Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 29

Chapter 29
Sacred Grounds IV

The words of hate continued to ring in his ears. His eyes were tightly closed as he tried his best to blot out the words. Was this who he really was a coward? A person who hide behind a facade of being strong in front of everyone else, but in reality was a small child a heart? He didn’t know what he should. The voices were continually getting obnoxiously louder as it continued to state his worry and fears.

How long has he been curled up in a ball hidden away from the world. He was not needed anymore. What purpose does he have to continue on now?

Yes. That is correct. You are not needed. Why shed your blood and tears for someone that is not needed? You are better off alone.

The words were like dagger that cut through him deep.


A voice called out to him softly. He opened his eyes to see where the sound was coming from. A small glowing light could be seen off in the distance.

“Kiyro. Kiyro.” The voice of familiar voices sweetly swung out with happiness.

What are you listening too. Stay here with me. The dark voice continued to tell him to continued to stay in the darkness that he was shrouded in.

Memories of his past flashed before his eyes like a shooting comet. Pictures like reel appeared in different colors. The older the memory the faded the color, while the more recent were brilliant in colors. They were memories of happy times that he had with his small group of families.The happy times, the sad time, the fights, and even when their darkest times. Every single one of them they have been together through thick and thin. Even if they had differing opponent, they all had stayed to the end.

The dragon appeared him front of him blocking his view. Its over bearing body seem to cover most of the light but still a good portion were not covered. Even if it the dragon tried by spewing out black fire, the light still broke through every chance it got. Each time, the words of his name was continually repeated over and over again with life and happiness, he could feel himself coming back to his true self.

He should know better than this, even though everything in his heart were fears about what could happen, he did not know what his families true thoughts were without asking. This was not the time to swallow himself in self-pity. Everything that he had fought for was not just for them, it was more for himself.

Truthfully he was a selfish person, he wanted to keep everyone alive even if they had to go through hell and back again. He was not some pushover that would easily give up from this.

“Move.” Kiyro growled under his breath. He bared his teeth at the dragon in front of him.

You dare? You think that they would accept you for who you are?

“They already have.”

What foolishness are you spouting? Did you not see fear in their eyes when they saw you blow fire that day? A flash of memory was brought forth when the others saw him protect Eve and Alex. He had unconsciously blew his first fire in his human form and the others saw him do the impossible. After that they never brought the subject up and instead swept it under the rug as if nothing happened.

“I know, but they did not turn away from me.”

Quit fooling yourself. They just never told you the truth.

“Even if they find me gross or a monster, I have done what I could was right. That is nothing more I could ask them for. What they give back in return is their own free choice and it is not something I can change. Now move. I have no time to play around with you.”

Silence followed after and the dragon measured up Kiyro. Kiyro crouched slowly ready to jump forward to fight for his life. He was not going to give up even if the enemy was a dragon.

Kahahahahaha. He still has spirit. Fire escaped its mouth and nose as it was laughing out loud. Large pearly white teeth were shone. No matter, I do not dislike this dedication of yours. I like you.

A large bang like sound was heard as the dragon burst into black flames. In the flames of fire a dragon was gone, but in its place an angelic being appeared before him. Six wings glamorously shone through the darkness and bright light blinded Kiyro. He could not help but cast his gaze down to block out the light.

“I’m impressed, you are a rare exceptional few that had passed the test.” A voice so clear and bell like cut through the black fire and extinguish the flames. Kiyro had to carefully look up without blinding himself from the bright light and he could not help but gasp in shock. A beautiful Seraph with short golden hair floated above him, the angel’s silver armor sparkled radiantly as it completely wipe out the darkness. He could not tell if the Seraph was male or female. A wave of peace and clam spread out around him.

“This is why humans are so interesting. Even when they fall to the darkest part of their heart, they do not give up. With this your examination of your fallen heart has been completed. Like a blazing flames, it seems your spark does not easily extinguish. For a moment their I thought I would of got you and you would of died from your own self pity. Truly this was not the case.”

“Excuse me aren’t you an angel? Wouldn’t you have saved me if I have completely fallen?”

“No.” The Searph bluntly stated.

“But I thought all angels were to save a man’s soul so they don’t turn towards the darkness. You’re completely different from what an angel should be doing.”

“I think you are mistaken, by those nonsensical stereotypical job description. In the eyes of humanity we are seen more as a benevolent being than as a monster, but in reality that is not just one of our job description. My job is to protect the sacred weapons and armor and to judge if you are worthy of being given it. If you die from the task then you were not worthy at all.”

“If I died in the process what would you have done.”

“You would have morphed into a demonic being. Then I would of eradicated you.”

“What!? No one told me this.”

“If they did what would you have gained? You came here to acquire a weapon or an armor to fight no? You already have put a bet on your own existence when you have come here willingly. I reward the people with strong resolution and bravery to conquer their fallen state.” The Seraph smiled warmly and drew her hand in front of him. A pair of black and gold horns appear before him.

“These are my weapons? Their just horns?” Kiyro carefully pick them up confused. “I don’t quite get it.”

“Just put it on.”

Kiyro gaze down at the horn in hand and back at the Seraph. He gave up thinking how these would change. He reaches up with his claws and places it on his head. A hot smothering pain could be felt as lightning like pain ran down his back.

“Argh!” Kiyro cringe forward, he tried his best to pull them off but instead they were stuck to him like glue. His body shook uncontrollably as he dropped to the ground. The lizard like form disappeared and he was back to his human form with black and gold horns that curled with his head. He was once again curled up in a ball trying to hold back the physical pain.

It fell like hours has passed, he thought he would actually die this time. Breathing heavily, he shakily got up.

“What did you do to me?” Kiyro let out a shaky breath. He clutched his chest and felt a burning pain.

“Your body was just adjusting to your new sacred weapon.”

“Sacred Weapon isn’t it called a Fallen Weapon?”

“Fallen Weapon? Kuhuhuhuh. You humans call it a Fallen Weapon. I see where you are getting with this. A fallen state. A wielder who had fallen to the darkest part of their soul and is brought back with them hope. Poetic isn’t it?”

Kiyro stared at the Seraph considering how he should reply. Was this the reason why the weapon was called A fallen Armor or fallen Weapon? He was not completely sure.

“Now listen carefully for I am only going to tell you this once. One will protect you and the other will become your sword. I suggest you use it wisely because bringing out both will cost you quite dearly. All you need to do is call out their names. Only you will know what their names are.”

“How would I know their name?”

“It would come to you.”

Kiyro thought it over mauling over different name in his head. He didn’t know where to start or how to figure it out.

“It seems though you won’t have time to sit around here. Your friends are calling out your name.”

“They are?” Kiyro glanced up confused as he look around. “I don’t hear anything.”

The Seraph smiled and pointed towards the direction. The moment Kiyro turned his head towards the direction, he heard all his friends calling loudly for him to wake up.

“Would I ever get to meet you again?”

“I’m not sure, but there is one more thing that I ask of you before you leave.”

“What would that be?”

A small seed appeared from the Seraph’s hand and was given to Kiyro. A warm fuzzy feeling was felt as he held on to the seed. Kiyro couldn’t help but gaze upon wondering what it could even do.

“Plant this seed when the time is right.”

“How would I know when the time is right? I could go outside right now if I wanted to and plant it next to the temple.”

“The seed will only appear when the conditions are right. It will sleep inside you for now. Go now, it seems an unwelcome guest has arrived.”

“Unwelcome guest?”

The seed dimmed and then disappeared into to Kiyro. A hot bolt of energy shot throughout his body as he felt a shiver. His whole body vibrated and shook. His vision cleared from the bright light that blinded him like the sun faded. He was now able to see the things that were in front of him and he was surprised where he was.

“Kiyro!” Eve shouted with relief. She was next to him holding his hands. Tears dropped down on her face. “I’m so glad that you are alive.”


The sound of explosion goes off like fireworks and part of the lotus plants were missing. Large amount of flying type Deviants that were Wyvern were circling around the Lotus flower. Eve was holding up a barrier around Kiyro trying to keep the Deviant’s back. She was flawlessly keeping them in check from getting closer to them.

“What’s going on?”

Alex dropped next to him with his black sword in hand. His coat fluttered behind him. “Sleeping beauty is finally awake. I thought you would take ages.”

“I was sleeping?”

“Yes. We found you on the ground on top of the lotus flower. The worse part of it all was you attracted the Wyvern over.”

“I did? How?”

“Well….it’s when you have almost failed.” Eve replied quietly. “We tried to call our your name to awaken you, but you wouldn’t stir. Tyrell fended off a good portion of the Deviants back before they could devour you.”

“You should of seen the amount of Deviants he had slain, better yet you should see how many I have slaine.” Alex proudly replied. He swung his sword in an arch, causing a Wyvern that was flying overhead them cut perfectly in half. “This is my 20th one!” He crowed.

“I am not so sure you should be happy about taking down a Deviant right now.” Eve replied with a strain voice. The barrier between the two were barely keeping he Wyvern back. Their claws and teeth barrage into the barrier wall constantly trying to rip through reaching towards them with hunger. “It will be a matter of time before they can get through. There are to much!”

“Don’t worry. I am here.” Alex laughed wildly. He spun his sword above him like a helicopter and jumped out of the barrier. Each swing of his sword, cut down the Deviant’s in the sky. Every cut a glistening piece of the Deviant Crystal’s were sucked up into the sword like a vampire. It disappeared into Alex’s sword crating a soft glow around it.

“Brother, I can’t hold on any longer.” Eve shakily held up the barrier long as she could. Small cracks were formed every time the Deviant attacked onto the barrier making it bigger and bigger.

“Eve! Watch out!” Alex shouted. He was a second to short in killing a Wyvern that went past him. It’s open beaks and claws slammed into the barrier making it shatter. Seven more Wyvern flew past him towards Eve and Kiyro.

“Get down!” Kiyro yelled. He instinctively pulled up his hands up towards the Wyvern that were coming down towards them like a bullet. A burning sensation on his right side of his head where his horn could be felt and snake like fire swirled up towards his hands. A large ball of fire shifted and changed in his hand into a black gun.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! A flash of multiple lights could be seen flying towards each Wyvern. Every single one of them hit the Wyvern through the heart causing them to fall out of the sky. Before each one touch the ground, the black gun in hand glowed black. A vacuum like energy pulled in the Deviant crystal out of he fallen Wyvern and disappeared into it like smokes.

Eve went speechless. Her barrier was gone, but her hands whip to her side. Her sword was in hand ready to swing at any oncoming enemies. Kiyro shakily got up. He felt like he had been sleeping for months.

“Is everyone alright?”

“That is a matter of opinion.”


“Everyone is fighting to make sure you come back alive.”

Stream of tears fell down on Eve’s face and she let down her guard. She fell into his arm and hugged him tightly. “I-I knew you would come back. We all believe you would.”

“I”m sorry for taking so long.”

“Don’t every do that again!” Eve scowled. He pretty little face was messy with snot and tears. “Your our brother! You can’t leave us just like that!”

“I’ll try my best.”

“You better!”

Kiyro searched around wondering where everyone was. “Where is Tyrell?”

“Tyrell? He just dissappeared. When we got up here he was no where to be seen.”

Kiyro cocked his head confused.

“He was trying to kill you to stop the Deviants from hording into one spot. You were in the state of a Fallen bringing in dark energy to this place. It was like a beacon of light to the Deviant’s at the rate you were giving off those dark energy.”

“Tyrell was trying to kill me?”

Eve nodded her head furiously. “That’s why we were here to stop him.” She smiled widely with happiness. Kiyro could feel a warm tingle in his heart and his eyes slowly starting to water.

“Guys, enough with the sobbing moments and get your butt in gear.” Alex exclaimed he was combating a Wyvern. He rolled out of harms way and he turned around to slash down behind it. The Wyvern crumpled onto the floor dead. With a couple more perfect slash, Alex cut into the heart of the Deviants and his sword magically took in the Deviant Crystal like water. “You know I always wondered why these Weapons needed the Crystal. It does nothing for the weapon. There got to be something more to this than meet the eye.”

“We’ll find out abut that later.” Eve got up and threw her weapon. It whooshed by Alex’s face a good inch away giving him a light graze. A Wyvern fell down dead on the ground with the sword sticking out of its head.

“There is just to many of them. We need to find shelter!” Jack had ran over next to them picking off the oncoming Wyvern one by one.

“We should go down!” Jack yelled as he was wrestling a Wyvern on the ground.

“Incoming!” Isabel was picking off the Wyvern so quickly that Kiyro had to wonder if her hand was not so tired from pulling on the bow. Alan had her back just in case any one of the Wyvern snuck past her.

Jack’s dagger split into two and turned into a whip. With one hand on another he swung his whip dagger like an octopus. Each time a Wyvern came flying downwards towards the him, the tip of his whip lick against an enemy skin with force that left large bloody cuts. Green blood erupted out of the Wyvern’s skin from the lashes of Jack’s dagger whip.

“Come On. Come On!” Jack cried out. His whip twirled around him like a tornado.

Kiyro was up and helping out his friends. Shooting down the Deviants like target practice. He wondered for a moment how the gun had unlimited amount of ammo and realized that he was getting more tired after each fire. He realized that his ammunition was his own energy.

“I’ll cover your back. Isabel help me out while they make their escape!” shouted Kiyro. He waved Isabel to come near him as they both were long range fighters.

Everyone heard Kiyro’s word and was glad that he was back in action. Healthy and alive, their worries vanish into thin air knowing that their leader was even stronger and better than before. Kiyro’s group slipped downwards onto the leaves. Everytime a Wyvern came down to pick them off, Kiyro or Isabel would shoot them down before they could even touch a single hair on any one of them.

They were only half way down, when everyone heard an massive explosion below them. The Sacred Temple that they were in shattered into million pieces. A full force of air exploded towards them pushing them back. Alan and Isabel tumbled off and luckily were stopped by a giant leaf below them. The rest were slammed into the stalk of the vine and were saved from being blown away.

“What just happened?” Alex was dazed from the impact.

“I don’t know, but I’m not liking this at all.”

A loud groaning like sound could be heard from below and the vine shook. It slowly started to lean towards the left falling onto its side.

“It’s falling! Quick grab onto something!” Will yelled. He pulled on thin vine that was as thick as his wrist. He wrapped it around himself and held on tightly. Everyone else scrambled to do the same thing as Jack fastening themselves to the nearest thin vine.

Crash! Kathump! Psssssssssssssssssssssssh! Dust, dust, debris scattered around them covering their vision. Only the coughing of each individual could be heard. Kiyro was dangling on the vines unhurt. He tied himself loose, dropping down onto the ground.

“Alex? Jack? Eve? Everyone?” Kiyro called out. He coughed a couple more times and fanned away the debris best as he could.

“I’m here.” Jack coughd.

“I’m okay!” Eve squeaked.

“Here.” Isabel, Alan, and Will replied in unison.

“Alex?” Kiyro called out. “Alex?” Worry blossomed in his heart. “Alex!”

“Bloody hell. I’m right next to you. You don’t have to yell.” Alex got up covered in vines. He had to shake himself a couple of times to get them off of him.

“I’m glad you are still alive.”

“You think I would die? Give me a break. That word is not in my dictionary. I’m immortal.”

Kiyro couldn’t help but grin at Alex’s words. He was still the same Alex even in such predicament.

The air around them settled down, making everything else much more easier to see. Patting his clothes from the white debris on his clothes, he let out a sigh of relief. Not a single sight of Wyvern was in the air. They were lucky that they were able to get out of such mess without a single broken bone or worse death.

“Truly this is a miracle.” Isabel whispered. “We fought with Tyrell, then the hordes of Wyverns, survived a fall from the giant vine, and collected Deviant crystal like it was nothing. If this isn’t a miracle on our first battle than I don’t know what is.”

“You’re right.” Alan was next to her. He gently rested his arms on her shoulder. “I say we’re the best.”

“You mean we’re immortals.” Alex deviously grinned. “Or better yet gods.”

Eve smacked Alex hard on his head. “Stop thinking like that. You’re becoming arrogant over one battle.”

“Hey that hurts!” Alex snarled. He elbowed Eve in the chest.

“Why you-”

“Stop.” Kiyro sternly replied. Eve was just about to pounce on Alex like a viper on its meal. “We survived. That’s all that matters. Either it be a miracle or a help from the gods it does not matter. We lived another day and now our future is in our hands.”

Everyone couldn’t help contain their joy and laughter. They celebrated with blissful joy at just the thought of living another day.

“You’re right. We’re alive.” Will nodded.

“We’re alive!”

“I want some noodles,” said Isabel.

“Ramen sound great,” Jack made a sound that sound like a slurp.

“Gross, do you always have to do that every time you think of ramen?”

“Yea, it what you do when you taste something delicious.”

“I don’t know where you learn your table manners but that rude.”

“Enough, you guys. Just be glad we’re alive.” Will held up his hands to stop them from having a full out bicker.

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