Drezo Regalia V3 Ch. 3


Chapter 3
Moving shadows


July 17, 2054. Friday. 9:30 am.

“Beep. Beep. Beep.” The loud digital alarm went off. Kiyro reached over with his hands as he searched for the loud obnoxious alarm. With a couple of attempts he finally was able to silence it with a heavy downward force of his hand. The alarm clattered and fell to the side.

“Ugh,” he groaned. He was still tired from last night’s ordeal. Flashes of last night’s events were recalled in his mind, bringing him fully awake. He bolted upwards, and scanned around the room.

“When did I get in bed?” He checked his clothes and noticed that they were still the same as what he had worn last night.

“You’re finally awake.” Sylph chirped. The Embryo Alive glasses automatically turned on. A small holographic bird appeared before him on his lap. “I was wondering when you would finally get up. We got a lot of things to do today.”

Rubbing his eyes, Kiyro recalled every last thing that happened last night. The surreal events that seem to come out of a horror movie happened last night. The whole event felt like a dream that he did not know if what happened last night even happened at all.

“What are you waiting for? We’ve got to help speed up the next World Quest. Are you going to act stupid all day long?” Sylph chastised him.

“That was not a dream?” Kiyro whispered lightly under his breath. His mind was groggy from sleep.

“Did you say something? I couldn’t hear you. Speak up.”

“Last night wasn’t a dream right?” Kiyro stared intently down at Sylph waiting for an answer. “No wait. You bastard. You lied to me last night and left me without giving me a good reason.”  Kiyro angrily raised his hands towards Sylph and tried to grab him, but failed. His hands slipped through like butter.

“Kuhuhuhuh. I’m holographic.”

“I’ll get you for this.”

“You can try.” Sylph shrugged it off as if it was nothing. “Either way I was programmed to make it my top priority to complete the mission handed down to you. I had to use what I was given.”

“Don’t ever do that again. Next time if you pull such stunt I will find a way to get rid of your existence.” Kiyro’s hands popped and crackled.

“Deal. I knew it would only work once.” Sylph shook his head in understanding, but for some reason Kiyro didn’t believe he did. “But why do you think it’s a dream. Have you hit your head or something. Do you want me to personally replay the videos that happened last night? I recorded everything.”

“You recorded it?” Kiyro said surprised.

“Give me a second and I’ll pull it up.” Sylph tittered for a moment and blanked out. His eyes glazed over as he was searching for the necessary data. “Here it is. I made some quick edits so it’s a bit fast forward.” He came back to reality.

A holographic video appeared before Kiyro and played in real-time. The camera scanned around him, the sunlight slowly diminishing into the background and becoming night. Streetlight flickers on and lights the streetlight that was once off. Before him lay the empty playground where no insects sung their usual songs.The scene skips to him placing the stones in each location that the Alive gear has specified. Each time the scene changes and stopped to relive the moments.

The white cat appeared before him and meowed. One-by-one the cats increased in numbers and surrounded him as each rune stone was placed in its location. When he finally appeared at the final drop site, a couple of times static disrupted and made the reel flicker.

“Was that a power outage or electrical interruptions?” Kiyro asked.

“What do you mean?” Sylph looked at him confused. “Where?”

“Go back a couple seconds.” Kiyro directed and Sylph rewinded backwards towards the reel where the static flicker appeared.

“There. Stop.” Kiyro raised his hands. “Play it again from there.” The scene once again replayed where the screen created a disturbance in the video.

“What about it?” Sylph asked confused at what Kiyro was going on about.

“Didn’t you see it? There were humanoid shadows moving in the background and in that moment even the screen had static. I don’t think this is the only time. Play the rest and you will know what I mean.” Kiyro voice was full of worry. What happened last night was real, and what he saw was real. The video was the proof of the whole ordeal.

“I don’t see what you are talking about. I think you are going slightly insane from yesterday’s ordeal. Seeing shadows and stuff.” Sylph huffed and rolled his eyes.

“I’m not. Zoom in and clarify the picture on the top left.”

“Come on. There is nothing there.”

“Just do it.” Kiyro pointed towards the area that he wanted Sylph to zoom in and make the image clear.

“Fine.” Sylph grumbled. The screen zooms in and amplified a dozen times. In the background near the edge, a human male silhouette barely became visible. “Am I seeing things?”

“No. I’m seeing it just as clearly as you are.”

“That’s a man. How is he transparent? Is the government making a new technology?”

“Could be, but I’m not so sure it’s possible yet. It’s a little weird. Don’t you see it’s like they’re transparent but you can see a dark shadowy silhouette. If they were making something invisible wouldn’t it make sense that they would want to disappear all the way?”

“That’s true.” Sylph paused for a moment and paced back and forth. “Wait.”

Sylph stopped and pulled up the same video and faced forward to all the other spots in the video where there were static. Each time he checked and amplified, he found different silhouettes of the shadow man that were present almost off screen from the reel. Only once near the end of the clip where Kiyro was speaking out loud there was a full image of the shadow man that was clear as day.

The face was captured clearly even though it was transparent. A human male stared back with full of anger and hatred. His lips were curled in a snarl and he seemed to carry some kind of weapon on his waist which Kiyro believed it could be a sword. Kiyro shivered when he stared at the picture. The man’s eyes were completely black with no irises. Claw like hands were outstretched towards Kiyro, coming down with the intention to rend him in half.

“I don’t believe this.” Sylph said with complete loss. Where did all these shadow people come from?” There were more than fifteen different images of the shadow people out for Kiyro and Sylph to see.

“I don’t know, but I’m not liking where this is going less and less.” Kiyro replied. He leaned back on the wall on his bed.

“It seems you were telling the truth.”

“Well, it’s over and done with. I need some answers. Do you think you can find something about this on the website?”

“Let me check.” Sylph eyes glazed over while he was accessing the information.

Kiyro sighed in relief that he was not insane. The captured footage proved to him that this was not a lie, but at the same time more question popped in his head. What is the world hiding? He thought. How much more?

He didn’t know where to begin to search for answer of the shadow people. There were already too many questions, and answers that was not easily answered. He wondered if Eve had received a Real Live World Quest as well.

“Okay. I think I got something,” said Sylph. He came back to reality and pulled up another holographic web image. “I’m going to save the images and fade out your face. You don’t mind if I post it online right?”

“No, I don’t mind. I too would like to see what other people would say.”

“Well then, I’m going to place it on on the 1111 website and the forum.” Sylph had begun to surf through the internet once again.

“Why the 1111 website?”

“They seem to be asking for video submissions for the Real world Quest and you get paid if they use your video. I thought you might be needing some money.”

“And how do you know this?” Kiyro folded his arms.

“Looked over your spendings.”

“Wait. Wait. Back up. You did what?” Kiyro asked appalled. He did not like where this was going.

“Just a small background check.”

“Its called a felony and you go to jail for that.”

“Not if you don’t get caught,” Sylph winked and smiled.

“That’s true but you’ve been caught red handed. You just stated what you did.”

“Yep, but there is no proof. So you can’t do anything.”

“Why you little…” Kiyro stopped himself. What he said was the truth. This little imp was seriously giving him a headache. “Don’t do unnecessary things without my permission.”

“Fine. If you are done grumbling, I’ll be going with the plan and upload it. Kapish?”

Kiyro waved his hands, letting Sylph go ahead with the plan. He actually was antsy for a possible reply from the 1111. Making the video popular, he might be able to gain some kind of answer from different people that might know the answer to the questions he was looking for.

“With that being done, I did find some interesting video files that have some of the quest recorded. Majority of the people who had uploaded their videos don’t have anything happening. There are very rare cases where something unusual did happen, but not as over-the-top like yours. I found a couple of the videos have some kind of orbs that looks like will-o-wisps that were floating around the players. Let me show you.”

A video reel automatically gets pulled up and was brought in front of Kiyro. A young boy, the age of twelve was standing in front of a house. His short brown hair and round face scrunched with worry. His short pants, and t-shirt was covered lightly in dirt making him look like he tripped and fell. The boy pushes the door open, and he stood on the side peeking through. His breath brought out a puff of steam and disappeared into thin air. With weary steps, the young boy worriedly went forward into the dark house.

“He’s breaking and entering.” Kiyro whispered.

“Shhh. He’s not. Its an abandoned house.”

“It looks too new to be abandoned. Are you sure?”


As the young boy walked into the dark house, the wooden floor creaked softly underneath his foot. Only dim lighting from the moonlight cast its lights through the window allowing the boy to see around him. There were a few pieces of furniture leftover from the previous occupants covered with white sheets. Broken wooden chairs littered in the vicinity making it slightly difficult to maneuver around.

The light dimmed made the place a bit more difficult to see for Kiyro. Small green orbs appeared from the ground and floated around the young boy. One-by-one more and more appeared, already a good handful moved around him like fireflies.

“Fireflies?” The boy spoke in confusion. His worried face slowly released and turned into a smile. The green orbs danced around him whizzing past his head and body like rockets. It was a bit difficult to keep track of darting orbs, and its sporadic movements was making Kiyro have a slight headache.

The scene fades out and switches over to the boy in a room. In front of him, he had a chalk in hand and was drawing a large magical circle that encompassed his whole body. It was a five pointed star inside a circle. In the middle of the star there was a triangle shape and a eye-like design. With the finishing touches, he picked up the chalk and placed it down on the floor.

Rummaging through his pocket, five small tea candles were brought forth and placed on each end of the star. Next he brought out a lighter, and began to chant a strange poem.

“Five points on a star. The first to bring forth warmth is fire,” the boy lights the top point of the star and went clockwise. “Then, the stable mother earth is called forth to protect our surroundings. The blessed metal that shapes and brings up the structure of the place. Then the water that cleansed the land to purify the unclean land and bring it back whole. Finally to bring back everything into a circle, the wood that brings forth life is asked to close the circle.”

The young boy sits back and pockets the lighter. He clasps his hands and closed his eyes. A language that he never been heard before left the boy’s mouth. It made Kiyro’s hair stand up as he flinched in startlement.

“What?” Kiyro asked.

“Tongues,” said Sylph.

“Tongues? You mean human tongues?”

“No. What the boy is speaking is a language that is new to him. A language that humans don’t understand. I could not find a single database where it sounds anything like what he’s saying now. It sounds like gibberish, and I can’t help but think it is. It seems from the comments people are stating it’s Tongues.”

Tongues? Why? Kiyro thought. “How can someone talk another language that they do not know?”

Sylph shrugged not knowing the answer. “That’s something even I can not answer.”

Around the boy, once again green orbs appeared. Their erratic motions were calmed down and instead danced around him as if they were protecting him in his trance. The fire flickered and waned. Around the young boy, outside the circle, humanoid shadows prowled around him like a jaguar waiting for its prey to falter. Every time the shadows tried to jump into the circle, the green orbs furiously fought back. Each time they connected with one another, the green orbs created holes in their bodies making them look like swiss cheese.

“It’s the shadows again.” Kiyro pointed out. “Stop for a moment. Look.” He pointed out. “They’re even there.”

“That’s peculiar. I wondered if the footage has been tampered with.” Sylph was pruning his feathers, and he looked up to see. “Nope. All clean. Not a single tampering.”

“Really? No computer graphics added on to it by hand?”

Sylph shook his head. “It’s in its original format. Went to look at where the footage was pulled out at. It seems another A.I named Bom was recording the whole process.”

“I’m guessing Bom is another being like you. That has been hand picked from the game to be our guides.”

“Yep. But not everyone has one. Through all the recordings that I have seen so far, most of the camera angles are all in first person real time recording. A third person recording needs an A.I’s help to get it into such view.”

“Then why have you come to me exactly?”

“Well about that. I have been told that certain people who were given the real world quest will have a difficult time completing the quest. So with that being said, a guide was sent to help. I personally think it’s a waste of time. From my intel that I have collected so far, already ten percent of the A.I have failed to help complete their quest. In which case those quests can be picked up and done again, but each time it fails it becomes twice as hard to complete than the last time. I’m not sure how that is possible.”

“I’m not sure either, but look. There are things here that had not happened in my quest. Green orbs. Candle lighting, drawing circles, and even these ghostly looking orbs. What are they? They remind me of spirits.”

“If these supernatural occurrences have been happening on the video, I think I need to search for a whole different meaning behind it.” Sylph paused for a moment. He fluttered on Kiyro’s shoulder and rested. “Here we go. Orbs of transparent balls of light are usually seen during the night and are captured on footage. Some state that they are spirits, others energy, but since the increased use of digital cameras the sighting of these orbs has increased. Majority are caught on camera and they are usually glass, mirrors, metal, dust, pollen, lint, moisture, snow, hair, or even insects.”

“There is barely any lighting, so most of the things that you stated will be off the list. The orbs seems to glow without any light source. Where was this video even captured?”

“Parma, Italy.”

“That’s literally across the sea. Are there any more like these?”

“Tokyo, Japan. Seoul, Korea. Giza, Egypt. London, England. Rio, Brazil. Mexico city, Mexico. Toronto, Canada. Jerusalem, Israel. Moscow, Russia. Baghdad, Iraq. Mumbai, India. Beijing, China. These are the cities that have something appear in their quest recording so far. The quest is not even finished yet, but it seems every 200 there is one with either a large amount of shadow human, orbs, animals, or bugs appearing in front of them.” Each time Sylph said the name of the cities a different footage were brought up in front of him. “It seems like the Eleven hour game website  has picked up on this as well. It seems they’re going to be doing a special series on the quests that have some kind of supernatural things going on.”

All the footage disappeared and the Eleventh hour game website was pulled up in front of him. A special announcement was displayed in front of the welcome window. Four dices rolled and stopped perfectly in ones.


Eleventh hour webshow for all viewers who are interested in the Virtual reality games.
We have a special announcement on our next show. It is all about the Real World quest: Alpha divisions. We will be looking specifically into some rare footages that stands out from the rest of the common individual quests. A complete real life supernatural event that will blow you off your feet that has been happening world wide. By the end of this week’s quest we will have a live broadcast around the eleventh hour at night. We will see you around that time.


Kiyro’s curiosity piqued, he too wondered what they will say about the other quests that had some very unusual events that had been taking place. “Can you set up an alarm notification for that date. I would like to see it.”

“Done. I’ll take it further than that and bring up the video on display wherever you are near a TV.”

“Fine with me. But wait a second. What happened to the boy who was chanting in tongues?”

“Just like you he succeeded. All the other footages that I have shown you are the ones that have successfully completed it as well.”

“Then what about the one’s that have failed?”

“That is a bit difficult to explain. It seems that none have been recorded or it has been deleted. All the other A.I’s have been destroyed with the process.” Sylph said with worry. He paced back and forth deep in thought. Kiyro was a bit troubled about Sylph’s statement.

“How?” Kiyro asked in a low gasp of surprise. He didn’t expect to hear such outcome.

“Someone got to the Alive gear first before it could be uploaded. Without the permission of the player it can not be uploaded. Majority of them were wiped clean by a virus. This could spell trouble for the higher ups.”

“Ding!” A loud message alerted Kiyro.

“It seems you got a message from Demon Fox.”

“Demon Fox? Demon Fox! Quickly pull that message up!” Kiyro sat bolt upright.

The message appeared in front of him.


To: Zero and One
It’s been a long time. Has it been over three years? Times sure does fly. I have a client that has a specific mission that needs to be completed. It is a Rank B class and in your area. For someone like you, it shouldn’t be too difficult. The payment is $250 now and the other $350 will be hand-delivered to you at a certain place. Send me a recording to this email. Once you accept this mission the money will be deposited in the usual safe box that we have established in the next hour. Depending on your success, I’ll possibly have more coming your way this week and more in the future.
The mission requires you to go to a certain location to get the rest of the details. If you agree to this mission, go to the location that will be sent to you after you close this message. The time limit to arrive to your destination is in three hours from now.
I know you are able to complete this perfectly like how you always do. I’m hoping either you or your brother will be able to complete this mission.
Demon Fox


“Demon Fox?” Sylph asked. He stretched his neck to read the rest of the message.

“My superior from Danketsu Ryu. He doesn’t usually give out missions to people who have temporarily left the group. This must be important if he sent this message. I’m assuming there is a high chance that I would be meeting my brother. He should’ve gotten the same message a moment ago as well.” Kiyro replied in excitement.

“Danketsu Ryu? Do you mean the academy that you have attended for you martial arts training?”

“Yes.” Kiyro pulled the blanket off him and quickly changed into his clothes. A simple t-shirt that hugged his chest and black jeans.

“I’m assuming your Zero and One is your brother?” Sylph flew over to the desk.

“Yea. We had a fight over who will take Zero and who will take One. I won on that one and the nickname has been stuck with me till today.” Kiyro replied, while putting one hand through the sleeves. “We need to go now.” He said in a rush.

“So quickly? You have six hours.”

“Kyle might get there earlier than me and try to duck out of meeting me. It would be best if I get there as soon as possible before he does and wait on him. Send me the location of the spot.” He said while stumbling over putting on his black jeans.

“This is the only clue I have that could possibly lead me to my brother. I don’t have time to dwaddle.” Kiyro picked up the Alive gear and a bluetooth head phone in a rush. He jogged out, grabbing an apple from the fruit basket.

A message appeared before him showing him the location. It was located at the train station at Five Points, where all the other train stops converged allowing the passengers to go to east, west, south, or north of their choices.

“This is going to take an hour to get there.” Kiyro was anxious to get to the location as quickly as possible.

“The bus will be arriving in the next minute. There it is. It’s pulling up,” said Sylph. He landed on Kiyro’s shoulder. “I’ll be going back into the Alive gear and talk with you through the bluetooth earphones.”

Kiyro turned on the headphones that were wrapped around his neck. Sylph disappeared and instead appeared in the lens of his Alive gear. He moved around, making it his home.

“I thought this would make you look less crazy. Having a talking bird flying next to you would be considered strange.”

“Are you sure. Talking to myself would be considered mental.”

“You are always like that. So it’s alright.”

“Whenever I am with you, you make me look mental.” Kiyro rolled his eyes.

“Bus is here.”

The bus stopped with a screech and opened its door. Kiyro quickly walked up the stairs and tapped his card against the machine. He made his way to the closest seat, and made himself comfortable.

“Time limit to the bus station is about thirty minutes,” said Sylph. “Hopefully your brother won’t be there before we do?”

“I hope so. Wake me up when we get there.” Kiyro folded his arms, and leaned back. His head slightly leaned to the side near the window supporting his head.

“No problem. I’ll wake you up with a blast.” Sylph chuckled. “I know the perfect tune too.”

Kiyro ignored him and took a light nap. He needed all the rest he could get.




“We are arriving at Five points.” A female’s voice loudly spoke out through the microphone. An annoying static like sound followed after making Kiyro cringe.

Kiyro got up from his seat and headed over towards the door. “Don’t you dare blast that rooster crowing crap in my ears,” he threatened Sylph.

“What are you talking about? I have done my job perfectly. If you had slept any longer you would have stayed on the bust till it left.”

“That’s not the problem. You blew up my ear. I thought I would be hearing nothing but a high pitch buzzing sound for awhile now.” Kiyro tapped his ears with his hands. “Luckily the sound is gone.”

“What’s done is done. The location where we need to come up to is up the stairs and right around the corner.”

The door opened, streams of people went out and just as many came back in. Kiyro power-walked, went into a jog, and finally sprinted the rest of the way. He did not want to miss a single second to miss the chance to meet his brother.

“We’re here,” said Sylph.

“Where?” Kiyro breathed in deeply trying to steady his rapid heart.

“You’re in front of it. Turn around towards the wall.”

“The wall?” Kiyro did what he was told. There was a large poster that had a white  rabbit in a triskele pattern on a black background.

“Ding.” A notification for a message appeared before him.


Hey Zero,
I’m so glad that you have decided to take on the mission. It seems your brother has as well. I’m surprised he would have taken the mission. The last time I remembered him stating that he would not do anymore. He seemed a bit strange when he left that day. Anyways, because he arrived there first, he would be taking on a different task. His specialities do lie in some other areas.  With that being said, someone will be coming by to give you all the information you need. Stay underneath the poster so the person knows who you are. I’ll look forward to your success. Also the payment has been sent to you in the usual drop spot.
Demon Fox


“He was here.” Kiyro said with disappointment. He wasn’t too sure if he was a tad bit too late or Kyle was already an hour ahead. Kiyro desperately looked around the area to see if he could possibly get a glimpse of his brother, but even then, the amount of people that past by made it difficult to locate.



“I need you to send Demon Fox a message. Now.”

“What would you like me to write to him?”

“Ask him what time my brother came to this spot and if Demon Fox has a moment to talk. Also tell him my number is still the same.”

Kiyro’s email was brought up, and Sylph began typing up the message that Kiyro had wanted him to write.


“You think he would call you?”


“Why not call him instead?”

“That’s the problem. I can’t. He uses temporary number when it comes to missions. I also lost the old number when I dropped my phone in the toilet and it deleted all my old numbers.”

“Wait. Usually the phones save all those information on the web. How?”

“Lost password and forgot my mother’s old email. She was the one who set it up.” Kiyro bluntly stated. “It was a family plan. Not only that, I had difficulties getting most of my friends’ numbers, but getting my teacher’s number is a bit more difficult. I haven’t called Danketsu Ryu main office in three years.”

“Wow. I never expected the school to be so different. There is a huge contrast between the main location and the other branches.” Sylph pulled up pictures of the Danketsu Ryu’s main office. There were only pictures of the exterior of the place, each building did not seem out of place. The buildings were a mixture of modern and traditional Japanese buildings. Plants, trees, and shrubs were neatly trimmed and kept neat. There were pictures of the natural scenery of the surrounding forest and streams.

Students working out and training in the dojo, fishing, and even eating together in a large cafeteria. It was almost like a private college where different students from different parts of the world come together to learn and grow.

“Yea. That’s just the pictures. If you actually lived there it’s a completely different world. I actually missed that place. It has training facilities that you would be surprised to see.”

“I’ll give them a call.” Within seconds Sylph searched through the internet and found the business number for Danketsu Ryu Academy of Martial Arts. “Though I’m not sure if he’ll pick up. Is he someone that just teaches there?”

“No. He runs the place with his sister. I heard it’s a family run business. If I remember correctly they’re second generation owners.”

The phone rang for a couple of seconds and a female voice answered the call. “Thank you for calling Danketsu Ryu Academy of Martial Arts. How may I help you?”

“um…” Kiyro was caught off guard by the lady picking up the call.

“Come on. Go ahead and talk.” Sylph whispered in his ears so that only he could hear.

“I’m looking for Demon Fox. I mean Grand Master Axis Aurelius.”

“I’m sorry to inform you, but he is busy at the moment. Would you like to leave him a message?” She replied sweetly.

“Yes. Can you inform him that Zero has called him.”

“Zero?” She paused slightly confused. Kiyro heard a voice call out towards the lady. “Please hold on a moment.” The line went quiet.

“It seems the lady doesn’t even know who you are. Are you sure you went to this Academy?” asked Sylph.

“I did. I never heard her before. Probably a new hire.”


“I’m sorry for the hold,” the lady spoke out once again. “Grandmaster Axis is on the other line. Please give me a moment.”

The line switches over. A young man’s voice which was rich in sound called out towards Kiyro in a joyful tone. “Kiyro. I’m surprised you called. I just received your message. How have you been doing?”

“Fairly well. I’ll be starting college soon. I had some question regarding Kyle.”

“Kyle? Is something wrong?”

“Well to be more exact, he’s been missing and when you just sent me the message that Kyle has accepted the mission that you had sent out I was wondering if you had any contact with him.”

“No. Today was the only day that he has accepted the mission sent to him. I was surprised just as much as you to hear that he was not in contact with you for so long.”

“Did he say anything to you? And what kind of mission did you send him on?”

“Nothing. Ah wait, he did send me a simple message stating that the gates are closing and to be ready. Also you should already know that giving out other people’s mission is considered a taboo.”

“I’m sorry. It’s just it’s my brother.” Kiyro sighed and he raised his hands to pull back his hair. “And what do you mean the gates are closing?” Kiyro walked towards the wall and leaned against it.

“Yes. It would be best if we talk face-to-face, but lately I’ve been busy so it would be better if we set up a day to meet. Would next week Friday be alright with you at one of the Danketsu Ryu branch schools? I’ll be there all day.”

“Okay. I’ll see you Friday next week.”

“If I get anything more about your brother I’ll tell you by then.”


“No problem. Are you sure you don’t want to come back any time soon?”

“I’ll think about it and give you an answer by Friday.”

“That would be wonderful. I’ll be hoping to hear your answer by then.”

“Yes, sir.”

The phone line disconnects between the two and Kiyro sighed with disappointment.

“The gates are closing? Was that all he had to say. Why doesn’t he send me any messages?” He curled up his fist and punched the wall in anger.

“You do know if you hit the wall any harder, the wall is going to win,” said Sylph. “On the bright side, now you know a couple of things. First off your brother is alive. Second he’s doing a different quest than yours. Third, he must be on some kind of mission or on the run. Why else would he be so secretive.”

“That is true. What the hell did my brother get himself into?” Kiyro’s eyebrow was crumpled with worry. He started to go back to his old habit of tearing his nails one-by-one.


A new mission has been sent to you by an unknown user. The continuation of the Real World Hidden Quest: Alpha Division individual quest has been initiated.


Real World Hidden Quest: Alpha Divisions individual quest
You have been given another quest by an unknown user. This quest has been confirmed to be transferred over to Zero. The quest cannot be given to any other person anymore. The chance of it being sent to another player can be done only once. Because the quest has been partially completed and transferred over to another player, the time limit has been cut down to six hours remaining. A automatic call out to the nearest groups of players have been sent to your location.
To begin the quest form a party of six to initiate the quest. When all six players have been assembled, the next step will be sent to all parties automatically.
Total Individual quest that needs to be completed 3333 world wide.  1320/3333 completed at this time.Time Limit: Six hours.

Quest Level: B

Reward: Depends on your completion of the quest. Each individual party members will be different.


“What? How? Did I just miss the person and what’s a call out?” Kiyro read the quest with confusion.

“I didn’t see anyone either.” Sylph searched around him trying to find anyone suspicious but found nothing. “Now you are like a sitting duck with a red neon sign saying here I am. That’s what a call out is.”

“What!?” Kiyro spoke a little too loudly. People turned their heads towards him and gave him a strange look. He pretended to look busy and whispered back. “Where?”

“It seems a some of the players took the bait and are heading this way.” Sylph pulled up an map of the area and highlighted them in red.

“Who are they?” Kiyro hands inched towards his pocket where his knife laid. “I can’t believe the mission was a game quest. Who in their right mind would request this quest to become a mission.”

“You got two coming from your right, one in front of you, and another two on your left.”

When Kiyro glanced out into the distance, he noticed over the heads of the people that took the bait had a diamond shaped icon over their heads. They were coming closer and closer.

On his right, he noticed the girl he had met at the grocery store. She was short female with glasses. Her short hair was cut to her chin. If he was to give her a rating of looks, she was very adorable. She was wearing leggings with a light green one-piece dress. She was smiling next to the guy who was walking with her. In that instant he remembered her. It was Isabel.

Next to her was a college aged male. Kiyro couldn’t help but feel like he saw the guy’s face in the game of Growth but he didn’t remember where and when. Compared to the short girl, he looked like a giant standing next to her. His style of clothing reminded him the popular male fashion trend in korea. His hair was dyed light orange, while the back of his head was brown. A gold pair of cuff earrings glinted, his clothes were neat and tidy wearing a collared shirt with a vest and black pants. Girls chattered and turned towards him with interest.

They arrived in first and headed straight towards Kiyro.

“Oh! Hi. We meet again.” Isabel waved at him with a cheerful attitude. “Are you the one who sent out the message to do a quest?”

Kiyro slowly nodded his head.

Isabel held out her hand and smiled. “This is William or you could call him Will. Everyone knows him as Aldran from Hercules guild. I’m from the same guild too.”

Kiyro took her hand and gently shook it. “Its nice meeting you again.” He let her hand go and turned towards Will and shook his hand. “My name is Kiyro. I go by the name Zero.”

Isabel smiled showing her teeth. Her contagious chirpy attitude put Kiyro at ease.

“You’re the Aldran?”

“Yes. Nice to meet you.” Will pulled out his hands to shake his. “We noticed your shout out to form a party. Do you mind if we join?”

“Sure. Give me a moment.”

“I’m already on it. Sent an invite to them.” Sylph whispered in his ears. “I’m going to watch from the sidelines.”

“Oh! Is this the so called Real World Hidden quest: Alpha Division. I so wanted to try it out.” Isabel squealed in delight. “Check it out Will. It’s so cool. Didn’t you just complete yours yesterday?”

“Yes.” Will nodded. Both Isabel and Will agreed to join in on the quest. “I feel like I heard your name from somewhere. I just can’t remember exactly.”

“I met you before during the raid. I was that fox looking creature.”

“Wait, you were that cute fox?” Isabel cuts-in in excitement. “I was so jealous when I heard that the other girls got to touch your fur.” She stopped for a moment and giggled. “That came out so weird.”

Kiyro couldn’t help but chuckle.

“Ah, now I remember. I watched you fight. It was quite a feat,” said Will. “Are you by any chance interested in joining my guild? It would be fun having someone like you join my guild.”

“I’m going to pass for now. Let me think about it for awhile and I’ll get back to you on it,” Kiyro replied.

“It would be great if you do. Do you mind if I register you as a friend?”


Both Kiyro and Will each had their personal game name registered into their friends lists.

“Kiyro?” A familiar voice called out towards him.

Kiyro turned around and was surprised to see Eve with a guy walking towards him. Eve was wearing a white blouse with a pretty feathered necklace. Her short black pants showed off her long legs and she was wearing high top boots that covered up to her knee. Her blue hair swayed side-to-side as she chatted with an older male next to her. The man next to Eve was a european looking man. He looked like he was in his late twenties. His muscles were finely toned, and he had no facial hair growing on him. His yellow hair was slicked back, and he was comfortably dressed.

“It’s Kiyro. What are you doing here? Wait, were you the one that sent out the party invite to the quest?” Eve walked up to him.

Kiyro nodded without answering.

“It was you. Oh wow, what are the chances?” Eve cracked an angelic smile. “I’ll be glad to join.”

“Hi.” Isabel interrupted the conversation between the two. “I’m Isabel and this is Will. We’re from Hercules guild. You are?”

“Oh, I’m sorry where are my manners. I’m Eve, and the guy who is next to me is Jack. We both came here because we got a call out to form a party. I was interested in what the quest was going to be about and thought I would like to try it out.”

“Jack? You don’t mean the dwarf Jack?” asked Kiyro. He was remembering the dwarf blacksmith that asked him to help him out in melting a stone.

“Yes. That Jack.”

Jack waved his hello. “I’m glad to meet you once again. I didn’t expect to see you out here in such way.”

“Same,” said Kiyro.

“If you don’t mind. I’d like to friend you?”

“Sure. I was thinking about getting your contact info as well.”

“I want to as well,” chirped Isabel in excitement. “Sweet more friends.”

Their contacts were quickly exchanged from person to person.

“I remember you,” said Will towards Eve. “You were next to Zero when we had that friendly bet. You look similiar to your avatar even in the game world. It’s just your hair color is a bit different.”

“I could say the same about you. You’re Aldran right?” asked Eve.


“It’s nice to meet you. I didn’t expect the leader of Hercules guild to be in Georgia.”

“I do live in Atlanta,” said Will. “We were also going out to eat lunch when we got an unexpected call to do a quest. We thought we would check it out.”

“Would you guys like to get something to eat before we start this quest?” said Isabel. Her stomach grumbled loudly for everyone to hear. She turned scarlet and casted her gaze down onto the floor.

“Sure, why not. I was getting hungry,” said Jack.

“Same,” replied Kiyro and Eve.

“Then let’s get something to eat. I know a good place to go and grab something quick. We can go and conversate about the quest there.”

“Sounds like a plan,” replied Jack.

“Wait. I still need one more person to join our group before we can leave. It needs six people including myself. We only have five to begin with. There was one more who took the call and is headed towards us.”

“Really?” said Eve. “Where?” She tiptoed to look for next possible candidate. “I don’t see anyone.”

“He should be here.” Kiyro glanced around trying to find the diamond shape icon around him.

“Zero? Agnis?” said a familiar male voice.

Kiyro stepped past them to see where the voice came from.

A young man in his mid-twenties stepped forward behind a group of people. He was about the same size as Kiyro. His brown hair was styled nicely in a way that fit well with his outfit: a blue jeans with an unbuttoned collared shirt. Underneath his shirt was a black hugging top that stuck to him like glue.

“Alex?” said Eve with a surprised tone.

“Yes?” A deep voice was called out towards them.

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