Drezo Regalia V3 Ch. 6


Chapter 6
Scarlet paint


    The brightly lit hallway was empty as Kiyro followed the trail of his Alive gear. He noticed that he was going in a full circle. Even the others were walking the same pattern as him, following each other like a train. He couldn’t help but wonder what the purpose was to walk a circle around the college building that they were in.

“You guys actually watching the map on your Alive gear?” Kiyro called out to his team mates to see if they were noticing something strange.

“Yea. It’s like we are all going in the same counterclockwise direction in a circular pattern. It seemed we are even arriving at the same location that the other was in.” Alex was the first to answer to Kiyro. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we complete the whole circle at this rate.”

“We’re creating a boundary,” said Isabel. Kiyro stopped in his tracks lost for words. A boundary?

“Creating a boundary?” asked Alex. Even Kiyro did not understand what she meant when she was stating that they were creating a boundary.

“In all magick casting there needs to be a boundary for the caster to create a space to cast her magick. What we are doing is using energy from the crystal by first connecting with it and walking around the whole building. Each of us is creating a boundary from when we walk with the crystal.”

“Can you explain a bit more?” Kiyro wasn’t completely getting what Isabel was saying. A boundary to create a space for magick? Already his head was spinning with confusion.

“You guys keep moving. We should move and get this completed. If I’m right we should be almost done.” Isabel called out in a chirpy attitude excited about what was going to happen next.

“Gotcha,” called out Jack. “Let’s get this over with people.” Kiyro could hear the loud clapping sound from the Alive gear.

“Yea. Yea. Yea. We heard you.” Alex’s tone of voice didn’t sound too happy.

Kiyro sighed. They were right. He had continued to walk forward. The reward for the mission was only a good portion of the way to the finish line. Not even that, this would give him an opportunity to get back into taking on missions from Demon Fox. He remember that his rankings in his Academy was only a couple of levels away from getting the really well paid ones.

The thought struck him. He had no reason to play the game and instead he could be making loads of money by taking on missions. Just as he had an epiphany another thought struck him hard in the guts. He remembered that the missions were not always present. It was not a stable income. His ego deflated, he trudged forward trying to figure out a way to bring in a stable income.

Then like a bolt a lightning it struck him. The best way to bring in money in both realms was information. He was good in this aspect of finding answers that nobody else would have found. The game opened up billions of customers worldwide and advertising his services once again would bring him the necessary income that he needed. The idea was worth trying, and it spurred him forward to try something different.

His mind raced with dozens of new ideas and possibilities. He wondered, was this the reason why this mission was given to him by Demon Fox? To bring him information that he needed. Kiyro scratched his head, his mind racing like a racehorse. Demon Fox did not give out missions without a reason, especially when it came down to higher class missions. He would always ask odd questions to Kiyro. He sometimes wondered why he would ask questions that rarely corresponded to the mission itself.

Not only did his game character already have a natural habit of collecting information through videos and writing, he had already acquired quite a stack of filled notebooks in his bag. Throughout his exploring in the world of Noriene, he had taken meticulous notes of each dungeon weaknesses, monsters, and gathering possible future quest notes from the NPCs. Not only that, he had a natural talent for remembering information for long periods of time without forgetting, you could say he was like a walking encyclopedia.

What astounded him the most was his special job in the game. Being a Record Keeper of Historia was a lot more useful than he had imagined, especially in storing, collecting, and even revisiting the notes and videos that he had personally written.

Kiyro wondered if it was possible he could even bring out the Book of Historia in the real world. He remembered that Sylph was brought out to the real world to become a navigator. Even Dion was in the Real World quest. So it wouldn’t be impossible for something like the Book of Historia to be unable to appear before him, but he wasn’t sure where to begin or if it was possible and randomly threw out the name of the book.

“Historia?” He tilted his head waiting for something to happen. Noting showed up in his Alive gear nor anything around him.

“Book of Historia?” Kiyro folded his arms. “Special Jobs? Book Keeper? Damn it what else would bring it up. Here I thought the privilege of a Record Keeper would show me something.”

At that moment, the Book of Historia appeared before him. An oak tree cover design slowly opened to its first page.

What just happened? Kiyro thought in disbelief. He almost bumped into the wall from not paying attention. He wasn’t fully sure how the Book of Historia was here.

Bringing up his hands, he reached towards the Book of Historia. A message appeared before him directing him how to use the book.

To call out the Book of Historia just say out loud saying Privilege of the Record Keeper.
To read through the pages of the Record Keeper swipe your hand from left or right to turn the pages. If you have a specific page that you want to look into, call out the name of the Recorded information. Not all information is available, only the information that you have written, recorded, or saved.
To close the book call out End Privilege.

Skimming through the pages with his hands moving from side to side, Kiyro noticed all the information he had taken in the game of Growth. He could even replay the World Game Quest in real-time before him. What interested him the most was the new section tab for the Real World Quest that he was taken in part and the quest that he had done before. Everything was perfectly recorded from beginning to end like a movie reel.

While shifting through the pages, he paused in front of the Real World Quest that he was in. Scrolling down, he noticed a caption titling the video. The aftermath of war in the world of Noriene. A quest is given to the resident of the world of Earth to find the source that pollutes the air of Noriene. One young man, named Kiyro, takes on one of the thousands of quest to fight off the darkness that encroaches upon the land of Earth. His quest leads him to set up a magical barrier to close one of the many dimensional tears of the world.

Kiyro stopped and reread the caption. What caught his attention the most was that the Book of Historia seem to know something more to the quest that he. What Isabel had said was all on the same line of thought as what the book was implying. Nobody but him had access to the Book of Historia, if there were any other source of information that he did not know about it was very unlikely, but a possibility. Even though it did not go in depth he wondered if there was anything in the book of what they were possibly doing now in the quest that he was in.

Turning the page, Kiyro stopped upon the second quest. The title inscribed beautifully in bold black letters was Energy Well and a small clip underneath it. It was a video of the past hours were recorded. Underneath the video he noticed a caption being in the process of being written.

A group of Adventurers has taken on a challenge that uses old magick to call forth the elements to life.

While he was reading the line, he felt the back of his neck hair stood on edge. He whipped around to see who had their gazed cast upon him. Scanning around from side-to-side, there was nobody present but himself. Once again, he felt a gaze cast upon him, but he could not find the source.

Where was it coming from? He did not know and it unnerved him that he could not find the source.  What he didn’t expect was the Book of Historia to disappear in front of him in a blink of an eye without him calling out.  He thought that he had to call out “End Privilege” for it to disappear, but for some reason it did not. He was going to need to learn a bit more about the book.

“Young man.” Kiyro jumped in startlement and whipped his body towards the voice. His nerves on edge, in a flash he whipped out a black dagger hidden in his sleeves. He was ready to strike in any given chance.

An old man in his sixties wearing a blue suit with a small white name tag stuck to his chest name Sam called out towards him. He could smell the strong scent of bleach and cleaning supplies that smelled like lemon coming off of the old man’s clothes.

Kiyro couldn’t help but take short breaths to stop the overpowering scent of  the cleaning supplies. It was already giving him a slight headache. He stashed the hidden dagger quickly away into his sleeves. He was a bit startled to see an old man appear out of nowhere. He was good at sensing people sneaking up on him, but on rare occasions there were only a few who had succeeded or were lucky.

“Young man, I was wondering if you could spare some of your time.” The old man motioned him towards him.

Kiyro pointed towards himself and glanced around to see if anyone else was present. “Me?” He answered.

“Yes, who else would I be talking to but you?” The old man mumbled, “Do you see anyone else?”

“No,” Kiyro went silent. He walked towards the old man wearily. He wasn’t sure what the old man wanted, nor did he like the fact that the old man snuck up on him. “What can I help you with sir?”

“Ah yes. Yes.” The old man slushed around the mop in the bucket of unclean water. He squeezed the mop and shakily handed it Kiyro. “If you don’t mind, I would appreciate it if you could help me mop up that spot near the wall. My back has been hurting me this couple of minutes so I cannot bend over to get the last stains.”

Kiyro turned towards the spot where the old man was pointing. He saw a spilled coffee on the floor with the cup opened wide. Damn, people can’t clean up after themselves for the mess that they created? He was peeved at whoever spilled the coffee on the floor. Cleaning after grown adults was not something he wanted to do, but he noticed that the old man was hunched over with his arms on his hips and his face cringed with pain. The scene before him infuriated him more at the person who had left behind a spilled coffee.

He couldn’t help feel sympathy for the old man. He remembered when he had injured his back and couldn’t move for a whole week. The pain was immeasurable then and he knew the old man is just starting to feel the pain.

Taking the mop out of the old man’s hand, he quickly brought it over to the spilled coffee and began mopping the floor. “Don’t worry. I don’t mind sparing some time.”

“Why thank you young man. I would have had trouble finishing up for today. My back was starting to just intensify in pain. Until you came, I had trouble moving.”

“I’m sorry to hear that. I truly understand what it is like to injure your back.”

“For someone so young to injure your back. You must be careful. Your back is your life.”

Kiyro smiled and chuckled. “As you can see. I’m doing well.”

The old man smiled. “You remind me of the time when I was still young. Those energetic days, even though I still have a youthful mind, my body has aged.” He coughed a couple times as if something was stuck in his throat, “I still strive for my dreams for a better tomorrow.”

“I’m surprised that you still think that way.”

“Kuhuhuhu,” the old man chuckled and right after had a difficult time breathing.

“Are you alright?” Kiyro asked concerned that the old man might keel over and faint. He stopped what he was doing and was about to go towards the old man but was stopped by old man’s raised hand.

“It’s alright. This usually happens a couple of times a day. Young man remember this. A dream is a dream. Everyone can dream and hope for tomorrow, but a dreamer can only stay in the clouds. Nothing will be done if you only dream. Only a rare few make their dreams a reality.” He paused to take a breath. “I have went and traveled and done many things. So many things that even I did not expect myself to ever do. Each of these experiences are so valuable even if they were for that moment.”

“But then how did you end up here as a janitor?” Kiyro listened attentively to the old man’s speech.

“Ah yes, a janitor. It’s only a temporary job. More like a request that I have taken as a favor from an old friend. When my job is complete and my use for this place is no more, I too shall fly towards my next adventure. Even thinking about it makes me antsy with anticipation.”

“You seem to have so much energy in you. Why don’t you share some with me?” Kiyro chuckled and was enjoying their light hearted conversation.

“If only if I could.”

“What do you mean that a rare few people go after their dreams? I thought everyone does.”

The old man stared back at Kiyro with a solemn face. His eyes casted down with sorrow at the message he would give. “Its because we only dream and are afraid to take that step forward. When roadblocks come and we fall from our failure, we forget that it is just a test. Then we lose all reason and hope thinking that because we failed, our future is over and our dreams are hopeless. We forget our motivations, the drive that first pushed us forward towards that dream and we fall into endless repetitive motions and events. We become too comfortable in what we do that we are afraid that we will lose what we have to gain something better. We must give up something to gain something else. We can not have both. Our selfishness gets in our way and our fear of the unknown stops us in our tracks. We fear for all the things we have gained for the dream that we wished dearly to have.”

“Then what do we do? How are you able to still continue to go after your dreams?”

The old man brilliantly smiled. In Kiyro’s eyes he seemed to grow a little bigger, and glow with light. He couldn’t help but rub his eyes wondering if he was seeing things.

“Never give up.” The old man bent forward towards Kiyro. “When the world throws mud at your face and makes you fall, you get up and wipe it clean. If you have nothing to clean it with, use your own clothes. The world will constantly challenge to see if you are worthy of your dreams. It will throw stones, sticks, rocks, storms, and even throw you upside down. Every time a new challenge arises more contestants fall from failure and loss of hope. They give up thinking this is the end.”

The old man folded his hands and his eyes brightened alive. “But for the rare 1% who were beaten up, ragged with ripped clothes, and even have a couple of broken bones, they still crawl out to reach for what they believe is rightfully theirs to achieve their dreams. So young man, what is your dream?”

Kiyro thought for a moment, thinking about the past months that had transpired. He had left home wanting to run-away from the problem instead of thinking it was to chase after his dreams. He had arrived at Atlanta looking for a new job and was not lucky enough to land a job. Then he threw himself into the gaming world of Growth looking for a chance to gain money, but failed to enter into the contest. Now he was given a temporary mission that only brought a set income.

He now had a set idea of that he needed to do, but his end goal of living peacefully in his own house was still far away. “I want to own a house and live peacefully with the one I love.”

“Is that all that you want to accomplish?”

“What else could there be?”

The old man laughed. “I don’t think that would make you completely happy.”

“How do you know? You are not me?”

“I do not need to know you to understand that humanity is never satisfied with just one thing. Once you complete your goal what next? In a couple of years, you would be itching to try something else or gain something new.”

“I have never thought of what’s after.”

“Not a lot of people do.”

“Then what should I do?” Kiyro was struck with realization of what would come after. He thought that dream goal was the end. There was nothing more to it than that.

“That is up to you to find out,” the old man barked out laughing startling him out of his momentary daze. “Kid. There is more to you than you believe. All you have to do it is believe.”

“Excuse me?” Kiyro was confused at his words. He wondered what the old man meant. He was deep in thought on what to say and do. Already his head hurt from overthinking. He thought he heard his mind go pop as his mind went completely blank.

“Kiyro?” A female voice called out towards him. He turned around to hear who was calling him.

“Eve?” He noticed her waving him down as she power-walked over to him.

“What are you doing?” She asked. “Is that a mop? Where did you get that?”

“I was helping an elderly man with cleaning the floor. He had a bad back and I thought he needed some help.”

“Elderly man? Where?” Eve walked around him confused. “I don’t see him anywhere. I only saw you?”

“I swear he was right here a moment ago talking with me.” Kiyro dropped the mop in completely confusion. A loud clatter rung throughout the hallway as he scanned around looking for the elderly man. “Hello? Old man?” He called out.

Kiyro peered walked over and peered next to the other hallway. “I swear he was here. How did he disappear so quickly?” He was stumped on what happened before him. “He was standing right here.”

Walking over to the spot where the old man was, he pointed down towards the ground. “Its nearly impossible to run down both hallways in under a minute and there are no doorways that leads to a classroom anywhere in sight.”

“Are you alright?” Eve asked concerned. She walked over and placed her hand on his forehead. “You don’t have the summer cold do you?” With her other hand, she placed her hand on her head.

“You forehead is slightly warm. You might have a slight fever.”

“I’m not delusional-” Kiyro’s voice was stopped short when an message appeared in front of his Alive gear.

You have found an easter egg by talking and helping out an unknown elderly man. From your good deed an easter egg has been sent to your inbox.

Kiyro quickly clicked over to his inbox. He knew he didn’t see things and what happened before him was all real. In his inbox, a small egg with a black feather was neatly designed on it. His finger hovered over as the bold letters of the name of the egg was shown. Easter Egg.

Kiyro quickly tapped the Easter Egg to see what it was. A celebratory bang of confetti was shown in front of his glasses startling him. He took a couple of steps back trying to orientate himself once again. A small dove appeared before his screen with a green olive branch. It fluttered around him as the branch fell and a message appeared before him.

You have opened up an Easter Egg. A blessing is on its way. It will soon arrive in an unexpected way.

The dove and the message disappeared into thin air. Kiyro wondered what this blessing was. What the game of Growth could have sent its way towards him in such a circumstance, he did not know. Was it a game item? A possible gift or could it be a reward? He thought it over a couple of times.

“Kiyro? What are you looking at?” Eve asked. She peered over his shoulder trying to see the same thing as he, but could not.

“Its nothing. Let’s just go on with what we were doing.” Kiyro put the dirtied mop back into the bucket and pushed it against the wall. He was finished with mopping up the floor and was ready to go.

“You sure? It seemed you were looking at something.”

“Well have you ever gotten an easter egg before?”

“Easter egg? Do you mean the holiday?”

“No. I’m talking about finding an easter egg in games. Where the creator leaves behind small fun things that usually don’t have anything to do with the game. Sometimes though it could be an extra level, funny scenes, or extras while playing.”

“Not that I have know of. I haven’t heard anything about the game of Growth talking about any Easter Egg in games. Did you find one or something?”

“Yea. I did, but nothing happened.”

“Well it is an Easter Egg. I wouldn’t be sure what an Easter Egg would be doing in a Real life quest. Kind of odd don’t you think?” They both had begun to walk towards their destination that was shown on their map.

“Either way, this World Real life quest is a bit strange in itself. Doing errands and supposedly closing some kind of barrier. Who would’ve thought I would be doing these odds things?”

Kiyro shrugged. “It happens. Life throws a funny curve ball when it wants to.”

“I agree.” Eve nodded, she placed her hands in her pockets.

Then Eve suddenly stopped moving and stared off into the distance. For a full five seconds, Eve did not respond or move.

“Eve?” Kiyro stopped and waved in front of her face. She did not respond. “Eve.” He spoke louder towards her.

Once again, she did not move nor twitch.

“Eve!” Kiyro burst out loud trying to catch her attention.

Eve startled awake and turned towards Kiyro. Her eyes widened, and her face paled. “Kiyro?”

“Are you okay?” Kiyro asked concerned. He was wondering why she was zoning out in the middle of the hallway not moving.

“I-I’m okay.” She responded and had begun to walk forward.

Kiyro followed her wondering what was wrong, but she would not speak nor answer. Instead her pace seemed to increase.

“Eve,” Kiyro grabs her hand and stops her. “Are you alright?”

Eve stopped and looked around skittish. “I-I think so.”

“What’s wrong? What got you so riled up?” Kiyro was starting to get worried for her. “Take a deep breath and breathe.” He motioned her to follow.

She nodded vigorously and took a deep breath. As she let out air, her mind and body slowly settled. She was finally calm.


“Yea. Thanks.”

“So what was that about?

Eve once again slowly had begun to fidget uncomfortably. “I-” She stopped and stared at him. “I had-”

Once again Eve, uncomfortably shuffled trying to say the right words but instead was held back, trying to figure out what to say. One of her hands were sliding back and forth on her other arms, watching her made Kiyro slightly uncomfortable.

“It’s okay. I’m here. I’m all ears.” Kiyro gently said hoping the push would stop her from moving irritably.

“I need you to be opened minded.” Eve replied. She looked at him straight in his eyes accentuating on how important it was.

“I’m always open minded to new ideas.” Kiyro reassured her, now even more curious on what she had to say.

“I had a premonition.” Eve quickly replied, that Kiyro almost did not catch what she had stated.

“Excuse me?”

“A premonition. Basically a Perception of events before they happens. In other words a vision. I had a vision.” She clenched her teeth trying not to say the same phrase over again a third time. “I know. I’m the last person to have something strange, but I didn’t believe it too until it hit me.”

“Were you sleepy? Hallucination could hit when you didn’t have enough sleep.” Kiyro asked, making sure she wasn’t seeing things.

“No. I really had one. Come on Kiyro would you really hear something so crazy coming out from my mouth like this?”

Kiyro thought for a moment. She had a valid point. Every time something supernatural was brought up, she and Alex flatly denied it. “So what is it?”

“Okay,” she breathed in deeply and exhaled letting out all her worries. “It just hit me. I was just standing still for a moment when everything around me seem to abruptly stop and another place appeared before me like a whirlwind.” Her face darkened with worry. “I saw scarlet paint spilled all over a white floor. Dimly lit and broken lights, tinted windows on both sides as the scarlet paint look like it was smeared by dragging something on the ground. I specifically remember this horrible smell that it is really difficult to explain. I’m not sure where it all of a sudden came from it appeared and disappeared like a smoke.” She shivered.

“Was that all?”

“There was one more thing. I saw a very unusual mask. The mask was smiling with a five pointed black star underneath its left eye. It had a skull design on the whole mask What really got me was the feeling behind the mask, I have never felt so much hatred from it.”

Kiyro thought about it for a moment. For Agnis to spill out something that she was not comfortable in was surprising in itself.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to see something like that again. It’s creepy.” Agnis rubbed her arms and shivered once again. She was not comfortable in telling Kiyro what she saw.

“Hopefully it means nothing,” Kiyro replied. “Let’s go on ahead and meet up with others.”

“Yea. That would be a good idea. This college is nice and all, but I can’t seem to get rid of this uncomfortable feeling out of my mind. It’s like I’m on thin ice and I don’t know when it is going to break.”

“Wait, you been having that feeling too?” Kiyro asked. “I thought I was the only one feeling like that.”

“You too?” Eve eyes turned wide like a doe that was staring at a blinding light. “Since when? I been getting the feeling the moment we started saying those words out loud.”

“I felt uncomfortable since the moment we stepped on school grounds. I just can’t explain it, but I feel like we need to hurry up and get out of here.” Kiyro tried to shake off the feeling, but the feeling was intensifying every step they took.

“You’re starting to worry me. You do know we can feed off on each other’s emotions and blow it out of proportion. Let’s just say it’s all in our heads and get this over with.” Eve stuck closer to him when she gave such answer.

“Let’s go with that.” Trying to help calm Eve’s nerves.

They continued to walk towards their destination, winding through hallways, going through cafeterias, and even the school’s book store.

Through the whole walk Kiyro was curious about the whole ordeal. From getting an easter Egg that would open when it wanted to and a vision from someone like Eve. There were many things that made Kiyro wonder if there was possibly more to this quest. All he knew was that they needed to finish the quest to find that specific answer.

Kiyro and Eve suddenly stopped moving. Instead what they saw shocked both of them. What laid before them was the same exact scene that Eve had stated out. Scarlet red paint like liquid was smeared on the white floor. It was as if something heavy was pulled in the direction towards the dimly lit hallway with tinted windows on the side. Couple of lights flickered on and off like a horror scene as the buzzing sound could be heard.

Then a horrible stench hit them squarely in the face. Both Kiyro and Eve quickly covered their nose to block out the smell, but even still the smell did not go away.

Eve turned towards Kiyro in complete silence in shock. He could see in her face that she was deeply unnerved.

“Eve. Kiyro. What are you guys doing standing there?” Jack called out before them. He came up from behind and stopped beside them. “You guys okay?”

Jack looked down towards the ground where both of them were looking. “What the hell-”

Both Eve and Kiyro turned their head with worry on their face. They did not know where to begin.


<Alex aka BlackStar>

Alex sat patiently in the principal office. He wasn’t so hyped about punching the young man  in the face. In reality, he didn’t want to do it, but that young man did not let him go. Why were young adults these days so rude? He thought. Maybe it was just the younger generation getting more ignorant these days or possibly they just were not taught any manners.

He did not want the security to be called so he went along with the principal and arrived at the office. One way or another the quest asked for him to arrive at the principal’s office so he did not care how he got there.

At first when he received the first world quest he did it out of curiosity. There wasn’t much to it but delivering the trinket to a run down junkyard. The only problem was their were five pit bulls that were running around the area. Luckily for him, he didn’t get a single bite, but the dogs were a different story.

Alex shivered at the thought of the dogs that were chasing him relentlessly. He did not want to go through that whole ordeal again. Even though two out of the five were killed on the spot, the other three did not back down.Their foaming mouths that made them look like rabid dogs, the third and fourth one took a bit of time and he was able to lock them up in a car.

The last one was a different story, he wondered what the owner fed those dogs. He could still remember the dogs glistening red eyes, and ghastly blur like speed. For a moment throughout the chase, he thought the dog had shifted into a demon. It would growl an unearthly growl, corner him and spring traps that a normal dog couldn’t possibly know how to do.

Outsmarting the dog was a challenge, but it was not impossible. He was able to arrive to the destination of the target and leave before the dog could catch him. Remembering about the past gave him unwanted chills. In the end, he got a clue to what he wanted.

Alex was standing in front of the train station, waiting for the clue to arrive when he received the message for a call out. The quest was the hint to his question about the elusive Seed. These questions regarding the Seed was starting to bother him to the point where he was starting to have dreams about it.

He sighed and leaned backwards as he comfortably placed his head on the end of the chair. He had a slight headache that seem to not want to disappear today. In actuality the headache seemed to increase in the last couple minutes. Staring at the ceiling, he wondered why this whole mission was even given to him in the first place. Now he remembered; he was drinking a coffee when WhiteRose slipped it in his large stack of mission files he had to do. He should’ve paid a bit more attention when she came over, but he was too engrossed in reading his files to even pay attention to her.

She had a knack of giving him missions that she did not want to do, especially gaming. One day, he would get her back by dragging her into the game. The lame excuse of the game ruining her skin would be thrown out the window in seconds. He did not tolerate WhiteRose’s complaints like Fallen Angel. He spoiled her too much compare to others.

“Mr. Black. Please come to the office.” The secretary called out towards Alex  He got up and made his way through the opened door.

The elderly principal was sitting down with her hands crossed and stopped talking with the young man that Alex hit square in the face.

“Mr. Black. You’re here for one reason and you know what that reason is. When we get angry we do not use violence like savages even if the other person was in the wrong.” The principal said crossly. Her high pitch tone was making him have a worse headache.

He wished that she would stop talking. The concept of using violence did get a lot of things solved on the spot. It brought him to the principal’s office on the spot didn’t it, even though it did bring unwanted attention. The only problem was the annoyance that bothered him to the point where he had to use his fist.

“Because we are grown adults, I would like to solve this in a civil manner between two people.”

Alex’s headache was intensifying from the screech like sound her voice was giving. The droning on and on of her voice was so bad that even his vision was failing him. Everything was like a blur as her voice made things worse and worse. The excruciating headache got to the point where his head wanted to burst.

He stood up and shouted, “Enough!”

All of a sudden both the young man and the principal were roughly pushed back against the wall making a loud bang from impact. Both of them fell to the ground unconscious. Alex stared in complete shock. He did not know what had transpired and instead all he could do was gape at what laid before him.

Seed has been activated.

The first growth period of the Seed Sprout has been released. Seed skill Telekinesis has been learned.

Telekinesis or in other words Psychokinesis

Beginner level 1

Throughout the increasing migraines and headaches, your ability has finally been released allowing you to use the pent up stress in your head. A psychic ability allowing a person to influence a physical system without physical interaction. Can be used in real word and in game world. Requires a large amount of energy to activate the skill. Practice makes perfect!

No words could describe what had happened before him. He was too confused and lost in how he was able to pull such an ability out of thin air. The so called ability didn’t hit him until he finished reading the screen. He was the one that caused the unconsciousness of both the boy and the principal.

Stepping forward confused, he almost tripped on the wooden chair in front of him. Quickly correcting himself, the answer hit him. What he was looking for had finally been answered, but for what purpose? The answer was just as elusive as the first time he was searching for the Seed in the beginning.

Alex knew he needed to tell the higher ups, but at the same time he knew the mission did not end here. He sighed. Eve’s voice sounded off from his Alive gear.

“I’m in location.” Eve called out.

“Same,” said Jack in an irked voice “I’m in a damn female bathroom. What the hell. Let’s get this over with.”

“You serious?” Eve whispered and laughed. “Don’t get caught, pervert.

“I’m not trying to be one. Let’s hurry it up people.” Jack was peeved at where he was at.

“I’m in the maintenance room. It’s quite dark in here,” said Isabel.

“You guys are better off than me.” Alex voice over encompassed the others. “I’m in the principal office.”

“That’s not to bad,” replied Jack.

“I think I’m in trouble.”

“What happened?” Eve gasped. “You alright?”

“Got into a small fist fight.”

“You serious? You could’ve avoided all that.”

“I know, something happened where it was necessary to pull a few punches. It’s fine, I’ll get myself out of here today. Either way it seems almost all of us are ready. Who else are we missing?”

“Kiyro.” Eve called out. “Hey Kiyro. You there?”

“I’m here in a classroom. There is a class going on,” said Kiyro.

“Are you going to be fine over there?”

“Yea. Give me a moment.” Silence followed. “I’m ready. What next?”

“I’m not sure. We wait?”

“How much longer?” Jack asked impatiently. “I can’t stay here forever.” He whispered into the Alive gear.

“Same. I think I hear footsteps on my end,” Isabel voice was in a panic. “Come on…Yes! I got something.”


Please recite this word on the selenite.

“Inritus Irritus”

“Inritus Irritus,” said Alex stupefied.

“Ignis,” whispered Kiyro, trying not to bring attention.

“Sonus,” said Eve

“Ventus,” said Isabel.

“Aqua,” said  Will.

“Humus,” said Jack.

He could hear each person speak out their words simultaneously.

Alex quickly opened the door and left trying not to catch anyone’s attention. He completely failed to notice that his headache was gone.

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