Drezo Regalia V3 Ch.5


Chapter 5
Memoir of the past


What stood before them was the liberal arts college where the sweeping trees, the vast expanses of green and the classic Gothic architecture blended in with the Midwestern-style houses that were present on campus. The campus was like a maze of cloisters, archways and pathways the interwove with one another making it look like an ancient medieval era town.

Kiyro had seen many college campuses before and they were vastly different. The only thing that differentiated this campus from the others was the canopy like trees that were displayed at the entrance way and lead towards the main building. It was a beautiful display of green foliage that was not seen as often. The trees were not forced to grow a certain way, and instead they grew naturally over time. To him, he felt the land and the building seemed old and alive.

A place of constant movement of energy and peace, an area that felt there was something present, something old and powerful. He did not know what but knew he needed to be on alert.

“So beautiful,” Eve spoke out breaking the silence between the group. “I wouldn’t mind going to school here.”

“Me too.” Isabel agreed with Eve’s statement. “I wonder what’s school like living here.”

“I’m not sure, but it could be interesting.”

They took a step forward, and every single one of them received a message simultaneously on their Alive gear.


Real World Hidden Quest: Alpha Division individual quest
You have been given a quest by an unknown user. This quest has been transferred over to Zero. This quest cannot be given to any other person anymore. Because the quest has been partially completed and transferred over to another player, the time limit has been cut down to six hours remaining. An automatic call out to the nearest group of players has been accomplished and all six players are present. Each player has bought a selenite at the Fire and Ice Bookstore. There are three parts to this quest.
1st head over to the designated room to find a hidden message.2nd each individual player will go to each specific location on their respective map.

3rd Speak the ancient name of the elements.
Total Individual quest that needs to be completed 3333 worldwide. 1453/3333 completed at this time.
Time Limit: Two hours out of six left

Quest Level: B

Reward: Depends on your completion of the quest. Each individual party member will be different.

“What an odd quest. Speak the ancient name of the elements? Which one is it talking about?” Jack spoke out loud. He scratched his head trying to find the answer to the question. “Is it talking about the dead languages, or english?”

“Could be anything,” said Isabel. Her face became pinker the more she smiled and spoke.

“We can figure that part out when we get to it. Let’s go find this hidden message,” replied Eve. She pulled on Kiyro’s arm to hurry him up. She was excited about having her first real live quest. Kiyro on the other hand was on alert. The last quest had put him on edge, and to see the level of the quest to be a B meant that there were something more to the quest that he would normally need to be wary around.

Even shadow men were not enough. What else could be there that would top it off? Kiyro silently beat himself up for thinking such a thought. He knew better than to think that there weren’t things out there that could be more than normal.

Kiyro’s group walked through the college campus as if they belonged their. Eve and Jack livened up the situation by talking about random everyday TV shows, while Isabel and Will were talking amongst themselves about guild matters. Alex and Kiyro were the only two who did not speak as much with their conversation. He caught glimpses of Alex winking at passing girls, he could hear their giggles as they passed by.

Pushing the front door open, they walked into the building. Security in the college was a lot more lax than other colleges that he went to. It wasn’t difficult to blend in with the surrounding students without being out of place. A majority of the students looked around their age so the only person that would stand out a bit was Jack and maybe Alex, but nobody took much noticed except the squealing girls that seemed to swoon every time they made eye contact with Alex.

“It seems the location that we need to go to is the library. What could be in a library that we all need to go and check out?” Jack quietly whispered to the group as they headed inside the large double door. Upon opening the door, an old papery smell wafted through my nose. It was not a terrible smell, but it was a smell one doesn’t forget.

“Take a right. It seems it’s in the nonfiction section. Oh look. There is a small glass room up ahead. It seems to be taking us over there.” Isabel pointed towards their destination. They quietly made their way towards the small glass room without disturbing the studious students that were studying.

While walking through, Kiyro’s keen ears heard the whispering of a couple of students behind one of the aisles. Two students were talking with one another with a book covering their mouths.

“Did you hear? The appearance of the lady has happened again in the clock tower,” said the male student.

“You serious? Are you sure it is not some kind of prank?” The female student said with a bit of fear in her voice.

“No. I even witnessed it first hand as well.”

“No way. So the rumors are true that this school is haunted. Then what my friends are saying is true? If you walk down the female dorm corridor at 3 am at night you will hear a crying baby.” Her voice squeaked with fright.

“I don’t know, I’m not liking this. Lately the sightings of these supposed ghost have been going out of control. I’m not so sure if it’s true or fake. Let’s not talk about it anymore. It gives me the creeps.”

“Yea.” The students voice faded off into the distance and silence followed after.

Kiyro was skeptical of what he had just heard, but he kept the information in the back of his mind.

Isabel was the first one to open the door. Upon opening the door in the middle of the room was a table and a couple of chairs. Around the interior of the walls were small book shelves lined with different mythical stories and religions.

“What are we even looking for?” Jack walked around the room, picking through shelves for answers.

“Not sure.” Alex replied, “It could be some kind of small trinket or some recording devices.”

“Maybe some form of digital chip or possibly a handwritten note?”

“You kidding me right? A handwritten note you jest. You think they would go to a location just to put a paper here? Why so much effort for one thing?” Alex asked baffled by the statement.

“It’s just a thought. Plus the company has money to spend. Why not?” Jack shook his head in disagreement with Alex.

“Look before you guys go into a full disagreement we should-” Kiyro was interrupted by Eve’s sudden shake of his shoulder. He turned around to see a life-size holographic image of Dion in his prime days appeared before Kiyro, Will, Eve, Alex, Jack, and Isabel in full size. It flickered on and off like an old static TV and eventually it became clear and solid.

“Hello. My name is Dion.” Dion bowed before them. “This is a recording of my past self. I’m glad that an Adventurer has found this recording. How do I know this is an adventurer? It’s because only an Adventurer would be able to unlock this message. I had made this in the event of someone finding the Oculus-Morpheus. I was lucky to find one of these valued treasures that record events. I’m not sure who or what made this, but its value is exponential for the use in Noriene. The amount of images that we could record and possibly help advance our society. Though I must say, I have still not figured out how to reproduce such creation. One day, maybe I’ll find the creator of this Oculus-Morpheus.”

“Is he who I think he is?” Jack pointed towards the holographic Dion.

“Yep. He’s the vampire that attacked the city during the in game world quest,” Eve silently whispered leaned towards him to whisper into his ears.

“Oh,” he mouthed quietly. “What’s he doing here?”

Eve shrugged not knowing the answer and the rest quietly listened to the recording.

“I have a warning to the Adventurers in the world of Earth and Noriene,” said Dion.

“Wait Earth? How does he know?” said Jack confused.

Eve nudged him to stay quiet.

“I’m already imagining your surprised face. I expected such reactions. You are wondering how I know this? For centuries I have found small disturbances that lead me to believe that the Adventures have not been born in the world of Noriene but brought forth from another universe by the gods. I have even found ancient messages that took a long time to decipher that there is a world called Earth.” He paused to breathe, and continued onwards, “When the world of Noriene called for a hero, you Adventurers were brought here. From their descendants, mixed with our people, new generations of powerful Adventurers were born.”

The scene in the background of Dion changed to a lush green field that was once where Lilith and Samael had their wedding. His eyes cast off into the distance reminiscing the past.

“The heros of the past have all passed away, but there have been some strange rumors that one or two of them is still alive. From what I have remembered from our last fight with the

Demon Prince, they were all heavily injured to the point of death or were killed. I assumed they had all died because of the fatal wounds.” Dion’s voice grew solemn thinking about the past. His shoulders slouched forward as if it was weighed with a heavy burden.

“So they all died? Wow.” Whistled Jack. Eve punched him on his side and gave him a glare.

“We have failed to kill him, but we were able to trap him in the sixth dimension where no beings can step forth. Even though we are no more, our powers should keep him in check for thousands of years.” Dion’s voice stalled for a moment and he continued forward, “But just like the world moves on, our powers will wane and disappear. No more would we be able to protect our beloved world and instead must suffer the consequences of what is to come forth.”

The world around Dion shifted into darkness as claps of thunder and lightning flashed before them. Loud thunderclouds rolled in like rolling drums. Lightning strikes in cacophony as one hit the grasslands. A cackling like sound could be heard as twigs broke, fire had begun, and smoke rose up from the grasslands and towards the sky.

“The signs are apparent. There are in total of nine stages before the enemy encroaches upon us like a venomous snake. Each stronger and powerful than the next. The lady of life will move forward to cast her seeds outwards to the world trying to find the selected people who can withstand the future to come.” Dion closed his eyes and breathed in a deep breath that seemed as if life had escaped out of him. “I don’t know any more if what we have left behind is a curse or a blessing. Even the lady’s gift is just another stall for time. I cannot help but wonder what the world of Noriene has set for you all.”

“But there was one thing that I heard over the age of time that the race of Drezo Regalia knows the history to the Ancient art of Words, and have lived longer than I. The amount of knowledge that they know is enormous.”  Dion’s eyes opened and a glint of hope appeared in his gaze. He stared towards them with more dedication than before.

Dion eyes turned scarlet as they glistened with devious intent. “As a vampire who has lived for a long time, I have seen the cycle of life come and go many times. Maybe this is just another stage of a cycle closing, or possibly an evolution to help the world ascend to a higher stage. Whichever the path may be, I know I will not be able to see the end or the beginning of it. My path has taken me into a darker path….” His voice became lower and had a hint of an animalistic growl, “Lilith.” He worded in a soft tender voice, his vision casted towards an unknown area where no one can see but him.

“I have tried to stop the progress of contamination, but I still have not found the answer.” Dion’s hands balled up into a fist and he paced back and forth. “I know I can make her better.” He stopped and turned towards them once more. His eyes gleamed with darkness. “The demons are moving in rapid succession, and they are planning something. Already I have found that these tears in the fabric of dimensions are causing problems to both worlds. Amending these problematic holes is possible. Small tears are simple to fix in which case tools from natural stones and crystals can be used, while something larger takes more power that needs a stronger will and power to close.  There are worse things that go bump in the night than demons. To you Adventurers who watched this from the beginning. I pray that this is not the end of your journey, and it is instead a beginning towards a brighter future. Even though I pray to no god, in my last solemn days the hint of a god has been crossing my mind more frequently than before.”

Dion started fading away, becoming a transparent ghost. “Remember this is not the end.”

The hologram buzzed and turned off. A message appeared before Kiyro.


In game Quest History of Drezo Regalia and Quest Learning the Ancient Art of words quests had been combined. A new Quest has been formed.


New Quest Drezo Regalia Guardianship.

Quest combination of History of Drezo Regalia and the Language of Ancient Art of Words.
1st part: As the guardian of the Historia, you have been given the task to find who and what you truly are before you can become the True Guardian of Historia. You must find the lost history of your race and record it into the book of Historia. Dion had stated that the Drezo Regalia knows the answer to the end and the beginning. What does this all mean?
2nd part: Bishop Etran has given you the task to fill the blank books with knowledge of your adventures, but now it is recommended to write the first volume of the history of Drezo Regalia to complete the task given to you. It seems that both quest has something to do with one another.
3rd part: Learn the nine arts of the Record Keeper by finding the other eight that are situated around both worlds.  (1/9 completed.)
Difficulty Level : B

Reward: Information of Hybrid Form + other unknown items

Failure to complete journal will not allow you to learn the art of words. Bishop Etran and Bishop Sanya will be wary around you and not listen to what you have to say. The Church of Infinity will close their door to you.



First part of the Real World Hidden Quest: Alpha Division individual quest has been accomplished. A map has been sent to your Alive gear. Please go to the specific area to place the selenite to close the fabric of dimensional tear.
Time limit left 01:51:56


“Dimensional tear? Is this some kind of joke?” Alex said in disbelief. “I don’t know if this game is pulling my legs or what?”

“Come on it is not too bad. It’s just placing a selenite in a certain location. It’s not going to hurt you or anything,” said Jack. “Better yet you don’t have to do this quest if you don’t want too. You can leave right now.”

“I’m not saying I’ll quit. This quest is just getting crazier by the second.”

“It seems you have a reason to stay, especially for someone who was so outspoken about the quest.”


“Something smells fishy here.” Jack walked over to Alex and leaned in towards him. He closely examined him trying to figure out some kind of clue or motive from Alex. “It would make more sense if we all came here to gain something from this quest. I personally tagged along with Eve for this quest.” He faced towards each person.

“Yep. I’m not denying anything about that.” Eve spoke up first. “I wanted to know what a real world quest would be like. Thought the experience might be interesting.”

“I agreed to do this quest because of a possible business opportunity with a client for a reward. I heard that this client only interacts with people who plays the quest. Quite a strange client don’t you think?” Will replied.

“Information. That’s all.” Alex quickly replied, not delving into it any further.

“Money,” said Kiyro, his mind was focused heavily on reading the new game quest he had received.

“See, we all have a reason even though it might be a bit odd of a reason to stick to a quest,” said Jack. Their voices trailed off into the distance, while Kiyro was too busy thinking about the reward for the new quest. He wondered what this hybrid form was going to be. Would he be some kind of oddly shaped being that he never knew about or was it some kind of human with a dragon head? New ideas of what it could be kept forming in his mind.

“Hybrid Form.” Kiyro quietly worded. He was amazed to see that the hybrid form that he has seen in his menu will come up here on this quest. The answer to his question has finally appeared before him, but the problem arises the moment the two quest combined and was made into one new quest. The difficulty level has skyrocketed from D to B and had split up into three parts. Each part more difficult than the next.

If he didn’t know any better this quest might take a lot longer than he expected and wanted him to work three times harder than normal. Was this all worth his time? In a sense it was; the answer to find the hybrid form, the past of Drezo Regalia, book of Historia, and possibly the new enemies that are supposedly to come in the future.

“Did you say something?” Eve asked, she peered towards him. Her blue hair fell to the side covering half her face. She pulled back her hair to see clearly.

“I was just thinking to myself.”

“Oh, but you know Dion has spoken about your race. Do you know something that we don’t?”

Everyone’s turned towards Kiyro wondering what Eve meant.

“What do you mean?” Alex asked. “Do you actually know something that we don’t?”

“I really don’t know anything. All Dion stated was the name of my character’s race.” Kiyro raised up his hands to stop them before they bombarded him with question that he did not know of.

“What are you?”

“Excuse me? I’m a bit confused. I’m a human just like you.”

“No I mean what is a Drezo Regalia?”

“Well all I know about a Drezo Regalia is a couple of things. They are a hybrid humans: a mixed between a human and a dragon. For some reason there are no Drezo Regalia except me for now.”

“A dragon?” Isabel chimed in, “You’re really a dragon in the game. That’s so cool. Can you breathe fire?”

Kiyro nodded as a grin slowly creeped on his lips. He couldn’t help but feel a bit proud and unique from everyone else, even though it was a game.

“Can you fly as well?” Isabel’s eyes sparkled with interest. The moment he stated no, her face fell as she slouched forward in huge disappointment. “If you can’t fly then are you really even a dragon?”

“That’s what I said.” Jack replied. “I thought he was some kind of giant fox demon.”

“There are eastern type dragons too you know, just without wings.” Kiyro quickly replied, the coolness factor of his character were slowly going down the drain.

“Beside the point that he’s a Drezo Regalia, why is the vampire Dion even out in the real world quest. Shouldn’t the real world quest and the game world quest be different?” Alex asked.

“The Yami Hikari company had made the game, so it wouldn’t matter if the game world quests starts falling into the real world. It’s their game?” Eve replied.

“Then what is this Oculus-Morpheus?”

“I can answer that.” Kiyro raised his hands to grab their attention. “It’s a recording device specifically for the game. Normal recordings don’t work in the game, so there are these magical crystal balls that captures the recording for you.”

“It seems you know something about them. Where do you get them?”

Kiyro was silent for a moment, he wasn’t so sure he wanted to divulge the information as of yet. Instead he wondered if he should even tell more, but an brilliant idea struck his mind.

“I make them.”

“You what? Really?” Will shouted in surprise. “How are you able to make them. No the question comes down to do you think you could sell me a couple?”

Kiyro’s mind raced with the possibility of earning some money in seconds. He was the only one that knew how to create O.M’s and who to gain the skill from. The thought excited him, but he was cut short by the mountainous amount of possible customers and the number of O.M’s he had to create in the future. It could become so overwhelming that he might be stuck creating O.M’s for the rest of his life. The thought made him weary.

For now he was going to play his cards right, even though he did not quit the game as of yet, he was going to exploit it the best way he could to rise the ranks as quickly as possible. It also seemed like his brother was somehow entangled in the game of Growth. If he plays his cards right, he will surely meet him very soon.

“Yes. I could. Right now I only have two O.M’s made ready. Would you like to buy one now or if you bring me the materials of rare monster eyes I could make them for you.”

“How much?” Will asked. He was already pulling up his game bank account in front of him.

“10 gold for the ten minute O.M’s while the one hour long special ones with extra bonus features are around 50 gold and up. Every hour added is another 10 gold. If you buy in stacks of ten I’ll throw in one free one. ” Kiyro threw out some numbers to see if Will would take the bait.

“Deal. I’ll take the two ten minutes one right now and I would like 20 one hour long ones with the extra bonus features. I have some materials in hand right now. How soon do you think you could make them?”

Kiyro was stupefied that he would take the deal, he sighed as he thought he could have raised the price because he was a guild master, but the deal was already set and he could not go back on his words. “As soon as we can go back into the game. Give me a day and I should have them ready.”

The deal was set and the money transferred over. In one transaction he had made over 1000 gold in which it would have taken him weeks to make an equal amount of money through farming and selling monster parts. He wondered how much he could gain if he had rarer O.M’s for sale.

“I wouldn’t mind a couple.” Jack replied. “I would like to order two O.M’s. I don’t think I would need so many like Will here. It’s not like I would be creating a movie or something.”

“I’ll take three. Please.” Isabel chirped in happily. “Who knows it could be useful later on.”

“Give me five and some discount please.” Eve asked with doe like eyes. “For old friends sake?”

“Nope. It’s not easy making O.M’s you know that.”

“B-but I’m your friend.”

“Business is business.”

“Fine.” She crossed her hands in defeat. “You’re so stingy when it comes to business.”

“You know me too well,” Kiyro smirked. He was not going to budge at this moment when he could be reeling in large amount of gold.

“Fine.” Eve said with disgruntled voice. Each and everyone sent their respective game money to him with a memo stating what they wanted. Kiyro felt elated with a sudden large boost of income.“With that done why don’t we get this quest under way. Let’s keep our Alive gear on and keep in contact till we finish placing the selenites.”



“Good idea.”

Each one of them sent an invitation to stay connected through the Alive Gear. Five small icons were present on the corner of his Alive gear of each of his teammates. Isabel had a flower icon, Will a gryphon, Jack a hammer, Alex a twin dagger, Eve a bunny, and Kiyro was a baby dragon.

“We’ve got less than two hours. Be careful not to get caught because we won’t have a second chance,” said Kiyro. “Its easier to pretend to be a student than to cover up as someone else. Improvise. Let’s try to be back in an hour?”

“Gotcha,” said Jack

“I’m fine with that,” Will nodded.

“Shouldn’t be too hard right?” Eve glanced around a bit too excited.

“I hope so,” Isabel squeaked worried that she will get caught.

Alex gave him a short nod and all of them went out the door and parted ways. Kiyro look at his map and noticed the icons of his teammates splitting off into opposite directions spreading out like a star.

Kiyro rubbed his hands to calm his nerves, and breathed in deeply. He had done a lot of impersonation missions in the past so it wasn’t too difficult to do. In reality he often changes persona’s to fit the environment, people, and the circumstances. It was only around Eve he acted like himself. He realized since the beginning of the game and meeting Eve, it had been a long time since he acted like himself instead of putting on a false mask.

To put on a mask again was like using tissue paper as if it was nothing. With his nerves calmed down, his demeanor changed to a timid shy student. He ruffled his hair so it was slightly messy, his hands were in front of him rubbing each other slightly, and his eyes darted back and forth like a frightened doe. Adjusting his Alive gear, he walked forward towards the exit of the library.

Glancing around, he checked the walls for any possible cameras and people. There were none in his vicinity. Passing by a desk, he noticed a stack of workbooks, pencils, and a backpack laid on top of the desk.  He picked up a few workbooks that were lying on the edge of the table and exited out the door.

He could have taken more, but he knew that taking as little as possible was the best possible route to go without being caught. Especially since he didn’t know when the owner of the bag and books would come back and notice his things missing.

Walking with his head held slightly downcast, Kiyro walked through the arching hallways. He scanned his surroundings with his peripheral vision to watch where he was going. The doors suddenly burst open, and students streamed out of classrooms like a flood. He had to watch his steps to avoid crashing into anyone.

Do these people have no eyes and don’t see where they are going? Kiyro grumbled his distaste. He had to dodge a couple of times in order to avoid being run over.

Walking continually till the crowds slowly dwindled, he noticed a black hat hanging off the side of a male student’s backpack. Walking towards the student, he purposely collided into the student. Kiyro stumbled backwards and his books fell to the ground, while the male student tumbled to the ground with his own books scattered around him. A couple of students turned their heads to watch, but in matter of seconds they turned back around.

“I’m sorry.” Kiyro bowed timidly averting his eyes.

“Hey watch where you are going.” The student spoke annoyed.

“I’m really really sorry.” He bends over to help pick up the spilled books that scattered around the ground in that moment, when the student turned his back on him, he carefully pickpocketed the male student and stole the black hat.

Quickly gathering up his books, he slipped the hat underneath him. Reaching out towards the male student, Kiyro handed him the spilled books that were the male student’s. The male student got up and left, leaving Kiyro on the ground. He watched him leave before he got up from the ground.

Kiyro  pulled out the stolen cap. He put on the black cap, covering half of his face. It was not that he liked stealing. He felt that improvisation was needed to cover half his face as much as possible. He noticed a couple of camera’s that he passed by and he made sure to keep his head down trying his best to keep hidden. Now with the hat on, he didn’t need to keep looking down, it was giving him a neck cramp.

Turning right towards the next hallway, he eventually came to a classroom. Opening the door, he noticed a dozen of students already seated in their respective seats. He stopped and scanned around trying to find the location where he had to place the selenite. It was next to the windowsill, where a group of students were huddled around in a group.

“You’re kidding me right?” Kiyro silently worded. He noticed a seat behind them, and he had begun to walk towards it.

Right behind him, the professor followed him in and walked up towards his desk. The chattering died down and they turned towards the professor. Kiyro made his way and sat behind the group that scattered like flies and went to their seats.

“Good afternoon. I’m glad to see that you all are present.” The professor skimmed around and noticed Kiyro. “It seems we have a new student today. I did not expect to have a transfer this late in the summer.” Everyone’s attention immediately turned toward towards Kiyro. His mind went into overdrive as he thought up an answer on the spot.

“My name is Kyle. I’m a just a temporary student sent by the foreign exchange program to check out the classes.” Kiyro even threw in a slight asian accent. He checked his Alive gear and he had less than two hours left. He couldn’t just up and leave the classroom when he completed his task. He needed to leave on a quiet term without interrupting the classroom and creating suspicion.

“I see. Well than welcome Kyle. Please take off your Alive gear, even though this is a liberal arts gaming class, I would appreciate it if you didn’t use it while in class unless I allow it.”

Kiyro reluctantly raised his Alive gear and placed it ontop of his cap. This was going to be a bit harder than he expected in keeping contact with his team mates.

“Now then today we will be studying on the continuation of game design from our last lesson.” The professor picked up a erasable marker and began writing on the board. “The  designer creates an experience for the players to enjoy. It’s not only the story, the game play, mechanics, and music. As a player we all want to know what it is like to live in the shoes of our character. With that being said, as a designer we need to create a world and events that let players experience the different emotional roller coasters that the main character will experience throughout their journey. From interaction with the world, the characters, and even the story line, each has its own place like a cog of a wheel in a giant puzzle piece. The more that our senses are pulled into the game, the more the players will feel like they are the character themselves. In the past, we had games that only stimulated our visual and sound senses. Now in virtual reality, all five of our senses are stimulated bringing it close to reality. Whether it be a full on deep immersion to the game giving you the interaction of a life-time or a dangerous addiction that replaces drugs.”

The professor draws a bubble on the top and draws a line downwards towards the stick figure of a human.

“For the experience, one must create a world for the experience to take place. From the world, different stories, characters, aesthetics, and spaces must be created.” He formed more circles around the experience bubble. “It is all up the designer or a group of designers to create the game. In a sense, a designer has to keep in mind that creating a game is not the only process. One must think of how to profit off the game, who the client would be, and how they will pitch their games to their team. With their respective team in mind, a schedule must be created and a game document that could be hundreds of pages must be written for the ideas to be set in stone. It is the designer’s responsibility to take the initiative to lead the team towards the end goal of the game. They are the only ones who fully understand the whole game that they have created from start to finish.”

The students listened diligently, interested in what the professor had to say. Even Kiyro was interested in what the professor was going to say. “In the end, a game designer creates the game on the act of what a game should be. Throughout the process the game will change because certain things don’t work or certain mechanics fit better than the rest.”

“A game must start somewhere.” The professor raised up his closed marker and pointed to his head. “It all starts with an idea that is put into action from a simple decision. A spark of energy that is converted into a reality.”

One of the students raised their hands.

“Yes Tim?”

“Professor Stein, what are the main reason designers make games?”

The surrounding students chuckled at his question, thinking that the answer was simple.

“That question in itself sounds simple but is a difficult question to answer.” Then Professor Stein walked back and forth in silence deep in thought. “Everyone has a different answer to that questions. Some are simple, others are complex, but the majority of the answers would be for entertainment or for fun. Think of it like this, as a designer you are creating a world that you want to experience, fantasize about and possibly live in. Just like an author that thinks up a story to write for their books. At first it is only for themselves, but then as the audience grows, they share that same world and experience with the people around them. In that story and experiences, there are designers who created their world to emphasize something important to the players by creating hidden messages that the players have to uncover. Other times it’s for the immersion and a escape of reality for the weary souls living in the real world. The list goes on and on each different and unique.”

Kiyro raised his hands with a question in mind.

“Yes, Kyle?”

“Then sir, what about the game Growth? Someone like you who has designed games before and teaches class. What are your thoughts on the reason behind the creation of the game itself?”

“That is a bit of a difficult question to answer. From what I am seeing there are a couple of things that I noticed about the game of Growth and the division of the Two gears.”

The students that were once falling asleep bolted awake and leaned in closer to listen to what he had to say.

“The first one is the Alive gear. It seemed to be aimed to create more social interaction with their surrounding neighbors and people that they have not ever talked to with the help of real world quests. By doing this it forces the younger generation and even the older generation to interact more with people by making it into a fun social activity. In the past, there has been a sharp decline of knowing who lived next door to you and the social activities between neighbors has become isolated in the U.S. and many other countries. As the introduction to the quest, the number of social settings has increased exponentially. With the forcing of players to stop playing the virtual reality game for a week in a sense it gives players a different route to play the game and keep the activities between people.” Professor Stein stopped for a moment collecting his thoughts. He placed the marker down on the desk and faced towards the student’s head on.

“To know your neighbors and start to take the initiative to understand and learn them brings people of different races and religion together. Yes there would be bickering and arguments, but the goal of the Alive gear is interaction, whether it be good or bad. The outcome is always changing.”

“Then what about the Sense gear?”

“That one seems a bit complicated. I haven’t truly seen many detailed patterns as of yet, but being the first game to have all five senses is an achievement in itself. With the coming of new age technology it opens up new doors to different activities one could not do in real life but now it can be done in a virtual setting. Though there has been something that has been bothering me…” Professor Stein voice trailed off into the distance as he was thinking about something. “It’s not important. All in all it seems the concept that the game focus heavily on is interaction between people. Anyways back to our main focus about game design.”

Professor Stein continued on with his lecture. One-by-one his team mates voice was heard softly through his Alive gear. Kiyro had to focus to hear the voice over the Professor Stein’s voice. Luckily enough he was able to hear them.

“I’m in location.” Eve called out.

“Same,” said Jack in an irked voice “I’m in a damn female bathroom. What the hell. Let’s get this over with.”

“You serious?” Eve whispered and laughed. “Don’t get caught, pervert.

“I’m not trying to be one. Let’s hurry it up people.” Jack was peeved at where he was at.

“I’m in the maintenance room. It’s quite dark in here,” said Isabel.

“You guys are better off than me.” Alex voice over encompassed the others. “I’m in the principal office.”

“That’s not to bad,” replied Jack.

“I think I’m in trouble.”

“What happened?” Eve gasped. “You alright?”

“Got into a small fist fight.”

“You serious? You could’ve avoided all that.”

“I know, something happened where it was necessary to pull a few punches. It’s fine, I’ll get myself out of here today. Either way it seems almost all of us are ready. Who else are we missing?”

“Kiyro.” Eve called out. “Hey Kiyro. You there?”

Kiyro slipped the Alive Gear off his head and placed it on the desk. He hunched over with his arm around it and whispered into the Alive gear.

“I’m here in a classroom. There is a class going on.”

“Are you going to be fine over there?”

“Yea. Give me a moment.” Kiyro rummaged his hands in his pocket and pulled out the small pyramid selenite and held it out on his hand. “I’m ready. What next?”

“I’m not sure. We wait?”

“How much longer?” Jack asked impatiently. “I can’t stay here forever.” He whispered into the Alive gear.

“Same. I think I hear footsteps on my end,” Isabel voice was in a panic. “Come on…Yes! I got something.”


Please recite this word on the selenite.



“Ignis,” whispered Kiyro, trying not to bring attention.

“Sonus,” said Eve

“Ventus,” said Isabel.

“Aqua,” said  Will.

“Humus,” said Jack.

“Inritus Irritus,” said Alex.

Each said their words simultaneously.


Please place your empowered Selenite onto the designated area and then followed the map to complete this quest.


Kiyro’s Alive gear pulled up a map on his gear and an arrow blinked towards the window. He leaned over towards the window and gently reached over and placed the selenite as close to the window as possible. Satisfied with his deed he quickly got back to his Alive gear, and he whispered back to his group. “It’s going to be a bit difficult getting out of here. Let’s meet up at the end.”

“Affirmative,” replied Jack. “Now I just need to not get caught.”

“Way ahead of you all,” said Eve. “I think I’m close to you Kiyro. I’ll hook up with you soon.”

The others agreed and the line went quiet. Kiyro sat back onto his chair and scanned around the room trying to figure out a way to slip out of class. The professor was in the front pacing back and forth, while the students were sitting around the professor like a semi-round table. The door was on the right where he was on the other side of the room. He was going to use the old routine that everyone use to be excused for a moment.

“Sir,” Kiyro raised his hands. The professor stopped what he was doing and faced toward Kiyro.


“If you don’t mind. I’ll like to be excused to use the bathroom.”

“You do know we are in the middle of a lecture.”

“Yes. I do. I’m sorry to say this but I can’t hold it in any longer.” Kiyro pretended to squirm in the chair. It was embarrassing enough to act like a child, but he needed to get out of the classroom to finish the quest. The normal lecture for a college class usually run for three hours and he didn’t have time to listen to the whole lecture. Even though he didn’t mind listening to it.

“Sir.” Kiryo wiggled harder emphasizing how serious it was.

“Go.” Professor Stein rolled his eyes and continued on with his lecture.

That was easy, thought Kiyro. He was glad that it took little effort. He got up as quickly as possible but without having to much attention to the group. Kiyro walked out without much difficulties.

The other students watched him leave in a hurry, Kiyro closed the door behind him and he sighed. The deed was done and Kiyro pushed himself forward onwards towards his goal: to end the quest.

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