Black Moon V2 Ch.1

Chapter 1

I let out a breath of relief. Hunched over, I was coding for the next big thing. To me the Light Magic Stones were truly a blessing in disguise. Endless hours of working without having to go to sleep, giving oneself the maximum time to do what I wanted to do. Every night the town were decorated with these new lights giving the town a soft glow.

Today I was working on a special stone, different from the rest. I noticed that the mufti-colored Rule Stone had many uses, but was the most difficult to make. An E through C level Rule Stones, a pretty decent coder could make. While D level Rule Stone, was a lot more difficult to create. The number of people that needed that needed to work on this were high. From my understanding from Phil, an expert magician would fall under this rank to make these Stones.

Phil was a genius with magic. His understanding and aptitude was above even a Grand Magician. I had difficulty making a multiples of C level Stones for now without depleting all my magic, but Phil could make them quickly and efficiently. I was only able to make two level C Magic Rule Stones at a time. I knew my skills and magic control was increasing every day, but it was not possible to make a B or higher right this moment.

There were also more chances for the Magic Stones to fail in completion as the levels became higher. Every time I work on a level D, the chances of things breaking apart increased by tenfold , while a level C would be thirty times more prone to breaking.

Stretching my arms, I looked around to see the children that I was teaching were all diligently studying. It warmed my heart to see these kids working hard. The class that I was teaching was the only class that I taught. My class consists of the orphans, Terry, Sal, Sam, and Phil.

Sal and Sam set up their own classes and divided up their times in reteaching the materials to larger classes. I on the other hand liked my classes small, while Sal and Sam did a wonderful job in controlling a larger class.

Not only that, older teachers from Zenrick family who were willing to learn about the language studied next under them, and different classes that taught other subjects were brought to the classroom. A new school system was beginning to quickly established, where Elementary, Middle School, and High school was roughly divided. Even though the classes were small, it made teaching much more manageable.

Strangely, the language of the Ancient Draconian Language was slowly becoming incorporated into everyday life. I didn’t notice at first, because everyone sounded as if they were already talking in one language. I swear this language skill is quite useful. It wasn’t until Phil told me that he has been hearing the Ancient Draconian Language more often in town that I noticed.

Don on the other hand, was working on a big architectural project in building up an academy from scratch. I could already tell that the project was priority and could not wait till it as finished.

Without Duke Hon’s help, the new school system could not be established. Even still, he governed his people wisely, giving motivations and hope to his people. I still remember it as if it was yesterday in what he said.

“Duke Hon’s are you sure you want to take this position as a Head Master?” I asked.

“Absolutely. My assets were destroyed from the Goblin attack. I am sad to say I don’t have anything to give back to my people except my wealth of knowledge. With that being said, I believe as well that it is imperative that I leave behind what I can.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to go back to your land?”

Duke Hon shook his head. “It is foolish to even attempt it. Already, my people feel safe here. Compared to the land that we were living in, our lives have drastically change to your Magic Stones. I do not think we would want to leave after what Don, Phil, and you have done.”

“It wasn’t much. Honestly, it’s all Don who had planned out the ground works. I was just fooling around with a couple of Magic Stones.”

“Fooling around?” Duke Hon barked out laughing. “Either way, your teachings have revolutionized our way of life.”

I thought what he said and could not help but feel happy. My cheeks were burning red from his compliment.

“Though what did surprise me to see was that you were a young lady instead of a child. I heard from Phil it was because of a curse that made you revert into such form.”

I nodded. “Yea, it’s something that I don’t know how to get rid of.”

“No matter, even now the title of Duke is just a name now, and is no use to me anymore.”

“Wait, are you saying you are splitting up from the kingdom?”

Duke Hon’s eyes became chilly and he nodded slowly. “I am no fool. The king has left us to fend for ourselves. My loyalty is no more to that wretched king.” He spat in disgust. “No matter, let us not dwell upon such thoughts. There will come a time when my family will be called by the king, hopefully he will not take notice for another hundred years.”

I was shocked to hear such vehemence coming out of his words. My thoughts were brought back to the present as I look around the classroom. My students were sitting in front of me, on the ground a good distance away from the barrier with paper and pen on their lap. It was not like the traditional setting with a desk in rows. I was worried for their safety, so I set up an extra barrier around myself to contain any unforeseeable explosion.

Sal, Sam, and Phil were the only three that actually were inside the circle watching and making sure everything would not go wrong. They had grasped the understanding of  the language the fastest. Don wasn’t usually present, just like me, he was given the ability to understand the languages though he couldn’t read or write it. So he’s been working diligently to understand the new languages. Even the other five Adventurers that came to this world were the same. They on the other hand, did not have any interest in learning what I taught.

“Teacher!” One of them raised their hands. A young boy them Tom with curly hair spoke out enthusiastic.

“Yes.” I looked over towards him.

“Why are there different colored stones?”

I went quiet. It didn’t hit me till now that I never did explain to them why they were different colors. “There are different elements.”

“Really? How many are there?”

I thought it over. I only knew what I had, not fully understand how many was really out there in the world. “So far, what I know  that each stone has one primary and a secondary element. The primary ranges from fire, water, sound, void, earth, and air. The secondary are electricity, ice, light, dark, wood, and ether. The colors are Red is fire, blue is water, sound is white, void is black, earth is green, and air is light blue. The secondary are the same color but much more lighter in hue.”

“Then can we use all of them?”

“No.” Phil spoke out first.

“Wait, Phil, aren’t you being a little to harsh?”

“I’m not.”

“Why do you say that?” Confused, I asked.

“Humans can use one primary and secondary element. This also applies in magic and coding the stones.” Phil spoke. “I cannot code elements that I do not have a natural affinity too.”

“Really?” My eyes became wide. It made me wonder what elements Phil could use. “Then how are you able to make a Rule Stone?”

“I have a variety of ways.” Phil did not give anymore than he had too.

“Then what elements are you?”

“My primaries are fire, void, earth, sound and secondary are electricity, wood, light, and dark. Though I specialize mostly in void and dark elements. ”

“That’s not bad.” I was quite awe to hear that he could use so many. He was a demon lord for sure.

The other kids were shocked when they heard that Phil can use so many elements.

“What about you?”

“Uh…All.” I spoke.

Everyone became silent. They did not have a single words to say. Phil just nodded his head as if he expected such things.

“Don’t worry, it is better to specialize and work on one element and become proficient in it.” Phil spoke to the kids. “Having multiple elements does not mean one is powerful, it takes long and hard work to even get one up to an master level. There are other races out there that can work with at least two to three.”

My mouth was forming into an O. Then it hit me, that meant I did not have a single element that I was good at. It made me sad to think that even if I did have a control over every single element, I would still be a beginner. With that being said, I thought picking one to focus on for now.

“So, how do we test what elements that we can use?” Tom asked.

“A mage’s crystal ball. We don’t have one here though.”

The kids were disappointed.

“Wait, I think I have an idea. Give me a bit time, everyone go into self-study.”

Reaching into the box of Magic Stones, I pulled out a level C Rule Stone that had not been written. I began to write words onto quickly and fluently. My hands were jotting down words that came into my mind. Everyone watched with curiosity, none of them crossed over the protective magic stone barriers that I had set around me. They all knew that it was a taboo to step inside a coder’s space.

It didn’t take to long, but I was finally able to finishing coding. The Rule stone magically shifted and changed into a perfect circle. It didn’t have it’s normal crude edges and instead was soft and round. I could tell that it was not a Rule Stone anymore but something completely different.

“Done.” I spoke satisfied. I could feel a large amount of energy drifting out from me and into the stone. Even though it was the first one that I made for the day, it took quite a large amount of energy from me, making me queasy.

“What is that?”

“A Magic crystal ball. Same function as a mage crystal ball that you spoke of.”

Phil was the first one to get up and came over.

“Just inject your energy into the crystal ball and for people who don’t know how it does it for them.” I handed him the crystal ball.

Phil took it from my hand and rested it on his hands. The magic ball shimmered as four lines appeared out forming into smaller circles. The respective colors of the elements of red, black, white, and green with a soft shimmer of a secondary color appeared surrounding it. A white numbering glowed in the middle of each color while with stars .

“Impressive. Though what are these numbers situated in the middle of each color?”

“Their strength levels of each element. 1 being the weakest and 10 being the highest and the golden stars represents the tier level. One star is the lowest and five is the highest.” I spoke casually. “Also a black star instead of a golden star tells me if they can code or not in the element.”

Shocked Phil look at me. “Did you just say that this thing grades your strength?”

I nodded. “Why is there something wrong with that?”

“No. It’s just a Mage’s crystal balls can’t do that.”

“So what level are you?”

“Fire/electricity level three with two stars. Earth/wood level three with two stars, Void/Dark level five with three stars, light/ sound level one with one star. All of them are black stars.”

“Not bad.” Though it made me wonder how strong Phil’s dark and void element was. It made my skin crawl thinking about what a level five power could do.

“What was yours?” Phil look up to me curious.

“Um everything level one with five stars except light/sound that is a level three, three stars. Every single one of them are black stars.” I sighed. My levels were mediocre compared to Phil’s extraordinary handling of his.

“Can we try?” Everyone was staring at the stone with excitement. They got up and headed towards Phil.

One-by-one the kids were tested. Out of the majority of the kids, they were more primarily earth and water elementalist with only one sound. They was not a single void or air specialist in the group. Though most of them were only able to code only their primary element and one with both their primary and secondary elements in a black star. It made me wonder if this skill called coding was actually a lot difficult than I expected it to be.

It hit me how difficult it was going to be to find people who could make more of these light lamps, since so far only Phil and I was producing them. But now, with the Magic Crystal Ball, it was easier to differentiate who could do what.

Everyone was excited on what element they were able to use. Even Terry, Sal, and Sam rushed over to see if they had any affinity to an element and if they could code or not. Terry was not able to code, but she was able to use fire magic, although she did not have a secondary element.

“Does some people not have secondary elements?” I asked.

“Yes, it’s more normal that one has only primary element without a secondary. We’re lucky that we have so many kids here that have both one primary and one secondary.”

Terry was sad that she did not have a secondary.

“Don’t worry Terry, I’ll personally teach you how to do magic the normal way. Coding is not something that is easily learned.”

Terry shook her head and smile.

Sal and Sam was next. Sal had both elements of Earth, while Sam had both elements of water. Each one were in the level range of one with a black star on both their elements. They grinned from ear to ear happy that they could use magic.

“This is what I’m talking about.” Sal stated excitedly.

“You and me both.” Sam clasped Sal’s hand and chuckled in excitement.

“So how do we cultivate our magic?” Tom asked. Everyone stopped to stare at me.

I was glad that Phil had given me those books on magic. I had literally read it to cover-to-cover hoping it would somehow give me more information, but sadly it didn’t.“Meditation, studying, and constant practice. You can not improve without honing your skills.”

“Really?” Everyone was excited but at the same time disappointed. They thought that they would learn some other great way to learn how to use magic.


“Okay.” The student were excited to start.

“Phil, please teach them how to practice magic.” I motioned towards Phil. I was not a master in this area, plus it was better for someone who actually knew what they were doing.

Phil stared at me strangely when I spoke and then he nodded.

“Magic starts from belief. Without the belief that magic exists, it is not possible to even control magic.” Phil sat crossed legged and everyone followed. Even I was attentive in his teachings. “Close your eyes and focus inside your body. Imagine and sense your inner energy that is situated in your belly button. As time goes by, you will be able to harmonize with the magic in you and around you. Choose the primary element that you wish to work on and the secondary element will grow along with it.”

I instantly felt what he said, and I choose to work with the light. I felt a swirl of soft warmth that encompassed around me and my body felt like it was being poured constantly with water. A shivering sensation went up and down my spine, and I saw a couple of orbs appearing in my mind around me. Their cute laugh echoed into my ears as they circled me.

“Berry?” Phil spoke shocked.


“You are already able to call upon the light spirits?”

I opened up my eyes wondering what he was saying, and then it hit me. Three small fairy like existence danced in front of me.

“Did I do that?”

“Yes.” Phil spoke with wide eyes. “You called upon the purest form of the elemental spirits. That’s not easy at all. Usually a intermediate mages are able to call upon one, but you called three.”

I could feel that light spirits were giggling and they reached over to pat my face. A couple of them was already rubbing their cheeks against mine in happiness that I called them.

“But you have to be careful. They don’t like opposing elements. Let me show you.” Phil called upon three dark spirits that were shrouded in darkness. A cold chill entered the room as everyone became afraid.

Even I could tell that they were something overpowering and dominating these three spirits were. When the three dark spirits approached, the three light spirits hissed and shrieked in anger. Their light brilliantly spike and energy crackled with intensity. Both sides shot through the air and came into impact causing the room to spark off a high density level energy.

The barrier in place started to glow blue as it contained the energy that both spirits were giving off.

“Are you out of your mind?” I was in disbelief at what Phil just did.

The tension between the dark and light spirit was exponentially increasing in a rapid rate, causing the first barrier to crack and finally break. The Magic stone split perfectly in half becoming useless. Next, the second and the third barrier that were put in place were already spider cracking and was ready to burst.

I could tell that Phil’s eyes were becoming dangerously red, almost sinister to the point where it even scared me. Dark energy appear from his body lashing out of the barrier and fed the dark spirits.

“Phil!” I called out but it seems that it did not work. The room was shaking and oppressive air filled the whole room. Even the children were scooting back in complete fear at what was happening before them. Clashes between light and dark spirits were creating an brilliant and oppressive light, that it reminded me of fireworks. Even the heat between the opposing spirits were jarring waves of hot and cold.

The second barrier burst and the third barrier was at its limit. I knew if the third barrier broke, possible harm could come to the children. Energy swirled inside my body and made its way to my throat.

“Stop!” I shouted and I felt a tingling like sensation vibrating in my voice box.

The two clashing spirits turned towards me in surprise. Their energy dropped back into a manageable level. A sweet voice rang in my ears, and the three white spirits came over with worry. They look at me wondering what was wrong.

I let out a sigh that the ordeal was over and instead gave Phil a glare. “Are you crazy? The barriers are not strong enough to contain the energy!”

Phil’s dark demeanor was gone and instead a sweet smile was plastered on his face. “You did not have to worry. I had everything under control. I would’ve stopped when the third barrier collapsed.”

“What if you didn’t? You could of harm everyone!”

“No. I am confident in my skills.”

I couldn’t say anything else. Sometimes I wonder if his common sense was right in the head. “Then why didn’t your display your skills when the goblin’s attacked?”

The spirits dissipated and left leaving behind a calm air. The high tension between the two spirits were over and the students let relief. The majority of them were holding their breath, in fear that something catastrophic might happen in class.

“I told you. Magic is not simple. If I used all my energy in killing them off, I would not have made it here. Magic exhaustion is not something to take lightly off.”

“Well you did a bang up job in scaring everyone. Look.” I pointed towards the classroom. They were scared but at the same time awe and respect were in their eyes.

“Are we all going to be strong like you?” They asked Phil, with excitement in their voice.

“Yes.” Phil replied with a gentle smile.

I couldn’t hold back my thoughts. Be like him? Is that someone they want to become? The thought of having more Demon Lords out there sounded like a horrible idea. Plus, Phil was a budding demon lord. I don’t think that would be a wise path to take for the future of these children. The days of terrors that he would cause if he was to become one.

“I’m going to be like you.” Tom eyes were already sparkling.

Nooooo! Don’t do it kid! You’re going to die! I could not help but scream in my head. I must quickly divert Phil away from such path. He’s already using his mind tricks to start forming followers at such a young age. I could see even the girls were swooning at him. This was wrong. I can not let this go any further.

“Well, class is dismissed for today.” I spoke breaking everyone’s concentration. “Your homework is to work on the translating the next two pages for the next class,” I spoke.

The kids eyes brightened when they heard that class was over. They ran out with enthusiasm at the thought of playing. Even Terry, Sal, and Sam left leaving both of us behind.

“I get the feeling you let them out early.”

“What if I did?”

Phil shrugged. “Not my problem. It is your class.”

“Was that necessary to show them like that?”



“One needs to feel and see to understand what they are getting into. Sometimes books and words is not enough. Today’s lesson will leave an imprint in their minds so they are careful in what they are doing.”

“So you’re saying opposing spirits can not be summoned in the same class?”

“They can be summoned. It is up to the will of the summoner to ask them to attack or not.”

I couldn’t help but feel a bit uncomfortable around Phil. He was a great teacher and all, but I should have expected that his way of teaching vastly different from mine. All I could do was soak it in and learn quickly.

“I would not attempt it if they were no barriers. Today you got to learn how strong a Level D magic stone barrier holds.”


“Not only that, I was hoping to speak with you alone.”

“Wait, you did all that so everyone could leave?” It made me realize that Phil was more calculative and cunning than I thought. I was the one that was played.

“I wanted to use my second favor.”

My hands clenched and unclenched. Already sweat was forming in my hands. “You couldn’t wait?”

“These days you are so busy that I could barely get a hold of you.”

“I was free, you know.”

“Not really, every time I went looking for you, you would always say give me a moment or later. These days, it’s not easy to get a couple moments of your time.”

“So, what is it?” I was hoping that it would not be something crazy.

“Take me…” Phil came closer. I scooted backwards from complete disbelief. I was once again in my usual form and not a child, so our face were literally face-to-face. Though right now, I wished I could shrink into my younger form to run away.

“Wait? Excuse me?” Was I hearing this all wrong? Did Phil finally hit his head one too many times or did the Dark spirits finally took over his body and brought out a whole new side to Phil. “I-I-I don’t think that is a wise idea.”

“With you to your world.” Phil finally spoke what he meant to say. He was already staring down at me with his piercing gaze telling me if he does not, I would regret it later. “What, were you thinking of something else?” He grinned mischievously.

“No!” I purposely banged my head into his hard causing him to reel back. The explosive pain temporarily blinded my sight, but it gave me enough time to get away.

“Damn it, Berry! That hurts!” Phil was massaging his head. “Are you going to go back on your words?”

“No. I don’t mean that. I had already decided to take you along with Don.”

“Tch, if I knew you would then I wouldn’t have used my second favor.” Phil clicked his tongue in disappointment. He was mumbling something under his breath that I did not hear.

“Now you have one favor left. Don’t play such nasty trick on me!”

“Nasty trick?” Phil asked with a innocent face. “Was there something more to what I was asking for?”

“I um. Forget it!” I quickly left. That conniving Demon Lord! I was played a fool under his fingers. My face was burning red. For sure, I would get back at him for this. I don’t know how, but I will pay him back for the embarrassment. Not only that I was ashamed that I had such dirty thoughts running rampant in my mind.

My mind was in chaos till finally I had an idea. I could find a way to make scented apple bar or lotion. Maybe stuff some apples in his mouth when he’s sleeping or dump apples onto his whole bed. No. No. Instead, I’ll tell Tart to make for apple everything for dinner.

With an evil smirk forming on my face, I was rushing towards the castle, but was stopped by a familiar voice.

“Young mistress!” Coco came towards me happily. Her beautiful red hair trailed behind her like fire. Everything about her screamed perfection and beauty that I sometime forget that she wasn’t human.


“Young mistress, I’m so glad that you are here.”

“What’s wrong?”

“The Adventurers that you have told me to watch are causing trouble.”

“Trouble?” I groaned. Seriously? “Take me to them.”

I quickly followed Coco, who took me to the guild. We went into the guild hall that has been recently created, It was not a large building, but even still, it was quite homey. A large number of quests were posted on the bulletin board. There were not many Adventurers in this town, but there were still a handful. Even still, they were an asset in taking care of monsters. David, Anna, Hiroto, Sun and Sara were sitting around the table looking gloomy.

“Are you sure there is a problem?” I whispered towards Coco. “They just all look depressed.”

“That is exactly the problem.” Coco spoke.

Wait, what? Really? If that is the case, then it’s not much of problem. They really didn’t need me to solve their depression.

Anna the prettiest girl out of the group turned and saw me. Her face fell into a deeper frown.

What the hell? Did I do something wrong? Why does she give me that look anyways. I couldn’t help but feel a bit annoyed. The others look where she was looking and noticed me.

“Hi.” I raised my hand awkwardly. It has been a while since the last time I saw them. It had been over two weeks and didn’t talk to them once.

“Why would someone like you be here?” Sun was the first one to speak. He had a scowl on his face that it made me wonder if his good-looking face would freeze up.

“I can’t be here? I do live in this town.” I stopped and cross my arms.

“I’m not saying you can’t, but someone like you is actually here. What do you want?”

I gave Coco an unhappy face for being me here. Do I really need to deal with this? No. It would be just be best to leave them all behind and continue on what I was going to do. Sabotage Phil’s food with apples. “Coco called me here because I been told that you guys had a problem. If you don’t, I’ll take my leave.”

Turning around, I was about to go when Sun called back.


“Yes?” I stopped.

“Is there anything else to do in this small town? It’s so boring here.”

“Your life is what you make of it. Right now this town has just been established. If you want excitement, I suggest you to go to the cities.”

“There are cities?” Everyone turn their head towards me with excitement.

“Yes, but in the next couple of months, I do not suggest going out. The goblin army has been ravaging the nearby towns, and destroying small scale cities.”

“What?! Then isn’t it hero’s like us that need to be going there to help?” David spoke with valor in his tone. Out of the whole group he was the most cheerful and brightest one. I could tell just from his demeanor that he was stuck on the idea of being a Hero.

“No.” I flatly spoke. “The next legendary monster is going to awaken soon. If you want to go out and kill yourself, please be my guest. You guys are not even strong enough to fight a single goblin.”

“Wow, that’s harsh.” Hiroto spoke. He was the only Asian looking one out of the group.

“There is nothing to do here. No monsters to fight, but to build. What the heck am I supposed to do with nothing to do!” Sun was getting a bit heated up.

“If you want to go hunting for monsters that badly, ask Mary for some hunting quests. Monsters that you hunt and kill, you can bring back and go to the blacksmith to get new armor and weapons. Not only that, we will pay for every Magic Stones that you bring.”

I did not give them any special weapons or armor. I wanted to see their resolution and strength in this world, before I give anything for free. The thought of telling people that I have a boat load of treasures sounded like a very bad idea. I do not wanted to get hunted down for it.

“We can do that?”

“Why not? Nobody said you can’t.”

Sun thought it over and his solemn face was bright. “Come on guys, lets go hunt monsters.”

“Are you out of your mind?” Anna spoke. She was the most timid out of the group. “We are going to get killed if we are not careful!”

“That’s what you think. We are special people that had been summoned from another world. You already checked that you have special skills that no one in this town even has.”


“Then let’s put it to good use and get stronger. Staying here and doing construction is not my thing.” Sun was trying hard to persuade the others. He was looking at each one begging to do something different.

“I’m up for it. I don’t like doing construction as well,” said Hiroto. “This is like a god given chance to try something different. Who knows, we could even become famous.”

The word famous sparked everyone’s interest except Anna.

“I am warning you not to go too far until you get stronger. You are in the Forgotten Forest, where it is known to have strong monsters. Without a guide, you’ll get lost. I suggest for you to learn a bit more of this world before you end up getting killed.”

“But wasn’t it you who summoned us, so shouldn’t you be protecting us?” Anna asked.

“No. I did not summon you nor do I have any obligation to protect you. The Goddess of Light has brought you here with a purpose that even I don’t know. It is up to you to do what you want with it.” I spoke. This was getting a bit too tiring talking to them. I hope the Goddess of Light did not send anymore so called Adventurers over at my place, but I got the feeling that she will just drop another fledgling on my lap. “How about this. I’ll give you a quest.”

Everyone perked their ears with interest. I swear, I’m starting to get use to this world so much that I feel like I’m part of this world now. I’m even handing out quests to them.

“Go and hunt down fifty-five Rock Turtles that has black crystals growing on their back The more the better.”

“Rock Turtles?”

“Yes, they are native species around the Forgotten Forest. The crystals growing on their back are materials used to create weapons. I’ll make you a special weapon if you bring those materials to me.” The recent book that I had read stated that those crystals were a great conduit with the Common Magic Stones. I wanted to try something out that has never been done before.

“Special weapon!?” Everyone was excited.

“Would there really be someone that’s able to make us unique weapons?”

“Go to the blacksmith and buy yourself basic weapons and armors.” I rummaged through my pocket and took out ten red potions. Walking over, I placed the potion on the table. “These are red potions that will heal your health. I suggest you to use wisely.”

“Red potion? Interesting.” Everyone took two each. The guys were excited about the adventure in front of them while the girls were reluctant.

“Let’s go!” Sun stood up first, and the others followed after.

Walking past me, Anna gave a nasty scowl towards me. I don’t know what her problem was but I hope that I don’t have to deal with her.

Coco walked up with her head cast down. It was strange to see someone beautiful as her to look so depressed. “I’m so sorry, young mistress. I should’ve dealt with this myself.”

“It’s alright. They already a handful to deal with if you know what I mean.” I sighed.

Coco nodded. “I will do my best from them contacting you.”

“Don’t worry about it. I guess the best thing to do now is to give them monster hunting and gathering quests. You know these regions well, don’t you Coco?”

“Yes, young mistress.”

“Why don’t you talk with Grandma Mary and talk about posting new quests. I do need some new materials for a new experiment I would be doing soon.”

“Absolutely.” Coco stood up straight and gracefully bowed. “Anything that you want Young mistress and I shall do it.”

I couldn’t help but smile at Coco. She was truly an exceptional maid that did everything so perfectly. Not a single flaw could be found in her behavior, activities, gesture, and form.

With the ordeal over, I started to head back to the castle. I still had one last thing to do. I headed towards where Tart usually was. He was in the kitchen preparing for dinner.

“Tart!” I barged in startling Tart. He almost dropped the hot spoon onto himself.

“Young mistress?” Tart was surprised to see me. “Have you come to visit me?”


“Young mistress!” Tart ran over towards me and hugged me. “I knew this day would come.”

What the heck is this little kid even spouting? I could not help but cock my head in confusion. I gently pry him off. “I need your help.”

Tart’s expression became serious. “What can I do for you, young mistress?”

“In today’s menu, use apple in everything.”

“Apples? Why so sudden?”

“Because I want apples today.”

“Yes ma’am!” He saluted and quickly went back to what he was doing. “I’ll make you the finest meal that you have ever tasted.”

“Don’t tell anyone what the menu will be. It’ll be a surprise.” I smirked.

“I will do as you wish.” Without even questioning the request, he delved into his work.

I turned around and left with a cheerful attitude. That lowly Demon Lord getting one on me. I am going to make sure he never does that again!

With the day quickly ending, everyone was present was present at the dining table. Phil sat across from me, while Don sat next to me. Moca and Coco was standing next to the door while they waited for Tart to come in with the food.

“Young mistress~ Dinner is ready!” Tart came in happily pushing the cart of hot food. Moca and Coco went over and help serve the food to each one of us. Moca, Coco, and Tart when finally finish sat down with their own food in front of them.

“Thanks for the wonderful dinner Tart.” I happily cheered towards him. I was looking forward towards the food.

Looking down at the bowl of apple soup, I could see there was gold floating inside. Tart knew me so well, that I didn’t have to fish out the gold in my pocket. Lately my skin look so healthy that any girl would be jealous of it. I took a scoop and drank the soup.

Crunch. Slurp. Delicious! My mouth was swimming with small chunks of apples and vegetable.

“The food that you make is always so delicious.” I complimented Tart.

“Thank you young mistress. I am glad that you enjoy your food.” He smiled.

I look over towards Phil. His face seem to pale when he took the first bite and instead move on to the next food. Each one he seem to only take one bite and stop eating entirely.

“Phil, you’re not hungry?”

“I’m good.”

I couldn’t help but hold back in a snicker. “You’re wasting such good food, there are people out there that would die to just take a bite.”

Phil frowned. He once again tried to eat, but every bite he seem to want to hurl. “I can’t do this. I’ll skip on dinner tonight.”

“Is it that bad?” I asked. I was starting to feel a bit sorry for him.

“Yes.” Phil pushed away the food.

I couldn’t help but feel a bit satisfied. With my revenge appeased, I was kind enough to think about his welfare. Health is important in this time and age, skimping out a meal would be detrimental in health here on Torren. One would be unable to work the next day and I did not want for Phil to not work. That was the only reason, why I thought it was best that he ate.

Dammit, my kind heart. The whole he needs to work tomorrow was a cover up, I mean pulling pranks is not something I was good at. This stupid bleeding heart just has to turn on me at the last second. I sighed.

“Tart, do you have anything else for Phil?”

“Yes, I made a couple of sandwiches.”

“Do you mind getting it for him?”

“Yes, young mistress.”

“Hey Berry,” Don called out next to me. “When do you want to plan the trip to Earth?”

“I was thinking about the coming months, but after we go to the city and back.”

“That’s fine with me. I’m not in too much of a hurry.”

“Young mistress, we will be missing you terribly if you leave.” Coco said with a distraught voice.

“Don’t worry. It’s going to be only three days. I know I can count on all of you to take care of the castle when I’m gone.”

“Of course, young mistress, we will make sure nobody brings harm to this castle.” Moca stated proudly.

“Oh, Moca. Did you find or purchase any new books lately?”

“Yes, young mistress. I have sent my kind to the nearest cities and any nearby towns. So far I was able to bring back over a hundred different kinds.. We been searching diligently for more young mistress. We made sure to leave them in library next to the chair.”

“Thank you.” I happily replied. I was looking forward to the books that Moca had brought over. With the meal over, I headed towards the library to begin reading the books that Moca had brought over.


Author’s Note: looking for proofreaders if anyone is interested. Also helpful comments are appreciated. Thanks~


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