Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 27

Chapter 27
Sacred Grounds II

“Little kiddies, keep your heads on. The trial has begun the moment you have step in on sacred grounds.” Tyrell spoke heartily. He was the one that was leading the group deeper and deeper into the sacred grounds. Even through they walked past many trees, he felt like their destination were endless.

“How much longer do we have to go?” Alex chirped. He was anxiously looking around nervously.

“We’re almost there. You need to have patience. Have you not learn a single thing at the guild?”

“I did. Its just that its a bit spooky here.”

Kiyro completely agreed with Alex. The moment that they took a step into the entrance to the sacred ground, the energy around the land has shifted into a more ominous feel. He had not expected that the sacred ground would feel so dark to the point where his skin would crawl. He thought sacred grounds were considered an holy land with a positive feeling.

“This is all wrong.”

“What is?” Will walked up next to Kiyro.

“Everything. This feeling.”

“Yes, it feels so dark” Kiyro shook his head in agreement. “So impure.”

“How is this a sacred ground? This is completely different from what I heard about it.”

“Really now? What rumor would that be?” Tyrell asked. He was right next to Kiyro with his giant sword slung over his shoulder. Will stepped back from the sudden appearance of Tyrell.

“I heard that their is a beautiful temple in the middle of the sacred grounds. Angel’s voice sing the welcome of new comers and rejoices when a new weapon holders succeeds. They say that the flowers and trees are so beautiful that nothing can compare to it.”
Tyrell burst out laughing. “Who told you such nonsense?”


Tyrell coughed hard and stopped short from laughing. He had to catch himself from swallowing his own spit and making his cough worse. With a clear throat, Tyrell spoke. “My brother would say such nonsense. He did have a odd knack of humor.”

“Then was what he said a lie?”

“Its all in the eye of the beholder. My brother found beautiful things in odd things. Even the sacred ground was another.”

“Your brother has strange taste.”

“You only know the half of it.”

“But your brother has some truth in what he says doesn’t he?”

“You could say half of it is true the other half is his way of sarcasm.”


“Look the temple,” Jack voice rose catching everyone’s attention. Off in the distance was an old temple that seem to look like it was falling apart. It was a mixture of an old Asian temple with a modern look. The wooden frames were damaged and falling apart, Kiyro thought that they were fire damage from the charred up wood on the side. Even the large door that were closed was barely on a hinge. With a small push, Kiyro felt like the door would fall down.

“Its so badly damage. You expect us to go in their?” Will glanced upon Kiyro and Tyrell.

“Why not? The frames are still solid. The chances of it collapsing is close to zero.”

“That’s not what it looks like. I get the feeling that its going to come down any time soon.”

“It’s not. Quite your whinning and go in.” Tyrell glance dangerously at the group to move forward. The rest momentarily could not move from nervousness then they moved forward. Jack was the first one to go in followed by Kiyro, Will, Isabel, Alan, Alex, Eve, and then finally Tyrell.

The cold damp room welcome them with a musty breeze. Each step they took they took the wooden board squeaked signaling their whereabouts. The room was brought to life when a sudden shot of blue flames appeared. A whisk of other blue flames lighted up around them as the room became brightly lite in blue.

Seven chair statues perfectly laid out equally in the circle in the middle of the room. Each statue representing different animals that he had only seen through books about the legendary animals on earth. From the right to the left it was a snake, hawk, whale, polar bear, tiger, and a eagle. The only one that was not an animal was the chair in the middle, but instead had floral designs. It look more like a plant than a chair.

“A chair? In the middle of the room?” Jack was confused when he saw the strange scene before him.

“Go on. Take a seat.” Tyrell motioned them. He leaned his weapon against the wall and sat down in front of the entrance. “Its not going to bite.”

“That is a matter of opinion.” Will whispered. “I personally don’t like any of this.”

“Just let’s get this done and over with.” Jack past him and took a seat with the polar bear designed chair.

“I’m calling out the hawk!” Alex yelled excitedly. He ran forward and literally almost jumped into the seat.

“No need for excitement. They are chairs.” Isabel rolled her eyes. “Such a kid.” She took the chair with the snake.

“I like them, though they do have a strange feel to it.” Eve was feeling around the chair with the tiger deigns. Kiyro had to help her find her way over.

“I don’t know its to strange to have these chairs laid out like this. I’m not comfortable siting in them at all.” Alan was near the chair with the design of a whale. He was circling around it searching for any possible trap laid out on it.

“Will just take a seat. It’s not going to bite you.” Jack replied. He leaned back on his chair and comfortable snuggled into it. “It’s quite comfortable if you ask me.”

Will took the chair with the eagle design. He carefully inspected every aspect of the chair to make sure they were no trap. “It looks well made. I don’t see anything wrong with it.” He slid his fingers across the edge of the wooden frame. “Its perfectly in good condition with barley any dust on it. How is that possible?”

“Just take a seat.”

“I will after I’m done making sure its okay.”

“Its fine. Take a seat so we can start.” Tyrell said annoyed. “Any longer and I would be starting to grow a beard.”

Kiyro took the last seat with the floral design in the middle of all the circles. His hands rested upon the arm of the chair and felt a warmth. Instead he felt a sudden surge of calmness and protection that he was automatically drawn too. He took a seat without a thought.

“So what’s going to happen next?” Jack asked. “Its not like its going to start blasting off or something is it?” He chuckled to himself.

“If it is we’ll be in trouble.” Will replied. “Sometimes your humor is not funny.”

“Well, I’m not serious like you and I have a sense of humor.”

“This is not the time to be laughing.”

“Its better than being scared all the time. I don’t want gray hair at my age you know.”

“A couple of gray hair’s won’t hurt.”

“What are you talking about its a sign of stress. Do you know how many disease relate to stress? All of them!”

“Calm down you guys. Bickering right now is not going to get this all underway. Let’s quietly get this done and get this over with.” Kiyro replied.

“If you only knew?” Tyrell chuckled. “Enjoy the trip.”
With the last word Tyrell spoke, the blue flames burst into a wild fire. It rage and swirled around like a snake. Each one of them was surrounded by blue flames as it dangerously dance with vigor.

“What’s going on?” Isabel cried out in fear.

“Gah!” Eve screamed she was engulfed completely in blue flames. The screams and horror of each person rung loudly in the room as every single one of them were in flames.

“Help! I can’t move!” Alan screamed in horror.

“Nooooooooooo!” Alex cried out. “Kiyro!”

Even Kiyro could not do anything but scream out in horror. He too could feel the blazing hot blue fire licking at his skin making it red. The flames devour every single one of them and the flames shifted and took form into the animals that represented the chairs.

With a burst of light everyone except Kiyro shot up into the roof and splitted off into six different directions. The flames disappeared without burning the walls of the temple.

Kiyro could only helpless watch as everyone disappeared into their own respective direction. Wherever they were going, he did not know but he knew it was the location of their trials for their weapons or armor.

With the blue flames coating his skin, the chair melted and become large vines that grew upwards like a giant beanstalk. It climbed upward in such a force that the roof of the temple had a new hole. Kiyro’s sanity was returned as he noticed that he was not being burned alive. He prayed that he did not have to pay a single dime for the repair, but his momentarily thought was quickly disturbed. The plant grew and grew till he could see the whole world before him as far as the eye could see.

Large lotus petals opened up to welcome the beaming sunlight. Kiyro was sitting smack in the middle of the blue flaming flower. The flames that engulfed his skin was off of him and instead was part of the flower. With a sudden stop, Kiyro sighed with relief. He got up and look around wondering what would happen next. He was not sure what he was supposed to do nor how he could get down. He checked the ledge for any way down but instead all he saw was the endless ground. He felt sick and woozy just from looking down. The thought of falling off the edge and dying splat on the ground was not a pleasing thought.

Kiyro A unknown voice called out to him. Kiyro. Zero.

Kiyro whip around to see who it was, but nobody was present before him. Only the cool wind blew across his face and ruffled his hair.

Zero. I am here.

“Whose there?”

It’s your mother. Have you forgotten all about me?

Like a wisp of smoke the female’s voice was filled with sadness. A lady that he only saw once in his life since his birth appeared before him in blue flames like a ghost. He could only think of one thought when he gaze upon her face.


My child. My lovely child. How handsome you have grown.

“Mother? Is that really you?” Kiyro reached out towards her. His fingers almost touching her outstretched hands.

My child. My child. My child. Her words were like needles that pierced his heart. Her voice was sweet as nectar just like the time he heard her voice once calling out his true name. Tears fell from his face as he stared into her heart shape face. A brush of blue flaming fingers caressed his chin and went slowly down to his neck.

My child. My child. MY CHILD! A torrent of rage filled the apparition as the flames turned crimson red like the blood. Her rage distorted her face and figure. Why are you alive? Why are you alive and I am dead! Why? Why? Why!

Her hands closed upon his throat and choked him.

That man killed me. He killed me and you get to live as his son? Traitor! TRAITOR!

Kiyro racked against her skin, but the power of the ghost hold were to strong for even him to pry away. His vision was fading quickly and his was losing strength. With a last ditch of effort, he blew a torrent of flames into the face of his so called mother. The hands that were tightened against his neck was let loose as she screeched in pain.

How dare you! How dare you do this to your mother! She howled a blood thirsty cry. Her eyes gleamed dangerously red. Nails grew razor sharp as she flew towards him in rage. Each swipe of her claws tore a bit of his skin and clothes. Luckily for him he was able to dodge almost inches away from his life.

“You’re not my mother!”

Kakakahahaha. You are fooling yourself. How can you not know who I am? The moment you were born was in a fease pool of death and carnage. Even now your steps reek of death. Do you think you could save your loves one when you are a god of death yourself?

“I am not a god of death.”

Than what are you? You who have more than one form. Your an abomination, a monster that should not exist.

“I have my right to live. You are not a judge of that.” Even though she had spoke such words, his heart felt a stabbing of pain. It was true. He was not considered normal. A one of a kind that did not know who or what he was. Not a single one of his love one’s could ever change in form like him.

You are not one of them. Do not fake your ignorance. Do you think that everyone would accept you in that disgusting creature form. Look at you!

Kiyro could feel his bones cracking and shifting. His will was overpowered by the sense to change to shift into his other form. Black skin with scales emerged on his body, his clothes ripped into shreds as he became larger, longer, and slender. His face morphed into a reptilian like face, his neck and tail grew long like a whip. Fingernails that grew into a sharp golden claws that could shed through metal and bones. Razor sharp teeth emerged from his mouth and his eyes become slit like a snake. He was as large as a bus with muscles that bulged with power.

You are a demon a monster. This is who you truly are. The mother cackled with laughter. You hate this form. I could tell. Isn’t that the reason why you would not shift into this form in front of your loves one all this time? I am not wrong.

“Shut up.”

You want to be just like them. No. You want to be normal.

“Shut up. Shut up. Shut up!”

I am only telling you the truth. Whenever you are in such a state, you can not help but feel your primal instinct taking over your mind, your body, and your soul. To destroy. To ravage. Te become a monster who you were meant to be.

“I told you that’s enough!” A current of red flames erupted from his lips and towards his mother. The red flames engulfed her as her screams rang out loudly. She lets go and stumbles backwards. The fire swirled into an tornado as Kiyro cover himself from the rampaging flames.
Your a failure! An Abomination! The creature that should not exist! His mother screamed and cursed at his existence.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” Kiyro yelled and shouted. He was spewing up constant torrents of fire at the apparition that so called herself his mother.

With a last dying scream the apparition fell down lifeless onto the ground and only flames were present.

“Is it over?” Kiyro huffed and puffed. He shook with unease as he lean over to take a look.
I wouldn’t count on that. A different voice that were more darker and deeper than before.
The dying flames burst back into life and this time it turned black and sickly green. Kiyro couldn’t help but be on guard at the new predicament that came before them. A new form arise from the flames and this time it was a being similar to Kiyro in form but three times bigger than Kiyro himself and more demonic looking than ever before.

A towering flame of darkness that look more demonic than ever before. Horns that seam to jut of its chin and head, eyes that glow red like rubies, and teeth that wickedly gleam like pearls. If Kiyro was not careful he would probably be chomped cleanly in half by the dangerous teeth that seem to get closer to him.

“What do you want? Why are you doing this to me?”

Why you ask? Because it is fun. I can see the terror in your eyes and the fear that comes from your body. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the misery that people had to go through. The pleasure of seeing people like you cringe in fear.

“You sick bastard.” Kiyro growled. “Find someone else to bother.”
You think I would want to find someone else? When I am having this much fun? Who do you think I am? I am you.

“Lies. I am not you.”

You know that this is true. This is who you are and who you are going to be. A monster that hides behind a false skin called human. The so called family that you sing to yourself over and over again saying they are precious to you, but you know this is a lie. They are just a chain that you purposely bound yourself too.

With a blast of green fire energy Kiyro was surrounded in a torrent of flames that circled around him like vultures. With a whip of his tail and blowing flames, Kiyro combated fire with fire hoping to keep it back. The flames of both red and black clash against one another as it sparked of electricity.

Give yourself up to who you truly are. Be who you are meant to be.

“No! Get out of my mind!”

The flames grew larger and larger till a small fire tornado was formed around him.
All it takes for you to accept who you are. Do you think that the people that loves you truly loves you for who you are?

Humanoid shadows appeared out from the flames. Six human forms were form of Eve, Alex, Will, Jack, Isabel, and Alan appeared surrounding all around him.

“I told you he’s a freak.” Will was the first one to speak out in disgust. He crossed his arms and spat in disgust. “I knew something was wrong with him. No human can blow out fire like its nothing.”

“Will? Why are you saying such things? I saw you as my right hand.” Kiyro was in disbelief.

“Me your right hand? Don’t put me in such position. I am the true leader. You were just a figurehead.” Will state with disgust and contempt. He lash out at Kiyro with a black fireball that burned Kiyro’s skin.

“Would you look at that. We been tricked from the start. I knew that something was up. I’m dissapointed in you Kiyro.” Jack spoke next. He shook his head side-to-side. “He’s like a giant lizard. Why don’t we feed him to the Deviants. That should do us a favor of getting rid of one less monsters in this world.”

“That’s a brilliant plan.” Isabel squealed in delight. “He should of told us that the Deviant had come from Earth. All this time, he been keeping it a secret. I wonder now, how many more secrets that he has now. It could be this whole time he was not telling us who he truly were in the first pace.”

“Two Face.” Alan spat in disgust. He was seethed in fury. “Such people needs to die. They make people’s life miserable just by existing.”

“Guys. I’m just like you. Why are you saying this?” Kiyro stumbled backwards away from them. He turned around and found Alex before him.

“I find you disgusting.” Alex spoke. Kiyro felt a stab a pain when Alex spoke out towards him. His hearts bubbled and turmoiled in sadness and depression. “We don’t know you, especially Eve. You’re not our real brother anyways, so why do you even try in pretending that you are?”

“Because you are my family,” Kiyro called out, hopping what he would say would change Alex’s heart.

“Hahahaha. That’s funny.” Eve smiled angelic but he could read in her face hatred and disgust. “I don’t think you understand what family means. Instead you are playing house to cover up your hole of never having a real parent. We did. We know ours and you know they are still alive. Yours died a long time ago and does not exist anymore. You killed them. You are a burden!” She screamed.

Kiyro cringed from Eve’s words. His fear had come to reality. They did not need him anymore. In actuality, he needed them more than they needed him. Eve and Alex were one of his reason to keep going forward. He was a simple being, all he needed was a place to belong, a place to be loved. Eve and Alex had given him that reason, and even more so with his friends. They were part of him and his joy and happiness. Eve’s and Alex words tore through his heart like a knife creating deep holes in his wound. Just hearing it come of of their mouth made him feel so little and unwelcome.

Their voices continued to sing with hate and malice. Kiyro slumped onto the floor as if all life had left from him. His will to continue living left him a bit more every time they tore at his mind and soul.

“You killed our parents!” Alex angrily yelled. “You had the power to save them! Why didn’t you?”

“I’m sorry. I was not powerful enough,” Kiyro tried his best to sway the thoughts of his loves one.

“I’m sorry is not enough. You lied to us. Steve and Diana are dead. The rebirthing process is a lie and we HATE you!”

“I hope you die!” Everyone screamed like a siren with anger as they loom over him wishing him death.

“I tried. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” Kiyro continued to whisper the words over and over again as he curled up into a ball and his eyes glazed over. He fell deeply into darkness and self pity as the six of them continued their barrage of hatred. “I’m sor…r…y.”

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