Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 30

Chapter 30
Sacred Ground V

“Alex!” Alan gasped. He was shocked to see one of them dead on the ground.
A dagger flew from behind Alex when he crumbled onto the ground. This time it impaled Eve. She staggered forward surprised from the sudden appearance of the weapon that perfectly went through her Fallen Armor.

“No!” Kiyro screamed as he reached out his hands desperately trying to reach them but he was to late.  He stumbled and slid towards them and he gathered them both in his arms. “You’ll be okay. Don’t worry. I’m here. You’ll be okay.” He contentiously repeated the words over and over again.

“It’s alright brother. We’ll be fine.” Eve coughed and spilled out blood from her mouth. The wound were to deep as both Eve and Alex was dying.

“I’m sorry. I-I-” Words choked in his throat and Kiyro could not speak another word.

“It’s not so bad. I’m strong as an ox.”  Alex chuckled and coughed up blood.

“Don’t talk. Save your strength.” Kiyro cuddled their heads in his arms. Tears flowed endlessly down his cheeks and onto Eve’s face.

Eve shakily reached up towards him and wiped away his tears. “Don’t worry brother.
We’ll…be….al…r..i…” Her hands fell to the side as her last breath escaped her.

“No. No. No. No. No!” Kiyro yelled. His eyes gleamed shifted into a snake like eyes as it turned blood red.
Both Eve and Alex’s body slowly became crystallize starting from the area where the dagger impaled her heart. It took a matter of moments for her body to become a crystal blue and Alex’s turned black like obsidian. Kiyro hugged them close to his heart temporarily imboile from shock.

“Are they your siblings? They don’t smell like it.” Unknown voice approached them from behind. “I thought they were just annoying flies that wouldn’t shut up. Like the one’s next to you.”

The creature that came up from behind them was a humanoid creature that look partial like a mix between a stag beetle and human wearing partial human clothes. It raised up its hands and a knife appeared from its palm and shot towards Will. Will barely dodge at the last second, his armor was chinked and blood stream down his side.

“I missed? That’s a first. I never miss.” The creature frowned. “I know my aim is perfect.”

“Who the hell are you?” Will held his other arms to the badly cut arm. The sword in hand was limp on his side. He could barely pick it up without feeling a sharp pain.

“Its a humanoid type Deviant,” gasped Isabel. “I thought they could not talk.”

“This is bad, very bad.” Alan held his Fallen Weapon in front of him ready to use it if need be. “It could probably be a Deviant Type IV or something even higher.”

“Me? Who am I?” The creature stopped to think it over. He tapped his fingers on his chins trying to think of something to say. “I was never given a name, but if I did my name is Spades. Yes. I like that.” Spade joyfully grinned.

An bolt of electric arrow whiz towards Spades head, Spade slightly moves his head to the right allowing the arrow pass him with only a single cut on his cheek. A burst of static electricity from the single cut was dampened before it could do any effect. The static arrow made impact behind him as elecrity radiated outwards and dispersed into the ground.

“That’s not nice of you. I was talking you know.” Spade shook his head in disdain at Isabel’s action. “It’s considered rude to interrupt when someone is talking.”

“You killed my friends. You will pay for that!” Isabel fired off more electric arrows each one more powerful than the next.
Spades dodge each one barely avoiding them a hair breath while walking towards her. “I appreciate if you let me talk. I didn’t know they were your friends though I did come here to harvest people like you.”

“Harvest?” Will spoke out loud without realizing.

“This guy came to eat us?” Jack was appalled at what he was here. “You damn bug die!” He twirled his chain over his head and let it fly towards Spade’s body.

Spade yawned at their weak display of power and instead hit the oncoming dagger out of the air. “Please is this the best you can offer? I felt a strong pull of dark energy in this area. I thought I came to the right place to harvest the human crystals here. Well no matter, it seems like all of you have some form of energy that we are searching for. The two on the ground is not even enough to feed our Queen. Do you know how many we have to hunt to find such a good chunk of crystals like those two on the ground? Hundreds.”
Will ran forward with his sword in his other hand and aimed for Spade’s throat. Spade raised up his arm, where a thick shell protected him like a shield. The strike that Will took left a large indent in his armor.

“How dare you!”

“How dare I? The strong devours the weak don’t you know?” Spade batted Will backward. The sword that was stuck in Spade’s arm went flying with Will as they both crashed into the giant vine. “You are just our prey. So act like one.”

“We are not your prey,” Will spat. He shakily got up with his sword. “You are an abomination to this world and you must be eradicated. Chain of Light!”

Will raised up his sword and slash downwards in the ground. Bright white lights of chain emerges from the
ground and shoots up towards Spades. It wrapped around Spade’s arm, leg, body, and neck imbolizing him in his place.

Jack and Alan ran forward and simultaneously aimed for vital openings on Spade’s body in a crisscross motion.

“Fang of the Bear!”

“Water dagger!”

Lightning like attacks that flashed in a blink of an eye from both Jack and Alan left behind hundreds of large to small cuts. Their final cut rand deeply into Spade’s skin and were able to draw out black blood.
Isabel shot electric arrows one after another like a mad man, each of her attacks sent out an 3000 voltage shock that could kill a man. Will’s fell onto his knees breathing heavily. The fight from Tyrell, hundreds of Wyverns, and finally Spade had made him very exhausted. Truthfully this was everyone’s first ever long lasting battle that chewed away at their stamina.

Spade slouched forward as if he was dead. A loud snicker that turned into a full out laugh erupted from Spade’s mouth. He threw his head backward and laughed into the sky. Will, Isabel, Alan, and Jack momentarily stopped what they were doing. They were stunned that Spade was still alive from all those attack.

“This is truly a riot.” Spade took a deep breathe to calm his laugh. “You don’t know how much I been waiting for a fight like this. That brown tone skin human with funny black hair barely scratched me. Without even fighting for long he just ran away.”

“Tyrell ran away? That doesn’t sound like him at all.” Will glared at Spade. Sweat broke his skin as he was having a very difficult time holding back the chain.

“He was a coward, but no matter. I’m glad that I have killed two of you. It made all of you guys stay and
not run away,” said Spade giddly like a little kid. “So does that mean if I kill another one of you guys more would come?”

Spade flex his muscles and starts to move forward. The white glowing chains crackle and strains from the pull of Spade’s strength.

“Shut up.” A voice cut through the noise and Spade momentarily stops. He turned around towards the sound where he heard the voice.

“Was I wrong in what I said?”

“Shut up!” In a blink of an eye Kiyro dashes forward. The once black gun in hand morphed once again in a
long thin sword like a katana. Like a lightning that struck from sky to the ground, the Kiyro cuts off

Spades’ arm. A burning trail of blue fire follows right behind the slash causing Spade to catch arm to catch on fire. From the blue fire it cackles and freezes like ice. The whole arm becomes frozen and shatters into a million of pieces.

Spade luckily dodge a second from Kiyro’s attack, and only lost an arm. He did not scream out in pain and instead burst out laughing.

“Has he lost his marbles?” Jack gap confused. “He’s missing an arm and he’s laughing. I swear he’s broken.”

“I’m not liking this at all.” Isabel hissed. She nock another arrow and fired. This time it flew excatly where Kiyro had cut of Spade’s arm, but in that moment Spade snatched the arrow from the air and threw
it back.

“Watch out!” Alan called out.

Isabel jumped just in time out of harms way, but she was caught in the explosion that her arrow gave off.  She flew and hit the ground with a loud thud. In seconds she went unconscious.

“Why you!” Alan yelled in anger. He ran forward with his dagger in hand and at the same time Jack did the same. Once again they zigzagged toward Spades in attempt to aim for his weak points.

“Fang of the B-”

“Water Dag-”

Spade grabbed onto the light chains and yanked it out of the ground. With its hand free, he lashed out towards Alan and Jack. The crackle of the chain sound hitting Jack and Alan reverberated outwards causing a gush of wind to hit them with full force. They flew backwards and skid across the ground.

“Jack! Alan!” Will yelled. Once again he yelled, “Chain of Light!” He crumpled onto the ground exhausted and barely able to move. He was barely able to raise his head to watch the fight between Kiyro and Spade.
Another set of tendrils of light chain burst out from the ground, but this time Spade grabbed the chains with his free arm in one swipe.

“Hahahhahaha! Is this the best you could do?”

“No. This is only just he beginning.” Kiyro lept forward in an angered daze. All he could see through his vision was red and a thirst to kill. The only sound he could hear was the constant beating of his heart telling him to keep going.

Sparks flew off one another between Spade and Kiyro. Each strike Kiyro that did not connect to Spade’s skin and instead to the chain that made him more angry. Like a mad man that has lost its minds, Kiyro’s blade swung faster and faster. He gritted his teeth and force himself to continue.

“I can see all your attacks.” Spade sighed and batted away the oncoming sword. “It needs more of a flare don’t you think?”

“Flare? I’ll give you flare.” Kiyro hissed. He jumped backwards from the lash from the chain’s strike and pointed towards Spades. The sword in hand morphed back into the black gun. With steady aim, Kiyro shot continuous shots.

Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Clink! Bam!

Spade was surprised that at the fifth shot, the chain that he was using faded away giving the sixth bullet to lodge deeply into his shoulder.

“Not to shabby I must say. I didn’t see that one coming.” The bullet burst into blue flames  eating away at the same shoulder that Kiyro had cut off Spades arm. Spade digged his finger into this shoulder and pulled out the bullet. He threw the bullet onto the ground. Blue fire sporatically spat out chunks of ice that froze part of the ground. “I’m not liking your weapon at all. This blue fire that turns into ice, how is that possible?”
Spade shook his hands free of the fire, and broke the ice that ate his fingers like they were nothing. “No matter, it seems that you especially seem to have an unique energy my Queen would enjoy eating. This is truly a find. Seven rare energy wielders that even I can not contain my own hunger for. If I could just get a single taste.” Loud slurping like sound could be heard from Spade’s mouth. He eyed them with hunger at the
thought of eating a delicious morsel.

“Let me just take a small bite.” Spade’s mouth became wider and wider showing rows of teeth. “I’ll make sure the most important part is not eaten.” A long snake like tongue slithered out tasting the air towards Kiyro. He shudders in excasty at the taste of fresh meat.

“You taste so delicious. I need a bite. The queen can wait.”
Spade ran forward towards Kiyro like a cheetah after its prey. Kiyro shot bullets after bullet as he danced around Spade like an annoying gnat.

“Stay still why don’t you!” Spade brought out a boney looking dagger from its palm and threw it at Kiyro’s face. Kiyro’s raised his arm with the gun in his hand and blocked it with the hilt of his gun.

Spade’s attack became faster and faster making it even more difficult for Kiyro to even counter. From five to thirty to even a hundred daggers home in onto Kiyro like a missile. From right to left, below and above, the daggers flew towards Kiyro mercilessly. With steady hands, Kiyro aimed at the hundred of flying dagger while moving in a zag zag motion. Each fire of his gun, he was able to knock out a good 99% of the daggers in the air. The rest that he could not get he dodged backwards before he could get impaled.

“Not bad. Not bad. This is thrill of the hunt. You and I are alike. I can tell.”

“I am nothing like you.”

“Really? I concur. I can smell the same scent as you. An animalistic quality that would make any man or animal shiver in fear.”

“Quit your yapping. I don’t have time for your useless chatter.” Kiyro aimed his gun and shot. This time he was not aiming for Spades and instead was aiming downwards in front of Spades where a large debris shot outwards covering Spade’s eyes.

“You know this won’t do you any good. I can still sense you without my eyes.”
Kiyro ran behind a crumbled building, and hid in the shadows. He was not to keen in getting speared by the daggers any time soon. Not only that the hundreds of shots that he had fired had taken a heavy toll on his body. He did not have continous stream of energy left over because this was his first battle with the Fallen Weapon. What was worse was that he did not even have enough energy to use the other horn’s power without consuming all of his energy. All he had left was the ability to shift his gun into a sword once more, twenty rounds of bullets, and one final shot that he was saving for at the right moment.

“I can do this.” He breathed in and out. Right now the only thought in his mind was to destroy the monster in front of him. Everything else was insignificant but to quench his blood thirst.

“Boo!” Spade appeared above him flying over him with his wings out laughing. Seven flying daggers appeared one-by-one from his hands and went straight towards Kiyro. Kiyro rolled to the right and fired three times towards Spade. He got up and then ran towards the nearest building for cover.

“You know doing this hide and seek game get’s tiring. Why don’t we instead come forward and have fist fight? You know with me just having one hand is like a handicap to me. While you have two. I’m being generous here.”

Kiyro was silent as he continued to listen to Spade’s voice. He searched around for any possible way to trip up Spades. Out in the distance he noticed the vines were tied up to a heavy crane. Aiming carefully, Kiyro took a shot. The first shot partially went through the vines, and the second one completely cut through. He fired four more taking down the other vines that held up the crane.

Rolling forward, Kiyro rolled onto his knees and aimed towards Spades. Seven shot rang out aim perfectly at Spade’s wing. Each shot tore a large hole, causing Spade to come crashing down. Not even a couple seconds later the crane that was being held by the vines fell.

With a thundering crash, the crane fell on top of Spades. Kiyro sighed with relief with the ordeal over.

“Your killer has been punished. Eve. Alex.” Kiyro whispered. The horrible twisting in his heart was partially relieved, but even still he did not feel completely satisfied. A large knot was still in his heart, making his heart plunge into the darkness. The light he had in his heart was diminished and gone. Only sadness and regret filled his body and mind. The gun in hand turned into smokes and trailed back up to his head. In its place a horn was formed that matched perfectly with his other side.

Kiyro closed his eyes and breathed in deeply. Letting out the pent up stress in his lungs, he felt himself go numb. He walked back towards where Alex and Eve laid crystalized on the floor.

The others were slowly coming around. They were injuried but no broken bones were visible, except from some cuts and light concussions.

“Kiyro? Is it dead?” Will walked over with barely any strength left. “I’m sorry. I didn’t have much energy to help.”

“Yes. The Deviant is dead.”

“I’m surprised how much these weapons kick a punch.” Will chuckled. He fell on his knees next to Kiyro with winded breathe. He look down upon Eve and Alex and sadness overtook his body. “Think of it like this Kiyro.
They are being Rebirthed like you said they are.”

“I hope so too.”

“I believe they are.”

Kiyro smiled from hearing Will’s words. He raised his hands and gently caressed Eve’s cheeks. The hard crystallized stone was cold to his touch, and he could not help but feel like the stone in front of him was once
not Eve.

“You dare?” Spade coughs up black blood. He was crawling over towards Kiyro and Will. “You humans dare?”
He held the side of his stomach where a large chunk of his stomach was missing. A large gust of wind blew around Spades as his tattered wings kicked up a small scale storm. Thin needles appeared from his black blood and rained down a hailstorm.

One particular one impaled Kiyro squarely in the lungs. Will bolted up and twirled his sword over him blocking out most of the needles’ impact. Kiyro let out a gasp of air, but failed. His lungs were punctured and he could not breathe. Blood spilled out of his mouth and drizzled down his face.

Alex’s black and red sword was laid not to far away from him. With every ounce of energy he could muster he reached and grabbed it. This was his last chance, his last strength he had to fight. He knew time was running
out fast and he needed to use this opportunity to finish off his enemy with one strike.

With the last bit of strength, Kiyro threw with all his might at Spades. The sword flew true and fast not even allowing Spades to react. With a thunk, Alex’s sword impaled squarely in Spades heart. Spade glanced down at the black and red sword in his chest and fell dead on the ground.

Alex’s sword disintegrated into fine dust and disappeared from existence. Kiyro wavered and fell forward. His eyes slowly closed, he could no longer breathe and instead drowned in his own blood. Bright light erupted from his vision and two white silhouettes waved towards him. Sounds of screaming of Isabel and Jack was drowned out. He saw a blurred figure of Will dragging them away as the vines and the sacred Temple crumbled.

His final battle with Spades were over, and his life faded away into the bright light. Kiyro died that day in battle.


This is the end. Kiyro thought. I’m coming Alex. Eve. Wait for me. The world around him bathed in white as Kiyro peacefully sleep curled up in a ball. Swirling light spun continuously around him as tendrils of black energy slink towards his foot. It grabbed onto his legs as it yank him down into the dark depths of void.

“Drazel.” A soft female’s voice called out to him.

“Drazel. Wake up. You must wake up. Has the great Drezo Regalia fallen so low that he needs someone to wake him up?” The girl in his dreams with white hair whispered in his ears. She chuckled a sweet laugh that sounded like bells.


“Sonia. Did you forget me already?”


“It’s alright. Come on. Its a new day.” She grabbed his hand and pulled him out of the darkness.

“Come on, wake up!”

Kiyro opened his eyes and bright light obscured his view.



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