.

Strangely though, a sharp scent of blood wafted through my nose, catching me off guard. I forgot that my scent was completely different from before, allowing me to smell hundred times more than a normal human. Now that I think about it, I could smell each and every person standing around.

I shook myself a couple of times to get rid of that bloody smell, and snorted it all out in the hopes to clear my sinus. Still the overwhelming smell of death wasn’t something easily gotten rid of. Instead it linger inside my nose and didn’t want to let go.

Squinting my eyes in frustration towards whatever was happening, I push back my curiosity to see what was going on and once again pushed forward.

“Kimberly? What are you doing here?” A familiar voice snapped at me, causing me to temporarily freeze.

“You gotta be kidding me.” I mumbled underneath my breathe. The same husky dark voice that wrung with sweet poison made my skin crawl. My head was already, turning towards the familiar voice with a nasty scowl on my face. I should’ve know. Damn fucking Ken.

When I saw the drop dead gorgeous man coming up from the side, I couldn’t help but snorted in disgust. Compare to the memories and the real thing it did no justice.

Mate! Seline was jumping up and down in joy in seeing him. I on the other hand rolled my eyes. They were no pull, no magical moment, it was all empty as if I had no feeling at all. Only Seline was jumping in excitement. This double confirmed that I wasn’t this Kimberly person at all. They were no static shock, no lingering feeling, no butterflies, just plain old me. Yep, this was the true me.

“Answer me. What are you doing here?” Ken spoke with a strained voice. Next to him was a gorgeous blond with a perfect hourglass figure glued to his side. The Queen Diva or I like to call it slut. Everything about her screamed whore from the way she wore her clothes, her attitude, and her posture. Her name was Abby, the daughter of the older generation Beta.

“Me? Isn’t the answer obvious?” I snorted at him for his stupidity. “I’m walking by. So if you will excuse me, please move out of my way so I can leave.”

Ken twitched at my cold voice. Instead he seem to be in shock at my indifferent attitude.

“Disgusting bug. Is that the way to speak to your Alpha?!” Abby spat at my outburst. “You filthy Omega should be groveling and kissing his feet begging for his forgiveness.”

I sighed. There always one of those idiots that sees themselves as they are above the rest. She and him were the perfect example and make the perfect pair.

“Kneel!” Abby cried out in a commanding tone. Everyone who was busily looking at the murder scene was turning towards us.

I looked at her funny and snorted. This was just way to funny. She order me? Hell no.

“What are you standing there for! Kneel!” Abby was shaking in rage.

Seline was whimpering in fear as she shook, trying her best to overpower my sense and follow Abby’s words. I on the other hand smothered her reaction and stood there as if nothing was happening.

People gasped at the strange sight that was being displayed in front of them. For someone like me to stand up to a strong presence was unheard of. The compulsory pull of an high ranking wolf’s tone of power would automatically push me down, kneeling on my knee in seconds, but right now I didn’t even seem to be phased. Honestly it didn’t phase me at all.

Abby growled, letting Ken go and stepped forward towards me in a threatening manner. Ken grabbed Abby by the wrist stopping her. He pulled her back and instead he stepped forward.

“What are you playing at?”

“Nothing. I would like to go I have a bus to catch.”

“A bus?” Ken voice seem to crack. “Why do you need to go on a bus?”

“To leave.”

“Leave?” Ken was getting angrier. I believe he’s getting stupider.

“Yes. Thank you for allowing me to stay in this town.” I spoke without much care. “Plus it seems that your attention is needed else where. You have a murder case over there.” I directed my head towards the crime scene with a nudge.

Ken eyes became wide, realizing why he was coming here for. He look back and forth from me to the crime scene unable to choose which problem to deal with first.

“Alpha! Joey has been killed!” A young man, named Ben,  with brown colored hair, strikingly dark blue eyes, and big body squeezed past the group. He was the Beta of the Blood Moon Pack. “A rogue has also just entered into our territory!”

This snapped Ken’s attention away from me, and he started to head towards him. “Ben, go and get my father. He needs to hear about this.”

“Yes, Alpha.” Ben sprinted off.

I on the other hand literally went around the bitch and Ken. When Ken brushed past me, I mind linked directly to him. My thoughts were clear and my voice were low, so only he could hear. “Well than Alpha Ken. I renounce my connection with the Blood Moon pack. I hope you have a blessed day.”

I suddenly felt a strange pull of my mind becoming disconnected to some kind of large beehive mentality. It was weird desolate feeling of being alone that I never would’ve ever knew existed till now. Belonging into to a pack was a blessing that made one feel like home, but being suddenly ripped away from it made me feel horribly empty. I had to squander this feeling even more deeper than stopping Seline crying out in outburst.

Ken snapped his head towards me in disbelief, but before he could do anything Abby hissed at me, catching Ken off guard. That momentarily distraction allowed me to slip in through the bustling crowd, disappearing away from the crime scene.

My life as a rogue had just started, and I didn’t mind it at all. Instead I welcomed it with great pride with a smirk on my face.

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4 thoughts on “Howling Chapter 2

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  2. Bradyman

    Thanks for the chapter. It seems a little weird how oblivious she is acting. I can easily understand her not wanting to accept her situation, but it has not even crossed her mind that she could have somehow switched bodies, or been reincarnated into someone else, or turned into a ghost and somehow possessed someone, or any other possibility. If I was in that situation, I would at least think about what happened. She has no proof if she is even in the same universe, but she is willing to through away someone else’s life without a thought. The only explanations she has considered involve time-travel and having her face change. If she stops and thinks for even a moment, which she will hopefully do on her long bus ride, she will have to realize that her assumptions are wrong and that she needs to live the life she is in, and not try to reclaim her old life some how.

    She hasn’t even wondered about how werewolves exist? Is it an alternate timeline? Was there a freak accident? How did a werewolf culture that seems so well established that they have their own myths and legends and caste system develop in the few decades since she was zapped? She has a voice in her head that could answer most of these questions if she just asked, or even thought of them.


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