Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 32

Author’s Note: I too dislike sour apples. It makes my face turn into this–>  (>x<)” This chapter has not been proofread.

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Chapter 32
I don’t like the taste of Sour Apple candies in the morning.

Kiyro woke up with a start. His eyes wide and coughing up water. He shivered from cold as he laid out naked on the metal floor. Even his vision was still a blur making everything difficult to see. Only the bright white light was beating down on him making him feel like he was at the hospital bed.

Am I dead? He thought. His teeth chattered. No. I can’t be. I feel cold for some reason.

He squinted and scanned around him. His vision was clearing up and he was able to see where he was. All around him were machines, test tubes, and cold metallic floor with a flood of water around him. Words that he had not seen in ages were written on the test tube: REBIRTH.

“Wait, wasn’t I in my room playing a game?” Kiyro scratched his hands from the itch. “Why am I in a hospital?”

“Good morning, sleepy head.” A female’s voice called out towards him. A large blanket were gently wrapped around him.

Kiyro turned his head towards the sound and stopped short. His eyes became wide and stared at the young female before him. She look exactly like Sonia in his dreams, but a lot younger, especially the gold hair that seem to look white. “Sonia?”

“Sonia? Brother did you hit your head?”


The girl pouted. “I think he has a mild concussion.”

“He does? That’s not good.” A young male’s voice came from behind the girl. Out stepped a young male that one could say look quite pretty with black hairs, lean with muscles, and wearing all black. He leaned over and stared down at Kiyro. “He looks the same. Barely age a day.”

“What do you expect? The last recorded death was when he was thirteen. Our’s was around seven you know.”

“Seven?” Kiyro cocked his head confused. Something about the two of them were familiar. It was in the back of his head, he just could not remember.

“I hope this is not a lasting effect.” The girl worriedly stated. “I thought it copied down to the last cell.”

“It did. Look at us not a single flaw.” The young man proudly stated with his chest sticking out.

“Your ego is one that I wish did not get transferred over.”

“What are you talking about. This is the best part of me.”

“Hardly. Even after seven years has passed you haven’t changed at all.”

“Pyah.” The young man waved his hand at her in annoyance. “You’re just jealous that you did not become great like me.”

“I’m fine as I am.”

“If you say so.” The young man shrugged his shoulder. “Let’s get him into cleans clothes. I don’t think you want him sitting around on the ground naked do you?”

The young girl blushed. “You’re right. That would be a good idea.” She helped him up on his legs. They walked out the mad scientist room and into the corridor.

Kiyro couldn’t help but to begin to have flashes of memories of his last event. Him dying from the fight with Spades. Eve and Alex turning into crystals and dying. The rest of his family left behind to fend for themselves. “Argh!”

“He’s having a relapse!” Eve called out with worry. Kiyro falters and fell into the girl’s arms.

“Here!” The young man throws her a needle. She catches it in midair and sedates him.

“It’s alright. We’re here brother. Don’t worry. It’ll be alright.”

Once again Kiyro’s vision became blurry and his strength giving way. He was once again going back into slumber as darkness overtook him the second time.


“Hmmm hummmm hmmmm… life goes on and never stops. Time keeps on ticking till the time goes by….” A female voice continues to hum a slow beat tune.

Kiyro woke up from the sweet female’s voice. This time he was in bed already in his clothes. He examined around to see the same young girl with whitish gold hair sitting next to him peeling an apple. She look up and gave him an angelic smile.


“Sonia?” The young girl frowns. “This is the second time you called me that. Have you forgotten, who I am?”

“I’m sorry. I don’t remember having a sibling that looks about my age.”

“It’s me Eve. I grew up.”

Kiyro was silent for a moment shocked to see Eve a lot older than he remembered. “Eve?”

“Yep. The one and only.”

“Eve.” Kiyro choked up. Just hearing her voice alive in front of him made him feel a deep resounding emotions that he forgot that he even had. “I’m so sorry.” The words almost came out as a whisper. Tears welled up and streamed down his face.

“It’s alright. We don’t blame you. It was unforeseeable.”

“I could’ve stop it from happening. I could’ve save you.”

“You know you sound ridiculous. You’re no superman you know. Just because we gotten the Fallen Weapons and Armor doesn’t mean we are invincible. We are all bound to fail. On the bright side, we still have our weapons and armors still with us and we’re alive. Isn’t that cool?”


“No buts. We forgive you. Don’t worry about it okay?”


“Shh! No more.” Eve held up her hands up to Kiyro’s lips. “Instead you should be happy that you are alive.” She gave him a hug, making him sigh. Her soft scent filled up his nose, making him feel more at calm. Detaching herself, she smiled. “Also I wanted to tell you that I’m fourteen now.”

“Fourteen? Fourteen!” Kiyro was shocked. Was it normal for someone to throw out their age by saying hey I’m fourteen about the same age as you. It was truly a shocking moment that made his brain overload.

“Calm down. It’s only been seven years. You also grew up a couple of years yourself. From what the Rebirth machine states you are Fifteen years old, though I don’t understand why your body didn’t age to a twenty years old.”

“Wait. Wait. Wait.” Kiyro lifted his hands to stop her from continuing forward. “Let me get this straight. Your Eve and you’re fourteen years old.”

Eve shook her head.

“I’m Fifteen, but my body only age by two years. While in your case your body age seven years in the Rebirth machine?”

“No. Alex and I been let out a couple months later after we died. We been waiting for you since we saw you were in the Rebirth machine as well. Though we never could figure out why you took longer to be Rebirthed than both of us.”

“I been stuck in the machine for seven years?” His head was whirling around for answer but he could not come up with a single one.

“Yep. Normally it would only take three months for one to get Rebirthed. You were an exception.”


“You being the first Seeder and all. It was doing a complete 180 inspection on your body and the Fallen Weapon and Armor update into both the Growth System and Rebirth System. Whenever you have an upgrade or anyone else it becomes upgraded into the system.” Eve stated excitedly, “This Growth Machine is truly a fascinating Machine. It’s growing Kiyro. Can you believe it? That’s how their is a special room designated for the Fallen Weapons and Armors. Now new Seeders has the options to get their Fallen Weapons or Armor in that room, but this time it’s much more safer and well protected. No energy leakage for Deviants to come storming in. Not only that, already 99% of this world’s DNA has been saved into its system.”

“Where did you get all these information?”

“I took the time to read the manual on the machine. You won’t believe the amount of things that it could do. Plus  It was quite a chore too in cleaning up the mess around the base.”

“What about the others? Alan? Isabel? Will? Jack?”

Eve shook her head. “They haven’t died yet.”

Kiyro sighed with relief. “Where are they?”

“We don’t know.”

“You, don’t know?

“Well you see. We been traveling on this train for seven years now. All we been doing was cleaning up the surrounding and we’ve been surviving until now. We could not leave you behind.”

Kiyro felt a warm tingle in his heart.

“Wait, what do you mean train?”

“Ah, about that. Both the Rebirth and Growth machine is on this train. The grownups were able to build a train around it twelve years ago with the help of the local people. They were able to get out of the infested mountains with it. The interesting part is that the Rebirth and Growth machines are part of this train now. It’s almost as if it’s alive.” Eve spoke excitedly. “The amount of secrets those two machine has is astronomical.”

“I see.” Kiyro was silent, thinking over what she had said.

The door opens and Alex entered the room. He walks over with a plate of food in his hand.

“Lookey here, sleeping beauty is awake. I thought I had to toss him out of the bed to wake him up because of how hard he sleeps.”


“Yep that’s me.” Alex place the plate of food on his lap. “Eat up, I bet you’re ravenous after waking up. I was.”

“How is it that you guys are so calm about all this?”

“That’s a long story,” Alex pulled up a chair and sat down. “It’s going to take ages so instead I’ll just tell you the gist of it.”

Kiyro picked up the spoon in hand and dipped it into the hot soup. His hands were still not completely functioning to his whim, causing him to drop it into the bowl.

“Here, let me help you.” Eve grabs the spoon in hand.

“It’s fine.”

“No. I know what it feels like when you just awaken. Without dad’s help we wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Steve is here?” Kiyro was shocked to hear that Steve was still here alive. That meant that there was a chance that Diana was around as well.

“Yeah, you wouldn’t believe how shocked we were when we heard Steve was our dad. Especially when you wake up to a grizzly bearded man that looks more bear than a human. I swear Alex almost died, fighting dad. You should’ve of seen how pathetic it was.”

“Stupid? Hey I was not the one crying when you heard that Steve was our dad. You went into a full bawl.”

“Shut it.” Eve growled under her throat.

“Just saying.” Alex raised up his hands in self defense.

“So where is he?”

“He’s out hunting down Deviant with others.”

“There are more?”

“Duh, what do you think? They’ve all died?”

“No, it’s just…”

“Leave him alone. He been sleeping for seven years.”

“Sorry. I keep forgetting that he was. This is just a bit to weird to be almost the same age as him now.”

“Tell me about it.” Kiyro mumbled.

Eve raised up the spoon in front of Kiyro face. Kiyro couldn’t help but stare at the food that she was giving. It was odd to be fed by Eve, usually it was the other way around.

“Come on. I’m not going to bite.” Eve jokingly stated.

Kiyro regrettably open his mouth and took a bite.

“Well right after we were Rebirthed. Steve help us recuperate into our new body,” replied Eve. “It took us three days to be able to fully functioning. Then it took another week for us to get our Fallen Weapons to come out. Though a lot has happened in the next seven years.”

“It was truly explosive is the best word to put it.” Alex took the apple that Eve had cut into bunny shapes. “Throughout the whole time that we were all away from this place the Growth Machine has been making its own little city. I swear it’s creepy how fast this place is growing into a living breathing train city. Every turn you make, there is always something new growing on the train. By now I won’t be surprised if there’s another ten rooms being built. Its already long enough.”

“How is it possible for the Growth Machine to be so advance?”

“We don’t know. All we know is that it spews out some kind of substance that mixes plants, soil and metal to create things. I swear you would think you’re living in a forest in one of the carts in back.”

“That’s not all.” Eve continually fed Kiyro more soup. This time she dipped a piece of bread in it and fed him. “Something about this place is keeping us hidden. Already we have over a thousand people living here.”

“That many?”

“A good portion of them are new arrivals that been living in the newly constructed parts of the train. We were able to save people outside and bring them in. The best part of it all is that once one dies in the train, the body does not come back as a Deviant, though if you die outside that’s a different story. With the living condition that has been improving lately there has been steady trickles of bringing in new recruits from outside in small groups. It’s the best way to get through the hordes of Deviants that surrounds us on all sides. ”

Kiyro jaws dropped hearing Eve’s words. He thought everyone who died would be resurrected as a Deviant, but for a special case to arise here was a hope that they might be some kind of cure or even a way to stop the appearance of Deviants. “This is a breakthrough. So there is still hope for humanity.”

“Like I said you have to live inside the train and around a good mile vicinity where the Growth Machine’s reaches lies.  For seven long years we  been sending out parties to clean out the infestation, but the population growth of Deviants are considered astronomical in my opinion,” said Eve. “It’s going to take a long time to eradicate the Deviants. If we only had a couple more Growth and Rebirth machines the process of having another moving haven will be better.”

“In the last two years we have been making leaps and bounds in clearing out large territories. In the next couple of weeks we would be going in for another run. I’ll make sure to wipe them all out. You watch, just like last time I took over a small area by myself.” Alex proudly stated. He smirked towards Kiyro and Eve.

“That was a suicide mission. You know better than I that you were lucky to even get out of that alive. You better not do anything stupid like last time or I’m personally going to beat your ass.”

“I get smack around by you every single day. What would one more do for me anyway?”

Eve gave him a glare. “It would be wise to stay alive as long as possible. This is not a game.”

“What are you talking about. I have only died three times. I still have what seven more to go.”

“That seven left. Don’t you realize how your stupid blunder could get you killed. What would you do when you only have one life left? You’re not a superhero for crying out loud.”

“Back off Eve. You’re not my mother. I can do whatever I want with my life. Thank you very much.”

“You guys.” Both Alex and Eve turned towards Kiyro in silence. “Alex it would be best to listen to your sister for once on this. You need to be careful. Death is not something you easily forget without repercussion. If you are not careful you will go through your lives just like that.”

“Look. I know what I’m doing. I can take care of myself. It’s normal to at least die three times around my age. The others already at their fourth you know.”

“Four already?” Kiyro couldn’t believe what he heard. Did the fatality rate of the Deviants killing off the teen that high? What was more worrisome was the mentality of Alex’s thought on throwing his life away so easily without a second thought. He remember from Steve and Diana on how it was dangerous to have such a mindset, especially when one was still so young. The death rate for young adults were high because of such mentality on life.

“Alex. You won’t live till you’re even twenty at the rate that you are going,” Chastised Eve.

“What are you talking about. I’m going to live for a long time.”

“No. You are not. Think about it carefully. If you run out without a plan,  and go running in without thinking you will die in a blink of an eye. You need to make sure that you stay alive as long as possible not go out to meet your maker.”

“Okay. Okay. I’ll watch what I’m doing. Don’t worry so much about me. I know what I’m doing.”

Kiyro did not feel relieved at the promise that Alex had given. Instead it made him more worried about him than necessary. He prayed that Alex would soon be weaned out of that mentality or he would be killed constantly for sure.

“Oh and there were some thing you got to know.” Eve placed the tray to the side. She handed him cut apples on the tooth pick. Kiyro leaned forward wondering what Eve had got to stay. “When you get Rebirthed, you lose a quite a bit of your power. It’s almost like you become a new born baby learning how to crawl again. Well, we did found this out when he died the third time.”

“Think of it like this. If you die you lose five levels and all your experience points that you have earned.” Alex interjected his thoughts to them.

“There he goes again with that gaming mentality.”

“What? I think it’s the best way to describe something like this. Don’t you agree?”

Kiyro couldn’t help but agree with Alex’s words. He too played a couple of games and knew what would happen when one had died and respawned in a game, back at the Cerberus guild.

“Also during seven years that you have been sleeping, there have been sightings of really powerful Deviant classes that surpasses Type VII.”

“Wait. If I’m understanding you correctly are you stating that the Deviants have already passed Type IV and already up to Type VII? This is ridiculous, how are they able to evolve so quickly?”

“We don’t know. They are rumors that they are becoming even more intelligent the higher tier levels that they go up.”



“The one that killed you the first time.” Kiyro’s voice trailed down to almost a whisper.


They went silent after hearing the one that killed them. Even Kiyro felt horrible for bringing something up that would bring a bad memories to them.

“So his name was Spades. I didn’t get to even see our killer when that happened.”

“Me neither. Though, we got the feeling that you already had gotten rid of Spades for us didn’t you?”

“Yes I have, but how are you guys able to just calmly talk about this like nothing happened.”

“Well when you live seven years in constant war and dying a couple of times. It’s just not that big of a deal. I personally went back to destroy the last Deviant that killed me. That was truly refreshing when you see their stunned expression that you are alive.” Alex smirked evily. “Even Eve got rid of hers on her second try. Though I’m glad that they were only Deviant Type VI. Any higher than that we wouldn’t be able to cause a dent in them.”

“You can already handle a Deviant Type VI by yourself? Even I was having trouble taking out Spades when we first got our Fallen Weapons.”

“Well when you have collected enough Deviant Crystals for your weapon, you can’t help but evolve along with the Deviant themselves. Not only that you can eat it for yourself to get stronger. You should see how powerful we have gotten. Your eye’s will probably pop out of your head if you can see what we could do.”

“I didn’t know the weapons used it to get stronger.”

“Yea, it was quite a surprise when we found out about it as well. It wasn’t until a couple two weeks ago that Eve and I found out for ourselves through trial and error. All those times when we could’ve just used it to get stronger….such a waste. This whole time we been collecting them like trophies if you know what I mean.”

“I personally don’t suggest you eating them in one go. Usually for starters ten is the max one could eat without feeling sick for three days. You’re supposed to gradually eat them. Over time you could eat large amount of them or in our cases we need to eat the higher level one’s to even feel our bodies getting stronger.”

“This is why Mr. Superhero here thinks he’s invincible. Chugging down those Deviant Crystals he think he’ll one day become god.”

“I believe I can.”






Alex and Eve stopped and glared at each. Even now Kiyro couldn’t help but smile at the twins. They still haven’t grown much from their bickering with one another.

“Well anyways, I suggest you try some.” Eve rummaged through her pocket and fished out ten small pieces of the Deviant crystals that were the size of a pinkey. “It’s better to start now and get use to the taste then later. Steve suggested that you should eat it after you finish eating. It will also help strengthen your body as well.”

Kiyro took the Deviant Crystals in hand and held it in out in front of him. Ten black crystals that look more like shards laid out on in hands sparkling underneath the fluorescent light. Even now he could feel a warmth coming from the crystal itself. For a moment, he thought he felt a heartbeat coming from the crystals.

“Take it whole. I hate how it taste.” Alex suggested. He had a Deviant crystal the size of his thumb in his hands. “Though the bigger ones I suggest you to break them up so you don’t choke on it.”

“He actually did choke on one. It was hilarious.” Eve smirked. She handed another apple on a toothpick to Kiyro.

“Woman there is something wrong with your head. You find it funny that I almost died from choking on a crystal.”

“That was your complete stupidity.”

“Well I learned my lesson.”

“Go on take a bite. You’re not going to die from eating it. Look I’ll show you.” Alex took a gulp of the Crystal that he had in hand. “Ugh. It taste like watermelon.”


“Each person is different,” said Eve. She too fished out another large Deviant Crystal in hand and gulped it down. “Yuck. It taste like melon for me.”

Kiyro stared at the crystal in hand. He had a sudden urge to eat the crystal in hand and he gulped it down in one go. The moment of contact the Deviant Crystals entered into its mouth, it dissolved in his mouth. An aftertaste of sour apple could be tasted going down Kiyro’s throat. He smack his lips with disdain. He was not a fan of sour apple at all.

“I don’t feel anything.”

“Well you won’t feel much at first, but you will see a drastic improvement in your element control and stamina.”


“Yea, didn’t you know that we all have an singular element that we could control?” Eve knitted her brows worried that she had given too much information for Kiyro to handle.

“Well, I do remember something of that nature in the last fight.”

“For your information, it is best that you know what your element is and from their work on improving it. I believe that you can use fire. Though honestly it is quite common for people to have water, fire, earth, and wind as their elements from their Fallen Weapons.”

“So what are you?”

“Wind for me, while Alex is Darkness. Kind of creepy if you ask me.”

“I think its cool.”

“I just think your heart is just pitch black.”

“I know. I probably am.” Alex evilly chuckled and moment later he was smacked by Eve.



Kiyro shook his head at their comical display. Already he was being swarmed by Eve’s explanation of the past seven years that he did not know about. He needed a couple of moment for him to take all in the information that she has given.

“Do you think you can get up and take a walk around the train?” Alex asked. “There is so much to show. You’ll be surprised on how much activity there is right now.”

“I think I should be able to walk a bit. Honestly I was getting sore just sitting here for too long.”

Kiyro pushed aside his covers and brought his feet to the side. Gently lowering his feet, he placed his feet into his shoes.

“Don’t push yourself too hard. If you feel like resting tell me.” Eve stood up and walked next to Kiyro.

For the next five minute Kiyro struggled to keep his balance in check. He had to take a couple of baby steps for him to finally grasp his baring.

“Let the man breathe Eve. You’re like a mother hen watching over her chick for crying out loud.”

“He could fall and break a bone or something.”

“Come on. He’s our brother. He was the one that took care of us and fought off Deviants when we were young. I barely think he would need our help to take a couple of steps.”


“I’ll be alright. Thanks.” Kiyro warmly smiled. He was already taking steady footsteps across the room and out the door.

“See. What do I tell you. He’s a natural.” Alex was up and out the door ahead of them.

Kiyro, Eve, and Alex eventually walked out of the building. Even though it took a good minute for him to leave the room, every step he took he could feel his strength coming back to him.

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