Drezo Regalia V5 Ch. 4


Chapter 4

Zero stretched standing over a cliff in his human form. The sun was setting making the world in Noriene feel even more magical. The orange, red, yellow, and blue was harmoniously mixing with one another like art. M2 was sitting next to him drawing on paper of the beautiful sunset. A sweet aromatic smell of evergreen floated past them as the wind brought in warmth. Just standing on the edge of the cliff, he could feel his energy revitalizing.

“You know, in this days and age you can barely get a glimpse of this in the city. One actually has to take a trip to go looking for nature’s beauty.” M2 spoke and he gaze into the distance. “Sometimes I wonder what have we done to our mother earth to destroy such beauty that one needs to take the time to look for it.”

“Well it’s human nature to destroy and create new things.”

“I’m not so sure, I would say we create more than we destroy. The earth’s nature beauty is deteriorating faster than we want to preserve what we have left.”

Kiyro was silent for a moment. “All we can do is start from ourselves.”

“Yes, that is true.” M2 stopped drawing. “Learning how to draw is quite useful in my field of work. The amount of data one could preserve and capture in that one moment is quite beneficial.”

“Where did you learn that skill?” Zero thought it over, if he knew how to do basic drawings it could help him out immensely in drawing in his book. The amount of pictures he could show the readers what he was talking about would be very helpful without having to spell out everything.

“I could teach you.”


“Why not. It’s a very easy skill to learn. Plus, you’ve been helping out on my quest that I am working on right now. Think of this as a thank you.”

“If you don’t mind.”

“Not at all.”

Zero sat down next to M2. M2 handed him a parchment of paper and extra pen that he had taken out of his Zenith pouch.

“Everyone is able to draw. The skill depends on how accurate you are able to pinpoint what’s in front of you and transfer it onto a paper. For a beginner one starts with an outline then moves into shading. Then as you get better, you draw shapes or shade first to create a form then you touch it up with an outline. A professional is able to move freely from shapes, shades, and line to create their own style. This is not something easy to do.”

Zero was hunched over his paper trying to draw the trees out in front of him. He licked his lips completely engrossed in what he was doing.

“Not bad for a beginner. You actually have a knack of this. Are you sure you don’t take drawing classes?”

Zero nodded his head no. “I’m just following what you just said. To follow the outline of the tree with my sight.” His drawing was becoming clearer and more detailed. M2 was impressed on how quick Zero was picking up the skill even though he was a beginner. “This skill will definitively come in handy in drafting up dungeon maps.”

“Yes it will. The more detailed it is, the higher the price. You should see the maps that are sold in the shop. They’re hideous. I don’t know who has been drawing them but it’s difficult to read half of them.”

For the next couple of hours, Zero continued to draw his picture till he completed his drawing. With a final touch, he signed the bottom of the drawing with his signature and placed it in his Drezo Regalia’s History book that he was working on for his quest.

New Skill has been learned.


Skill Level 1

Using a pencil and a pen, one has learned how to create simple shapes, lines, and symbols.

+ 1 art stats

Would you like to give a name to your artwork?


Dusk is the first drawing every completed by Zero. For a drawing from a beginner it’s not not too bad. This drawing gives a feeling of melancholy to the viewers.

+ Low chance of bringing up past memories when look upon.

“What an interesting effect your drawing has.” M2 glanced over his shoulder to take a look at his piece. “Who would’ve thought that there are such status effects like that. This is definitively something to note.”

“This game has so many hidden features that I’m not surprised.”

“You and me both.” M2 leaned backwards onto his hands. “Have you ever heard about the Seed before?”

Zero was silent. He was very skeptical that anyone who brought up anything that had to do with the seed and were Adventurer were someone to be very cautious around. Especially because he was kidnapped and brought to the Psychic Academy for Seeders like him. If he wasn’t careful, M2 could be an insider for the Academy that he was in. It’s been a couple of hours in the new Embryo Type II Machine and Zero had brought the cat people not too far away from the hidden Draconis Village.

“Sort of. It was floating around on the web wasn’t it?”

They only need a good day’s walk to get to the hidden Village. In the time it’s going to take to get there, he hoped nothing would happen, but he knew that could be too much to ask for. Zero, M2 and the Cat people had ran into quite a few monsters running through the Forgotten Forest. From worm monsters, lizard types, spiders, and even a few flying bats were a trouble in itself.

The best part about the cat people was they were strong warriors and they helped fight off larger level monsters pretty easily. Walking through the forest was like a walk in the park. What did slow them down was that the cat people had a short attention span. They would go out and chase after butterflies, bugs, and even flying bat monsters. It got so bad one of the bat monsters had a heart attack from being batted around like a toy.

“Yes. There are quite a few rumors going around that supernatural things have been happening around the world because of it. I believe it could possibly be some kind of bug  in the game.”

“It could be or just a random data don’t you think?”

“No.” M2 completely leaned back on the floor and laid down staring up at the sky. “It highly unlikely. The data on a Seed can’t even be cracked. It’s encrypted.”


“There is a security lock beyond the modern day encryption. The strange part about it, the Seed seems to be alive.”

“The Seed is alive? That’s sounds a bit far-fetched don’t you think?”

“Not when you see it on screen.”

“Why are you telling me this?” Zero turned towards M2 carefully examining him. His hands were on his side. “Aren’t you worried that someone might use this information against you?”

“Use this information against me? You?” M2 laughed a healthy laugh. “I don’t see you as the type that would easily sell someone out. I also believe that this Seed is worth examining.”

“I don’t think that would be a wise idea to endeavor.”

M2 curiously turned towards his head and stared at Zero wondering what he just said.

“Look, sometimes being too curious would get you in deep trouble. You heard of that phrase curiosity killed the cat.”

“So you know something.”

Zero got up, looking away from M2. “No.”

“I can tell you’re hiding something. What is it?”

“Look, I said I don’t know anything. Really.”

“The corner of your mouth is twitching. You must know something.”

Zero breathed in deeply and actually thought it over. If he told anything about where he was at and what he was going through it would spell out disaster. He did not know what these people at the Psychic Academy could do to him. “Look, its best that you don’t know right now.”

“So now you are saying there is something more. Interesting.” M2 scratched his chin and he got up. His hands went behind him and he stared out to the distance. “I understand. I won’t ask you anymore.”


“Why, you want me to keep asking?”

“No. It’s alright. I would appreciate if you did not.”

“You are the third person who could not answer my question. There are three types of people when it comes to the Seed. The first are the people who knows and will share the information, the second are the people who hides the information in order to make themselves powerful, and third are the people who do not have a choice.” M2 turned around. “You are the third.”

Zero was speechless. He got all that out of just having a short conversation with him. He thought he was good at reading people’s mind and even got the so called Telepathy skill. If only he could consciously activate the skill with his own will, he would love to take a peek into M2’s mind.

“You think so?”

“I know so. I am a Seeder. A a Seeder can feel when there is another Seeder standing in front of them. All it takes is to listen to one’s guts.” M2 stepped forward making Zero feel a bit uncomfortable. “When a Seeder meets another Seeder do you know what happens?”


“The energy that we give off shimmers like a light bulb. We send out three times more power than a normal being.” M2 grins. His cat eyes widens in interest staring beyond what Zero could not see. “You give off that same power of an Awakened.”

“Awakened?” Zero stepped back a little too far and his feet hit the edge of the cliff. He cursed at himself for choosing such a high place to have a momentary peace, especially with someone like M2 nearby who seem to him that he had found an interesting toy.

“Awakened.” he said. You can’t be serious, you don’t know?”

“I’m new to this like you. I’m trying to connect the dot here and helping to finish the quest.”

M2 sighed and stepped back. The shimmer of his eyes were gone and instead he was holding his head as if he had an headache. “Here I thought I had something.” He muttered.

“An explanation is in order after you just antagonize me for questions. You seem like the type to share information.”

“Not for free.” M2 squinted and his eyes gleamed. “What would you give in exchange for the information that I could give you.”

“I can tell you what I heard about Seeders.”

“That is a start. Go on.”

“You will give me information if I tell you about mine?”

“Yes. Yes. I promise.”

Zero sighed. He too felt like he was chasing around in circles for answers he barely knew. “Seeders are psychics in real life.”

“That’s it?”

“Yes. That’s the best I could give you.”

M2 went silent. He paced back and forth. His tail swished from side-to-side as he was deeply engrossed in his thoughts. Even his ears went up and down in irritation “You sure?”

“You should already know the answer to that question.”

“Damn it. I was hoping my guts were just stirring for no reason.” M2 kicked a rock off the cliff in frustration. “This would explain everything. The abilities, the supernatural events, and the veil.”

“So what is an Awakened and a Veil?”

M2 stopped. “A veil is the other side. I call it purgatory. An Awakened are players who have received the gift of enlightenment. Special skills and abilities that a normal player does not have. You have to be chosen to receive the blessing, but the question comes down to who is the giver of these gifts. ”

“It’s a girl.”

“A girl? How do you know this?”

“In the Special World Quest Event Dion spoke of a girl. I briefly heard it spoken from the vampire’s mouth. Aldran has heard of it as well.”

“Aldran. You mean the Hercules guild leader?”


“This is fascinating. I must look into this.”

“If you do find the answer, I would like to know.”

“What would you give me in exchange.”

“I knew you would say that.” Zero pulled out a book that he was working on. The worn leather pages, and the dishevel amount of papers sticking out of it. “The first copy of the Drezo Regalia History personally written by me. Free of charge. In exchange, I would like an equivalent amount of information.”

M2 eyes sparkled with interest. His hands were inching towards Zero’s book ready to snatch it away. Zero pulled back the book out of M2 reaches. At that exact moment, Zero knew M2’s weakness. His deeply engraved curiosity.


“You do know what a Drezo Regalia is, don’t you? The new race of dragons that are out to play. Even now, as we speak, more dragons are being born.”

“They are just new races. What benefit would that do for me?”

Zero quickly thought it over searching for a different answer. “We are the keeper of knowledge.”

“Draconis Library…” M2 spoke softly realizing where this was going.

A light smile escaped Zero’s lips and he had to quickly reign it in. “I’ll give you the third access pass to the secret files only if you are willing to work hand in hand with me.”

“The secret files that not even a regular player can get their hands on.” M2 gulped and he drew in his drool.

Zero nodded. In actuality, they was one more access level above the third pass. It was the Forbidden files that not even he could just waltz in and look at. He still hadn’t found a way into that locked room and even Garrett did not know what was beyond the locked doors. Only rumors about the Forbidden files floated among the Lunar Rabbit’s.

“A-a-are you saying t-t-that I will get to read those books?”

“Only if you go into a contract with me.”

“Yes!” M2 jumped in on the offer.

Zero grinned from ear-to-ear. He pulled out a special type of paper that he kept in his Zenith pouch. A magical paper that has been soaked in holy water, prayed upon for ninety days by a Bishop of Infinity three times, and kept in the holy sanctuary for seven years. Blessing one paper was difficult in itself. It was the paper where the Contract of Infinity was supposed to be written on. Not only that, he had a couple more stashed away in his Zenith pouch for later use.

With a feathered pen in hand, Zero quickly went into work jotting down the contract between M2 and him. Even the pen he was was using was blessed by the God. To obtain the paper was an ordeal in itself. To go through a thirty day process was a pain in the butt, but it did not take to long to accomplish.

“Here.” Zero handed him the paper and a pen. He had signed the contract at the end.

“I do agree with most of what you have written, it’s just a couple are a bit too constraining. You definitely know how to make contracts.”

“Which one?”

“Not talking about the information one has obtained in the third access pass.”

“How about this. Just don’t share information without an equivalent exchange of information and anything that has to do with the Drezo Regalia’s secret you can not tell anyone at all.”

“That’s not a problem.”

Zero jotted it down on the paper. M2 pick up the pen and signed it. A blinding light erupted from the paper blinded both of them. Zero and M2 had to cover his eyes and Squint. An Angelic being appeared before them as she spread out her wings.

As a witness for the Lord of Infinity to the contract between two parties, this contract will be in effect till all eternity through generation of one’s bloodline. If one of the party members wish to break the contract, one must go through the ritual of Infinity with the consent of both parties. If one shall break the Contract of Infinity, the one who has broken the contract will be be given a respectable curse. Be wary contract holders, for the curse of Infinity is not a trifling matter.

Zero gulped. He could feel the binding power of the contract between both of them. It was an iron clad binding that was not something both of them could not escape.


Bonus effect

For the first ever Contract of Infinity done by players, you gain a permanent status increase in luck. Your affinity with conversing with people has increased.


“The Contract of Infinity.” M2 whispered. The angel dispersed into the light and burning fire of an Infinity mark stamped onto the paper. Then the paper split into two giving one for Zero and the other for M2.

“Do you know what you have done?”


“The first Contract of Infinity done between players.” M2 was speechless at what just happened to both of them.

“It’s not bad you know. This contract is a fair. Think of it like a business contract.”

“I know that, if any one of us break the contract we’re both screwed! You just handed one of the sacred contract bindings like it was some kind of tissue paper.”

“Actually no, this is my second one.”

“Second one?”

“The Drezo Regalia ancestor’s had one done with the King Diadem. The price was the Draconis Library.”

M2 went silent. He thought it over on what Zero had just said.

“Look. The Draconis Library is special. For King Diadem to have such a binding with the Drezo Regalia means something. I do not give up such sacred knowledge without a repercussion. You should know Knowledge is power and in the wrong hands it could do more damage than enlighten people. I am just following what my ancestor has done.”

“So the Contract of Infinity has been done before…” M2 was not mad anymore but instead was even more curious. “I’ll go along for now. I know this contract keeps both of us safe, but remember this, I work when I want to. How I obtain the information is my own choice.”

“I’m fine with that. All I ask is for you to bring new books twice a month.”

“That could be arranged.”

Zero held out his hands. M2 stared at it for a moment and grabbed it.

“You are one sly person.”

“I was just being safe. You know how deals can go sour.” Though Kiyro felt that M2 was actually was more cunning than him on taking information noticeably.

“I understand perfectly. I would’ve done the same.”

“I’m great to hear that we are on the same page.”

“Well enough resting, it’s time to go back and get things moving. We’re not even a day away from the Draconis Village, correct?”

“Yes.” Zero nodded. “At the rate that we are walking and resting, we should make it on foot in the next hour.”

“That’s splendid. I was getting kind of tired of fighting these low level monsters. Follow me if you want to catch up with the group.” M2 bounded forward, he jumped off the sloping cliff and ran fearlessly downwards. Zero stare with gaping jaws at the brash jump. He was amazed that M2 did not break a bone or two from the slippery fall.

Zero was not sure if he should follow after M2 by jumping off the cliff or climb down. The rate that M2 was going running down the slope was extraordinary in itself. He knew that even jumping off the cliff could cause serious damage to his health points or worse kill him from the fall. Right now if he died from the fall, there was a chance that the cat people would lose their way through the forest and never find the Draconis Village. This meant that he would fail the quest because he would have a difficult time finding them in the thick forest. With a sigh, Zero carefully climbed down and eventually made it to the large group of cat people.

“What took you so long?” M2 called out with his tail swishing back and forth. He tapped his feet impatiently.

“I don’t have nine lives like you you know,” said Zero. “Jumping off a cliff can kill me.” Though he did jump off the side of the wall once, but that was when he was in his dragon form.

“Oh? Zero, you’re back. Did you see how far we are?” Elder Mako came forward with his hands behind him.

“Yes. We just need to continue in the direction that we are headed. In another hour we should arrive to our destination.”

“Splendid. Did you all hear that?” Elder Mako shouted.

“Yes!” Everyone of the cats meowed and answered.

“Then let’s move out.”

“Let’s hunt!”


“The first one to kill more monster gets first draw on Catnip Coffee!” Elder Mako and Miki spoke out with excitement.

“I would appreciate it if we could add one more.”

“Such as?”

“I would like to have the kills that all of you guys make.”

“That won’t be a problem. You are our guide that we have hired. We don’t mind compensating you with the spoils on our way.” Elder Mako turned towards the group and yelled, “Anyone who kills more monster and harvest them first gets twice as much catnip coffees!”

“Catnip Coffee?”

“Catnip Coffee!”

“Catnip coffee!” The cry of excitement rang throughout the whole group. The frenzy for catnip coffee was wild to the point where Zero thought they were going to be hysteria over catnip coffee. He knew that this catnip coffee was something he could use to barter with the cat people.

Every single cat people took part in the hunt from small to elderly, and even the weak to the mighty. Even M2 took flight in the rampant frenzy of hysteria to win over the Catnip Coffee.

Zero ran with the frenzy crowd of cats as they all split up into groups and slaughtered monsters in a wide variety of size, shapes, and level, from swarms of Baby Spiders to Grey Wolves. The Cat People battled with such ferocity that he saw patches of Grey Wolf fur flying in all directions. He was glad that they were on his side and not his enemies. Every single one of them were all above level two hundred. Even though the cap level of players were two hundred, he knew that they were higher levels that players could reach because the transformation of turning into a hybrid dragon was around level two hundred and fifty. He didn’t know how or when the limit would be released, but he hoped that it would be soon.

Drawing his black katana, Kamori, he swung it downwards, hacking the Baby Spiders that chattered among its brethren. One side of the Baby Spiders legs were torn away making it loop to one side. This gave Zero the chance to strike towards the exposed belly of the Baby Spiders. He twirled the sword around him and slashed another in the face, stopping it its tracks. It flopped over dead, twitching.

“Not bad for a hybrid.” M2 rushed out and brought out a sword that were thin and fast. It reminded Zero of a fencing sword. Like a blur of lightning, the sword swished around him like a swarm of hornets stinging repeatedly into its prey. Each strike cut the legs, fur, and parts of the body of its enemies like minced meat.

A howling cry of the wolf pack could be heard echoing. A large pack of Grey Wolf jumped in on the fight between the groups.

“Not bad yourself.” Zero ran in and thrust into a Grey Wolf that jumped from the side. He cut the Grey Wolf in the stomach as guts fell out.

To the cat people it was like a game, the thrill of hunting down their prey in the middle of the battle was like a high to the cat people. Every single one of them were grinning cheerfully as they attacked non-stop. It was truly a strange sight to see, battle crazy cats that danced around their prey like it was a game with plastered smiles.

The young cats chuckled and jumped in three on each side of a giant spider. Each one grabbed a hairy leg of Spider.


All of them simultaneous pulled. A loud pop like sound could be heard, while the legs were pulled out of its sockets. With a loud thump the body of the spider rolled on the ground unable to move. They laughed out loud at the strange sight of the legless

“Kahahah!” M2 laughed with glee. He swiped and strike one after the other batting the Grey Wolf like it was nothing.

Zero batted the flying Grey Wolf that came from the side and he heard a yelp when his katana made its mark.

Teeth, claws, fury, wicked blades of iron flew from left to right as both M2 and Zero hunted down the pack of Grey Wolves as if it was nothing. Even though Zero was in his human form, his abilities did not falter nor lag behind M2’s.

Two more Grey Wolves growled and started prowling around both M2 and Zero. They both watched carefully waiting for any sudden move. M2 snaked in first, stabbing the Grey Wolf on the left, while Zero took the one on the right. They were both doing well covering each other’s back. Slash after slash, M2 quickly dismembered and destroyed his Grey Wolf and following closely behind was Zero.

“Not bad. Not bad.” M2 whistled in glee. He was humming a tune while he was fighting.

Another Grey Wolf jumped out from behind the bushes, and M2 whirled around in a circle. His sword went straight into the jaws of the Grey wolf mouth, while Zero’s Katana sliced down onto the wolf’s back.

A splintering cry of pain and anger of the wolves crying yelp could be heard echoing in the forest. With the pack of Grey Wolves dead and the large nest of Baby Spiders, Zero put away his Katana and brought out his knife. He squatted down and began to skin and cut up the meat of the wolf.

“That’s one thing you just can’t get use to.” M2 spoke as he eyed what Zero was doing. “The thought of skinning for their pelts makes my stomach go in circles a couple of times.”

“Really? It doesn’t bother me. You get use to it if you do it enough.”

“I understand the need for reality in a virtual reality game, but there are some things I wish the creators of this game took out. It’s a bit too extreme.”

“I wouldn’t think so. For actual hunters out there, they might find this normal, though the number of real life hunters playing this game compared to people who don’t are quite high.”

“Either way, I wish they were a off button that magically get this part over with. You can have my kills.”

Zero quickly harvested his prey and moved from one to the other effortlessly. They were times when the others Cat People would bring him the spoils of the hunt. They did not complain and instead they were happy to have fun fighting and hunting for prey.

What made Zero feel a bit uneasy about the Cat People was that they hunted their prey as if they were sports. They would bat at their prey as if they were toys for a while before killing them, most of the monsters usually died out of heart attack or exhaustion. They were not an enemy he would like to fight against, especially with their nasty habit of playing with their prey.

As time went on the other cats hunted down the prey effortlessly making the travel easy. In all honesty, he never had such an easy hunt before. The cat people were natural hunters, who fought with wit and claws. They made their way towards the Draconis Village in under an hour clearing monsters as if it was nothing.

“Stop!” Zero yelled out towards the Cat People. “It’s here.”

The cats stopped and stared at him with oddly. They did not see what he could see, the towering Draconis Village that was invisible to the naked eye beside the dragons and him.

Zero raised fidgeted around looking through his pocket. He found what he was looking for a special card key that all Draconis residents had that identified them to the village. It was Garrett’s idea to enforce such policy for all new and old residents that came to the Draconis Library, but it was now endowed with a special power to bring down the flying boat that brought resident’s back in.

“What are you doing?” M2 asked. He glanced curiously at what Zero had in his hands. “I don’t see the Draconis Village anywhere, are you sure we are at the right place?”

Zero ignored him and raised up the card. The card glowed blue brightly and a blue light from the sky shot down towards the card connecting the one to the other. The cats stared up mesmerized by the sight of the pretty light that struck the card. Their eyes glistened mischievously at the sight of a new toy. Even M2 was drawn toward Zero with his eyes glued to the card. All the cat people were ready to pounce onto Zero.

Just as the bright light appeared before them, it thin out and disappeared. Their mesmerized eyes were saddened at the lost of new toy and their gazes were brought back to their usual cheerful and aloof attitude.

Off in the distance, a small blue dot became bigger and bigger. A large boat appeared from the sky. The cats scattered like roaches as they hid behind trees, watching with their curious eyes. Zero did not hide nor moved, instead waited patiently for the boat to land in front of him. With a loud thump, the boat landed. A gush of wind went outwards as Zero was pushed back a couple of steps.

“It’s gotten bigger,” said Zero. It wasn’t long since he left the Village in a small boat, but now a larger boat that was ten times its size was present in front of them. It was not crafted shabbily, but instead were more elegant with a flare of artistic taste.

“Did this just come from the sky?” M2 stared with awe. “Fascinating. Truly, fascinating.”

“Chief Librarian,” A Lunar Rabbit stepped out from the large boat and bowed. “When I noticed your call, we sent our best boat down to bring you back up. Though, I did not know we were expecting…..guests.” He glanced wearily around him.

“These are the cat people. They came on a pilgrimage and seek sanctuary on our land. If you don’t mind, I would like to bring them all in with us.”

“All?” The Lunar Rabbit gasped. His ears flopped over dismayed at the predator in front of him and gulped. “I-I-I’m not so sure that would be a wise idea, especially a….cat.” He whispered the last part only audible to Zero. “We don’t do well with cats, Chief Librarian.”

“I’ll talk with them. Give me a moment.”

“But Chief, they’re cats for crying out loud.”

“Let me deal with them okay?”

“Yes Chief.” With a bow the Lunar Rabbit walked back towards the boat worried about what Zero would say.

M2 walked over next to Zero, “So what did the rabbit say? We good?”

“Well, about that I need to speak with Elder Mako and Elder Miki.”

“Alright,” M2 turned around and called out towards Elder Mako and Miki. “Elders please come forward.”

“MemoryMaker what is it?” Elder Miki was the first to come. Than Elder Mako was next.

“Zero has something to say.”

“Zero, what is it? What’s holding us up?”

“Elder, I have a requirement that you must uphold when you are staying at the Village.”

“If they are reasonable, we will uphold it.”

Zero took a deep breath before he went ahead to say what he had too. “First, please leave the Lunar Rabbits alone.”

“Lunar Rabbits, you mean that giant rabbit that you just talked to?” M2 asked.

“Yes. They would like to be left alone. No trouble between you or them. This is one of the requirements.”

“And the other?”

“Well there isn’t anything else.”

“That’s no problem at all. Just leave the rabbits alone. We can do that.” Elder Mako nodded his head in agreement and turned towards his people. “You heard Zero. We are not to touch the Rabbits.”



“I was hoping for a light sport.”

“S-s-sport?” The Lunar Rabbit stuttered and stared with wide eyes. He was shaking when he heard the outburst of the Cat people.


“We don’t mind.”

The cat people face fell as if their favorite toy was taken from them, but their mood changed just as quickly as their carefree attitude.

“You heard them. We will uphold our honor with the Chief of Draconis’ Librarian.”

“I am glad to hear. You heard that?”

The Lunar Rabbit nodded. “Though the words of the cat people are just words, how would I know that you would not see us as play things.”

“In an honor of the cat people’s fur we will uphold our promises.” Elder Mako stated with a sharp intake of voice. He did not like what he had to say.

“Your fur?”

“Yes, our fur. Our fur is our pride. If we go back on it, we will shave our fur bald.”

“Bald!” Gasped every cats. “That’s-”



“Ugh….no. My fur.”

The cat people shuddered in fear at the thought of losing hair.

Zero motioned towards the cats looking at the Lunar Rabbit’s reaction. “That is good enough for me. All aboard.”

The cheer of the cat people were excited to get on the boat. Not everyone had adventured far and wide, nor had they ever ridden on a boat that flew. They were like excited children that just saw a new toy. In single file, each of them entered onto the boat happily and they sat down. With everyone on, the boat’s sail dropped down. It caught the wind shaking as it slowly lifted up into the air. It flew upwards towards the sky.

A soft breeze swept through the boat as it brought in fresh pine tree smell. The birds flew around the boat, curious at the odd flying structure, while the cat people watched with enthusiasm. For a moment, Zero thought that they would attempt to catch the birds that were flying in the air. A couple of the young children were jumping around trying to take a swipe at them.

“So this is the famous flying boat.” M2 held onto his seat. Both Zero and M2 was sitting near the outer edge. “It shakes quite a bit, doesn’t it.”

“More like a tumble if you ask me.” Zero felt a bit queasy. He did not like the rocking back and forth of the boat that swayed from side-to-side in the wind.

“Elder, do you have the catnip coffee brew?” One of the young male cats spoke.

“Catnip?” The word caught every cat attention. Their ears perked forward in interest. The voices of the cat people rung out with excitement.

“I killed 20 Baby Spiders.”

“23 for me!”

“24 with one Grey Wolf!”

“Bah, that’s nothing. 30 Baby Spiders and Five Grey Wolves.”

“Quiet!” M2 bellowed loudly quieting the rambunctious crowd of cats. “We’ll take turns speaking out how many we have killed. First off, raise your hand if any one of you have killed more than forty five Baby Spiders and fifteen Grey wolves.”

Only seven males and one female raised their arms. Those eight were considered the best warriors out of cat people. They were the fastest, smartest, and the best swordsmen known.

“Okay, that’s more like it. We’re down eight now. I expected that much.” M2 slowly spoke. “How about forty Baby Spiders and twenty-five Grey wolves.”

The hands dropped to three.”

“Fifty Baby Spiders and Thirty Grey wolves.”

All the hands dropped.

“As expected.”

“Wait, then who won?” The male cat asked. “Is it not one of us.”

“Nope. I won.” M2 spoke with pride.

“How many?”

“Sixty Baby Spiders and Forty Grey Wolves.”

“I expected as much.” Everyone nodded in agreement. “There is none other than M2 who could accomplish such a feat.”

“How many did you kill?” M2 asked Zero.

“Sixty Baby Spiders and Thirty-one Grey Wolves.”

The cat people gasped.

“He’s on equal terms with M2.”

“That’s impossible. He could’ve fabricated it.”

“No. No. I wouldn’t be surprised if he did kill that many. He is a dragon half breed after all.”

“With that being said, the winner of our little fun goes to M2 and Zero.” Elder Mako came over and handed the catnip coffee in a small box.

Every cat near him stared with envy and want. Zero gazed upon the small box of catnip coffee wondering what it would taste like for all the cat people to be so caught up on it.

“We have some hot water and tea brewer.” The Lunar Rabbit spoke. “I can brew up something for you.”

“Really?” Zero was surprised to hear that in this large boat that look more like a ship had such things.

“Yes, I’ll go get it right now.” The Lunar Rabbit that was steering the boat let it auto-pilot by itself. He went towards the lower deck and came up with a large teapot filled with water and cups.

Zero handed the catnip coffee towards the Lunar Rabbit and the Rabbit started to brew the tea.

“You’ll be amazed at the effect this tea does.” M2 was given a cup of Catnip Coffee. The other cat people drew in closer wanting to have a whiff at it.

“I can see what you mean…” Zero unconsciously leaned closer to M2 trying to get away from the Tyger who was sniffing the air around them. He was getting a bit too close for comfort.

“Tyger,” Zero coughed trying to snap him out of a trance.

“I’m sorry.” Tyger blushed red. He was ashamed at his behavior. “It just smells so good.”

Zero could see drools coming out of Tyger’s mouth. The Lunar Rabbit handed him a cup to both M2 and Zero. Zero took it in hand. A strong smell of minty coffee brushed against his nose. He took a sip and was amazed that it taste more like hot chocolate with a pinch of peppermint than coffee itself. Then he felt a warm fuzzy feeling that ran up and down his spine, making him feel at ease.

The world around him seem a bit more clearer as his sense increased by three-folds.

All five sense has increased by three-folds for three days. Allowing your sixth sense that has been locked up to blossom and grow with you over time.
Sixth Sense

An ability that allows you to exceed the normal sense and see into the supernatural.

“You drink this everyday?”


“This is quite fascinating.”

“This is nothing.”

Zero cocked his head confused. “There is more?”

“Here’s a little secret.” M2 leaned in next to him and whispered. “This effect works even when you leave the game for the next twenty-four hour.”

“Come again?”

“Test it out. You’ll know what I mean when you leave the game.” M2 leaned back and happily continued to sip on his coffee.

Zero was confused on what M2 meant. He thought it over wondering what M2 meant.

The boat finally stopped and docked against something that no one could see but Zero. With a thump, the boat lightly bumped into something hard, and at that moment of contact the invisible village slowly appeared before them.

“Woah,” M2 spoke in a bit shocked. “I did not expect such a large change from the last report. I heard it was smaller, but this is completely different from what I had imagined.”

Zero couldn’t help but feel proud of his village that he was looking after. “Lava Magic helps expand the land over time. After the emergency magic went into effect, the lava magic has been increasing its output. I’m still surprised at how fast its grown even the short amount of time that I was away.”

“Chief, It’s ready.” The Lunar Rabbit motion him forward towards the exit.

Zero and M2 was the first to get off the boat. Everyone got up and headed off the boat and onto solid land.

“Quite amazing,” said M2. He was busily glancing around taking in the open land. Even though there were not many trees growing on the new land, there were still large patches of green that filled the rich soil lands.

Zero saw several small sprouts of trees growing in a rapid rate. A good portion of the lands were being built with small stone buildings, and large lands were being farmed by the new residents. Zero could not see the end of the Draconis Village anymore, instead the Draconis Library and the buildings surrounding it covered their view.

“Well, this place is your temporary home till you find what you are all are looking for.”

“Do not worry. We won’t terrorize the locals.”

“I’m afraid of that…” Zero mumbled under his breathe. He coughed and cleared his throat. “I’ll keep on eye on my people.”

“That put me a bit at ease.”

Elder Mako and Elder Miki walked over next to Zero.

“We can not thank you enough for letting us stay.” Elder Miki smiled. Her ears and tails flicked side-to-side in pleasure.

“It’s not a problem. I’m just as excited as you are.”

“You don’t know how much this will help us. For us, this is like getting back our lost heritage. Please have this.”

Elder Miki handed him a small bag of seeds. “Given to us by the Eleven Race and now passed on to you. All the kills are also yours while we tracked through the forest. We shall stay in town till we arrive at the City of Elements. There our destination will end.”

Zero took the bag of seed gratefully. The thought of having fresh fruits and vegetables without waiting for a whole season to pass was something he was grateful for. This allowed the shortage of food to be solved that much faster when they were on the run.

Side Quest has been updated.

Plant the Seeds and feed the young Drezo Regalia’s.

“I’ll see you around.” M2 shook his hand. He followed his people into the Draconis Village with enthusiasm. Zero watched them mingle with the residents.

With a sigh, Zero felt a heavy weight on his shoulder. He felt like he was babysitting the new dragon race and helping them grow. Personally, he had went through thick and thin to grow to who he was now. There were so many baby dragons that needed to be looked after, it made his head spin.

Without waiting, he delved into the newly given task of farming the new land that the lava magic had been churning out. He had a long week ahead of him to finish what he had started.


Kiyro ejects out of the Embyro Type II Machine. His time inside the game was up and was brought out like everyone else. The water quickly drained from the pod and the helmet detached itself. With a grunt, Kiyro pulled himself out the machine and stepped onto the cold floor. His toes and hand felt pruny from being soaked long inside the machine and the cold floor was not helping his situation. He felt cold from the cold hard floor.

All of a sudden he heard loud obnoxious voices that did not stop talking all around him. Glancing around, Kiyro saw people leaving their pods and heading towards the changing room. Not many were even talking among one another but the voices in his head kept on getting stronger while he stared at peculiar person.

It got even worse, when their eyes made contact with one another. Voices ranging from male to female that he had never heard spoke loud and clear even though their mouths did not move.

Who is he?

Wow what a bed head. He looks like he just had sex. Hahaha.

Not bad. Not bad. I earned fifty gold coins from that quest.

I wonder if that lady NPC will go on a date with me. She look so cute.

My butt itches. I hate these stupid suit. I’m breaking out. I’m going to give a piece of my mind to the teachers. I can’t stand this at all.

Kill. What a wondrous word. I can’t wait till I meet with death once again.

Kiyro stopped and searched for last familiar voice, but he could not find the owner of the voice anywhere. Instead, the overpowering voices of the people drowned out the sound giving him a headache. Shaking his head, he hope that the voices would stop. Finally the voices in his head slowly faded away, allowing him to have a better control on his thoughts. He scanned around for any familiar faces but he did not see anyone. Instead, he followed the crowd and changed out into comfortable clothes.

“Kiyro!” Daulton yelled out and waved him down. Daulton was in a simple blue t-shirt and pants. Wow, he looks awful. I wonder if he’s alright.

“I’m fine.” Kiyro replied unconsciously.

“What?” Daulton was surprised from Kiyro’s answer.

“Nothing. What’s up?”

Daulton stared at him strangely and in matter of moments he brushed it aside. “I’m starved. Let’s go get something to eat. We got a couple hours of free time before we go to class.”


“Yea, did you forget. We’re here to grow our psychic abilities?”

“Psychic abilities? Oh! Yea. I completely forgot.”

“Yea, it happened to me as well on the first day here. You’ll get use to it for sure.”

“I’m not sure I want to be use to this.”

“Don’t worry. Don’t worry. Everything is going to be alright.” Daulton grinned. Man, I’m hungry. I wonder what’s for dinner. I hope he doesn’t dawdle too long or my stomach’s going to eat itself.

“Well then, we should go get something eat shall we?”

“Hell yes. I’m so starved that-”

“You’re stomach is going to eat itself. I get it.”

Daulton eyes turned wide. “You just took the words right out of my mouth.” He nervously glanced towards Kiyro.

“What? It’s a popular line you know. It doesn’t take much to guess what you are going to say.”

“Ahh, Okay.”

Both Daulton and Kiyro walked down the corridor and to the cafeteria. Hundreds of people from different races streamed in getting something to eat. Kiyro searched around for either Eve or possibly Alex, but so far he did not find either one of them. Instead, he picked up a tray of fruits and a chicken sandwich and followed behind Daulton.

Once again, they sat next to Ken and Sylvia who was talking among themselves.

“Hey guys.” Daulton pulled up a chair and took a seat in the round table.

“Daulton. Kiyro.” Ken waved and acknowledge their presence. “Nice to see a familiar face.”

Even Sylvia nodded and continued to eat.

“You guys are out early.” Daulton picked up a fork and stabbed a cheese broccoli.

“Things happened. They booted us out of the game that much sooner. I’m guessing there is something important going on.”

“Everyday is an important day for them anyways. What could possibly be any different.” Ken thought, though living in this Psychic Academy is strange enough. Who in the right mind would bring all these people together in one roof and put a collar that can kill them on their neck?

“Good question. So how was your quest been going?”

“Everything proceeding smoothly. Got through the forest without much effort. I swear having a large groups of powerful NPC with you makes things that much easier.”

“Tell me about it.” Kiyro agreed.

“You have experienced it too?” Ken asked a bit surprised at Kiyro’s answer. “Renting out a mercenary is expensive, though if you are really lucky you might be able to work together with the city’s soldiers.” Does he have certain secret that I don’t know about that will allow one to get more followers? I do wish to try one day to lead a large army against a castle. How cool would that be?

“Well you can say something like that.”

“You’re so lucky. I wished that I got such a quest. Do you know how hard it is to gather so many NPC in one spot? Especially leading a large force to go hunting? The scale does not compare to just a regular Raid party. We’re talking about thousands.”

“I wouldn’t say that I’m leading a group of thousand people. Just a couple hundred would be more like it.”

“On an expedition or a raid?” Everyone listen in closely in what Kiyro had to say. They had momentarily stopped eating.

“Just a simple guiding. Nothing more nothing less.”

“That’s still so cool. Damn, I wish I had at least a simple quest like yours. I’m still stuck collecting hundred thousand pine cones to get a special chain quest. You don’t know how tired I am in collecting these pine cones. I swear, I’m dreaming about them even in my waking moments,” Ken picked at his carrots and broccoli in disappointment. “I feel like I’m some kind of gatherer or something. At this rate, I’ll probably take another couple days till i’m done with it.”

“That’s better than me.” Sylvia grumbled. “Try hunting down 7000 Grizzly Bears where one grizzly bear spawns every fifteen minutes. Not only that you have to fend off other players from killing it before you do. It’s not easy I tell you.”

“That does sound like a pain to do.”


“Attention everyone!” Mrs. Angela called out to the group of people. “Attention!” The voices of the people lowered but still did not stop. What an annoying bunch of kids. I wished they just shut up. Mrs. Angela’s thought rung clear into Kiyro’s head.

Kiyro wondered how he was able to hear so many people’s thought so often today. He had all the trouble in the world to use such an ability out of his own free will till now. The only problem was that he had a difficult time trying to stop the voices from entering his mind.

“She said to shut up and listen!” A cold male’s voice cut through, stopping everyone in their track. Everyone turned towards the unknown male that stood next to Mrs. Angela. Even next to her, the pressure around this unknown man intimidate everyone. His hair was slicked back wearing an expensive white and red suit. His silver cross chain hanged from his side and a silver cross necklace hugged his chest.

Kiyro felt an intimidate aura from the man that he knew. He had met him twice throughout his life in the past month and each meeting was being at the scene at the wrong time and the wrong place.

“Now that’s more like it.”

“Thank you, Angel.”

“No problem sweetheart.”

“We will be welcoming two new teachers that will be joining us. Angel Luminous and Red Raven.”

Next to Angel was a tall thin, silver haired man wearing gothic clothes. For a moment, Kiyro thought Red look like a typical vampire wannabe with his attire. Compare to Angel who look like a gentleman, Red was a complete opposite wearing bright red and black.

“Angel will be taking over one of the classes as a teacher while Red will be your P.E teacher. They both did not want to be introduced in the auditorium but during when you all are at ease. I personally thought it would be best we announce it now. The other will be informed in due time.”

“It’s nice to meet you all. I’m very pleased to inform you in sharing my knowledge in what I know. Though I must say if you have any problems I will gladly love to listen and help you out in your time of need.” My new personal toys, Angel’s thought rang loud and clear.

Kiyro was alarmed. He had a nagging feeling that there was something more that was going on that he did not know of.

“With that being said, we are also like you who have come here to learn and grow into fine Psychic’s. With your help and our guidance you will all become someone great in the future.” Angel handsomely smiled making a large group of female’s gasp. Though we will make sure to make you all into the finest killers.

“We are Hero’s in the making. We all have potential to become someone great.” A Hero they shall be, but a Hero they do not expect at all. A dark thought that was not his rolled in on Kiyro’s mind once again.

“We’re not your everyday comic book superhero. We are normal citizens that are taught how to survive and lead the normal citizens in the correct path of light that brings up the greatness of humanity.” And the downfall of many.

Kiyro gulped. He didn’t have to read the man’s thought to feel an evil intent that made him shiver. This man was a cold blooded killer and to be a teacher was a totally different story. In all honesty, he did not want to learn from this man and instead hide away safely in his home. Just live life everyday without much trouble, but life was not kind and instead threw something else at his direction.

“There is more. If anyone could bring me the Solomon’s Key in the game. A one million dollar reward will be given to the winner. The deadline is by the first Yami Hikari Convention, but I get the feeling that not all of you will search for this little key. So to make this bet even more exciting a contest on whoever find me the key also gets a ten tickets that lets you leave out of this academy for good. The winner can hand these tickets to their friends who want to leave here as well. I know quite a few of you are brought here without consent, though I must personally say that you are in good hands.” Angel cleared his throat.

“With that being in order. I would also be joining in on the game as well. Let’s all have fun shall we?” He open his arms with an mischievous hint of a smile.

Everyone cheered with excitement at the new challenge ahead, though Kiyro was not too thrilled. He was not pleased to be pulled into this game contest of finding the Solomon’s Key. What he needed to find was a way out and any information on his brother’s whereabouts.

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