Drezo Regalia: RE Epilogue

Arc I Epilogue

Beep. Beep. Beep. Startled awake, Kiyro bolted up from his sleep. Staring down at his side, he pulled up his shirt. They were no cuts or holes from the attack that he just received and instead they was pristine skin ripped with muscles that people don’t usually notice. He look around the bed wondering how he got there. He reached over to stop his alarm that stated seven in the morning. He was back in his room in his apartment in Georgia. His Sense and Alive Gear on the side of his bed on a chair.

He was confused on where he was at and what he was doing here. Everything felt familiar, but his sense still felt distorted. How was it that he was still alive and okay?

Was that a dream or reality? He couldn’t stop from shaking. The dream felt to real, almost like he lived his whole life in that world till he woke up.

Pulling back his cover from the bed, he let his body heat escape him. He got up and quickly went to the bathroom. He turned on the light and stared into the mirror.

He was older. No more was the short kid with black hair with scars look back at him. Kiyro couldn’t help but be confused at the circumstance that he was in.

“What’s going on?”

Trying to recollect everything that happened till now. He stared confused and lost. Memories in his dreams were vivid and strong, and even the memories of his present day life was there as well. He was living on Earth, in his apartments, and last night he was playing the game of Growth.

“I must ate something heavy again.” Kiyro sighed. That could only be the explanation that he had for the vivid dream that seem more like a nightmare. They were cases like this when he did eat something heavy at night. Dreams like this does not usually happen often but it did happen once in a while.

Nothing made sense in dreams. He nodded in agreement with such thought.

All the memories he had in the present day was already flooding through his mind and instead dampening his dream like waves. Today was the first day the so called Real World Quest was in effect. Last night he had an very odd visitation in the playground where large amount of cats visited him. What was worse was the black humanoid silhouettes that appeared and seem to block him from what he was doing. Honestly he was not glad that he had to experience such paranormal event.

With a sigh, he turned on the faucet letting the trickling water appear before him. With a splash of cold water he woke himself up.

They were so many questions he had even though the so called dream abrupt from his death. Why was he born in the dream world? For what purpose? Who was Sonia? What happened to Eve and Alex? Where did the Steve and Diana go? What are the Deviants? All these question riddled in his mind, but they were nothing that he could do. The dream or should he say the nightmare was over and he was back to reality.

They were things that he needed to do and that was finish the Real World Quest that was given to him today.

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