Howling Chapter 1

Slowly opening my eyes, I stared up at the pure white ceiling. The sound of a heart monitor continued to beep annoyingly. I sat up, wondering what I was doing in bed. Looking down, I noticed that I was in a white hospital gown with a pink tag wrapped around my right wrist. Curiously bringing up my hand, I read my name.

Kimberly Li. Patient number 231. Date of Birth: February 22, 20xx. Date of Admission: August 31, 20xx.

So my name is Kimberly Li, but what’s with the mess up on the dates? I cocked my head and squinted my eyes down at what I was reading. I for sure know that my name isn’t Kimberly Li. What kind of bull crap is this? My name is Tila Leo did I get admitted with a wrong name and date? I mean the last thing I remember was turning off the lights to go to bed.

Following after, I felt myself feeling a horrible stinging pain and blacking out. Wait, I think I just got electrocuted. What the fuck?! That would make sense why I am here in the hospital. Nodding my head in agreement with my thoughts, that could explain everything on why I feel like shit. Muscles aching, butt aching, nerves slightly shaking, and yes my jaws feel like I clamped to hard and strained it. I don’t know how that’s possible, but it’s just is.

Then I remember something, tomorrow I had Physic test… I think.. I wasn’t sure what day it was anyways. So with that being said, I didn’t wanted to take chances and I needed to quickly get back home to get ready for school. Looking over to my right, I saw a clock stating 6:45 AM with a couple of dried out roses in a vase right underneath on top of a table.

You’re finally awake. A bell-like voice spoke out loud and clear. I snapped around, searching for the voice, but I couldn’t find anything. I thought I was seriously hearing things.

No, you’re not.

“Who’s there?” I cried out with my best intimidating voice, but it failed and instead sounded like a squeak. Quite embarrassing if you ask me, but having a sore voice wasn’t helping.

I frantically searched around for the nearest thing I could use to beat up the possible intruder that just spoke out. So far, they were the glass vase that held the roses, but nothing else that I could use to either throw or wack with.

Calm down Kimberly. It’s me for crying out loud. Seline.


    Yes, you doofus. Did you forget your other half? Are you really pretending to be an idiot or something?

I was completely confused. Who the heck is Seline? “Come out, I got a vase and I’m not afraid to use it.” Reaching clumsily over, I picked up the partially filled vase into my hands. My hands clutched tightly around the vase till the point where my knuckles were turning white. I know I look stupid, but it was better than nothing.

    Oh for crying out loud. I can’t come out of you, you doofus. I’m your wolf half!

“Hah? I’m not Kimberly. I’m Tila. And what do you mean a wolf?” I realized that the voice was actually in my head, making me even more confused. I must’ve seriously have amazing imagination or I’m going schizophrenic. Though the thought of being schizophrenic didn’t sit well with me at all.

No you idiot. You’re not schizo. That fall must’ve seriously did wonders. With a sigh, Seline growled at my idiocy.

“How do I know you’re even real? For all I know, you’re just a figment of my imagination.”

Okay. Now you’re being retarded. I’m not a figment of your imagination. I’m part of you. I swear I feel like I’m talking to a human.

The word how she stated human made me really confused. Aren’t I a human, the last time I checked I was sure I was one in the first place. Hell, let’s just ask anyways. No one is around and judge me for talking to myself. “Why do you say it like that?”

A deep sigh rung through my head.

“What? I’m telling you. I really don’t understand what’s going on. The last thing I remember is getting electrocuted from turning off a light. Plus my name is Tila. Not Kimberly nor a pet name Kim.” I had to throw that in there, the thought of giving me a pet name from someone’s name didn’t sit well with me.

For a second there, I felt as if the voice was in complete disbelief at what I had just stated. Your saying the last thing you remember is being electrocuted? Are you sure? Don’t you remember being rejected by our mate?

Mate? What kind of crap is this person speaking? Wait….didn’t she just say she was wolf? “Can you repeat that? Mate? Are you using it as a slang word?”

No. You really forgot. Silenced followed after.

I sighed. Nothing was getting answered and I was just getting more and more confused. “Let’s get this straight….uh….”


“Yea, Seline. If I’m understanding you correctly, you think I’m Kimberly Li. You Seline are my other half that’s a wolf. Someone rejected me and I’m some mate?”

Yes. Yes. Yes. and no. You and I are a werewolf. Our ‘mate’ Alpha Ken Tendo rejected our bond. Let me show you.

A short memory stirred into my mind, opening up into a cloudy day. I was watching through the eyes of a young sixteen year old girl name Kimberly. She was staring into the mirror in the girls bathroom. Jet black hair with heterochromia eyes, one purple and one gold curved slightly upwards, long lashes, cute nose and oval shape face stared back. She wasn’t amazingly beautiful, but was considered okay. Her hair was a mess, making her look like she just woke up. Her fingers skimmed through her tangled hair, trying to let loose, but failed. Her skinny twig like arm and legs were wearing baggy clothes that seem a bit too big on her body.

With a sigh, she gave up in untangling her hair and went out heading towards her next period class: Gym. Today was her first day at school and she wasn’t happy coming. No she actually dreaded it.

Quickly, she walked over towards the Gym, changed into gym clothes and waited for the activity to start. Coach Krank stood around with a board in his hand. He was facing them with a scowl, his hand wrapped tightly on the board, while his blue hat slightly tilted to the right. A large scar accentuated his cheekbone, making him look intimidating.

He scanned each children, and his gaze rested onto Kim. Squinting his eyes in disgust, he pulled his gaze away.

“Now, today we’re going to pair up and learn how to fight without being in your wolf form. With that being said, Ken Tendo and Kimberly Li please come up.” With a booming voice, he called outwards towards the group of students.

Kimberly winced when she heard her name, her hands started to shake and her feet shuffled forward towards the gym teacher. She knew that she was being picked on personally to be beaten down in front of the whole pack. That was the role of an Omega, absolute submission and they liked to take it out on her. When she got up, she looked down at her toes as fear danced in her heart. She could hear the snicker and the rude stabbing words that whispered behind her back.

Not even a moment later, she saw a pair of red and black converse shoes stop in front of her. A deep growl spoke out towards her.

“Look at me Kimberly.”

Kim shivered at the delicious voice that spoke her name. Her head bobbed a couple of second as she glanced up. Sweet musky aroma of vanilla swept her nose, causing her to stifle in her breathe. Her eyes slowly taking in his muscular but lean body till her gaze swept his face.  His chiseled face, beautiful curly golden hair, and juicy lips startled her. She never seen quite a handsome young man that reminded her of an angel. Her eyes finally reached up towards his eyes.

Shocked riddled her body when her eyes made contact. Mesmerizing blue eyes stared back at her with equally startled expression. They were locked in that one moment, where everything seem to go still. Kim couldn’t help but fall into his eyes, her stomach flip around her in butterflies, making her excited.

Mate! Seline voice cuts through Kim’s head as she danced with joy, Kim had found her destined mate, her lover, and her future. She could tell he realized it too.

“I Alpha Ken Tendo reject Kimberly Li as my mate.” Ken spoke out those hateful words, shocking her senses, making her unable to speak.

Even the people who were looking at her took in a sharp intake of breathe when they heard that their alpha is paired to the lowly Omega, especially a cursed one.

With a howling pain, she clutched her chest. Her wolf squirmed inside her and cried out in horror, begging for him to take it all back. The words were like slow poison that crept through the very foundation of her soul, eating away at the dimming hope of a soul mate. Her heart shattered into a thousand pieces, stabbing her ruthlessly. All she could do was stifle her voice as words bubbled up to her throat, but was stuck and unable to shout out No.

“I don’t need a useless, cursed black wolf for my mate. Get out of my sight, so I can find a better Luna.” With a hiss, Ken spun around, stomping heavily away in anger, leaving her alone in the middle of a crowd. Nobody seem to care and instead stared at her with discontempt, shock, anger, and even a pleased expression.

Her heart pounded, she gasped as her chest contracted in pain. Sharp breaths were inhaled through her mouth, trying to calm her shocked nerves. Stumbling a few steps back, she fell down and blacked out.

The memory was over, and all I could feel was…indifference. They were nothing ‘magical’ about the memory or the feeling that came through my senses. I didn’t cry or shout out in anger. I felt everything that she was feeling, but I made sure to completely distance myself from her emotions. It was an icky feeling that I didn’t like to feel. Truly I felt as if that wasn’t me at all, but someone else. This whole mate thing didn’t please me at all and instead I felt glad that it was gone and over with.

The idea of a fairy tale romantic princess that got whisked away by her prince was utter bullcrap to me. What I just witness was the reality as it is right now. There were always those type of people. This Ken fellow, he thought Kimberly was a rotten fruit that had no use by his side. Well than, it’s’ best to get rid of this jackass who think he’s all that.

Word started to bubbly in my mouth as it naturally spilled out without much effort.  “I Tila Leo accepts your rejection Ken Tendo.” Suddenly I felt a strange shift in power as if a thin white cord that connected to someone suddenly was viciously cut in one swing. A heart wrenching howl could be heard off in the distance and quickly faded away into nothingness.

What did you do?! Seline cried out in anguish. You broke our mate’s bond! How is this possible?! How are you able to use such a name and just destroy our bond just like that?!

“Quit your yapping, Seline. I told you in the beginning. My name is Tila and whatever I just did, in which case I don’t know how, proved that I am Tila.” I kind of felt bad for Seline who was weeping at the lost connection between this Kei, Kel, or Kai….whatever his name is. Wait… that I think about it why did I even say that? So is what Seline saying real? Even that strange howl that I heard?

Of course! Seline was fuming as she was sulking around.

“Whatever.” I pushed back the covers and slipped down onto the cold marble floor. The moment my feet touched the floor, I shivered.

Where are you going?! We need to go back and connect with our mate!

“Hell No.” I bluntly spoke. Why in the world would I do something that stupid. Right now I need to get back to school and get ready for my examines for today. Plus this whole werewolf thing was making my head hurt. Hearing all these weird fantastic crap about werewolves just seem to surreal to me.

There is no exam for today. It was your first day of school. Seline huffed and growled. She was still agitated at the broken connection between her mate.

“What are you talking about. Today is October 31, 20xx. I have physic test in the morning.”

Seline frowned. Her agitation was gone. No it’s not. Today is September 1, 20xx…I think. Honestly I don’t know what day today is.

“Wait.. are you sure? That’s fifty eight years in the future. You got your date wrong.”

I sure do not. Seline was offended. I am known for my amazing memory. Even your tag states the date of admission.

“That doesn’t make any sense. How the heck does fifty-eight  years just pass in a blink of an eye? I’m really must’ve damaged my head from that shock. I’m literally talking to myself.”

If you don’t believe me, go and check a mirror and ask someone.

I just did exactly that. Looking around for any reflective surfaces, I pushed myself up onto my feet. For a moment, I stumbled and caught myself before I would fall. My legs felt week as if I haven’t gone out for ages and was just rotting away in bed. It took a couple more steps, before I was finally able to get my barrings. With each steps, I was confident that I could walk without tripping anymore.

It didn’t take long, before I found what I was looking for. A small hand held mirror that sat from across the bed. Bringing it up, I gasped. No way in hell is this possible. What was staring right back at me was the same face with heterochromia eyes that was in my memory. I somehow had a similar face as Kimberly Li.


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  2. Tetsuki

    I actually wanted to start reading Valkyrie’s Lament. But you put it up on some weird page and I am not willing to pay there. If there is ever a amazon release or a free version I will read it.


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