Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 28

Chapter 28
Sacred Grounds III

The first to arrive at the same time was Alex and Eve in than five minutes to defeat their darkness and arrive without a scratch on their body. They were like a bolt of lightning when they appeared. The blue flames that carried them back burst outwards from them into an animal shapes that carried them away. The raging fire slowly simmered down and disappeared.

Eve had in hand two swords, the left one in hand was smaller than the right one. Its design was embroiled with a white tiger that seem to be perfectly entwined with the sword. Even the clothes that she wore was different than what she came in with. Instead she wore a light armor that matched with her two swords. A beautiful but elegant skirt with metal breastplate, shoes, and arm guards.

Alex on the other hand had one long sword that gleamed wickedly red and black. Design on it were a hawk that stretched out its wings from the base of the scabar to the hilt. Even his clothes were changed to black and red. He too was lightly garb in armor that matched his sword. A hawk with outstretched wings covered him.
“I can’t believe this.” Tyrell stated dumbstruck, he was sitting on the floor with his legs crossed in a lotus position.

“The youngest arrived here first with both Fallen Armor and a Weapon? How is this possible?” He mumbled in disbelief.

“Do you like?” Alex snickered. He stood up straight and obnoxiously showing off what he had gain in front of both Tyrell and Eve. “You won’t believe what I had to go through to obtain these.” He brought up his gleaming black and red sword.

“We all are gone through trouble to gain them.” Eve rolled her eyes. She had age more in mind than body from her return. “I hope brother is okay.”

“He’ll be fine.” Alex waved his hands, dismissing Eve’s words. “Instead you should see what I can do with these suckers.” He chuckled.

“You’re still a kid.”

“I am not. I have grown from my challenges.” Alex puffed proudly. “See how strong I have grown?” He flexed his muscle.

“Those are wimpy arms. You don’t seem like you have grown at all.” Eve frowned. She rushed up towards him with her sword in hand and swung. A loud clang was heard upon impact between both swords as Alex fended her off.

“Are you crazy? You almost chop off my head!”

Eve’s other hand with the smaller sword snake in towards Alex throat. Alex had to quickly step back to dodge out of harm’s way.

“Not bad. You don’t suck.”

“Me? Suck? I ought to….wait….you can see again?” Alex jaws dropped.

“You could say something like that. I see the pattern and shape of energy.”

“That’s pretty cool. You’re like a snake that can sense heat waves, but instead you sense energy.”

“Thanks Alex for that lame example. Comparing your sister to a snake, really?”

“What it’s the best that I could think of at the minute.”

Eve sighed, “I do though miss seeing the actual pictures than shapes and colors.”

“What’s it like to be half blind?”

Eve smacked him on the head.

“Ow! What was that for?” Alex menacingly glared. “You’re becoming like Kiyro.”

“I’m just taking his place and making sure you don’t say such rude things.”

“I was just asking a question.”

“Ahem.” Tyrell coughed to get their attention.

Both Eve and Alex turned around. They forgot all about Tyrell being there the whole time. In that moment three more lights appeared from the broken roof like a falling comet. Alan, Isabel, and Jack was the next to arrive fully clothed in new armor and weapons.

Alan were garbed in royal purple from head to toe. He even had a feathered hat on his head that matched with his dagger that was on his waist. What differentiate Alan from the rest of the crew was that he look more like a high class merchant. A silver whale designed his clothes and weapon. Its was not a cute and fluffy look but was intimidating and scary.

Isabel was clothed in emerald green light armor from head to toe. She did not wear a skirt like Eve but was fully clothed in pants. A green metallic looking bow hat look like a snake was slung on her shoulder. All in all she look like a ranger.

Jack was clothed in ashen grey with black designs. His clothes was a mixture of summer and winter clothes. Around his neck, hands, and foot were clothes that were made out of fur. His weapon was two daggers that were connected in both end with a chain. The two daggers were like the claws of a bear.

“Oooooooooo~ Not bad.” Alex stared with a bit of envy at each of their new weapons and armor. He look at his and
there’s back and forth.

“Not bad yourself.” Jack replied. He stepped forward with his hands against his dagger that was on his waist. “I’m surprised that you guys came first. Did Will and Kiyro not come back yet?”
Both Alex and Eve shook their heads. “So far its us and you three.”

“This is truly breaking the boundaries of logic.” Tyrell got up and stepped forward flabbergasted. “How are you guys able to arrive back so quickly and its the youngest ones that comes first.”

“Uh, I don’t know.” Jack shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe younger the better.”

“It was easy. It barely was considered a challenge.” Alex haughtily replied, he had his hands against his side.

“You kidding right?” Eve glared at Alex. “I swear you lie half of what you say majority of the time.”

“No I don’t. I’m telling the truth.”

“It’s just not possible.” Tyrell whispered. “It took an adult a whole day just to get back tattered and wounded, but you guys are completely unharmed. The demons and dark feelings that are manifested from your fear are not something that one could easily overcome. It would put an adult crying into a fetal position.”

“It didn’t happen.” Alex shrugged it off as if it was nothing.


“Yep, It’s all in the head.”

“I see.”

“What it’s true. All it took was me saying. That it was all in my mind.”

“Really? I said something similar as well,” said Jack.

“Yep.” Alan nodded and the other agreed with him.

“Though when the fight was over, I felt a warm white light that surrounded me.”

“Same here. It felt like I met something extraordinary….”

“I thought I did too.”

“What is this though?” Eve called out towards the rest of her group. She placed her hands towards the giant vines that went up towards the sky. The moment she brushed her hands against it, wild blue flames erupted. Pulling back, she yelped in surprise. Her hands were not burned and were still perfectly intact.

“What’s wrong? Woah.” Jack turned around towards Eve and stopped. He stared up awestruck. “I haven’t seen this before.”

“Is Will or Kiyro up there?” Isabel came forward as she too examine the vines.

“I believe it’s Kiyro,” replied Eve. “I get the feeling it is.”

“How long before he will be back?”

“That depends on the person,” said Tyrell.

For the next hour, everyone waited for both Will and Kiyro to come back. Jack and Alex tested out their new weapons and armors as if they were toys. Till finally a blue light came down from the sky and landed. The blue flames roared ablaze and then became slowly simmer down. Out stepped Will fully clothed in armor and a weapon. His gear was completely clothed in gold and silver. His hood was a head of an eagle, his cape were like wings. A embroidery of a gryphon took its place instead of an eagle.

The flames burst outwards and screeched as a gryphon open wings spread behind Will. A bright glowing light shot forth and disappeared just as quickly as it appeared.

“An gryphon?” Tyrell tapped his fingers against the hilt of his sword. “To be blessed with a legendary creatures….I don’t know where to begin.”

“That’s not fair.” Alex pouted. “We were first. How did he get something cooler than me?”

“Be glad you got something.” Eve sighed at his brother’s outburst. “You could of died.”

“I want a retry.”

“There is no retry.” Tyrell hissed and glared. Alex quickly shut his mouth and gulped.

“I’m just saying.”

Isabel ran over towards Will with a happy outburst. “Will! I’m glad that you are okay.” She jumped into his arms. Will cloak flutters like wings and cloak them like an angel’s warm embrace.

“I’m glad to see you that you are well Isabel.”

“I was worried that you weren’t going to come back.”

“You know I wouldn’t leave you behind.”

“I know.” A tear escaped from Isabel’s eyes and she warmly smiled up at him. She snuggled into his arms at his embrace and sighed with relief.

“Truly this is historically. Six out of seven came back with both Fallen Weapon and Armor and out of all of them one comes back with a mythical creature’s power. We must rethink the concept of drafting younger generation in obtaining a weapon.” Tyrell tapped his hand on his weapon.

Dark pollen like snow drifted down from the sky. Eve pulled out her hand to catch the black snow. The moment it landed on her hands, she felt a horrible sting that burned her whole hands. She quickly shook it off her hands and wipe her hand against her clothes.

“What’s going on?” Eve stepped under the non-broken roof. “Why is it raining black snow?”

“Damn,” Tyrell swore under his breath. “This is bad.”

“What’s wrong?” Will asked. He gently peeled off his sister to the side.

“Dark energy is drifting down from the plant. At this rate if Kiyro doesn’t snap out of it he’s going to go berserk.”

“Kiyro? Going berserk? That’s not possible.” Jack muttered. “He’s has a strong will. I always thought he would be the
first one to succeed.”

“Sometimes the strong are also weak. You won’t know until the worst has hit you when you are least expecting it. It’s not easy .”

“But this is Kiyro that we are talking about.”

“Keeeee! Keeeeee!” A flock of screeching voices could be heard from above. Everyone momentarily stopped to look up into the sky. A swarm of bird like Deviants flew in circles around the giant vine stalk.

“Damn Deviants! They are attracted to the Dark energy coming from the plant.” Tyrell spat with disgust. “At this rate we will be swarming with them in matter of moments.”

“I thought this was the sacred grounds for a reason,” said Jack worried..

“Not when the darkness in someone is overflowing. There are always one out of the hundred that has too much darkness in them. We have to stop him or he’ll summon all the Deviants in ten mile radius.”

“How do we stop him?” Will asked wearily.

“Kill him or it’s going to get worse.” Tyrell took off his heavy sword and brought it in front of him. He swung towards the giant vine.

“No! You can’t!” Eve yelled she ran in front of Tyrell to stop him from cutting down the giant vine stalk. Eve’s swords clash upon Tyrell’s and was stopped short from the vine. She was pushed back from his powerful swing. She thought that she would be blown away from his attack, and lucky for her that attack was not even half of his strength“We can save him. I swear!”

“Move back we don’t have time for this. It’s going to get worse if we don’t stop this!” Tyrell shouted. He forced both swords to the side and he pushed her away from the vine stalk. She fell to the side.

“Please listen!” Isabel called out to Tyrell. “This is not the way.”

“This is not the time. Move girl.” Tyrell stormed towards the vines with weapon in hand. He roughly pushed Isabel to the side.

Tyrell raised his hands above his head and was about to strike down once again. This time, Will stopped Tyrell from striking the vine stalk with his long sword. While Jack’s dagger was wrapped around Tyrell’s heavy sword.

“So your first real battle would be from me is it?” Tyrell growled. He shook his sword in one swipe pushing away both Will’s sword and jack’s dagger as if they were flies.

“You really want to do this?”

“We stand firm on our words. Kiyro will be back.” Will replied sternly. He did not waver or go back on his words..Will was the one that trusted Kiyro the most even though he did not seem to show it. Even though they had heated arguments at times, but he still believed.

“Oh, I doubt that. None had ever been able to pull out of the darkness. I wouldn’t be surprised that he would be able too. Now stand aside. Either we can do this very quickly or painfully.”

“No.” Eve was already up and standing in front of Tyrell once again.

“You can’t.” Alan and Jack came forward as well. Their dedication towards Kiyro were strong and did not waver even in the presence of a Veteran warrior.

“The last person who has the right to punch my brother a couple of times is me.” Alex haughtily stood up next to the group.
Isabel came forward next and then finally Will.

“Fine. Fine. “ Tyrell raised his hands. “I give. I won’t do anything.” He turned around to leave.

“I’m glad to hear.” Isabel sighed. She let down her guards and everyone else.

“He would die either way so it does not matter how its done. Its either he gets consume by his own darkness, dies by the deviant, or by my hand. Wouldn’t it be more of a mercy that he dies painlessly by my hand?”

“Kiyro will be back. I’m sure of it,” said Eve. She had her hands on the hilt of her sword ready to pull out.

“That is something that I can not protect Miss Eve. Sometimes a blind fate of tricking oneself is the last resort to avoid the problem itself. No matter, I suggest you do something about that Deviant up ahead if you want to save him.” Tyrell pointed up towards the sky. For that split moment when everyone’s attention was turned away from
Tyrell, a woosh of powerful attack went straight towards the group. Like a bowling pin, the group were pushed backwards onto their backs.

“Gaaah!” With a swing of his sword, Tyrell sent out a wave of energy towards them.
Temporarily stunned from the shock wave of energy, everyone slowly got up from the ground. Weapons in hand, they
were ready for a fight for their life.

“You fools. You’re just a budding babies that just got your toys. Without the proper training and the Deviant crystal do you think your Fallen Weapon’s and Armors could compare to mine? You can still be killed you idiots. Your no more than a baby that’s barely learning how to walk.”

“You will not kill him.” Eve hissed with venom in her voice. She wobbly got on her feet.

Tyrell glared at all of them. Weapons drawn, the group of young kids were up against the veteran. To them they did not compare to the years of experience that Tyrell had. It was truly a Goliath and David scenario. A full out war between the six against the one had begun.

Alex as the first one to run in a zigzag motion towards Tyrell. With a quick draw of his sword, Alex sent out a wave of energy in a form of a black and red hawk. With a scream the hawk flew towards Tyrell with claws outstretched with ferocity. Tyrell shouted as a wave of sound hit the hawk head on. The collision caused a momentary blast of fire like energy that swept throughout the sacred grounds.

Isabel shot arrows that look like emerald snakes. Flying arrows after arrows green streak of light flew towards Tyrell each one aimed perfectly at his head. Tyrell duck and rolled, dodging out of harm’s way. The arrows swerved around and once again honed in. An explosion occurred as the arrows hit against the wall as Tyrell dodge them at the last moment. Splinters of wood flew all around them as people ducked for cover.

Not a single arrow stopped pursuit for Tyrell’s life. From ten, to six, to the last remaining two Tyrell evaded and blocked every single one of them. They blew up large gaping holes from the explosion of arrows.

“Miss Isabel, you have such wonderful aim, but I suggest you to keep eye on your enemy.” Tyrell was behind her and knocked her on her head with the butt of his sword. She fell onto the ground knocked out temporarily.

“I would be saying the same thing to you!” Alex shouted. He was suddenly behind Tyrell in matter of seconds. Like a zip of lighting his sword fell downward striking at Tyrell. With a swing of his sword, both clashed among each other creating a spark. Electricity escaped around them outwards like a wave.

Wooden beams, side of the buildings, and even stone statues exploded in all direction. Their power were over powering as each collided one after each others. Red sparks from Alex was strong as it push against Tyrell’s yellow and brown. Alex’s energy pushed hard against Tyrell’s, slowly the energy of Tyrell’s overcame the link between the two.

“I can’t hold him any longer!” Alex gritted his teeth against one another. “At this rate I’m going to need help!”

“Working on it!” Jack twirled his dagger like a lasso and threw it towards Tyrell. A giant hammer like energy forms around the dagger that Jack threw, and with a clashing force of power it slammed downwards towards Tyrell. Alex pushed backwards from the just in time before the energy hammer fell down with a crash.

A pulsating energy flew outwards from impact between Tyrell’s heavy sword and the energy hammer. Tyrell was being pushed into the ground further and further from the weight of the hammer beating downwards in a rhythmic pattern.
Tyrell gritted his teeth as he was continue to take a beating, until energy around Tyrell spiked larger and larger. With a burst of energy the hammer was pushed backwards away from him.

“You need to do better Jack. I am barely out of breath.”

“I’ll show you better.” Jack twirled the dagger and aimed again. A flame of silver energy surrounds the dagger and shoots towards Tyrell. Tyrell raised his sword and deflects it away. Alan appeared behind him like a ghost and slashed at his neck. The silver dagger dangerously gleamed as it knick Tyrell just barely missing a major artery. Small drops of blood dripped down his side and onto clothes.

Tyrell rolled out of harm‘s way with the sword in hand. Will and Alex ran in unison towards Tyrell. Like a beating heart, each one attack one after another. The sound of clashing metal against metal.

“That’s more like it.” Tyrell laughed. He was fully enjoying the double attack from both Alex and Will. Even though they were just got their Fallen Weapon and Armor they were doing extremely well against Tyrell. “I shouldn’t play along any longer. I should get going before the swarms of Deviant’s get worse.”

Tyrell pushed both Alex and Will backwards. He jumped on a large petal that stuck out from the vine stalk and hopped from one to another.

“No!” Eve yelled. She went after Tyrell as fast as she could, but Tyrell was already a step ahead of all them. “Hurry! He’s going to kill brother!”

“He’s too fast!” Jack yelled. Everyone was jumping and climbing on the giant vine stalk up toward Kiyro. “We won’t get to him in time!”

“Don’t give up!” Eve desperately yelled. She pushed herself to her limits as she jumped from leaf to leaf.
With a loud bang of explosion could be heard above the lotus flower.

“Brother.” Eve gasped.

“Oh no.” Isabel held her breath.

“Kiyro!” Will and Jack yelled in horror.

“Nooooooooo!” Alan shouted. Everyone look up towards the explosion in distraught.

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