Black Moon V2 Ch. 3

Chapter 3

It was the second day in the large market. Siva, Seth, and Phil came along with me to see what other things that we could buy. Don stayed behind to watch over our belongings, but I’m sure that no one is stupid enough to attempt to try to take the cargo, especially because it was a well-known fact that Beast-kin’s strength are considered astronomical.

We walked through the crowded market place looking for anything else to buy. I couldn’t help but excitedly look around for any usual things that could be of any use. They were a couple of unique objects that did catch my attention but none was worth my time. Though, the problem that did start to happen was that the price for Magic Stones has increased in price.

This made me cringe at the thought of buying the Magic Stone at double the price. My soul burned and my haggling skill was into full effect. I used this opportunity to slash down the price, hoping to gain a lot of stone in the short amount of money spent.

I know that I was getting a lot of uncomfortable stares from Siva and Seth, but I ignored them completely. If the price right now continue to rise, then I for sure would have a hard time with buying more in the future.

We continued to walk through the market, until I stopped in front of a herbal shop. A special common herb that look like a pile of green hay was being sold in large stacks.

“Is that Grenite Grass?” I asked, squinting my eyes to make sure I was looking at the right thing.

“Yes.” Phil came up beside me and nodded. “They are used to feed the cows if there is no grass. They’re not a very popular feed for live stocks.”

“I’ll buy everything that you have.” I flashed with a smile.

The merchant was a young man who look like he was wearing quite a raggedy clothes. I could tell that he was having a hard time selling his products. He stared at me in shock.

“What?” Exclaimed Phil. “I told you, it’s not a popular live stock feed.”

I completely ignored him and continued to point out more herbs. “I also would like Blood Ruby Flowers, Blue Frost Flowers, their seeds, and a glass bottles please.”

“Berry, why are you buying all useless herbs? Wait, what am I saying. There is no point in arguing with you. I get the feeling there is more to this.” Phil back off and did not ask anymore.

The merchant excitedly smiled at the thought of selling large amount of herbs. “Is that all young miss?”

“Yes, Please send it outside the city. You’ll see a large band of Beast-kin and my people.”

“That would be 36 silver please. I will throw in a couple of Shamoo Mushrooms because you have bought all my collection.”

I handed him the silver from my own personal stash and smiled. “Do you usually gather a large storage of these herbs?”

The merchant nodded. “We are overflowing with them every year. We have to burn them down to control their growth rate.”

“I see. If you don’t mind, I would like to have a contracted business dealing with you.” I couldn’t help my excitement. “Do you have something to write on?”

“Yes! I would be truly honored.” The merchant hurried brought out pen and animal skin. He almost stumbled over his crate of boxes coming back.

I begin to write the first draft of the contract.

“Young miss, what is your name? I go by Reveno.”

“Berry and the one that was breathing down my back was Phil. The two beast-kin are Seth and Siva.”

“Oh, so you were the one who bought the whole Beast-kin slaves yesterday. You caused quite a commotion.”

“Yea, that was not something that I was trying to do.” I signed the animal skin at the end and handed it to him. “Every time you want to sell your products bring it to the edge of the Forgotten Forest. Look for the marking of a Dragon embedded on a giant slab of stone. It’s not hard to miss.”

Reveno look down. He was alarmed at the amount of money that he was going to get for each transaction.

“I suggest you to start investing in some guards. If you want to hire some of my beast-kin slaves to protect you when you go back, I would gladly go into another deal with you.”

At first, Reveno stare at me skeptically but when he saw Seth his whole demeanor changed.

“I’m not saying you have to pay now. When your transaction is gone through with it, all you would need to do is pay them for their service when you get back. My beast-kin are not just wasted away like the others, but are groom, feed well, and even trained. They are all great fighters.” I couldn’t help but push the exaggeration a bit about the beast-kin. Especially their fighting capabilities.

Reveno thought it over for a moment. “I’m not so sure.”

“Seth will be your first hire free of charge. Try him out when you bring your next batch of herbs.”


I happily took the pen and jotted down more to the contract and even added a couple of lines. With the contract done, I handed Reveno the pen and he signed both copies. One for me and one for himself.

“Glad to do business with you.” I held out my hands for him to shake, then I realized what I was doing. “I’m sorry. I forgot that on this land that handshakes mean something more.”

“No. I would gladly accept.” Reveno pulled forward and shook my head before I pulled back. “You do not know how much you have done for me and my family. This handshake is a commitment for the contract we are in.” He smiled.

“Thank you.” I was delighted. It felt good in helping out someone in need at the same time in making profit. “Well then Reveno, I’ll be meeting you again soon.”

“Yes. I will be bringing more in the next couple of weeks.”

“Perfect.” I let go of his hands and begin to move on to the other stalls. I even bought a couple of alchemy sets to use.

“I was wondering…” Seth spoke startling me. It was awhile since I even heard him speak.


“Did you do that to give us a job?”

“You caught on quickly.” I couldn’t help but smile. “I’m not going to leave your people to fend for themselves. Having a couple of coins to start off is a good thing. With this you guys will be able to start contracting out your skills under my name. Nobody will be able to touch you.”

“I can’t thank you enough. You have done so much for us in just one day.”

“It’s nothing really. Plus, investing in you guys for the future.”

“I will make sure to pay you back.”

“Don’t worry too much about it. Really.”

I felt a warm tingle of warmth in my heart at the same time I was thinking about possibly hiring the Beast-kin for future mercenaries. Already from their build, I could tell that they were powerful fighters. The town needed a protector, especially when either Phil or I was not there they could keep everyone safe.

“So why did you buy all those herbs?” Phil asked. He was walking beside me.

“I was thinking of recreating an old recipe.”

“That is?”

“God’s Blo-” My mouth was suddenly stopped by Phil’s hands.“Are you nuts? You should be careful on what you say so loudly!” He hissed.

I pushed back his hands. “You asked.”

“Let’s get back to camp. We’ll talk there.”  

We cut short on the shopping and was back at the camp. Don ran up towards us.

“Hey guys, someone came by and dropped a huge stack of herbs. Did you guys buy those?”

“Berry did.”

“Really? That make sense. Only you would do that.”

“Well then, on to what I was going to make. Don’t bother me till dinner.” I cheerfully walked up towards the wagon of herbs. Taking a handful of herbs, I took each one of them with me to the tent.

Placing them out around me, I started to go to work. My goal was to make a lower level red potion. It was as if in the back of my head, I remember the specific ingredients and procedures.

Phil came in wondering what I was doing and he sat down in front of me. I ignored his presence and went to work. For the next couple, I was bent over mixing and creating the red potion in hand. I did not expect to take so long to make twenty low level Red and Blue Potions.

As time went by my back began to hurt and my fingers were starting to cramp up.

“You just made God’s Blood and Magic.” Phil stated flabbergasted. “This is truly astronomical. Do you know how many Light and Earth Elemental Magician will be fought for after what you have done today?”

“Not completely.”

Phil groaned and his head flopped onto his hands. “You created God’s Blood and Magic using the most common ingredient known to existence. Not only that the procedure actually uses both Light and Earth Magic to completely fortify God’s Blood and God’s Magic.”

“Let’s not call them God’s Blood or God’s Magic. It’s to confusing. From now on we are going to call it Blue Potion and Red Potion.”

“Only you would say such things.”

“Plus, this potion is only the low grade. The higher grade potions actually needs more materials. I don’t think we’ll be able to buy them here at this market.”

“You actually know how to create higher tier God’s Bloo- I mean Potions?” Phil was dumbfounded at what I had said.

I slowly nodded. “How is it that you guys don’t know how to make these?”

“Only the Bishops keep a tight reign on these artifacts. I doubt they even known how to create it.”

“Hm…I see. Let’s sell it tomorrow then.”

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“No. I used up all the money that I have. Selling this tomorrow will get back the gold coins that I have lost. Plu,s this will become another one of our staple products of our Wonder Shop.”

Phil groaned in defeat. “I’m not liking this at all. We already stir up a storm with the lamp lights, now you want to do it with the Potions. This might not be good at all.”

“Well, we’ll see. I’ll make more before I sleep and we can see how well these prices will go for.”

“You already have a set price on them?”

“Yes. Four gold coins.”

“That’s quite cheap. One would go for over 100 gold coins.”

My mouth dropped open in disbelief. “You’re kidding me right?”

“No. When I said that it is rare. I really meant it.”

I thought it over and debated on raising the price. I knew I could not raise up the price to a hundred gold. That was stupid and counterproductive. “I’ll keep it at the same price.”

“Are you sure about that?”

“Yes. My goal is to sell it to the commoners and gain constant source of profit throughout the months. It’s not to sell it to the rich, yet.”

“You’re going to cause a storm in the market.”

“We’ll deal with it when the time comes.”




“You’re going to help me create more.”

Phil went dead silent. I know what I said was a bit to haphazardly, telling a future Demon Lord to do manual labor.

“This is for the Wonder Shop. You’re the other owner of it.” I stressed the word owner as best as I could.

In defeat, Phil just shook his head and began helping me out. With two people working on the potion, throughout majority of the night we created over fifty potions.

We slept through the morning and woke up in the afternoon. This time, I brought over ten of the strongest Beast-kin that I have for a body guard. I knew that this would cause a sensation and did not wanted to get robbed. Right now, what was important was selling the item to the crowd.

Like usual we set up our shop, and spread out our items. People this time stopped and crowded around the Wonder Shop without announcing our presence. Everyone knew that the wonder shop was being opened for business today, and the thought of buying the so called light lamps brought everyone around.

“Welcome. Welcome. Welcome to Wonder Shop!” I cheerfully called out to the group with the voice enhancement stone. Phil gave me the job to be the spokesperson this time. I get the feeling that he did not wanted me to go roaming around the market by myself. Then again, I was excited to sell the new product that we created.

“We have a very special item that is on sell.”

The people crowded closer noticing the two distinct color of red and blue potions on the table. Words whispered through the crowd as they wondered if it was famous God’s Blood and God’s Magic.

“This here is the new product called Red and Blue potion. They are lower grade form of the actual God’s Blood and God’s Magic. The effect can close up small injuries.”

The voices of the people burst into a frenzy.

“How do are you sure that what you are selling is not a counterfeit!” A man pushed forward from the group.

I couldn’t help but sigh. They were always one of those people who come out to debunk the product. Without a further second, I jumped off the table and cut him across the cheek with a dagger.

The man shrieked in fright and fell down on his butt. I towered over him and put away my dagger.

“Well now. We actually have someone who is willing to test out the product. Is there anyone else?”

Everyone stepped back and the man who on the ground was cowering in fright.Nobody wanted to be in-between the fight between man and me.

“Well then.” I pulled out the Red Potion in hand and gave him the vial that I had made. “Drink up.”

“Y-You’re not going t-t-to k-kill me are you?”

“Hardly. Why do would I do that in front of the crowd. If I wanted to do that, I would do it when you sleep.” I gave him a mischievous grin. The man gulped in fear. He shakily raised up the Red Potion and took a gulp

At that moment, a hissing like sound could be heard coming from the man. The man groaned in pain and he touched his cheeks. Blood seeped through his fingers and down his arm.

“What’s happening?”

“Is he poisoned?”

“What’s going on?”

The man huffed in heavy breathe, and got up shakily. He wiped his cheeks. The cut on his cheek was completely healed. Everyone was shocked in what they saw.

“Ladies and gentleman. These potions are real and do not affect your health. They are four gold coins each and we only have fifty right now. You can only buy one potions for today. So step right up!”

I waved my hands towards the booth. People ran towards the booth and was clamoring to buy one. Seth stepped forward and stopped the people from swarming and the other buff Beast kin stood up to stop the stampede.

Instead, they were all line up in orderly fashion. I felt thrilled that it was a success. All fifty red potion was sold quickly. We closed our shop and went back to the camp.

“You did that on purpose, didn’t you.” Phil asked.


“Cutting his face.”

“Kuhuhuh, you know me too well.”

“For a girl, you’re quite scary.”

“I am not. Not compared to you.”


“Yea. You’re the one and only de-” I stopped myself. Why did I keep forgetting not to bring up that wretched title. At this rate he would find out what he is. “Never mind.”

“No. No. Please go on ahead. I would like to hear what you have to say.”

“Really, I don’t have anything else to say. I was just joking. You know haha…”

“Haha huh?” Phil crossed his arms not believing a word I said.

“Well time to make more for tomorrow.” I rushed towards the tent. Siva was standing in the front waiting for me.

“Berry!” Siva waved me down.


“I was wondering if I could spend some time with you.”

“Sure. Come on in.” I walked in the tent first.

“Isn’t this Phil’s tent?”

“He won’t mind. We share it.” I sat down in front of the large pile of herbs that were on the side.

Siva walked in and sat next to me.

“What is all that?”

“Making Red Potions and Blue Potions.”

“Oh! Are you talking about the God’s Blood and God’s Magic? Everyone was talking excitedly about it.”

“Yep. I’m going to make more for tomorrow. Plus, I’ve been storing some of them to take back.”

“I was wondering…” Siva nervously.


“I was wondering if there was anything that I could do to repay you.”

“There really isn’t anything that I can think of right now.”

“Please. You gave Seth and the other men a job. Is there anything that I can do to help out? I don’t care if it’s for free. You have done so much for us that we can’t help but be thankful for what you have done.”


“Please!” Siva grabbed my hands begging me. I couldn’t help but be drawn by her cute face and her floppy ears that made her irresistibly charming in her own way.

“Berry. I need to talk with you.” Phil came in the tent followed by Seth. He stopped and stared at what we were doing. “Did I disrupt something here?”

“No, not at all.” I drew away my hands.

Phil came over and sat down. Seth was standing by the entrance and did not wanted to sit down.

“Are you making more for tomorrow?”


“I don’t think it’s a good idea right now.”

“Why not?”

“I just got word that the Bishops has made a move after what happened today.”

“That is?”

“We’re banned from selling the potions in the city.”

“What? Why?”

“They are saying that the Potion is a devil’s magic and should not be used. They are trying to take control of the potions that we had created. The Bishops have already  taken the potions for themselves.”

“Why, those greedy bastards!”

“We should leave the city and head back home. I don’t think this is the right time to hang around.”

“I agree, but there is one more thing that we got to do.”

“What is that?”

“Spread the word to where to buy more potions from now on.”

“Berry, didn’t you listen to what I have just said.”


“Then why? We have other places.”

“Because its business. I want to leave some information behind so they know where to go to buy the potions.”

“For some reason I feel like you’re not going to listen.”

I smiled. It was true. They were something more that I wanted to do. The whole purpose was not only to bring in customers but more people into the small town in the Forgotten Forest. People who were willing to throw away their old lives and live in a new environment.

“You have that smile again. You’re up to something, aren’t you.”

“Yep.” I flatly replied. “First though, I do need a salesperson from now on in selling the potions at the store I want to set back at home. I’ll make sure to pay you for your service. Not only that, I would also like to begin to hire Beast-kin’s to become bodyguards for the Wonder Shop.” I look towards Seth hoping he understood what I was asking for. “I know this will stop you from going back home, but if there is anyone that is willing to stay I would appreciate it.”

“It would be my honor.”

“You will be paid handsomely for your time.”

“Once again, I can’t thank you enough.”

“Well then, our final phase for the day is in order.”

“What would that be?” Siva asked confused.

“We’re going to advertise our product with a bang.”

“You’re kidding… right?”

“Hardly. Let’s go!” I got up and went outside. Everyone followed wondering what I would do.

I pulled out a handful of Common Magic Stones. I look for a crossbow. Finally finding one after running around the camp, I modified the cross boy where I could put a common Magic Stones instead of an arrow. Placing one Common Magic Stone onto the cross bow. I aimed upwards towards the city walls.

“What are you doing? Are you trying to start a war?”

“No. Just watch.”

I aimed upwards. “Begin!” I yelled activating the magic stone. I shot upwards towards the wall. A loud bang of explosion could be heard and bright lights exploded outwards like fireworks.

Screams and terror could be heard inside the walls but was shortly outlived. The fireworks spelled out a word stating ‘Wonder Shop Magical Store is open at the edge of the Forgotten Forest!’

I shot off another one when the lights faded and continually did it for the next thirty minutes. Different colors of fireworks and words danced up in the dark sky. People came out in awe as they watched the show in the sky.

With the final stone in place, the last shot was grander than the other stones that I had shot up into the air. A continuous explosion of chain reaction of fireworks were displayed. The words Wonder Shop Magic Store were morphed into a white dragon as it flew around the sky nonstop. It swooped and twirled and finally disappeared into smokes.

“Now that’s what I call a show.” I grinned.

Phil was dumbstruck at my actions. Seth was still staring at the sky hoping for more, while Siva was burst out into joy.

“That was spectacular!”

“Why thank you. I was going to use the fireworks later on, but it did come in handy.”

“I don’t know what to do with you Berry.” Phil shook his head.

“People will sure remember us now.”

“Sure they would. Why wouldn’t they?”

“Well then, back to work!” I hurriedly went back to the tent to begin to make more Potions.

“What am I going to do with her.” Phil felt helpless.

“Miss Berry is truly amazing.”

“Yes, but she’s a handful.”

“I am glad that she is our master.”

“I believe she wouldn’t like you saying that. Instead, call yourself her friend.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it.” Phil smile and walked back towards the tent.

For the next month, we came back and forth from the town to the city. Selling potions and lights outside the city wall. Every time we entered, I would send of the fireworks to introduce our summoning. People swarmed out of the city in the hopes of buying our items.

Even people traveled to the Forgotten Forest in the hopes of trading. A small hub for trading post was created in front of the Forgotten Forest and slowly it turned into a small town. It became a large attraction for people who came far and wide to buy the Potions and even the Lights.

After releasing all the slave collars from the Beast-kin not a single one left the town and instead came to work under either the mercenary group or the trading post. The majority of the Beast-kin moved into the town inside the Forgotten Forest, and came to the trading post to work.

For some reason, the slave collars were changed into a metal collar with the crest of a Wonder Shop embedded into it. It became a fast growing trend to the Beast-kin stating that they worked for the Wonder Shop. Even though they look a bit similar to a slave collar there was a vast difference. No magic was imbued into the collar that turned them into slaves and instead, they proudly wore it as if it was a crest of honor.

I didn’t know how effective these collars that Siva thought of, but it did kept slave traders from kidnapping or selling them again. Every Beast-kin’s body mass was finally brought to their original size, making them more intimidating. This was another contributing factor that kept people at bay.

The Wonder Shop’s name was spread out far and wide throughout the land of the Dragon Kingdom and even into the neighboring Kingdom. People came to trade or even in the hopes of buying the Wonder Shop’s product.


A deep growl could be heard in the darkness. I glanced up searching for the sound, but to no avail did I find the source.

“Phil? Don? Are you guys here?” I called out walking alone by myself. I did not like how I was alone. It gave me the creeps wondering what could be out there in the darkness, but even still I kept walking. Sitting here crying by myself was not going to get me anywhere.

“Siva? Seth? Anyone?” My voice echoed endlessly.

A high pitch scream that sounded close to a hawk pierced through the darkness making me shudder in fright. “What going on?”

I search for any signs of life, but still nothing.

From above, heavy beating of wings descended downwards and grabbed me by the arms. Sharp claws pierced my soft skin drawing blood. My other hand wildly flailed punching the raptor claws hoping it would let go. The world around me became brighter and brighter making my surrounding difficult to see.

“Let me go!” With every ounce of strength I had, I pulled one of its claws backward. A painful shrill broke the silence, and let me go. Falling backwards, I saw two giant black wings outstretched underneath the sunlight. A head of a hawk and a body of lion stare down at me in anger.

It dived downwards trying to get closer to me. I did not feel fear, but instead awe. The monster before me was beautiful. It’s black feathers glimmered underneath the moonlight making it look surreal.

The monster was only a couple of feet away and I could not help but voice my opinion.”So beautiful.”

Our gaze match for a split second. “You!” The voice of the monster shrilled in fury, but before I could hear the rest I was shaken awake.  

“Berry. Berry. Get up!” Bolting up from my sleep, I look around confused.

Phil was half way into his clothes. His bed hair was in complete disarray.

“W-what’s wrong?”

“No time to explain, we need to get out of here now!”

Confused, I quickly put on my clothes and shoes. Entering outside, I saw the beast-kin dismantling the tents, and putting everything away into the wagon.

“Berry!” Siva was running towards me in alarm. Her face was filled with fear. “The day of awakening is here!”

Beast-kin were running around in fright as they hopped into wagons or busily packing things away.

“Awakening? Come again?”

“We need to hide. We need to get away from the city.” Siva’s voice was in desperation.

“Woah, calm down. What awakening?”

Siva was already helping out in pitching down the tent and loading things into the wagon. She didn’t speak a single word and was in a rush to pitch the tent down. Not a single thing was left behind and everyone was ready to leave.

“Come on! We don’t have much time. Quickly head towards the Forgotten Forest!” Phil ordered everyone to move. He jumped onto the wagon. “Berry, what are you doing? It’s not time for you to dilly dally!”

I was immensely confused. I ran over to the wagon and with the help of Siva I got on. Siva followed suit and hopped in. Seth was already in the wagon waiting for us to go.

“What about the others? We can’t just leave the Beast-kin behind.”

“Already ahead of you. Don already bought a couple more wagon and horses. There moving ahead of us now as we speak. He’s leading the group. We’re the last ones.”

“Someone needs to explain to me what is going on. It’s like every single one of you have your pants on fire right now. Did someone die or something?”


“Then what?”

“The Beast-kin’s children had a vision.” Siva spoke.

“Wait, what does the kids having vision got to do with anything?”

“The Beast-kin children had foretold the coming of the next legend. It would be today at the time when the sun is at its highest. The sky will be adorned with black clouds and thunder. The awakening of the great Lion that flies through the sky bringing with it death and destruction.”

“You lost me.”

Phil sighed. “Siva explain to her about the Beast-kin’s history will you.”

Siva nodded. “The Beast-kin you bought at the Slave markets yesterday had a vision. This is not just any ordinary vision. The Legend of the Black Gryphon is our Beast-kin’s history. Our kind has always been known to slay the Great Black Gryphon every time it has been reborn. We knew this day was upon us, and the simultaneous vision that all young Beast-kin had this morning of its awakening herald dark times.”

“So all children of the Beast-kin just suddenly gets this vision at the same time?”

“Yes, our god has gifted the children the ability to give all Beast-kin a warning on the day of the Black Gryphon’s awakening. When a child grows into an adult, we eventually grow out of this gift making it impossible to foretell the future. This is why the Beast-Kin’s children are prized among our kind.”

“That’s quite interesting.”

“So how many beast-kin kids do we have?”

“Seven.” Phil spoke. “Every single one of them had the same vision at the same time. Seth confirmed it this morning.”

“Okay, if I understand you straight, today is the day the Black Gryphon awakens?” Then it hit me. Just awhile ago while I was sleeping, I too had a dream of a Black Gryphon appearing. What if it was the same dream that all the Beast-kin had? I couldn’t help but wonder. Why haven’t the white lady of this world tell me about this at all or was the vision’s her way of telling me that something was going to happen? 

“Yes, all Beast-kin alike are in danger.”

“So that’s why we were in such a hurry to pack things away.”

“That’s not all, a city will burn in fire to herald its coming. It always starts with its hated enemy that killed it. A beast-kin’s city, but that does not mean it ends with one. The Black Gryphon is known to fly around the world and demolish civilizations.”

“Don’t all legendary monsters do that?”

“Yes and no. The most vicious ones are the Dragons and the Gryphons. Their attacks can happen in a month or a year. It all depends on the mood they are in. Following after are the Leviathan and the hydra which does not destroy things often. They usually space out their attacks in large gaps. The last two the Titan and the phoenix are known to not come out from hiding for a couple of centuries.”

“So no city is safe.” I look over the shoulder and saw the human city slowly shrink in size. The horse was being pushed to walk faster than when we came. “But then how is where we going any different?”

Phil stared at me strangely at the question that I had stated. “You really have to ask?”


“It’s because the place where we all live now.”


“Think about it, strong monster’s mark their territories like a wolf. This keeps certain monsters at bay. We have one already situated in the village that keeps us safe.”

“Wait, you really think this is going to work?”


“What is Phil talking about?” Siva asked confused.

“He’s saying we have a legendary creature ourselves that can protect us all.”

“Really!? How?” Siva eyes were full of fear and worry.

Phil continued to explain. “There has been records of the legendary monsters bones keeping the awakened Ones at bay. This had been numerously been told throughout history. Wars were fought after when the Legendary Monster had died. A piece of their bones is known to keep even monsters at bay for decades.”

“So you’re saying where you live you have something like that?” Siva’s eye brighten up in interest.

“Something like that.” Phil was staring at me motioning me to play along.

“Yea. We have something like that. Found it out by pure chance.” I coughed and nodded.

“Then isn’t your village the safest place to be right now?”


“This is wonderful to hear!” Siva said in delight. “Not only you have freed us but you are allowing us to stay under protection. I can’t thank you enough.”

“It’s not a big deal.” I spoke. Honestly I really hoped what Phil had stated was true. If it was not, then we were in big trouble.

“Why did you tell her that?” I leaned over and whispered towards Phil.

“It’s the best chance we got. I need to warn grandma and grandpa. Only a Beast-kin is able to sense the Black Gryphon’s awakening.”

I couldn’t help but feel pressured. If this was true, then we all needed to have a counter measure ready if the Black Gryphon came. I sat up straight thinking about what I just learned. “Wait it’s not the end of the year, how come it awaken so early?”

“I don’t know. We are only two weeks away from the new year, but for some reason it waking up today. If I had the answer, I would’ve told you.” Phil spoke.

“This is an ill omen.” Siva shook her head side-to-side. “Never in history has this happened before.”

“No matter, thinking to much of it won’t do well with our health.” I spoke, trying my best to quell everyone’s fear. Even still, the tense air did not dissipate.

“Yea, you’re right.”

We continued on towards our destination without a single rest. The sun finally reached its highest point, and we all glance around with worry. Our eyes could not leave the sky for the fear that the Black Gryphon might appear before us at any moment. Throughout the day, we rode in silence straining our ears for any unusual sounds. The Beast-kin were on edge, and it got worse when the sun was at its highest.

“Anything?” I asked. I was beginning to stress out from the high tension in the air.

Siva shook her head.

“Look, we should stress ourselves over this today. It’s going to give us gray hair.”

Siva and Seth frowned and understood what I was getting at, but even still they did not seem to budge from their worried expression. All I could do was sigh at the predicament before us.

Throughout the day and night we continued forward in silence. Even Phil was up all night with worry creased on his face. The second day was uneventful, the Beast-kin and the horses were tiring out fast. We took a short break that lasted throughout the night till the morning.

I was busy in helping in packing away the supplies, when we heard an unusual screech that pierced through the sky.

“What was that?” I turned behind me and look up into the sky.

A black silhouette flew high up in the air coming in our direction.

“The Black Gryphon!” Screams and panic could be heard from the people.

“Quickly, get into the forest!” Phil shouted.

The horses neighed in fright. People and Beast-kin ran towards the Forgotten Forest in fear.

I could see that the wing creature was getting towards in frightening speed. At the rate that we were going, I knew we were going to get caught.

Jumping off the wagon, I decided to stay behind.

“Berry?” Phil yelled, he scrambled to grab a hold of me but was to late.

“Go! I’ll keep whatever it is busy!”

“Are you out of your mind?”

I dashed forward into the trees.

“Kwwakk! Kwakk! Kwwakkk!” The screech intensified and grew bolder.

There were no time to wait, in that moment I shifted shapes and turned into my dragon form. Even though I was not in my full form, I still went forward. I could not let whatever this creature was to take on my friends.

Bursting through the trees, I inhaled a sharp intake of breathe. With a vicious roar, I blew fire at the monster.

A squawk could be heard from the flaming inferno, and upon contact of flames a black barrier completely shrouds around its body. Not a single flame touched its body. It wasn’t until a gust of black wind blew past the monster, making the flames disappear into smokes. A Black Majestic Gryphon appeared from the smokes exactly like my dreams. It’s golden beak snapped towards me in attempt to bite my arm’s off. With a sharp turn, I lashed out with my tail hit the Gryphon squarely in the face.

The force of the snap caused a crackling sound that made the Gryphon fly downwards into the ground. Like a bullet, the Gryphon flew with such force that a loud bang could be heard echoing through the lands.

Siva, Seth, and the other Beast-kin turned around to look behind. Their sharp eye could see the large smoke that was brought up into the sky.

“Got ya.” I let out a satisfied breath.

The dust cleared out and the Gryphon shot out. A black glow appeared from its mouth and a beam of black light shot towards me. Alarmed, I swerve towards the side just in the nick of time. The beam barely grazed my shoulders, leaving behind a small streak mark on my scale. I did not wanted to think about how bad it would be if the beam had made impact.

The fear was gone and instead my emotions were strangely controlled. I did not know if it was because I was in my dragon form or if it was just me in general. With a sharp swerve to the right, the Gryphon banked towards me with wing outstretched.

“Enemy!” The Gryphon squawked in a loud voice.

“Bring it bird brain!” I roared. Our claws tangled with one another. It was an aerial battle for dominance and I could tell that the Gryphon’s power were extraordinary. If I was not careful I was sure that I would lose this battle of strength. I was not in my usual strength and size.


“Shut it, bird brain!”

“I’ll eat you!”

“Yea, I can play that game too!” With a snap of my head, I lunged towards its neck. At the last moment, the Gryphon swerved its head. My teeth instead dug into the nape of its shoulder. I could taste the blood gushing through my mouth, and I furiously tore through skin and feather.

The Gryphon’s claws slipped on my scale creating sparks. Its sharp beaks strike downwards onto my back. I felt a sharp pain as its beak went through one of my scales and into my muscles.

My hands feverishly claw the Gryphon’s side as black feathers fell downwards like snow. With a sharp inhale of my breathe, I blew a small burst of fire.

“Die!” The Gryphon pushed me back causing us to detach from each other. Once again, a jet of black beam shot out towards its mouth. This time the energy made impact on my chest. Like a drill, I could feel the energy digging into my scales.  

With heavy hands, I raised up my claws that were engulfed with fire. With a groan, I placed my hands towards the oncoming beam blocking the black energy with my fire energy. Upon contact, electric sparks of red and black erupted around my hands. Engulfing in a deep breath, this time I sent out a jet of pure blue fire towards the Gryphon.

With a screech, the Gryphon dipped under the fire and twirled. The Gryphon bolted upwards into the sky, and I follow behind its tail. Each burst of air, I shot out fire from my lips. I was not going to let this Gryphon get away.

We flew and tangled into each other’s embrace. During the exchange, we weren’t able to harm each other a single time to the point of being severely injured.

Without realizing where we were, we flew far away from the Forgotten Forest. Not too far away, I saw a Beast-kin City that I have never seen before. Already I could hear the shouts of soldiers running up and down the walls. Hysteria could be heard from the people as the citizen ran for cover.

“The Black Gryphon is here!” A soldier shouted in fear.

“Get the cross bows ready!”

“A dragon? A dragon!” They saw me trailing behind not to far away from the Black Gryphon.

“Lord, save us!”


The Beast-kin soldiers were stationed on the walls and they aimed upwards.

“Ready! Fire!”

Hundreds of arrows shot upwards into an overarching arch. I blew out flames to stop the oncoming attack. Even still, I had to swivel and swerve out of harm’s way. Why of all times did I get tangled with this stupid Black Gryphon? I felt completely stupid for following the Black Gryphon here.

The Gryphon swerved and shot out a blast of black energy onto the walls. A explosive bang could be heard as a large crater was left behind. Pain, suffering, and death was the constant source of screams as the Black Gryphon swerve and dove towards the soldiers. They were picked up and dropped back downwards on to the ground to their deaths.

On the other hand, I flew upwards trying to get away from the flying arrows. Not a single arrow impaled through my thick scales and instead completely bounced off without a single scratch. I flew into the clouds watching everything that was happening below.

A terrifying scream could be heard from the Gryphon’s beak. Bird erupted outwards from the trees, and goblins of different varieties that I have never seen before came rushing out towards the castle.

Constant beam of energy shot out of the Gryphon’s beak causing devastation underneath him. Large gaping holes and buildings were demolished in seconds.  

“What’s going on?” I gaze towards the sudden flood of Goblins. How come I didn’t see them before? Stunned at the sight before me, the Goblins reached over as far as the eye could see. At this rate, this made me worried that they would enter into the Forgotten Forest and destroy the small town that was built.

The goblins ran towards the broken wall, and flooded into the city. Already the fight was becoming chaotic but even still the Beast-kin persisted and slew the monsters. I could tell that the goblins were weak, but even still they completely outnumbered the Beast-kin ten to one. At this rate, the city would become over run and the people slaughtered.

Tilting downwards, I saw a tightly formed ranks of goblin around a single goblin. Instinctively I knew who that this goblin was the leader. Diving downwards, I aimed towards the goblin chief.

It was not until the last moment did the goblin chief saw me before I crushed him with my weight. My tails flared around me like a wipe throwing the goblins back and killing them.


“Why are you killing us?” The goblins screamed.


“Kill the monster!”

Really? Me a monster? I huffed out a jet of fire. My claws were forming into a large ice crystals. Even more deadly icicles were rapidly forming around me like an armor. At the rate that I was forming these icicles, I look similar to a porcupine. Even my tail turned into a deadly spike icicle club.

Bam! Bam! Smash! Squash! Bam!

I felt so alive and powerful squandering the small goblin like ants. Not a single one of these weapons could harm me. Instead, they were batted around like flies and even killed in one hit. The goblins that were focusing their attacks on the Beast-kin now shifted their gazes towards me. I was purely on instinct, letting the dragon me take control.

I jumped around causing the goblins around me to stumble. Giving this opportunity, I swung my tail and smash them into the ground. With a pump of my wings, I shot a powerful jet of fire downwards. The goblins that were running towards me to attack, were burned alive while the others pulled back in fear of being burned.

With a cackle of laughter, I flew over their heads causing chaos with fire. Not a single one were able to harm me and the exhilaration of the battle made my inner animal instincts appear.

“Is that the best you can do?” I roared. The sound of my voices, echoed outwards causing the goblins to draw back in fear. “Do you think you can defeat me?” I dove towards the next Chieftain Goblin and squashed him like a bug.

I felt a sudden cold chill coming from my stomach. The fire that was burning in my stomach was quickly dwindling in strength and was replaced by an ice cold feel. This time instead of blowing fire a jet of ice spewed out my mouth. Ice quickly formed around me and caused the other Goblins to solidify into ice.

A flower like pattern appeared around me creating an ice barrier. With excitement, I continued to blow out ice causing large icicles to protrude out of the ground. It impaled the Goblins in half and they died.

The Beast-kin that were inside their city pushed back the invading Goblins. Everywhere around me were a full out brawl between the goblins and Beast-kin. I caught glimpse of their power as they bull dozed through the goblin. The effect of having no chieftain to control the goblins had tipped the scales of the battle.

Goblins scattered like roaches, when the Beast-Kin pushed through. The Wolf and Tiger Beast-kin tore through the Goblins with their own strength. It was like watching one of the animal channels when a predator hunted its prey.

I was too busy blowing jets of Ice that I did not see the Black Gryphon come behind me from the sky. Instinct kicked in and pulled back just in time before, I could get shredded by the Gryphon’s beak.

“Why?!” The Gryphon screeched.

“Why not? You are eventually going to kill my friends, before that happens I will get rid of you now!”

The Gryphon skidded on the ground and slipped from the ice. This gave me a chance to dive in towards the Gryphon’s exposed chest. I bite down as hard as I could, and I felt warm blood once again seeped into my mouth. A sharp pain could be felt from my wings as a large gaping hole was left behind by the Gryphon’s claw.

I did not let go and instead dug in deeper. No way was I going to lose from this battle Royale. My life was on the line and I was going to make sure to win.

We tumbled on the ground and wrestled for dominance. The power from the Gryphon’s claws did not waver a single bit. We rolled and rolled, till finally we hit the ice wall. I snapped towards the Gryphon’s neck, and clawed at its face. A sudden burst of energy erupted outwards from the Gryphon’s body. This time, I flew out backwards and into the trees.

What just happened? I shakily got up confused. Did the Gryphon had such power like that?

Glancing up, I noticed the Gryphon shimmer and shape shift into a human male form. Two pair of black wings appeared from its back wrapping itself around him like a blanket. He look like an Angel of Death. I couldn’t help but hold in a gasp. Never in my life did I see such a mesmerizing scene before me. It was like as if a piece of heaven fell down onto land. Black energy wrapped around the body of the man and clothes formed on its body.

Streaks of blood still painted on its shoulders and face, but even still it made him much more devious and enchanting. Everyone for a brief moment stopped to stare. They could not keep their eyes off of the spectacular scene before them. His black wings unfurled behind him and he slowly opened his golden eyes.

“Why are you here Dragon.” A voice so deep and clear rung out towards the field, that everyone turned towards me unconsciously.

“Why would I not bird brain.”

“You dare to make a joke of me?” The man hissed. “Do you not know who I am?”

“Not really. All I see is a bird brain whose acting all high and mighty.” I spat. Getting back up, I crouched down ready to attack when need be.

“I am called the Angel of Death, Azazel. This is my time to rule. You shouldn’t be awake at this time.”

“Well Mr. Bird Brain. I think you got this all mixed up. This was never my time in the first place and your unnecessary rampage is one day going to get my friends killed. Before that happens you’re going to die here today.”

“Bird Brain?” Azazel cackled with laughter as he threw his head back. The long stream of black hair slipped off his shoulder and onto his back. “You have the nerves to stand up to me?”

“That’s a stupid question.”

“You have spirit or should I say a foolish courage.” Azazel raised his hand towards me and a shot of black energy towards me.

I blew a jet of ice magic towards Azazel’s black magic. Upon contact, his magic slowly froze up. Alarmed, Azazel pulled back his attack.

“Not bad, for a lizard.”

“I know right, bird brain.” I haughtily spoke. Carefully examining the next move, I prowled around him like a cat.

Not a single movement between the goblin and the Beast-kin stepped forward. They knew that if they attacked that they would either die from either one of us.

“I don’t think you will have much to say. I can tell that you are not even fully grown. Sadly, I will have to snuff out our existence here and now.”

Black energy balls formed around him and shot towards me like a bullet. My tail swung forward and hit the first energy ball back. The other two glazed my shoulder and thigh leaving behind a gaping wound. The others I dodged perfectly and shot back icicles crystals that formed around me.

At this rate, the ground battle was definitively not in my favor. Limping in pain, I unfurled my wings to take flight. A black energy ball shot through my wings causing a shockwave of pain.

“You’re going nowhere, lizard.”

I hissed in anger. Charging forward, I blew a jet of ice. Azazel dodge effortlessly to the side. His hands raised towards my back, he shot a beam of energy. A chunk of my white scales flew off my body and scattered onto the ground. Alarmed, I rolled over to cover my exposed belly.

Quickly, Ice formed around the belly covering it from any attack. My claws slashed forward and missed. With a overarching kick, Azazel pinned my hand onto the ground. The weight of his small body compare to my hands did not compare to his strength. I was shocked how strong Azazel was now then when he was in his beast form.

“If I were you, I would stay down.” Azazel peered down towards me with a wide grin.

“Never!” I spat a torrent of small icicles at his face. He was not able to dodge every single one of them and had cuts all over his skin. With my other free hand, I sweep it towards him from behind and grabbed him.

With all the strength I could muster I squeezed him hard. I could hear the sound of his bones breaking under my crushing hands. Pained expression could be seen on Azazel, but he did not scream. Instead he pushed against my claws and pulled himself free. One of Azazel’s arms were dangling from his side unmoving.

“I’ll kill you lizard!”

“Try me!” I yelled back. I lashed out with claws, teeth, and ice. He dodged each and every one of my attack.

Azazel reached over towards his shoulder and popped his dislocated arm back into place. His hands glowed once again with black magic, but this time I felt a strange surge of power building up in his claws.

Crap. I knew then and there that he was going to let out a powerful attack. Once again opening my wings, I flew upwards into the cloudy sky. Azazel raised his hands up and then slashed downwards.

Black lightning descended from the sky and out onto the field. Everyone who was on the ground was completely demolished by the black lightning. A third of the goblins were destroyed along with a handful of Beast-kin. I, on the other hand, was swerving around in an chaotic acrobatic flight.

Every bolt of lightning that struck, I swerved, rolled, and dived. I did not want to get struck by lightning. I frantically flew with my bloodied wings, with every pump I felt a sharp pain that jolted through my whole body.

Swerving from a lighting strike, I headed straight downwards towards Azazel. A burst of Ice magic erupted from deep inside my body. The whole ground was completely encased in ice. A ice cage engulfs itself around the Azazel’s body freezing him in place. The thundering thunderstorms quiets down till finally no more sparked around us.

I let out a heavy breathe. I could feel my energy being spent in rapid succession. Any longer, I knew that this would become bad.

Crack. Crack. Craaaack.

The ice breaks apart and a gust of wind pushes outwards, Everyone who was watching was pushed back by the powerful wind. Even I had a bit of trouble standing on my legs without getting pushed back.

What the hell? How is he so powerful? I seriously underestimated his power. Even in my dragon form was I not strong enough? I gritted my teeth and rushed forward.

It was now or never. With claws out stretched ice formed around my hands into a cold chilly ice. With a violent strike downwards, I aimed to kill him there and then.

Azazel’s wings completely deflected my attack and instead sent out a dozens of sharp feathers. Each feathers were like knives that cut through the hardest rock easily like butter.

“Damn it!” I yelled. With every ounce of power that I could muster, I pushed all my energy into my jaws.

Azazel raised his arms and shot a strong black beam of energy into my stomach. A large gaping hole was present. In that moment, I snapped down hard onto his whole hand and ripped it from his body. Without realizing it, I blew hot burning fire onto Azazel. His whole arm disintegrated into nothingness and a half of his chest was feveriously burnt.

Blood flow out from both of us and we continued to battle. Azazel shot up in the sky with an arm missing.

“I’m going to kill you!” Azazel screamed at the top of his lungs.

Blood seeped out of my mouth and I chuckled. Each laugh, I cough up blood. “Bring it Bird Brain.”  Willing the ice to cover the large gaping hole, I flew after him in the hopes to pin him down once again.

The pain were excruciatingly painful to the point where I almost blacked out. Even still, I kept on battling. I could not lose here. Not when my friend’s lives were on the line. After today, who knows what would happen to them if I died.

My strength was seeping out of me and my wings shuddered with pain. At the rate that I was going, I knew that I would only stay adrift for another minute. Using my wings to glide, I tumbled towards Azazel who was below me. Reaching out with my claws, I pluck him out of the sky.

“You’re not going to go anywhere, bird brain.” I hissed. Already I inhaled a deep breathe of ice magic onto Azazel. This time though, I mixed both ice and light magic together in the hopes of containing him forever till I was strong enough to destroy him.

“No! No! I’ll will kill you for sure!”

“Shut up bird brain.” With a crack, my head smacked his in one hit. Luckily for me, he was completely knocked out.

Even though we were falling downwards like a comet, I continually spun my magic around him over and over again. Till finally, a crystal prison wrapped around Azazel.

Crash! Crackle! Boom! Kawwwoooooosh!

Trees broke from both of our impact. The crystal slipped out of my hands and rolled a good feet away from me. Everything around me was swirling and my consciousness were drifting in and out.

My dragon form was forcefully canceled and I was reverted back into my child like body.

“Kuhuhuh, Stupid Bird Brain. I win.” Blood seeped out my mouth and onto the ground. White scales littered around me like snowflakes as each one were covered up in blood. I could not move nor summon up any strength. Instead, my mind slowly fell deep into consciousness and the last thing I saw was a shadow that moved in the forest.

Crap. This is the worst time to die. The world around me went completely black.

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4 thoughts on “Black Moon V2 Ch. 3

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  2. buggaboo

    sorry but aren’t the legendary creatures of the gods? so how would he not know who she is since wouldn’t the white lady tell him? plus I’m guessing her stupidity in this chapter is due to animal mstimcts kicking in or at East that’s what I hope.


    1. Nope. Legendary creatures are not gods. Think of them as last boss monsters, so he wouldn’t know who she is. They only know that there are other Legendary creatures out there that comes out in turns.I added a couple of sentences here and there in this chapter, hopefully it’ll help. And yes, her stupidity kicked in b/c of her animal instincts not saying that animal instinct are stupid.


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