Drezo Regalia V5 Ch. 1


Chapter 1
Welcome to your new life

August 13, 2054. Thursday. 12:00 AM.

“Squeak! Hack! Cough! Gack!” The sound of the baby Drezo Regalia being born from the eggs. Thousands of dragon eggs were laid out scattered as far as the eye could see. Warm energy pulsated outwards from the golden egg to the thousands of multi-colored eggs that were present in the heart of the Draconis Library.

It was midnight when a hundred large eggs with smiley face’s were hatching. They were all players that decided to take on the new species called Drezo Regalia. While there was a good amount of large eggs being born, there were more small eggs than large.  Kiyro noticed compared to the smiley face eggs, the smaller eggs bore smaller dragons, with the smaller dragons outnumbering the players  three to one.  He guessed that they were NPCs of the Drezo Regalia race.

From left to right, both new non-dragon players and NPC were running around the room trying to find their partner. It was a special occasion where even the NPC were ‘called’ by their partner to help hatch the new baby Drezo Regalia’s. Majority of the NPCs were kids around the age of nine to fifteen. Only a small handful were adults that were called in to become partners with them. The NPCs partnered with smaller Drezo Regalia eggs, while the new players partnered with the dragons that came out of the smiley face eggs. Oddly enough there were no full blooded Dwarves or Trolls that were present in the room. The large room became noisy with life as the baby dragons began chirping and squalling .


“Gah, What is with this feeble leg!”

“Someone help meeeeeeeeeee.”

The sounds of the baby dragon struggling for their first breathe and life could be heard around the room. An instrumental chaos of life being born all resounding in one room.

“This is crap. Who is born as a baby!” Squealed a baby black dragon as he struggled out of the egg shell. There were more black dragons that hatched from the large pool of dragon eggs than all the others. For every three eggs, a black dragon was born.

“Over here, someone bring some food!” Tino was running around with a bag filled with pet food. Tyrell was busily going from one dragon to another helping each players on how to form a contract. Even the infinity disciples were present in helping out the newborns because Tyrell was short on hands. New players from humans to elves were next to their partners as they helped out in the process of the Drezo Regalia’s being born.

“I’m dying! I need some fooooooooood!” A baby green dragon was barely stumbling around on its legs. His human female partner brought him food and placed it in front of him. In seconds the green dragon put his whole face into it the bowl of food and devoured it.

Zero was in his Origin form staring at the chaos in front of him. He did not know what to do but to stand in daze at the scene before him. Baby Dragons were struggling for their life just to live just like Zero when he was first born. He couldn’t help but find it funny to see the chaotic scene before him. They were all acting just like him; confused and desperately hungry.

“Zero, aren’t you going to say something?” Agnis elbowed him out of his trance. She and Zeraph was next to him watching the whole ordeal play out before them.

“Like what?” Zero whispered. He was not sure what to say at a time like this.

“You know. Welcome them?”

“You kidding me right? I’m not some spokesperson.”

“Yea, but you’re the first of your kind.”

“I don’t have an obligation to tell them anything.”

“Stop being so rude and go say hi.” Agnis pushed him forward, but he barely moved. His large body was the size of a bus and he was still growing. He could feel the creaking joints of his body popping as if it was telling him that his body height was not the end.

“Fine.” Grumbled Zero. He was not the type to be in front of a large crowd to give a speech. He could feel himself sweating, well technically dragon’s don’t sweat but still it was nerve wracking. Having all those eyes stare at you when you are speaking and not messing up is difficult in itself.

Each step he took to the middle of the room, he could feel his body slightly tremble. This was a game. He probably would not see majority of these people in real life anyway so what did it matter? Even still his body shook as if it was telling him that it did matter. Trying to wipe out the nervousness in his mind and even the rampant thoughts that did not help him. The closer he got to his destination, the more he could feel the players and baby dragon’s gaze watching him wondering what he would do next.

Going to the battlefield in the game and talking in front of hundred pair of eyes were two different things. One required action by moving his body instinctively while speaking was using one’s mind more. The amount of thoughts that went over his head for the fear of messing up kept replaying in his head.

He stopped in front of the golden egg that was in the middle of the room. Everyone’s gaze was towards him. Even the baby dragon’s that were half way out of their eggs were staring intently at him. They knew what he was, but not who.

“My name is Zero, the Royal Librarian of this Draconis Library.” Zero stood straight with his chest proudly out. Even though he was covering up his nervousness, he tried his best to sound unafraid. “As new residence of the Library you have access to the building and the land around it. This is the first ever sanctuary for all Drezo Regalia and their partners.”

The new baby’s eyes were glued to Zero with awe. They all gazed jealously at his large shiny body, black and gold coat, and beautiful horns that jut out of his head. He was not as large as an adult that they had seen but it was large enough for anyone to see that he had horns. Even his face were becoming dragon like, his bulky muscles were thick and muscular, and his tail long and sleek. All he was missing were a pair of wings on the back of his shoulder.

“Being a species that has been brought back to life, we are given the knowledge and power to become something great. It is in our blood to have ties to our ancestral True Dragon. Their goal and promise to be the guardians of Noriene binds us till to this day. Since you were born our ties with the True Dragons and the land of Noriene has been entwined.” Zero blew smoke as he took a breath. He was slowly getting into his speech. “Our species have eight laws that has been passed down from me and now to you. They are: One must have a partner. One must watch and record during peace treaties between different species. One must say the oath to be become a protector of Noriene.One must not kill fellow Drezo Regalia’s. One must help fellow Drezo Regalia’s in a time of need. One must not steal each other’s Krustallos. One must not interbreed between two different races of Drezo Regalia unless allowed by the True Dragon council.One must follow the laws of the True Dragons. One must not break any one of the nine rules or their existence of a Drezo Regalia would be taken by the True Dragons council. With this the oath of Drezo Regalia is once again makes us who we are. So welcome all new Drezo Regalia’s to your new life as dragons.”

A special message appeared in front of all the Drezo Regalia’s and there partner.

The Drezo Regalia Golden Eight Laws

The ancient laws that the True Dragon’s had decreed to be absolute. If any one of these laws are broken, consequences are followed depending on the severity of the crime. The number one heaviest crime is law number 6 in which case the punishment is the highest severity.

1. One must have a partner. One must watch and record during peace treaties between different species.

2. One must say the oath to be become a protector of Noriene.

3. One must not kill fellow Drezo Regalia’s.

4. One must help fellow Drezo Regalia’s in a time of need.

5. One must not steal each other’s Krustallos.

6. One must not interbreed between two different races of Drezo Regalia unless allowed by the True Dragon council.

7. One must follow the laws of the True Dragons.

8.  One must not break any one of the nine rules or their existence of a Drezo Regalia would be taken by the True Dragons council.

Zero went silent. He did not know what else to say next and everyone stared at him even more strongly than before. He could not help but wonder if he said something wrong because  they didn’t even make a sound. It was just awkwardly silent.

“Drezo Regalia.” Someone spoke cutting the silence in half.

“Drezo Regalia. Drezo Regalia. Drezo Regalia!” The chant grew louder to the point of complete roaring of voices between everyone.

“Long live Drezo Regalia!” Everyone cheered at the top of their lungs. Their excitement was contagious and even Zero could not help but to smile. He had never gotten such a cheer before, even if it was not his name he could feel the electrifying feeling it gave off. The voices finally died down to an audible level.

New dragons wobbled up to Zero as they looked up to him like some kind of hero.

“I feel so small. Is that what a dragon is supposed to look like/”

“I like his black scales.”

“Oh, look. I’m on top of the world!” A white baby dragon was balancing on top of his head. Its chest puffed out with pride and excitement. Zero did not even see or feel the white dragon climb his back. One moment he saw it in front of him the next it was on his head. Even in its baby stage the speed of the white dragon was truly extraordinary.

“That’s soooooooooo adorable.” Agnis swooned. She rushed over to pick one of the baby dragon’s up.

“Hey watch i-” A male dragon stopped short midway through his sentence and stared at her with large eyes. He was dazzled by her beauty. Other male dragons stared jealously at him while Agnis stroke his fluffy fur.

The others clamor over towards her in the hopes of getting petted. It could be said it was a tidal wave of small baby dragons that came at her with full force. Zero was alarmed at the large amount of baby dragons swarming over her. He used his large body to block the baby dragon’s from piling upon Agnis. He wrapped himself like a snake and blew a torrent of red fire around them.

“Enough!” Zero shouted as fire cackled like a storming tornado. He rumbled as smoke escaped his mouth and nose. His eyes glinted dangerously with the intent to do harm. He did not like the idea of his partner being suffocated to death.

All the baby dragons stood frozen in spot. The intimidation skill was in full effect and he could see them shaking in fear. Some ran towards their partner hiding in their arms, while the others scuttled away before they could be endowed with fire. Even though Zero knew that the dragon’s skin could take the fire, but a baby’s dragon skin only held up to third of an adult dragon.

“I would appreciate if you respect the space of my partner.” Zero hissed. Fire flickered out of his mouth every time he talked making him look demonic.

Everyone whispered towards one another when they found out the first ever Drezo Regalia partner was her. They wondered who this unknown elf beauty were that been seen everywhere with Zero. Now they knew and understood that she was off limits.

“With that being said, we have a couple of things to go over about being a Drezo Regalia. If you want to learn follow me.” Zero uncurled around her, ducked his head under her and lifted her onto his back. “I would appreciate if you don’t torture the other baby dragons. Your habit of torturing small animals is best kept secret.” He whispered under his breathe towards Agnis.

“What are you talking about? Torture? It’s called animal love.” Agnis hissed back. “You take out all the fun.”

“If you call being buried alive fun, then I must decline. The thought scares me into thinking what you are trying to do is kill yourself..”

“Quit exaggerating. You’re just jealous that I don’t pay attention to you anymore.”

“Jealous? Me?” Zero was completely stumped from Agnis’ words. He never thought of her over expressive attention to be jealous about over an animal. Even being treated like an pet was something that he did not like.“I think you’re getting yourself a bit confused there. I’m not competing for your attention. I’m just stopping an accident waiting to happen. You’re my friend, why wouldn’t I help you out.”

Agnis didn’t know what to say. Instead, she folded her arms and sat on his back quiet thinking over what he had said.

“Sir?” A female baby blue dragon walked up towards Zero with awe.

Zero glanced down to see the young dragon. He couldn’t help but think that she was adorable with her large eyes staring at him. The cuteness of a baby dragon’s hit him like a wave. He had to shake it off to stop himself from patting the dragon’s head like a dog. With a deep breath, he let out air to help him bring him back to his senses.

“Yes?”His head looms over her in which case she stepped back in fright.

“I um… I was just wondering…..um…..could you….I mean.”

Agnis smacked Zero in the head. “You’re scaring her. Back up. You’re staring down into her soul like some reaper ready to take it away.”

“What are you talking about?” Zero pulled back from the baby dragon and look at Agnis funny as if she was spouting nonsense.

“Go ahead cutie. He won’t bite. I’ll make sure of that.” Agnis winked. The baby dragon gaped at Agnis with surprise. To see a beautiful elf taming a ferocious looking dragon was not something one would see everyday.

Zero puffed a smoke outwards and shook his head. The smoke curled around both Agnis and the baby dragon making them cough.

“You’re making it difficult to breathe.” Agnis wheezed.

“What level must I be to grow big like you?” The baby dragon coughed and hiccuped between each words.

“Past level one hundred. I’m not even in my adult form.”

“You’re not?” The baby dragon gaped shocked to hear that Zero was still young.

“One needs to hit level 200 to even hit the beginning of their teenage years.”



“Than, what about having wings?”

“I think it’s around the same age.”

“Kyaaaaaa!” The baby dragon squealed in happiness. “I can’t wait until I fly.”

“You and me both.” Zero couldn’t help but agree with what the baby dragon had stated. In actuality he was looking forward to the day he could fly freely in the sky. The endless clouds, the blowing winds, and even wondering what it would be like to free fall from the sky without any worry. “Now with that being said,” He turned towards the large crowds of dragon and partner alike. They all surrounded him watching and waiting what he would say.

“Follow me and stay in line.”

Zero turned towards the door. He could still see thousands of other eggs still unhatched and kept frozen in time. He hoped one day all the eggs in the room would hatch and bring the Drezo Regalia population back to its former glory. Everyone followed behind him with enthusiasm as if they were touring the building like students.

“Sir Young Dragon.” Bob was next to him like a ghost. This time the leprechaun were wearing a green butler outfit and were clean shaven. Everything about the Leprechaun didn’t scream leprechaun at all. Only the green hat and a four leaf clover pin on his chest was the answer that  showed what he was.

Zero was startled from the unexpected encounter. “Bob? What are you doing here?”

“Sir Young Dragon. This is truly a joyous occasion. Your people have been born into this world. We will once again serve the dragon race.” Bob gracefully bowed towards Zero.

“Are you sure about this? We don’t mind at all.”

“No. No. It would be dishonorable if we did not.”

“I will not stop you from doing anything. Just choose wisely.”

“I am sure of this. We would once again love to serve under your people.”

Zero sighed. He did not know what to say anymore. Hundreds of leprechauns were appearing out of thin air. They stepped forward joyfully as they found their new masters to serve. Everyone was explicitly happy that they got a leprechaun butler. The thought of having a mythical creature serving them without the need to catch them was truly a miracle and something that was never seen before.

The Leprechaun’s service

The Leprechaun’s are known to be one of the luckiest creature in the world of Noriene. It is said that whoever catches them will find and receive their luck and gold, but when a Leprechaun decides to serve you the luck received by the Leprechaun’s double. The Leprechaun’s choose their masters.

+10% increase in luck inside the lands of Drezo Regalia.

+ 5% increase in luck when outside the lands of Drezo Regalia.

“No way did you see that?” The new players were excitedly chatting with one another as they read the messages in front of them. Even the NPCs Drezo Regalia’s stared dreamily at the possibility of being chosen by the the Leprechauns. A majority of the Leprechauns had found their master, as they served the new players, while only a handful picked the newborn NPCs. The rest disappeared back into the hallway without choosing a master.

“Yea. That is some wicked amount of increase in luck.”


“Would we be getting more special status like this?”

“I have gotten something like that.” A black dragon replied. “Something about being a Black Dragon.”

“Really?” The other dragons that were not the same color as the black dragon replied.


The chats between the dragons intensified as they continued to follow Zero. They walked through the winding hallways, making their way downstairs to the first floor. Shown there were the large statues that held up the interior of the Library building, the six legendary heroes. Paper crane mails flew around the library as they were sent to their specified recipient.

“The legendary heroes statues that watch over the library. How it got in here I don’t quite know. They are more secrets to this library than the facts than I know.”

“Is that Lilith?” One of the bronze dragon asked curiously.


“Why is she still here? Didn’t she cause devastation to the City?”

“Yes she did but that was not her anymore.”

“Really? The thing that she did was extraordinary, but now that she has become a monster. I don’t think she deserves that title of a hero anymore.”

“Even if she has turned to a demon, she still has a place in this library. What she had become was done by using black magic and demon’s blood. Like I said, she was no more.”

Zero stared at the statue Lilith and felt a hint of sadness towards Lilith. The demon that Zero had seen through the O.M had shown one of the demons that caused the downfall of one of the six heroes. Even the downfall of the Drezo Regalia was because of the war between the demons and humanity.

“I’ve seen the clip online. Wasn’t she killed by a demon king?”


“Is there anything else about the demon king? Is he still alive?”

“I honestly don’t know.”

Zero claws clicked on the marble floor as he continued to walk. He then went through the floors as he told a little bit of history of each rooms. He felt like a guide guiding his first tourist.

“Chief Librarian.” Garrett walks up towards Zero jubilantly. He waved him down with a fist full of papers in hand. “I got paper works that you need to sign and look over.”

“Sign?” Zero head tilted in confusion. “They are?”

“It’s the paperwork from the new king to set up an new building on your land and an unknown message that we found in a new room that has opened.”

Agnis slid off his back and sneaked a peek behind Garrett. Zero shifted into human form. He was back into a thirteen year old teen. The players and dragons gasped at his shifting of form. They were surprised that Zero transformed into a human boy, but what got them even more was how young he looked. The size and stature of his dragon form didn’t even compare to how he looked in his human form.

Garrett handed him the papers.

“If you don’t mind, can you take over and show the rest around the place?”

“I would be glad to.” Garrett proudly stood. He fixed his broken monocles. With giant steps, he walked forward and had begun to drone off about the history of the Draconis Library.

Zero begun to read the paper in hand.

An order from the New King.

The contract between the Kingdom of Terra and the Drezo Regalia are voided. You are hereby ordered to bring back the Royal Library back to its rightful place. If you do not turn the Royal Library in a week you are considered an enemy to the Kingdom. You have been warned.


King Xander

“Are you serious?” Zero could not believe that the new king would be so dead set against him having the Draconis Library. Since his arrival, the kingdom did not take a second glance at the library for anything more than just a library. Until it became a flying library, it was not seen as anything special.

“Why that bas-” Agnis caught herself before she swore as she clenched her fist. She was looking over his shoulder reading every words. “The contract cannot just become invalid. The infinity seal officially recognizes both parties. Once given they cannot just take it back.”

“I thought so too, but is there a way to take it?” Zero asked worriedly.

“Not that I know of. Like I said, you have to consent to hand it over.”

Zero thought it over. Why was the New king asking for the Draconis Library when the contract was sealed. What did he had to gain from taking back what was only supposedly to be watched over? Was there something more to the Library that he didn’t even know about?

Clearing his mind, he only thought of one thing. This was his. He was not going to roll over and let anybody else take what he had earned. An animalistic growl escaped his lips.

The question now comes down to what he should do next. The newborns barely could defend themselves against anyone right now. This city was not the bests place for newbies that were about to be at the brink of war.

He flipped over towards the next letter in hand.

Hey. Zero,

I would like to set up an general store shop on the Draconis Village land. I’d like to set up an appointment with you on the prices of rent. Please be lenient on me with the prices. I’m just a poor merchant. See you soon.

Your friend,


Zero was debating on the prices that he would set with Alan. He did not mind if Alan did set up shop in the Draconis Village. It would help out a lot in the small economy that the Draconis library had. He pulled out a special paper and replied to Alan’s letter allowing him to set up shop in the Draconis Library. When he was done the paper magically folded by itself into a paper crane and flew away from his palm.

“Bob?” Bob was next to Zero the whole time, quietly following behind.

“Have there been any strange problems that you may have seen that been appearing around the Draconis Library lately?”

“There has been a few problems with the soldiers of the city inside the Draconis village. They have been harassing the citizens of Draconis stating that the library is rightfully the kingdom’s historical site.”

“Do you mind sending word to the new King that he must hold up to the contract. The contract of Infinity is something that should not be looked down upon. Tell Bishop Etran and Sanya about the situation. They will know what to do. I’ll take care of the soldiers.”

“I understand. If you don’t mind, I suggest you to take the Draconis Library towards the City of the Elements. The elves are an old ally of the Draconis Library. They will give sanctuary to us.”

“I see. I will definitely think about what you have told me.”

Bob bowed. “I understand.” He turned around and left.

Sanctuary with the Elves

Darkness is brewing over the newborn Drezo Regalia species. The new King of Terra had decreed that the Draconis Library be brought back to its rightful place. A nullification of the contract is in process by the King of Terra. He is seeking out ways to take over the Draconis Library either it with force or dark magic. An old alliance is still in place with the Drezo Regalia and the elves. It is best to move the Draconis Village to the City of Elements for help.

Quest Level C

Failure: Loss of Draconis Village and slavery to the Kingdom of Terra.

Time limit: 3 months

Quest can not be rejected.

Side Quest: Hunting and gathering for the budding Draconis Village. Collect up to 200 large prey meat and gather 500 different species of plant seeds that is used to bring in food.
A self preservation mode has gone into effect for the Draconis Village. Camouflage mode has temporarily gone into effect for thirty days. Flight mode has increased temporarily to 23 hours a day. For one hour the Draconis Village must land to replenish its magic. New destination City of Elements. All Drezo Regalia has an added bonus of speed and concealment. Newborns cannot leave the land of Draconis Village till they reach level 120. Lava Magic is churning out special dungeons that are being formed around the Draconis Library. The rate of New expansion of land is increasing by three times the normal amount till the end of the 3 months.

Zero was alarmed at the self preservation mode that the Draconis Library has suddenly gone into effect. Just from reading the letter from the new King, the living Draconis Village seem to have a mind of its own.

“Did I just see this correctly? We are in self preservation mode?” Agnis spoke out.

“No. You’re not reading it wrong. I got the same message as you.”

“If that’s the case we need to split up and gather as many things we need at the Town square before we go. Drop me off at the Town square?”

“Okay. We’ll meet each around when the sun sets. I got some other things I got to do as well.”

With hurried steps he left the Draconis Library and out into the village. His destination was one place to find the city soldiers that was causing disruption in the Draconis Village. He spotted them in front of the general store arguing with a citizen of Draconis Village.

“This is the property of the Royal Kingdom of Terra.” A soldier spat as he pushed the store owner aside. “You better let us get what we want. Do you know what would happen to you if you say no?”

The downed store owner seethed in anger. “We the citizen of the Draconis Village. You have no right over us.”

“Citizen of the Draconis Village? What ludicrous words are you spouting? The land that this Library sits on is the land of the Kingdom of Terra. You all are the citizen of Terra. What makes you think you guys have the right to form a new village that is apart from the Kingdom?”

“The sky you soldiers see is not the king’s. We citizens of Draconis Village have the freedom to live in the sky. Our stay on the Kingdom of Terra soil is temporary.”

“Temporary you say? Nonsense.” The soldiers went over and knocked over more

fruits and vegetables. He kicked pans and even threw glass bottles that shattered into pieces. “You obey the rules of the New King. If you do not, it is called Treason!”

“Stop!” Zero yelled. He glared at the soldiers that was creating a commotion. The soldiers turned around to see who had the galls to stop them in their tantrum.

“What do you want kid? Don’t you see we are busy here?”

“Don’t you see what you are doing is making others despise you?”

“Despise us? They are learning to respect us.”

“Not from where I am standing.”

“Leave us alone and go play with your toys. We have much better things to do than entertain a child.”

“I am not a child.”

“Oh really? From what I am seeing here you look like a kid.”

“Look doesn’t always tells everything about one’s age. Plus you are not welcome here in this Village anymore. Leave when I am asking nicely.”

“Pft. Hahahahaha.” One of the soldiers busted out laughing as he held on to his side. The other soldiers followed suit as they could not believe that this kid were telling them off. Citizens of the Draconis Village that were gathering around the commotions glared at the soldier’s rude behavior. Even the visiting players shook their head in disdain at the soldier’s attitude and action. They whispered among themselves and shook their heads.

“I should’ve known that there are soldiers like that crawling around at the bottom of the barrel. What a despicable bunch.”

“I thought the Kingdom of Terra’s soldiers were known for their chivalry. Was this all a lie?”

“I’m not contracting out anymore of the soldiers. I don’t want them to ruin my stores reputation.”


“Why are they picking on the Draconis Village? Did something go wrong?”

“No. I heard that the king had decreed that this village as part of their property.”

“What really? I thought it was a whole separate thing.”

“It is.”

“Would that kid be alright? He’s standing up to the soldiers.”

“Wait I think I know who that is. Isn’t he the Chief Librarian and the one who runs the Draconis Village?”

“I think you are right.”

“He looks so young.”

“He’s so brave.”

“Isn’t he supposed to be the first dragon?”

“I have heard about that too.”

“Really? A dragon. I want to see a dragon. I never seen one up close.”

“Hurry up and change! Let’s us see your dragon form!”

“Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!”

The voices of the people were full of disappointment, anger, confusion, and concern. Others were excited when they found out that Zero was a dragon and they cheered for him to change. Even the visiting players watched with curiosity on what would happen next between Zero and the soldiers. The soldiers stopped laughing and scanned around the crowd confused. They look upon each other waiting for what to do next.

“Look. I don’t want to fight. I would appreciate it if you leave quietly.”

“Who does this kid think he is? The King? Should we bow now?” The soldiers chuckled among themselves. “This kid looking down on us as if he is the king.” The soldier came over and pushed him against the shoulder.

“All I’m asking is for you to leave the citizen of Draconis alone.”

“We don’t listen to pipsqueaks.” A soldier shoved him hard. Zero stumbled backwards and fell onto his hands.

“Hey, that was unnecessary.”

“What are you going to do? Spit out fire?”

“I’m asking you nicely. Leave before you get hurt.” Zero slowly got up.

The soldier that pushed him hard pushed him again making Zero fall backwards onto his hands. “This pipsqueak has the nerves to tell us to leave. We don’t care who you are. This is the property of the Kingdom of Terra. You should leave.”

Zero sighed and thought, These annoying gnats that fly around him like pest won’t leave him alone. He was going to give them a chance to leave without causing a scene. They had pushed him too far. He was not going to take the offensive remarks from these soldiers if didn’t understand the word respect. His patience was running very thin and he wanted to negotiate in a civil way.

“Kahahahha. This kid is a riot. What do you think you are, a king?” The soldiers kicked him hard against his chest. Wind knocked out of him as he cringed forward. The pain was sharp and sudden, even though these particular soldier levels were a lot lower than him, it still gave him a punch.

“I’m telling you” Hot steam escaped from Zero’s body. The soldiers stepped backwards in unease.

“To leave,” Zero’s hands started to shift and change into a black claw. His skin turned black like charcoal with gold markings. His body shifted quickly into his dragon form. Large and strong with beautiful feathery like scales. Golden horns protrude out of his head and his face shifted into a long snout. Sharp rows of teeth jutted out of of his mouth making him look scary.

His body towered over the soldiers as he looked down upon them with his gleaming golden eyes. A puff of smoke escape from his mouth and surrounded the soldiers like a python. With a deep throat rumble he stared down upon the soldiers as if they were insignificant ants. The soldiers screamed in fright as they were stunned from the sudden change. They could not believe that they would actually see a dragon here of all places. They thought that the supposed black and gold dragon was just a rumor that the people had created.

“A dragon!” One of the soldiers screamed at the top of his lungs. He tripped and fell backwards. “So it’s true.” He mumbled under his breath.

“Leave. You are not welcome here anymore!” Zero roared as flames licked his lips. He did not have anymore patience nor chance to allow the soldiers to do whatever they wanted to do. Using violence was something he was not proud of using to solve issues. What it would bring was more problems where it could lead to revenge. If he could, he would rather calmly speak thing through to make things go smoothly but they are times when he had to put his foot down.

“You d-d-don’t scare me! You’re just an overgrown lizard!” The soldiers slid their swords out of their sheathe and held it forward ready to use.

Zero blew a torrent of hot flame in a specified direction towards their swords. The swords turned scolding hot, making it difficult for them to hold. They even rear backwards and held their hands up as if they were trying to block the scalding heat.

Curious bystanders were also pulled back in fright of getting burned. Luckily for Zero, his flames did not burn the buildings that were next to him.

Thank god for the fire proof enchantment. He thought.

With a flick of his clawed hands, he swiped towards them in one go. They were thrown to the side of the building as they crashed into one another. With a thud, they fell onto the ground unconscious. Zero did not give them a chance to retaliate, his purpose was only thing to stop them from causing any more damage to his village.

“Did you see that?” A young female gasped in shock. “He just swiped them in one hit.”

“That’s so cool. I wish I was a dragon.”

“Shh, don’t talk too loud he might turn on us.”

“You kidding he’s the protector of this village. Why would he do that?”

Even the newborn baby dragons were out watching all the commotion that Zero had caused. Their tour with Garrett was over and they were out doing their own activities.

“I can’t wait to be strong like him.” A baby blue dragon stared with awe. His eyes sparkled.

“Was that fire he just blew? When do we learn how to blow fire?”

“Did you see that swipe. It blew them away.”

“Is this what we are looking forward too? Man, I can’t wait.”

Zero ignored their chatter and picked up the scattered soldiers on the floor with his hands and his teeth. He made his way to the edge of the village where he dropped them off into a boat on the side. A Lunar Rabbit was stationed by the boat that allowed the visitors to come in and out.

“Take them down and far away from the city as possible. A week walk would be good enough.”

“Yes, chief librarian.” The Lunar Rabbit bowed and let the ropes on the boat loose. The boat floated in midair and drifted down towards the ground and into the forest. Zero shifted into his human form and got into one of the floating boats. He too went down towards the ground.



Russ spat with disgust. He hated that lizard. He was so close to getting the Royal Library for the new king. It would have been a done deal if that damn Bishop Sanya had not butted in. She had the nerve to state that the killer was false and that stupid lizard was innocent.

Sooner or later he will get back at her and her stupid church. He will destroy them all for sure and make his god’s religion the one standing on top. The nerve of that lizard to state that he is the rightful owner of the Royal Library. If he knew any better, that lizard probably co-conspired with the Bishops to take over the Royal Library.

He suspected that the Bishop of Infinity might possibly be thinking of taking over the City of Diadem. What’s worse, they could possibly take over the Kingdom because of their large religious base. The major Church of Infinity’s base was situated here in the city.

Wasn’t that the reason of them handing over the wealth of information, the Royal Library, to a supposed Dragon that they highly prized? It could be a coup-d’etat brewing any moment now. He was just snipping it in the bud before it even happened.

Russ knew the wealth of knowledge and secrets that the Royal Library had. Giving it up to the so called heir to the Library is a foolish act. Knowledge was power, and that Library had it all. He had heard rumors of the magic powers that it horded and still not found. For it to activate and appear now was a complete unexpected turn of event. The old king was a fool to let such precious wealth given away so freely.

“My prince. I mean, You’re majesty.” Russ quickly corrected himself as he bowed deeply towards the new king. “I have failed you.”

The Prince now a king sat on his throne as he scanned upon Russ. His handsome chiseled face stared down upon him in disappointment, but it was quickly changed to a stoic face. His emotions hidden away for no one else to see, only Russ was able to catch the split second expression. He couldn’t help but be a bit ashamed at his failure.

“No matter. There will always be another chance.” The king replied in a hint of disappointment. He leaned against the throne chair and relaxed.

“What happened to the soldiers that been sent? Did they do what they were supposed to do?”

“Yes. I they should be doing what you have asked right now as we speak.”

“Good. Send a couple more to create disturbance. This time though send in some ruffians. They should do a better job at creating chaos.”

“I will be on top of that. Is there anything else that you wanted me to do?”

“Not right this moment. Do tell me what do you think of this so called Drezo Regalia. I heard you have met him.”

“I personally believe he’s a creature that shouldn’t be even considered an ally with your kingdom. He is dangerous your majesty. Just like a feral dog that could bite or kill its owner if its not fed properly. A monster on a leash that can not be controlled. He is just a creature your majesty. It is something us humans should not stoop ourselves too. We are humans sir. A being that has transcend time over and over again.”

“You have a point.” The young king drummed his finger on the wooden throne chair.

“Your majesty if you don’t mind me speaking my mind.”

“Go ahead. I value your opinion.”

“I suggest that we put down the monster that could one day bring havoc to your city. It could possibly become another Lilith.”

“Are you sure? Such creatures do not look so strong.”

“Your majesty. It is not wise to think a young dragon won’t turn into a killer. Look at the legends in the past. The famous black and green dragon Folomon that had devastated the world and split the lands apart. What if we have another one that could devastate nations? ”

“Put a hit list on his head and get rid of the problem. No, get rid of all demi-humans and nonhumans that are a threat to our city.”

“I will do exactly that.”

“I’m glad I can count on you. You have full authority over the army to get this job done.”

“Yes your majesty.” Russ bowed deeply and turned around. He left the throne room and went to start the plan to take down Zero and his new species. He was going to have the last laugh and evolve into a higher being. A ruler. No a god. Russ wickedly smiled. One day everything will be his.

Yes, his. He nodded pleased with his thought. It will all be MINE.

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