Drezo Regalia: RE Ch.31

Arc II: Growth Machine

Chapter 31

A young woman with white hair pulled Drazel forward. Her smiles were like the radiant sun, her lips juicy red, even her eyes seem to smile along with her laughter. He could see the S figure on her body perfectly in the clothes that she wore.

“Come on sleepy head. It’s a bright new day.” Sonia was bouncing around in the room giddy. “Come on. Come on. You promised me that we are going to fly today or are you going back on your promise?” She pouted with her hands on her hips.

With a yawn, Drazel got up from bed and pushed aside the blankets. He went over towards the closet and searched for some clothes to wear.

“Okay. Okay. I know we haven’t gone out together much, but give me some time to wear some clothes.” Drazel put on a brown pants, and a brown shirt.

“I’m patiently waiting. See.” Sonia stood still, but she could not help but tap her foot on the floor impatiently.

Drazel chuckled. He finished tying up his shoes and with a yawn he stretched his sore muscles. “It seems that you can’t stay still can you Sonia?”

“Hmph.” Sonia crossed her arms. “I have been patiently waiting for three weeks now. You were always busy with your duty that you forgot all about me.”

“Your right. You been very patient.” Drazel went over towards Sonia and scooped her up in his arms. With a twirl, Sonia giggled loudly as she held on tightly, he could already feel himself becoming a bit dizzy from the spin.

“No more please! I’m going to be sick!” Sonia was still laughing and giggling from the spin.

Drazel dropped her down to the floor and gently pulled her in. He gave her a light kiss on her lips. “A good morning kiss is needed to start off a bright new day.”

“Here’s another.” Sonia peeked him on his lips, then both of his cheeks. “Sadly anything more than that I have to deal with your dragon breath.”

“What? It’s not that bad.” He huffed in her face.

Sonia cringed and held her breath. She scowled at him and gave him the evil glare.

“Okay. Okay. I’ll go brush up. You just look so beautiful today.”

Sonia’s scowl turned into a smile. She blushed. “You always say that.”

“It’s true.”

With a poke of her fingers, she bashfully stare. “Come on. Stop changing the subject. Hurry up and brush your teeth and let’s go. I’ll wait for you outside near the cliff.”

“As you command, my lady.”

Drazel bowed deeply with a smirk on his face. He turns around and leaves the bedroom.


Drazel walked over towards the cliff where Sonia was waiting. Her beautiful snow white hair blew in the wind as she held pulled it back over her ears. With a long sigh, her smile turned stone cold while she was searching out into the distance for something that he did not know. He could not help but gaze lovingly, her soft slender shape were filled with pride. Small battle scars decorated her pure skin, making him feel sad that such scars riddled her body. Even still she wore it without any reluctance. Her light blue dress with light armor on top of her fitted her perfectly well.

“Sonia?” Drazel walked up next to her.

The nostalgia in her eyes disappeared, and she turned towards Drazel with a warm smile. “Drazel. It took you long enough. Here I thought I would be getting old by the time you arrived.”

“Growing old is now impossible for you. You will always be beautiful.”

“Its just a figure of speech. You dragons are always so literal.”

“If you say so.” Drazel stepped at the edge of the cliff. He scanned around him and let out his breathe. The cool air beckon him to fly once again as the king of the sky. How long has it been since he took a leisure flight? Days? Weeks? A month? “Are you ready?” He turned towards her with a mischief in his eyes.

“Ready when you are.” Sonia was next to him to take a leap of faith.

“Great to hear.” Drazel jumped first. His arms and legs outstretched. He could feel the cool air blowing hard against his body telling him to change. Already his body felt the pull of muscle, the realigning of bones, and his vision become sharper like a falcon.

Large gold dragon with black marking emerged from his human form. Scales that glistened like jewels glistened underneath the sunlight. Rows upon rows of sharp spikes that protected his back grew solid and strong. Four giant wings that were double the size of his body that pumped with power. Each wings were similar to a falcon’s wing with feathers on the end. Eyes that glowed like gold stared out into the world scanning around him for any prey. Sharp fangs and claws emerged that could break and shred bone and stones. Long sleek tail and neck stretched out before him. Four curvy horns protruded out of his head decorating him like a king.

Each pump of his wings, he felt alive. The sky was his domain and nothing compared to his might and power. His soul sang with pride and joy at the flight through out the sky. With a thump, he felt a slight shift in his balance in his flight. Sonia had grabbed hold of his spiky spine in attempt to control her bearings.

“Are you okay up there?” Drazel called out towards her

“I’m fine. Just give me a moment to rearrange myself.” Sonia was pulling her leg over in between his spikes. She pulled with all her strength trying not to fall.

“I don’t understand why you like doing it this way. One slip up and you could of died.”

“Yea. Yea. Yea. I know, but I can handle myself. Plus if I fell, you would of caught me.”

“True. Still…”

“Look just fly would you.”

“As you command my lady.”

Drazel and Sonia flew in the sky. He twisted and turned in between trees and large buildings till he finally flew upwards.

“This is amazing!” Sonia yelled in ecstasy.

Drazel climbed higher and higher till he finally glided with his wings out stretched. He couldn’t help but feel a tingle in his stomach from the high that he had always gotten flying. It was a feeling that he could never forget nor would he ever give up. Truly it was a gift to be able to fly wherever he wanted.

“As the King of the Sky how does it feel to rule it?” asked Sonia.

“Words can not describe how amazing it is.”

“Arrogant as always aren’t you?”

“You would know what I mean when you have your own pair of wings.”

“I can already imagine it.”

“The number of times that you have been flying with me you probably understand the taste of it.”

“You can say that I do.”

“Well than shall we enjoy the time that we have with one another?”

“Yes.” Sonia sternly stated. She grabbed on tightly.

For the next hour Sonia and Drazel flew wherever the wind took them. From high speed flight that made both of them have a heart pounding experience to a lazy drift in the sky.

“I’m glad that you are my soul mate.” Drazel whispered. “I never thought I would be able to find one in my time. Our kind mostly dies before they find their love one. That is why there are so few of us left in this world.”

“I as well.” Sonia whispered. She laid her head against the skin. “You saved me from the dark depth of hell. I would never ever want to give this up.”

“We’ll find a way to help our people from the curse that ravages the dragons. It’ll be alright. I’m sure of it.”

“I hope so too.” Drazel was filled with sadness at the thought of his people slowly dying from the cruse.

They continued to fly till the sun set and even then Drazel continued to fly back towards their home.

Doom! Don! Dong! Dooom! The sound of heavy war drums could be heard off in the distance. With his hawk like vision, Drazel was able to see of in the distance armored soldiers with weapons and fire that decorated their army.

“Who?” Sonia peered over towards the right trying to get a better view.

“The Sanima Country Flag, What is it doing all the way out here? This is not their usual route.” Drazel could see thousand upon people who wore armor ready to do battle.

“War.” Whispered Sonia. “We need to warn the council.”

“I agree. Hold on tight. You might not like this flight at all.”

“Give me the best you got. I’m just a rider enjoying the experience.” Sonia grinned ear-to-ear, her hands held on tightly and she bent forward, hugging his body tightly.

Drazel pumped his wings and shot through the sky like a missile towards the castle that they have came from. Dark clouds rolled in as lightning flashed around him. Rain fell pouring onto both of them as they flew hard in the sky. His vision blurred and the world around him swirled to black. The shifting images became darker and darker making it difficult to keep up.

“Kiyro.” An unknown voice called out to Drazel. He looked around to see where the voice was coming from. It was not Sonia because she herself was holding tightly to his back, trying hard not to be thrown off.  Her hair was plastered on her skin, while her skin and face look pale from the rain.

The world before him became pitch black, making it impossible for Drazel to see what’s in front of him. Instead he was back in his human form, standing alone in the darkness. He was still cold and chilly still soaked from the rain.

“Sonia?” Drazel walked endlessly in the dark. “Sonia!”

Ghastly green orbs appeared from the below him and floated upwards around him. Drazel curiously peered at the orbs.

“Drrrrrrrrraaaaazzzzeeeeeeel….” Voice whispered around him like a ghost. Drazel whip around trying to find the source. “Drazzzzeeelllll………whhhhhy…..didn’t….you save ussssss?”


“Please God. Please Save usssss!”


“Nooooooo. I don’t want to stay here anymore!”

Ghostly apparition appeared around him deformed and ill. They were reaching out towards Drazel in the hopes of dragging him down to become like them.

“Look what the machine has done to us.”

“Look at us!”

“Why? Why? Why are you still alive?”

“Please. Please save us. Please wake us up from this nightmare.”

Drazel stepped back pushing the ghastly hand away from him as best as he could. He turned and ran. “Sonia! Sonia! Where are you?”

“Drazelllll!” Why must you forsake us?”

“No….” Thousands of apparition from different time period appeared before him. They reminded Drazel of deformed demons.

“Become like one of us Drazel!” With a violent outburst the demons ran forward with sharp teeth and claws. They tore through his clothes and skin trying their best to devour him alive.

“This is what will be waiting for you on your last life. This time Drazel, you will not get away!”

All over him, he could feel the intense pain from the beating, scratching, and biting of the demon that tried to devour him whole. With all of his strength he pushed back the demons with his power, every single one of them flew back and crashed onto the ground.

“Back off demon! You will not get a piece of me!”

“But Drazel, you know what the Rebirth Machine has done to us. You can not escape your fate.”

“I choose my own path and no demon will take mine.”

The voices of the angered, depressed, longing, and apparition filled with hatred screeched their words of hate. Swirls of light and magic surrounded him, and a soft voice whispered in his ears.

“Choose, do you want to sleep eternally or live again?”

Drazel glanced upon the demons and he sternly replied. “I am already alive. Why must I choose to sleep?”

“So it shall be.” The unknown voice spoke. “You have 9 lives left. Don’t waste it.”


“Don’t waste it Kiyro. Don’t waste it.”


Drazel look down upon his hands and saw it morphed and shifted to his previous form since his death. He searched around him for the voice that spoke such words, but found nothing but the blinding light.

“Kiyro.” A female’s voice called out to him.

“Kiyro, wake up!”

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<Author’s Note>

Hi guys. This is the beginning of the second arc of Drezo Regalia: RE. I know this story update is slow, but there is a reason for it. Other than that this doesn’t have a set update schedule so it would just pop up randomly through out the months. I’m also looking for proofreaders if your interested in this story.


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