Black Moon Ch. 9

Chapter 9

Stuck to the wall unable to move, I felt his warm breathe against my cheeks. He was too close. Way too close. My heart was thumping so hard that I thought for a second that it would pop.

What’s going on? Why is he half naked? I look down and my eyes became wide. Wow, what amazing pecs. Wait no, crap. This is not something that I need to be thinking about. I quickly look away, the eye candy that was before me was too much for me. I could feel the rush of blood going up to my head. Any moment now, I swear I would start a nose bleed from looking at such an exquisite body. He would fit perfectly with the naked greek statues outside.

Such thought even made my face burn even further, how could I think such thought now? Damn it Berry! Come back to Earth! No, wait it’s Torren? Phil’s breath tickled my ears making it that much difficult to even attempt to move I’m at my wits end. Should I attack first or run away? I can’t. I don’t know why but there was something in the back of my mind that made me feel like I was doing something wrong.

“You need a shower.”

“E-e-excuse me?”

“You reek of goblin blood.”

I stared at him with gaping jaws. He pulled back and gave me a mischievous smile. “Isn’t that obvious? We just fought them not to long ago.”

“I know. Were you expecting something else?”

“No!” I bluntly stated in a hurry. “I-I-I was thinking about taking a shower r-r-ight now.” My eyes once again trailed down his body and glance at his amazing muscles. Oh wow, do all half elves have such well defining muscles or is it just him? Lean but muscular. Just the way I like it. No, wait Berry come back to reality!

Out of the corner of my eyes, Don came out from the bath house with shorts and flip flops partially wet. Sol and Sam followed behind Don, each one of them were wearing the same thing as Don and Phil. My eyes were once again blinded by another half naked specimens. What is this? Half naked men day? Is today the day to test the virtues of myself?

“Hey Berry, where are the towels? There wasn’t any in there.” Don came up beside Phil and rested his arms on his shoulders.

I stared. When did they become so close?

“Berry?” Don waved his hand in front of me. He snapped his fingers a couple of times.

“Umm. Yea. Well. I-” I was stumbling over my words. Thank you god for showing me this blissful picture in front of me. One was like a perfect figure of an elven human mix, while the other was Asian-European mix that brought out the best of two races. I can die happy today. My mind were numb temporarily.

“Young mistress!” Tart squealed in delight. He was running towards me in full speed.

Gah, the adorable creature with his brimming smile face was coming at me with full speed. Then, he just suddenly halted right in front of me. His nose crinkled up and he brought his hands up to close his nose. “Young mistress, you stink.”

Wow, thanks. All the tension that was there was gone in an instant. “I know. Thanks for reminding me.”

“You’re welcome.” Tart replied happily.

I pushed past Phil and Don and went in to take a bath. I didn’t stay long taking a bath this time, there were so much to do. Leaving quickly, I went out and headed out towards the entrance.

Phil, Don, Sol, Sam, and Phil’s grandmother was busily talking to among themselves. In front of the entrance as if they were ready to leave.

“Your grandfather is back safely,” said Phil’s grandmother.

“Really? When did he arrive. No, the real question is how did he make it through the gate?”

“He stated that the gates opened up for them. So far, only two thirds of the soldiers were able to survive. When they fled North and found our trail, they followed a couple days behind us.”

“I’m glad he’s okay.” Phil sighed with relief. “What about Uncle?”

“He’s injured, but he won’t die from a simple injury.”

“That’s a relief.”

I walked over to them wondering what the heavy atmosphere was about. “Hi guys.”

“Hey Berry. You finished washing up pretty quickly,” said Phil.

“Oh, if it isn’t Berry. Glad to see you are all cleaned up. I heard you have a hot water here.”

“Yes, I do. This mountain has a natural hot spots that can heat water quite well.”

“That’s wonderful to hear. I’m definitely looking forward to taking one if you don’t mind.”

“Please do.”

“As I was saying, the people are tired. We weren’t able to bring everything with us and the longest that we could survive on what we have is three months. I’m not sure how long this goblin army will pass by.”

“I hope it will pass by soon.”

“We need to move soon to the nearest city to restock up on supplies.” Phil’s grandmother worriedly stated.

“Actually, why don’t you make a town on the base of this mountain? The gated walls will protect the people from intruding monsters. This is my home, and the reason why I have been safe till now. I’ll also share two-thirds of my food with you guys as well. I think there should be enough till next year if I’m not mistaken. By then, you should be able to begin farming.”

“Are you sure?” Grandma Mary asked worriedly. “I do not want to impose on your hospitality.”

“No. It’s fine. You are also part of my family now. The land around here is open for people to use. I figured it would be better to settle down. We don’t know if there would be other goblin armies that will be terrorizing the land anytime soon.” I hastily replied.

“That’s true. If you lived here in safety then that means this place is like a haven from monsters.”

“You could say that.”

“Then I shall go tell your grandfather and get everyone settled in,” said Grandma Mary.

“Thanks.” Phil replied.

“No problem. I really meant what I said. Your family was kind enough to let me stay in your mansion. I’m just returning the favor.”

Phil gently smile and patted me on the head.

I guess that was his way of showing thanks. “Well, we have lots to do in building up a town from scratch.”

“You don’t say.”

“I was thinking…” My voice trailed off.

“You have something in mind don’t you.”

“Well yes.” I twiddled my fingers.

“What is it?”

“We should build the town a little differently.”

Phil glanced at me wondering what I had meant.

“It’s just the sewer system back at your place was horrendous and bad for your health. I wanted to ask if we could create an eco-friendly filtration system. The magic stones that I have on hand could help with the process.”

“I’m quite good with building things.” Don raised his hands. “I could help with the blueprint of the town itself. I majored in architecture.”

“Really? Wow. Did you graduate?”

“Yes, first in my school. Three years ago. I been working with a firm the past few years, so I do have hands on experience in it.”

“That’s great!” I excitedly replied. The reconstruction of the town was underway.

“This actually might be interesting to invest in. I’ll call the people right now and see what we could do,” said Grandma Mary. She left back to her people.

“I leave the design to you.” I smiled cheerfully at Don.

Don sparkled with excitement at the task that was given to him. “You got any paper, rulers, and some pencils?”

“Yes, I’ll take you to the library. I saw a couple of books that could help you with what you wanted to do.”

“Let’s get this started.” Don was almost jumping up and down to the point I thought he would jump so high and hit his head. He was like a child that was given a new toy to play with.

I couldn’t help but chuckled at Don.



The summer months went by, the task of clearing a large enough land to live on was long and repetivie that took about two months, but it was quickly cleared without much difficulties with the help of everyone.

Even I participated in cutting down trees, in which case I now I ugly callous in both of my hands. I felt like I was driven hard to cut down the tree by the tyrant demon king. He wouldn’t let me go so easily, saying we should cut down one more tree. That damnable demon lord! I hope he dies!

Still, it wasn’t too bad of an work out, I gotten really good at cutting down trees with two hits. For some reason, people are a bit scared of my strength, even I am still surprised by the power I could produce when I’m stressed, especially against that damnable demon lord. Every time I see a tree, I would focus all my energy into that swing, thinking that what I was hitting was him. I got good that I could clear out at least thirty to forty trees without much effort by myself.

Fufufufufu. I became amazing. Right? Right? Actually, who am I kidding. Phil would always cut down at least twice as much more trees than me. Poor trees, I’m sorry I take out my anger out on you, but I can’t help it. Especially the tyrant, slave driver, damanble demon lord. I’ll plant your offsprings around the village to accomodate the loss of trees.

Why did I ever associate myself with him! Ugh! I want to go cry by myself, but that damnable demon lord seems to have a sick pleasure of over working me. He’s like some kind of blood scent hound that could find me without much trouble, which meant less sleeping time and more working time. What kind of messed up crap is this?! Why does he do this to me?!

Eventually, a good two weeks ago large patches of land were dug out to create underground stone passageways that water could flow through. It was the base for the ducts that were intricately laid out lead to one area. An open space where a building was built. This was the first building that the villagers all worked hard to create, a filtration duct for the sewage itself.  Dozens of level E common Magic Stones were embedded into strange machines that purified and recycled the water. Only three Level D Magic Stone was present inside the building itself that controlled the waters, the basic machinery, and the other smaller Level E common Magic Stones. This building was purely for filtering out the sewage itself and maintaining the health of the people.

People were ecstatic at the rich land that was present before them, especially the soil after clearing the thick Forrest. I was amazed at the high quality soil that one wouldn’t see as often in the supposed Dragon Kingdom, in which case it was a blessing in itself.

With the help of Duke Hon, the people were divided into three groups. Construction, hunting and gathering, and farming. Even though the people still lived in tents, the houses and other intricate complexes were underway. Everyone pulled their own weight, and by the end of the day women and men came together to eat a hearty meal.

“Berry!” Phil called out and came over to take a seat next to me. He had a warm bowl of soup and bread in his hand.

“Hey Phil. How is the hunting going?” I took a bite out of the bread that was stuffed with gold. Coco had snuck a couple in the bread, making it that much easier for me to hide.

“Pretty well. There is quite a fair amount of game inside the walls. I didn’t expect it to be so plentiful here. I was expecting to have to leave outside the walls to hunt.”

“Eventually you’ll have to. At the rate you guys are hunting, it’s going to kill off the population. I recommend you guys be careful on how much you hunt.”

“I understand.” Phil took of sip of his soup. “How is the sewage system coming along?”

“Its finally completed. Every time we have a new house or an apartment we can just connect it to the main pipes. Don been busy planning new buildings. He already have the draft ready to create a town square so we can start a market place.”

“I’ve rarely seen him lately.”

“Well you haven’t, but I been seeing him everyday. We been planning on incorporating a couple of special features into the building itself. The kids are doing well in learning the language. I expect in a couple of months they could start on learning magic. Though the funny thing is everyone wanted their children to learn how to read and write. I was swamped with teaching five hundred kids from the age of five to thirteen. We had to divide the class up to manageable size. Sol and Sam are the first ones to absorb the materials fast enough so I assigned them to teach. I on the other hand, am only teaching the more advanced coding to a few. Being swamped with working with Don, teaching, and creating new stones does get to me.”

“I could see that. You seem exhausted.”

“Well, I’ve been barely sleeping.”

“That could be a problem. Why don’t you take a rest after you eat.”

“I don’t have time.”

“Well, a few hours won’t hurt.”

“No,” I finished eating up the food in hand and got up. Phil followed behind me with his bowl as well. Taking it to the group of women who was washing dishes, I handed it to them.

“Berry, you ate all your food today as well. I’m glad that you don’t waste food like a couple of these old buffons.”

“Hello Mrs. Beca. The food you made was delicious. I wouldn’t dare leave a single bit behind when we are scarce on food.”

“I’m glad that you enjoyed it. These idiots don’t have the common sense to understand that we are short on food. Instead, they’re throwing it away because they don’t like it.”

“I understand them a bit. I use to waste food because I didn’t like it as well, though now it seems that I hardly do. I once again thank you for the food.”

Leaving the area, Phil and I went over  to the open field.

“Mr. Tson!” I waved my hands to catch his attention. He was bent over checking on his crop.

“Berry!” Mr. Tson look up with a smile. He pushed back his straw hat for him to see.

“How are the crops coming along?”

“They have just sprouted.” Mr. Tson straightened his back. “My old bones are getting too me.” He chuckled.

“It has only been a month and the small portion of the garden is growing?”

“It is middle of summer. The fertilizer that you have suggested was quite useful. I never thought of using animal waste and fish mixed with plants created such a rich soil. I been tending the soil continuously so we can be ready for next year.”

“I’m glad that helped. I wasn’t so sure my small bit of knowledge would help.”

“No. No. It’s a great help.”

“Did you receive the instruction I sent you about crop-rotations? Sol should’ve read it to you.”

“Yes, I did. I didn’t expect that they were more to farming. I’m grateful in learning something new everyday.”

“Crop Rotation?” Phil asked as he leaned against the fence.

“It is when you rotate different plant families from one season to the next, so related crops are not planted in the same spot more often than every three years or so. The purpose of crop rotation is to help maintain the balance of nutrients, organic matter, and microorganisms necessary for a healthy soil. For example, potatoes, in the course of a season, encourage fungi that cause scaly skin patches. These type of fungi may proliferate, along with other root-killing fungi, which also damage tomatoes and eggplants. In which case, the potato production will quickly fall by 40 percent, mostly due to diseases if you place the same type over and over again. Not only that, rotating the crops prevents the depletion of nutrients.Though the crop rotation can get pretty complicated fast, that its best for a farmer to deal with this with trial and error. I don’t know everything you know.”

“You could’ve fooled me. Though I wonder about half the things you say.”

“This young lady certainly says some unique things. In all my years in farming, I have never seen such a method before. Trying something new won’t harm us at all.”

“But Mr. Tson, this is food that we are talking about. Aren’t you worried that it might fail?”

Mr. Tson chuckled. “Young lad, if I lived everyday in fear then they would be no progress. This young lady has created an more easily accessible sewage system that is cleaner and healthier than the town we lived in. I mean no offense young lord. The knowledge she brought with the magic stones have been greatly helping improve our lives. I have no qualms against trying something different, especially seeing how diligently this lady is working to improve the quality of our lives..”

Phil understood his statement.

“Not only that, she is willing to teach the younger generation how to create magic stones. For common people like us, handling magic is something that we have never dreamed of.”

“Well Mr. Tson, I hope you have a blessed day!” I waved good bye and continued to walk through the small village that was being formed right before our eyes. There wasn’t many buildings that were built yet. Although there was a three story apartment complex that was being built first as a high priority project to save space. There were people busily moving material from one spot to another. Even in the darkness, the multiple light magic stones that were hung up like chinese lanterns decorated high up against the buildings. Bright lights brightly lit up the surrounding area making it possible to see in the dark. No more fire burned for light and instead the magic stones took its place.

“Don has been creating some strange buildings.” Phil replied.

“I wouldn’t consider it strange. It conserves space..”

“I could see that, though wouldn’t it be better to just build one house?”

“Well from what I have been learning from Don, it takes more material to build a house then the apartment. Plus, he’s on the same page on conserving as much nature as possible. That’s why you see plants growing out of some of them. I think he’s on the whole thing about keeping a house clean and fresh by having plants in it will brighten up your health.”

“That is one way to look at it. He’s not too far off on that subject. The elves are known to live with nature hand-to-hand and taught me that it purifies the negative magic in the air.”

“So you lived with the elves before?”

“Temporarily.” Phil did not continue on with the subject and just kept quiet.

I felt like if I had probe any further he would’ve gotten irritated.

We continued down the open path looking around to see the progress of the town. Small shops were opened for everyone to trade as rich culture was slowly starting to show. The liveliness of the people was coming back slowly but surely.

“The people are doing well.”

“Yes, I was worried that they would want to go back home even though it’s so dangerous outside. We had reports that the goblins have been amassing in our abandoned towns. Already there have been sightings reaching over twenty thousand.”

“So many?”

“I’m not sure what is going on but my hunches is telling me that the world is getting ready for the next appearance of the Legendary monster. The Black Gryphon.”

“Has one year already passed so soon?”

“No, we still have another four months left to go, though I feel like the goblins gathering is just a harbinger of ill tidings.”

“How is the magic stone collection coming along?” I asked. That reminded me that I was starting to run a bit low the lower level stones.

“Its a bit harder than I thought. It would be much easier if we traded it with other cities.”

“We should go out and trade with the nearest city before the winter sets in.”

“I been thinking the same thing as well.”

“Do you have a specific time frame in mind?”

“Yes, In the next coming week.”

“Okay then, let’s set the date for next week to slip through the goblins and head towards the nearest city.”

“Let’s do that.”

“I’ll ask Don to free up his days. Coco and the rest might be a bit too busy watching over the castle so I’m not sure if they will be willing to go. It seems that it makes her a bit nervous leaving the castle.”

We continued on walking through the small town and into the forest heading towards the castle. We passed through the cleared path of the castle grounds and entered through the gates.

What was waiting before us was not Coco herself but a small light that seem to know that was coming.

“Hi. Hi. Miss dragon. My name is Flora. I have came to bear a message for you.” A young fairy danced around me.

She look so adorable that I couldn’t help but reach my hands towards her and gently poke her. Flora made a cute pills-berry dough boy like laugh that just made it that much cuter.

“Hello, My name is Berry and this is Phil. How may I help you?”

Flora zoomed around me and then to Phil. She stopped at Phil and poke him on the cheeks.

“The lady in white ask that you be a messenger for her.” Flora glanced towards me. She patted Phil’s face at the same time. “New Adventurers are being summoned around the world. Only a few .01 % of the Adventures will have their memories intact, while the other will be sealed. The lady asked that you spare a small room in your castle so she can create a sacred space for the heroes to be summoned. She is worried that they would be taken advantage of and wished that you guide them.”

“Why me?” I asked baffled.

“Why?” The fairy tilts her head confused at my question. “Wouldn’t it be an honor?”

“No. It’s more of a headache.”

“Really? Well she stated it is because you are the first summoned human from this world, she thought it would be great if other summoned humans help each other out.”

“That is a matter of opinion.”

“Either way, the lady will open up a temporarily passage way to go back home. You will be allowed to visit Earth every month on the full moon for three days. She did state that when the three days are over you will be drawn back into this world once again, thought I don’t recommend that you get pulled back forcefully. It will cause some really bad side effects that could damage you for a long time.”

The thought of temporarily going back home excited me. I wondered how everyone was doing, especially my family.


“I’m glad that you have agreed. Here you go.” Flora touched my hands and a burning sensation could be felt on my wrist. A tattoo appeared in black and then faded away.

“Every full moon, go to the sacred spot that the lady has designated. Call out Visit Earth. When you want to go back to Torren say Home.”

I stared at the tattoo in hand and smile in excitement. I was finally able to go home.

“How many would she able to go with her?” Don asked. He peer at her hand with envy.

“Three.” Flora replied. “Though each visit the places you visit will be random. It does not always mean you will be going back home.” She giggled.

“That’s not a problem.” Don shook his head pleased.

“When is the next full moon?” I asked curious.

“In 29 days.” Flora replied. “It seems the lady in white has designated a space and claimed it as her own. Let’s us go.”

Flora flew towards the direction of the sacred space. Phil, Don, and I followed quietly behind her wondering where she would lead us. We appeared in a small garden where glass walls covered the whole area. Only the moonlight shone through the glass lighting up the room. The lady in white was standing by the water fountain. Everything about her was mesmerizingly beautiful.

“The light goddess!” Phil exclaimed in surprise. He ran over and fell to his knees bowing in front of her.

“I remember her.” Don approached. “It’s her Berry. The lady in white.”

I slowly walked over towards her in curiosity. I had so many questions to ask her but no words came out of my mouth. Instead all I could feel was a calming vast power like the ocean.

“Welcome Don, Phil, and Berry.” The lady in white smiled.

“Are you a goddess?” I asked surprised that I even spoke.

The lady in white giggled. “Yes. In this world I am called light goddess and in the world on Earth I am called God.”

“Is a god supposed to have a form?”

“No, this is just a picture that is momentarily shown on this plane. You can say a hologram. That is why you are able to see me without having your existence unraveled from my true form.” Her voice was soft like the wind. “In this world, I am seen as a female goddess while in your home world I am seen as a male. People’s strong belief is what shapes me in the world.”

“Why did you bring us here?”

“To save the world of course.”

“You mean just us?”

“Of course not. You are just a piece of the puzzle. I have sent heroes from both realms into each world. To learn and grow quickly till the fated day.”

“Ah I see.” I said with slight appointment and relief. So I was not the only one nor was I some kind of superhero novel that saved worlds just by myself. In reality, that was a huge daunting task that could put a huge strain on our mentality.

“You sound disappointed. Did you want to be a hero?”

“Well, I did have a momentarily feeling of wanting to be some kind of superhero, but I feel that is way too much of a burden for me. I think I’ll pass.”

“Really? Even if the offer might possibly be given to you?”

“Yes.” I stood resolute in my decision.

“Kuhuhuhuh. This is why I like you Berry. With that being said, I must now go. I leave this place in your care.”

“Wait! You still haven’t answered all my questions!”

“In due time. In due time.” With a bright flicker of light the light goddess disappeared leaving behind a flaming bush in the middle of the garden.

“What the hell?” I walked over confused. Quickly getting a bucket of water, I threw water on it so it could be quenched. But for some reason the fire still blazed furiously. It did not spread or go out of control and instead burned a single bush.

“That is some fire.” Don whispered. “This is my first time seeing a god.”

“Me too.”

It truly was a soul shocking experience. She came and left like a tornado and even left behind a strange gift. The fire blazed blue, reaching up towards the sky creating a gateway. The sparks of fire touched my skin and forced me into a dragon form. I did not expect a forced transformation.

Five humans in normal clothes that did not fit this world, appeared from the fire. They reminded me of a private high school students that just finished school.  Their matching uniforms were a simple brown and white. Three were female and the rest were males.

“Who?” I asked piqued by these new people. I was surprised that they were people already here.  I thought the castle were empty the last time I left, but it seem I was wrong.

“It’s a dragon!”  A female girl with red hair yelled in fright.

“Come on, it’s nothing like that. It’s just some special effects or something. It’s not real.”

“I beg your pardon, but I’m real.” I spoke, my tongue slithered like a snake unconsciously making my words sound a bit odd in my opinion.

“It really talked. I can’t believe this. Someone wake me up.” The red hair girl squeaked in fright. Her friend pulled on her hair and she yelped in pain. “This is not a dream! What the hell are we?”

“I don’t know, but I’m not liking this one bit.” One of the male students called out with unease and worry.

I took a step forward, while everyone took a couple steps backward in fear.

“Shit, what kind of hellish dream did we come into?”

“I don’t know but I want to wake up now.”

“This is hell right or is it heaven?”

I couldn’t help but find it funny to see these people reel back in fear. Honestly I don’t believe that I am that scary looking. “I’m not going to eat you, yet.”

“Yet? Did the dragon say yet?”

Struggling not to burst out into laughter, I tried my best to hold it all in.

“How are we sure that you won’t?”

“Because she does not have a reason too.” Phil walked out from the dark and came over next to me.

“I agree with him on that.” Don appeared like smoke in front of them.

“It’s an elf!” Squealed one of the girls in delight. “And a ninja?” She cocked her head confused.

“I’m an half elf.”

“This is so cool. I feel like I came to a fantastical world.”

“Fantastical? I wouldn’t say fantastical but this world is called Torren.”

“He’s so dreamy.”

No foolish girl! Don’t be lured in by the future demon king. You might end up in his harem instead of finding your one true love. I shouted in my head but kept my mouth shut. I could already feel the intense gaze from Phil making me feel nervous.

“Wait, why are we here?” One of the guys spoke. “No, that not the right question. Who the heck am I?”

The others were startled by his question.

“I-I-I don’t know who I am either. What was I doing before? How did I get here?”

The voices of confusion could be heard throughout the small group.

“I remember my name. David.”

“Me too. Mine is Sara.”




So this was the majority of the people who did not retain a single memory. I wondered why that was the case.

“Calm down. Everything is going to be alright.” Don stepped forward with his mask on. In all honesty, he actually scared the people in the room with that mask on more than calming their nerves.

“You’re scaring them.” I bluntly replied.

“I do not.” Don sounded a bit offended.

“Your mask.”

“Ah, I forgot.” Don reached over and pulled the mask off showing of his baby face.

“We got stunning hunks in front of us.” The girls squealed in delight when they saw his face.

I shook my head and sighed. Really girls? Really? Wait, why isn’t these people even scared about a dragon being in front of them anyways? I really must not be intimidating enough.

“Well if you guys are hungry. Moca!”

Moca appeared before them.

“Yes young mistress?”

“Please get the food ready.”

“Yes young mistress.” She bowed and once again disappeared.


“I am hungry.”

“Now follow me.” I turned around and begun to walk. A couple of the students dodge from getting whipped by my tail.

The group of students that was momentarily scared was now curiously following behind like lost puppies. Blue flames that lit up the hallway as we continued to walk down towards the dinning room. We finally arrived and the door opened up to a large open space dining room that could even fit a dragon. They were even food prepared on top of a well made desk.


“Did she cook this?”

“You must be rich if you have this much food.”

“Eat up and take a rest. You will be given provisions to explore this world. There is a little village at the base of the mountain that is need of an Adventure.” I calmly spoke.

“What? You’re going to kick us out?”

“I am not a baby sitter. I will give you money, food, and clothes; what you do with your life now is up to you.”

“But we just arrived.” A girl wailed. Her pretty face was already tearing up. For some reason I could tell that she was faking her crying just to gather sympathy.

Hmmmm. I thought it over, maybe I need to change gears on how to present such large facts to them. “You are summoned here by the goddess of light, given the task to become heroes in another world. Young Adventurers, go out and see the world with your own two legs.” Acting as a guide for these new summoned Adventurers were something that I was definitely not use too. Honestly, speaking like this was actually becoming quite bothersome.

“This is just being cruel. You’re going to throw us out there when we just arrived. I don’t even know where I even came from.” The beautiful girl wailed again. I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t that bad was I?

“Yeah, you have this nice place. Why don’t you share it with us?” A young buff male spoke out in anger.

“Silence!” My voice shook the ground and the wall, it was between a roar with a deep rumble from my throat. “I am not your caretaker. Do you think I like it when visitors tell me that they want to stay at my house without my permission? Do you not hear the preposterous words that are coming out of your mouth? Have you no respect?”


“Enough, I could just throw you out right now with only the clothes that you have on your back. You could just fend for yourself in this wretched world, but instead I stated you will have a days rest, food to eat, and clothes prepared for you. If you can not respect my words, why should I bless you on this journey and instead eat you right here and now?”

Everyone froze as fear washed over them.

Yep, that did the trick. Though I for sure did not want to eat them at all. An idea struck my mind.“Give me your hands.”

“Our hands?” The beautiful girl squeaked.

“I’m not going to eat it. I want all of you to rest your hands on mine.” I reached out palm up with open hands. My claws look dangerously sharp making the five students antsy. “Come on. I don’t got all day.”

One-by-one they shakily reached over. Each hand gently touching one of my fingers. “You shall not tell anyone that a dragon resides here for if you do I will come for you.” With an evil glint I stare down each one of the. “Though in return for keeping my secret I bless you on your journey. The village down the mountain is your second home. This castle will be temporarily open to you for one year and that is only specified residential areas. With that being said, as the witnesses who are here today, my words shall be binding law.”

When my words were finished a strange power welled up inside me and the five students. They glowed softly blue as magic completely filled them up. Even the castle itself moaned and groaned as if it was readying itself to accommodating the Adventurers. I on the other hand felt like my energy was being sucked out of me. What the hell did I just do?

“What’s going on?”

“Are we being killed?”

Like a baby bird they continued to chirp nonstop. I could feel a headache washing over me as they continued to talk.

“Be quiet for crying out loud.  I’m starting to get a headache.”

Their voices went silent and finally the energy draining was complete.


New skill has been learned. Blessing of Adventurers.


“What’s this? A message just appeared on my mind.”

“Me too. It’s said something on the line of Dragon’s Blessing.”

“That’s so cool.”

“Hyck. Did you read the status.”

“Yea, It’s a bit of an overkill.”

With the throbbing of my head abating, I pulled back my hand. I wondered what the blessing was about, though I was not that close to being friends with them to ask. Well no matter, what was done was done and the contract was sealed. I let out a sigh of relief and left.

Walking out the dining room, I changed in my adult form. Leaning against the wall, I slide down onto the floor. That was truly a heart pounding experience, pretending to be a evil dragon was a lot more difficult that I thought.

“You alright?” Don stepped out of the shadows. I did not expect him to appear so quickly.


“That was some nice acting. It was quite funny to see them so rattled.”

“I wouldn’t say it was my best act.”

“You did well.” Don came over and sat next to me.

“Why aren’t you having dinner with the rest?”

“I wasn’t feeling it. I noticed that you left and so I followed your example and left too.”

“You know there could be someone you know in that group.”


“I see.”

“Though I find it a bit strange that they don’t know who they are or where they came from.”

“Yea. You and I both remember our past life. Being summoned here is already hard enough. At least they had someone to help them.”

“Were you summoned here like them?”

I shook my head and scrunched up my legs. “Nobody was here. I was alone.”

Words could not describe the pain of loneliness. I was extremely glad that I had found people who were willing to stay with me.

“You have us you know.”

I turned towards him and rest my head on my arms. Gently smiling, I replied. “I know. I just wanted to thank you for coming to this world. Every day you guys have been here is a blessing.”

Don slightly blushed and looked away. “Well we’re friends aren’t we?”

“Yes.” The word friend made me tingle warmly inside.

“We should go visit Earth next month.”

“That would be nice, but who will you bring for the third person?”

“I was thinking Phil.”

“Is that wise?”

“Why not? I feel like he’s more curious about our world than anyone that we had met.”

“He’s so going to be surprised when he goes to Earth.”

I chuckled. The thought of seeing Phil expression change made me look forward to the day that day. How long has it been since I have been here? It has been almost two years since I last came here in the world of Torren. By the next full moon, it would mark two years. A lot of things had happen in the short amount of time. Things that I would never dream ever happening happened.

Phil was alive and so far he had not turned into a Demon Lord. My life was going well so far, but this did not mean it would be like that in the years to come. I definitely look forward to what my future held.

“What are you guys doing out here in the dark?” Phil spoke. He pushed opened the door and saw us sitting by the door.

“We’re just enjoying the floor.” I replied merrily.

“That’s a bit strange.”

“Really? I don’t think so.”

“I am a bit surprised that you aren’t conversing with your people.”

“Well, I’m not good with people. Were they doing alright?”

“They are coping pretty well. Coco will be taking care of the rest when they finish eating.”

“Did they say anything about me?”

“Nothing particular. Some of the girls found you scary while the guys did find you pretty cool. They were all hyped about being brought to this world.”

“I see they are doing quite well. I thought they would be wailing to be sent back home or something.”

“Though are all people from your world so carefree?”

I tilted me my head confused. “What do you mean?”

“They just seem to accept things as it is. You and Don are the same, usually I would expect them to be so resistance.”

“You could say it’s because Berry is here. They feel like everything is going to be okay to know that someone supernatural is protecting them.” Don pointed towards me.


“What, it’s true. You gave them a feeling of safety you know. This place, your home has a very nice feeling to it. It’s hard to explain, but it’s very welcoming.”

Phil thought it over on what was saying. “You know I was thinking about the same thing. I just thought it was just me.”

“I’m still not understanding what you are talking about.”

“Think of it like this.” Don stretch and got up. “Have you ever went to different people’s house and felt the energy or the feel of their homes? It like the house has its own persona or life if you want to call it like that.”

I nodded.

“Well each house personifies the person feelings. Their ‘home’ is a representation of their soul. In another words, I am saying is you are a kind person.”

I was quietly listening to his words.

“You didn’t have to give them a place to stay for a year in this castle you know. You could’ve just kicked them all out and say don’t ever come back, but instead you stated you are welcome here, with rules of course.”

“He has a point,” said Phil. “I would’ve kicked them all out.”

I stared at Phil and nodded. Yep, there is that Demon King that I wouldn’t have missed for a second.

“Well then,” I got up. “Why don’t we go and get the village set up so that there is a Adventurer’s guild ready for the new Heroes. Not having a purpose can be quite taxing to one’s mind you know.”

“Adventurers guild?” Phil asked.

“She’s talking about a guild specializing in quest aren’t you.”

I couldn’t help but grin. “Yep.”

“I wouldn’t be surprised. Are you trying to make this world into a game world?” Don asked with a laugh. His smile radiated brightly like a sun.

“What if I am?” I snickered.

“Doesn’t matter to me. Sounds fun actually.”

“We should talk to your grandmother Phil. I think she would be a great candidate to be a guild master.”

“You know. You’re right. Let’s go and talk to her.”

With a goal in mind, we sought out Grandma Mary for the new possibilities of a guild.

To be continued.

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