Black Moon V2 Ch. 5

Chapter 5

“Berry?” Phil shook me awake.

“Y-yea?” I woke up groggily. Looking around, I realized where we were. We were still at the hotel.

“We should go and head towards the planned spot to enter back to Torren when the gate opens.”

“Where is that?” I stretched. The sleep did wonders to my body. No more was I tired and instead brimming full of energy.

“At a Blue Rose Host Club.”

“What?” I was completely wide awake. “Wait, you don’t mean an actually Host Club do you?”

“I’m not sure why you are so surprised.”

“I forgot you don’t know what a Host Club is.” I sighed. How the hell did the entrance way back was a Host Club. It just didn’t make any sense at all.

“Isn’t it a inn or something?”

“No It’s a usually night time entertainment industry in Japan. They are both male and female host clubs out there for people who want to buy someone’s service or time.”

“You don’t mean prostitution do you?”

“No. No. It’s not that at all.” I quickly retorted. Wow, I completely forgot even in both worlds they are still something like that going around. “Think of it more tone down version. ”

“Hmmm, I see.” Phil was thinking it over. “Let’s go I know how to get there.”

“You do?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Just because we came from that direction once does not mean I’m forgetful.”

I couldn’t help but feel kind of bad. For me directions were not an easy thing to remember, I could remember all the pictures and words, but applying using the map to find my way was just a whole different problem in itself. To get lost at this age was truly embarrassing.

“Please lead the way.” I honestly didn’t wanted him to know that I couldn’t find my way. The best thing to do allowing him to go first and pretend you knew.

Phil and I was both dressed, we left the hotel in the hopes of finding Don. Truthfully in this densely populated city, finding him was literally a needle in the haystack. The moment we step outside, the busy streets were brought to life. The cars whizzed past us and large amount of people walked by. Life move on and it seem like the thing that happened yesterday was just another event that could be easily forgotten.

We continued on our way down the street, I quickly stay behind him trying not get left behind. They were times when his long gait made me go into a power walk. Eventually I had to grab onto his hands, I didn’t want to get run over by the group of people that seem to stream past me like water.

Phil look down surprised at the sudden contact. Even I was a bit shocked at my forwardness. Even still, I didn’t wanted to get lost here of all places. Both Phil and I were foreigners in this land.

Turning left, I halted. Why were we back here? I couldn’t phantom coming back to the scene of the crime where both Phil and I had fought. The whole block was blocked of with tape and policeman. Already they were curious bystanders that took pictures and uploading it onto the web.

Each and everyone was trying to get a glimpse of the so called dragon’s footstep that was left behind. Even I could tell the destruction that was left behind was chaos. I quickly averted my eyes in the hope of not being found.

“You alright?” Phil glanced down.

“Yea,” I could feel my palms starting to sweat.

“Don’t worry about it. They can’t tell that it was you.” He whispered.

I look around us worried that someone might heard him speak, but none took notice. “I know.”

Even still I couldn’t help but glance around me as if someone was out to get me. The paranoia was a little bit out of hand. My mind rage with the thought of possibly being spirited away to an institution to get dissected or worse to become a living breathing creature in a zoo.

“Calm down Berry. I’m here.” Phil squeezed my hands.

When he said that, it made me feel a little better.

“Hey, Hey. Is it true? They saw a dragon here?” A group of teenage girls were taking a picture in front of the debris.

“I hope it’s real.”

“Yea, me too. This is so exciting. I never thought a dragon will visit our city.”

“Did anyone get to see its scales?”

“I heard it’s white!”

“No. Other say its gold like the sun.”

“What are you talking about it could be black.”

“Doesn’t matter the gods have finally sent us a sign of glory.”

“What are you talking about are you sure it’s not the sign of demise?”

The voices of the teens keep arguing back and forth between one another. I couldn’t help but continue to listen to the voices of the people that were passing by.

“Did the terrorist do it? How is it possible that there is a dragon?” A couple were talking among themselves.

“I don’t know but I bet it’s the terrorist. There is no such thing as a dragon.”

“I’m not so sure about that. It could be the dawn of mythical creatures or something.”

“Come on, who would believe such lies.”

“Myths always stems from somewhere.”

“But it is called a myth for a reason.”

We continued to head towards where we needed to go for the next thirty minutes. I couldn’t help but gaze all around me like a tourist. Everything was so different. The sharp contrast from the world of Torren to the bustling city of Japan, one couldn’t help but think the vast technological differences in these two worlds.

“Phil.” I called out.


“Are you sure you know where we are going? Is it far?”

“No. It should be right around the corner. Ah, there it is.” Phil pointed. Laid out before us were streets filled with bulletin boards of male and female pictures advertising their hostess. They were all beautiful and handsome, I couldn’t help but stare.


“That’s exactly what I had said.” Phil chuckled. “I completely understand what you are thinking.”

“This is really different.” I couldn’t help but be dazzled by the lights and pictures. Each and everyone of them was like an ideal candidates to have either as a boyfriend or a girlfriend. When I turned towards Phil, I couldn’t help but feel like the posters that were hung on walls completely pale in comparison to him.

Everyone was staring straight at Phil, wondering which building they he would go. I couldn’t help but think that the females that were trailing behind us were hoping to see if they could talk to him or buy his time if he was an employee.

“Yep, everyone should throw in the towel now and give up if you are working in one of those hostess club.”

“Well I kind of am though.”

“What?” My voice raised up an octave. Did he just ask me all those question out of curiosity or did he really not know?

“I thought I was working at an inn. Don never explained to me that it was something else.”

“How dim witted. I mean-” I gulped. Realizing what I had said, I wish I had taken that back. Me calling the Demon Lord dim witted? That’s the prelude of myself already handing my life over. Already Phil was giving an oppressive energy that it made me uncomfortable. “You know what, I meant to say it happens to people.”

“Come on Blue Rose Host Club is over there.”

Phil pulled me forward. We both ended up next to a large building that had dozens of both female and male pictures all over their walls. Phil’s face was plastered on the wall as the number one ranked Host. Upon entering we were greeted by a lovely lady.

“Oh? If it isn’t Phil.” The lady sparkled with radiance I thought for a second she would blind me. The amount of jewels and sparkly clothes that she wore remind me of a disco ball.

“Aiko.” Phil gently smile. His smile struck a heart in Aiko’s heart. She swoon and ran over attaching to his arms.

The rough pull of his arms being snatching out of mine made me fall backwards. Why that little vixen! I cursed in my head. Are all females like this when they see Phil? Can’t they give me some space?

I growled an animalistic growl. It caught Phil’s attention and he peeled Aiko off his arm. In one fell swoop, he picked me off the ground and searched if I was wounded.

“Everything all right?” Phil look at me concerned.

“I’m fine.”

“Good.” He let out a sigh of relief. “I don’t want to see you turn ballistic like last time.”

Oh? So he was worried that I would turn into a dragon. “I’m not going to crazy.”

“We don’t know about that.” Phil chuckled. “Let’s not test the theory out.”

“Trust me. I won’t”

Phil turned back towards Aiko who glared jealously at me. What the heck is she jealous of me? I look like a little girl for crying out loud. Plus I hardly think Phil is interested in girls right now. With a satisfied grin, I smile back at her. This made her a bit more infuriated and she glowered.


“Ah, I’m very sorry. How are you? Who might this young lady be?”

“Could be better. This is my sister Berry. Have you seen Don come in?”

“It’s your sister? Why hello.” Aiko gave me a flattering smile, but I could see through her fake mask.

I continued to give her a cute smile and glued myself towards Phil, giving her a glare to back off. This lady really pissed me off. She didn’t even say sorry.

“No, I have not.” Aiko replied. She gave me an momentarily glare that made me want to punch her.

“If you do see him, please tell him I’m looking for him. I’m not going to leave today.”

“I’ll gladly tell him. Would you like to go re-freshen yourself and change?”

“I guess I could go start.”

Phil placed me down and both of us went through the wide smoky glass door. The moment we entered, I felt like we entered into a whole new world. It reminded me of a very high class bar with amazing interior design. Even in the middle of the room were a giant fish tank with baby sharks that swam in circles. The whole room was buy with customers, but even still it felt like I came into a castle for nobles.

“Well if it isn’t Phil.” A very handsome man came forward. He was wearing the latest Rocker clothes.

Phil completely ignored him and went past him.

Yep, that’s the Phil I know. He doesn’t talk to strangers. Wait, would they be considered strangers even? They work together don’t they?

“Hey, I’m talking to you pretty boy!” The man yanked Phil by the shoulder.

Stupid move idiot. I couldn’t help but cluck my tongue in disapproval. The man hand was twisted behind his back and he was in complete pain.

“Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Let me go!”

Phil pushed him hard forward, and the man fell onto the floor. Turning around, he left the man without even batting an eye.

“You bastard!” The man’s fist was bee-lining towards Phil’s head.

Phil sidestepped out of the way and tripped the man, causing him to fall.

Poor fool. I shook my head. He doesn’t know that he is picking on the wrong person. Shrugging, I walked behind Phil and glanced over my shoulder. They were three other handsome looking men.

Were all these people at the host club douche bags? I mean seriously, even though they have amazing faces they all act like they were king. Well, I couldn’t help but peek a stare at Phil. He was the Demon Lord and his persona did suit him perfectly. They was a complete difference between the Phil and the other men. He was a Demon Lord to be for crying out loud.

We walked towards the changing room, where Phil changed out of his clothes. Instead he put on a dignified clothes that made him look like a prince. I could tell that every girl that he spoke with would probably swoon when they see him.

“Phil, you have a customer.” Aiko peek through the door.

Phil nodded giving her an okay. He then turned towards me. “Stay in this building. Don’t leave.” Phil gave me a stern gaze. I could feel a heavy pressure that was would make any normal man cry, but for me I only felt a chill running up and down my spine.

I knew that look anywhere. The death glare. “Yes, sir.” I saluted. I didn’t wanted to get in trouble again.

Wait, why the heck am I even listening to him? He’s not my mother. I felt so stupid. This was my world where I came from, not Phil’s. It made no sense why I would listen to him when he knows nothing of this world.


The door clicked closed and Phil left me before I could say anything. What the hell? Couldn’t he give me a chance to speak first? I was completely speechless. I had so many questions to ask, but instead he up and left me.

Throughout the day, I walked around aimlessly through the building. Exploring every nook and cranny. From the kitchen where they gave me free food, to the secluded multiple rooms.

Some had music playing where a group of girls and a host were doing karaoke. I continued to walk through the first floor of the hallway. They were a couple inconspicuous room where I heard some sensual sounds. I rush past those before I could even hear any more.

I ended up back downstairs where large booths were present. The lights were dimmed making everything in the room feel magical. Catching a glimpse of Phil entertaining a group of ladies, they were laughing and squealing in delight. All his act were genuine like nobility, that it made any girl fall in love with him. The way he picked up the food, the way he drank, talk, and moved all screamed that he was more than just a commoner. He was a natural.

Most of the female customers were near him even though they paid for the service of other hostess. Every single male in the room gazed upon Phil with hatred and jealousy. The smiling face that he does not usually give to me, he shamelessly presented to the other girls. I felt a slight tinge of pain in my heart, but I quickly push it away.

This was not the time to care what Phil did, he was not my problem right now. I got nothing else to do nor do I want to even compete for attention.

Heading to the front desk where we entered, I noticed a second glass door. Instead large group of male customers entered this door. Following behind them, I entered into a complete different part of the building that was like a maid cafe. Females were all dressed up in maid costumes and serving.

This large room was the complete opposite of where I just came out from, it was like night and day. The cute and sexy atmosphere of this room was more geared towards the male customers. Every single one of the female present were acting like maids.

I walked in wondering what kind of interesting things would be present in this side of the host club.

“Are you a new recruit? You look like a kid?” A beautiful lady with pink hair came up from behind me.

“I’m not a kid. I’m over twenty years old.” I blurted.

“Really? Then that’s good. Come on. Let’s go and get changed. We are short on hand.” The lady grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the back. Entering the room, she searched through the closest. “Here.” She pulled out a maid outfit for me to wear.


“We don’t have time. This is the busy hours.” The lady pushed the clothes in my hand.


“Go find Mia. She’ll direct you to what you need to do.” Just like a tornado that came, she left just as quickly.

I was completely speechless. Was I really just drafted into helping out? Why in the world did I say I’m over twenty? I couldn’t help but groan. Taking of my clothes, I hanged it in the closest. Touching the lock, I imagine the metal bending into a lock and key. A small gold key appeared, dropping into my hand.

Satisfied, I walked out the door. I felt embarrassed wearing such clothes. I completely understood what it felt like wearing a maid outfit and thinking about what Coco had to go through, but then again Coco would be shocked to see me in such attire.

Walking out the door, I went to go look for Mia. I talked to the first maid that I saw.

“Excuse me, where can I find Mia?”

“She’s at booth number 3 serving her customer.”

“Thank you.”

I went searching for booth number three. Finally, I was able to find Mia. Out of all the maids that were working, she was the tallest maid that I have ever seen. Her height reminded me of a supermodel.

“Excuse me are you Mia?” I called from behind her. She turned around with a warm smile.

“Yes. Did Kiki sent you?”

“I-” I stopped and realized that I never got the name of the girl who told me to come to Mia.

“Well, let’s get you started. On of our employees will be late and we need need a helping hand.”

Following from behind, we arrived to the kitchen. Large piles of orders were stacked on the counter.

“Take these tray to table two.” Kiki grabbed the two trays and handed it to me. “Come back here and grab the next. She herself grabbed the tray and went towards a different booth.

With the food in hand, I went looking for table two. Two young looking men were sitting by the table conversing with one another.

“Here is your order.” I placed the food on the table.


“It took longer than I thought. I’m guessing you are new?”

“Yes, I just started today.”

“Oh? What’s your name?”


“Well Berry. Nice meeting you. Are you sure you are not a grade schooler?”

“No.” I was getting tired in telling everyone that I meet that I’m not a kid.

“Really? Wow, so it’s true. They are people out there who looks like children.”

“Hey! Shhh!” One of the guys kicked the other guy in the shin.

“Ow! What was that for?”

“Get a clue idiot.” The man hissed. He motioned his head towards me. I didn’t know I was giving him a glare.

“Ah. Sorry. Sorry. I don’t mean no disrespect.”

“Well then please enjoy your meal.” I turned around and left. It truly did suck being stuck in this body. I wished that I was back to my normal size, but it seems that it was not possible anytime soon.

Throughout the day and into the night, I continued to serve food. I didn’t know that one would receive such large sum of tip in spending a bit of time talking with the customers. I honestly just did this just to help out. Even still the concept of gaining paper money felt a bit disappointing. Compare to the gold, silver, and copper coins the paper money couldn’t be eaten.

“Berry, Please take this to table thirteen please,” said the cook.

“Will do.” I grabbed the plate and headed straight towards table thirteen. I noticed a young man with curly brown hair covering half of his face. He was wearing a blue and black suit leaned back sipping on a drink. Out of every guest that had come and went, I felt something strange about this guest. He was the only person that didn’t look asian, maybe he was a half and half. I was not to sure. It was a tickling in the back of my mind that I couldn’t get rid of.

“Well hello little lady.” The young man smiled. He gently pulled back his hair where a small star shaped birthmark was shown.

“Here is your meal, sir.”

“Thank you.”

“Is there anything else you would like?”

“Actually yes, if you don’t mind sparing a bit of your time.”

I glanced around to see if they needed me, but so far the room was not too busy where I would have to sprint around back and forth.

“Sure, I got nothing better to do.” I sat down on the other-side of the booth.

“My name is Berry. What’s yours?”

“Rei Walker. Are you a new face around here?”

“Yes. I started today.”

“How do you like your job?”

“I’m only temporarily helping out. I’m not staying here for to long.”

“Really? A family friend asked you?”

“Actually no. I been dragged into it.”

“That’s quite strange. Usually people don’t give up their time so easily. What’s your story?”

I gaze upon him wondering what I should tell him. Realizing that I would probably never see him again, I started to talk. “My friend and I just sticking around for a couple of days. We been waiting on a friend before we head back home. Somehow while snooping around, I got rope in in helping out with this side of building.”

“So your friend is a guy?”

“Yes, he’s working on the other-side as a hostess.”

“I see. Where did you come from?”

“Me?” I thought it over. Where was my home country again? “America.”

“A tourist?”

“You can say that. What about you? You don’t seem to be a native yourself.”

“I live in Germany for a few years, and then move to Russia. Not once have I completely settled down in an country to call it a home.”

“Isn’t that difficult? Not having a place called home?”

Rei shifted around as if he was uncomfortable in what I had said.

“No. I do not believe we all need a home to go too.”

“Aren’t you lonely moving from one place to another? That is not a easy life.”

“It does not bother me at all.”

“Young lady what about you? Aren’t you far away from home don’t you want to go back as well?”

Rei’s words brought up an emotion that was buried deep in my heart. The thought of my grandfather and grandmother was brought to attention and a deep sorrow filled my heart. I did wanted to see my grandmother and grandfather once again. “I do but I don’t have time right now.”

“Why not? Don’t you want to meet them again?”

“Yes, but I can not leave here without my friends.”

“What if I could take you there in one day and back?”

“Sir, you sound like a dangerous kidnapper. I must decline.”

Rei burst out laughing. “I was just joking. Hahahahaha.” He clutched his stomach trying hard to get himself composed.

“Har har. Very funny. It’s not nice to make fun of someone’s home.” I pouted. I couldn’t help but start to get annoyed with Rei. Pushing myself off the chair, I was about to get off.

“Wait. Wait. Wait. I am very sorry. I won’t do that again. Just spend some time with me a little bit longer won’t you?”

“Pay up.” I only said this in the hopes of getting rid of him.

“What a hard lady to bargain with.” Rei took out a gold piece of coin and slipped it towards me.

I couldn’t help but stare at the minted gold coin in front of me. The dazzling gold light cast it shine even upon me. My mouth made a loud smacking sound as I gazed downwards in hunger.

No. No. Berry. Snap out of it. I pulled myself back. My nose was already itching to smell the sweet taste of gold that was on the desk.

“You can have it.”


“Yea, in exchange just talk with me for a couple more hours. There no harm in that.”

“This is real gold isn’t it?” My hands were snaking towards the gold. I lifted the gold up in the air and held it up into the light. “It is.”

Rei clasped his hands together and leaned forward.

“How do you know that it is real?”

“The weight, the luster, and the feel.” The gold coin danced in-between my fingers. I could almost taste the sweet taste of gold in my mouth. It was difficult in keeping control of my hunger when I only had one gold coin today. I needed two more to keep my hunger for gold under control.

“I need an apple now.” I gulped, pushing away the gold in hand. I pocketed the gold into my pocket and searched around for slices of apple. In front of me were apple slices from his salad.

Rei pushed the bowl of apples towards me. “Go ahead.”

“I can’t eat that. That’s yours.”

“I don’t mind at all.”

I gladly took his food and picked out the apple. The sweet taste of the apple exploded in my mouth making me temporarily satisfied.

“Want to see something cool that I found yesterday?”

I turned my head curiously at him. Slowly I nodded my head and waited in what he would show me.

Rei slipped his hands in his pocket and pulled out something from his pocket. He place in on the table for me to see. My eyes grew wide at what he placed on the table. It was a single white scale.

“A scale?” I tried to contain my voice from surprise.

“Yep, I found one today at the wreckage. I couldn’t help but be excited in finding it.”

“W-what are you going to do with it?”

“Not sure yet. I took it to get it examined, but you wouldn’t believe what they found.”

“That is?”

“It’s mixture of the highest density of gold and some unknown element. The scientist stated that it’s definitely harder than any known human made materials or diamonds in existences.”

“I see.” I thought over what he said. “Wait, you said that there is gold mixed in with this?”

Rei nodded.

“Do you mind?”

“Go ahead.” Rei watched carefully what I would do.

I picked up the plastic bag and pulled out my white scale. This time, I actually examined the scale in front of me. Never in my life did I look into my own scale, till now I wondered what really happened to all the gold that I ate. Not once did I poop out gold chunks nor spat out the gold that I ate. It really was for my scales that I didn’t notice till now.

The scale was smooth like a shell, and vibrant in hue like a pearl. I could see a goldish shimmer around the scale. Bring it closer, I took a sniff. Yep, it does have a hint of gold smell that I usually like to eat, but my appetite for gold didn’t stir at all.

“Your right. I can tell there is a hint of gold on the scale. I think about a third of the scale is made of it.”

“You actually correct. Quite fascinating. You can actually tell the purity of the gold.”

I look back at him confused. “I can? Are you sure about that? I meant it could just be coincidence.”

“Why don’t we test out that theory.”

Rei brought out different types of gold coin from his pocket and placed ten of them onto the table. My eyes brightened at the sight of these ten gold coins in front of me. My mouth was starting to water just thinking about tasting them right now. I gulped.

“Is this a good idea to have so many gold coins out like this?” I leaned over so he could be the only one hearing my voice. “You know people might mug you later if you are not careful.”

Rei chuckled. “Hardly, some of these are not real gold.”

“Oh.” I leaned back to my chair.

“Well go on.” He motioned me to take a try.

Starting from the left side, I picked up the largest gold coin. Examining it, I could tell right away that it was a fake.


“Are you sure?”

“The weight feels different.”

I placed the coin on the table. Then picked up the next. I felt a small stirring of my hunger, but it didn’t overwhelm my sense. I was glad that nothing happened.

“This one has a hint of gold, almost a one percent of it.” Placing it down, I move from one to the next. “This one is fake. This one has a small hint of it, but you won’t be able to tell. Fake. Fake. Fake. A thirty percent on this one.”

Then I stopped in front of the last two. I could already tell that the two had a tremendous amount of gold already mixed in it. My hands were already itching towards the first one. “Gold purity 90% and it smells like melon.” I took a whiff of the gold.

It took a great amount of difficulties to place it back down on the table.

The last one made my hands tremble. I could tell the purity content was 99% right away without me even touching, smelling, or tasting the gold. Almost like an instinctively over drive that came over my sense, the numbers in my mind was apparent in my head.

“What’s wrong?”


“Are you sure? You don’t look so well.”

“I’m fine. My hand is a bit sweaty that is all.”

“Go ahead, Pick them up and tell me.”

His voice was like the devil telling me to eat them right there and then. My urges to eat the gold coin was strong. I knew that eating the gold coins will help speed up my process in healing, how do I know this? I don’t know. The thought was dropped into my mind.

“A-Are you sure?” I gulped. I really really really wanted to eat it right this moment. My hands were already slowly reaching over towards it.

“Go ahead. I don’t mind at all.”

“I think it might be best for you to take them away right now.”

“Why is there a problem?”

“No. No absolutely not.”

My fingers wrapped around the two coins. On my left was the 90% purity gold coin and on my right was the 99% purity gold coin.

“90%. Melon.” I turned my head to the right. “99%. A-App-”


“Apples.” Before I finished the word, my right hand tossed the gold coin into my mouth. Crunch! Crunch! In one gulp, I ate the gold coin.

Rei stare at me stunned. I stare back realizing what I have done.

“Uh.…” I slowly place the gold coin on the table. Pull out the one that he gave me and slide it across the table. I got up from the chair and stood up.

“Thank you for your patronage. I hope you have a wonderful day.” I bowed. Sweat, fell from my face. I could feel myself burning from his glare.

Turning around, I quickly walked back towards the kitchen. Taking a right, I swivel my way towards the changing room.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” I spoke underneath my breathe. Walking like a zombie, I made it into the changing room. Mindlessly, I put on my clothes and head towards the other side where Phil was.

“I should tell Phil.” I stopped. “No, that’s going to be a bad idea. He’s going to kill me first when he hears about it. Wait, maybe it would be best if I could explain to Rei what just happened. Maybe I can clear up this misunderstanding. Yea. That might not be a bad idea.”

With my dedication absolved, I turned around and trace my steps back. Just when I was about to take a left, I felt a sudden pain on from the side of my head. Explosion of white and a loud ringing like sound could be heard from my ears. All my senses were completely whacked out to the point where I couldn’t tell anything around me.

The the white blinding light went completely black and I fell into oblivion.

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