Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 25

Chapter 25
Bridge II

Eve’s screams were clearly heard from where Kiyro was at. Kiyro’s heart leapt up into his throat at the sound of anguish and pain. He had never heard Eve ever scream like that before.

“Eve!” Kiyro desperately ran towards her with weapon in hand. “Eve!” He cried out again, hoping that nothing terrible had happened to her.

When he was only a good distance away, he saw Eve’s predicament. Eve was clutched tightly in the hands of the giant Deviant’s claw. Her clothes were partially torn from being whipped from side-to-side. The Deviant’s hand covered its damaged eye roaring in pain. It was bent over huddled in pain roaring from anger. Its mouth gaping open with its sharp fangs roaring.

“Let her go!” He yelled. A forceful sideways slice that cut into the Deviant’s side. A monstrous scream erupting from the Deviant’s mouth. The shrill made him freeze for a moment. Eve was let go as she scrambled underneath a car, blinded. His momentary lapse made him miss the movement of the Deviants hand come from the side. With a lightning like speed the hands slammed into him with such force that he was thrown backwards. Luckily, he was able to raise the sword just in time to block the attack.

In matter of moments, Kiyro rolled a good distance away and finally crashed into a car. With a thud, his breath escaped from his chest as he was knocked unconscious for a moment.

“Kiyro!” Isabel yelled out in horror. Will was beside her, she was helped up by Will. Will was already hovering over Isabel protecting her for any other possible danger.

“Get back.” Will pushed her behind him. He pulled out his knife and brought it in front of him. His makeshift spear was a
good foot away from him.

The Bear like Deviant rampaged around with gushing blood coming from its eye and side. Kiyro momentarily blacked out, his senses temporarily forgetting where he was at. Memories that he never thought he would ever remember surface into his mind.

“Kiyro! I told you to wait!” Hissed Diana. She smacked his hands away at the baked cookies that she made. His stomach grumbled in a hissy fit telling him that he was hungry.

“But I’m hungry.” Kiyro replied and he frowned. He pulled back his hands in pain. “You’re taking to long to make dinner.”

“I’m almost done. You’re impatient like your Steve.”

“Honey, what are you talking about?” Steve walked into the kitchen and sneaked his way over towards Eve. He winked
at Kiyro and smiled at him. “You know me. I’m the most patient person in the world.” Steve’s hand slink between
Diana’s side as he gently pulled her in.

“Steve! I’m cooking.” Diana’ laughed. Steve snickered as he rubbed his cheeks against hers. His eyes glistened with mischievous grin. They both turned their back from Kiyro. They were both into their own little world. Steve turned his head over his shoulder and looked towards Kiyro. He motioned him to grab a couple of cookies.

Kiyro took the cue and snatched his hands over towards the freshly baked cookies that were lying on the table. Quickly picking up a few, he scurried away from both Steve and Diana. He did not wanted to get caught in the middle of their world. Stuffing a couple of cookies in his mouth, he headed towards the door.

“Steve!” Diana giggled like a little girl. Steve laughed a hearty laugh as he twirled her around.

Already Kiyro was at the door that lead to the outside, but stopped short. The door was open for him to see them sleeping quietly. He saw both Alex and Eve sleeping peacefully in their cradle in the room. Walking towards them and chewed on a cookie.

They were still small but growing quickly. He couldn’t help but curiously gazed down upon both of the twins before him. Licking his fingers of the cookie crumbs, Kiyro stood over them. He remembered his time when he was small and unable to move so much as a baby. Was it possible that these two had the ability to think in higher understanding as him just like the time he was small?

He reached over towards them and gently caressed Eve’s silver white hair. From the looks of it, he was sure that their minds were not as advanced like him. With a sigh, he gently pulled up the blanket covering both of them to their chins.

Something caught his eyes shimmering over their head, he glanced to see a large crystal the size of Eve’s fist. What is this? He picked up the crystal in hands. The crystal gave of a strange imminence light that seem to glow in the light. It was a familiar feeling that he couldn’t help but feel like he knew what it was. A sudden strange hunger to eat the crystal had occurred rumbling deeply in his stomach once again. This time though, it was not the hunger for the last cookie in hands but the crystal itself. His mind boggled at the thought of this strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.He stopped and his eyes turned wide.

“Oh you found the crystal?” Steve was behind him with a smile. Kiyro was startled at the unexpected appearance of Steve. He fumbled with the crystal in hand almost dropping it back down into the crib.

“A crystal?”

“Yes. A Deviant’s Crystal. It’s quite amazing how one of the Deviant that I personally killed has one of these embedded in their hearts. I was shocked to find one of them having such a thing. Out of all the Deviants that we slaughtered not one had such a crystal.”

“Why didn’t you turn it in?”

“Well, I thought it would be a good battle trophy.”

“You kidding me right?”



“It just…” Steve stopped talking and reached over towards the Crystal in hand. He picked it up and examined it carefully. “Oddly enough it just gives off a weird feel to it. Every time I look at it I want to eat it.”

“Really?” Kiyro was shocked at what he just heard. Steve wanted to eat the Crystals? But then again now that he think about it he did have a strange urge to eat the crystals for himself. He to held himself back as well. “I thought I was the only one too.”

“You too?” Steve looked at him. “Interesting. Very interesting.”
Steve looked it over once more and then he placed it back in the crib next to Eve.

“Are you sure that’s a good idea to put it next to them?” Kiyro asked. He was worried that they might put it in their mouth and choke on it.

“Strangely enough they don’t seem to be affected by it. It must be a certain age. I don’t know but that the best conclusion that I could think of. She’s a beauty isn’t she?”

Kiyro was silent. He couldn’t help but smile at the sleeping face of Eve. He glanced over to see Alex yawning as he turned over towards Eve. He squirmed over towards her and grabbed a hold of the Crystal over them.

“Aw, look at that. Aren’t they adorable.” Steve cooed. His face brightened at the sight of her adorable face. “You know killing this Deviant was truly something to behold. I was lucky to come out unscathed when I fought the owner of this heart.”

Kiyro was curious at what Steve has going to say. “What did you do?”

“I well…..first off there were something odd about that Deviant compared to all the other deviants that I know. The one’s that I fought were all dimwitted and slow, but these Deviant seems a little bit more intelligent than the others. I’m not sure how they are growing at such a rapid pace.”

What Steve said, he remembered the time when he was a baby watching the Deviants attack. Even though they were slow witted they were ferocious in their own way, but to be more stronger than the rest was already mind boggling enough. He hoped that he would never have to face such creature in his life.

“Kiyro if you do ever meet such beings run the other way.”

“But dad, you still did not tell me what you did to kill it.”

“That’s not important right now. Keep away from them. If my guess is right, they are evolving and this crystal is possibly the reason for their evolution.”

“But still-” He was stopped from talking any longer.

“Don’t eat that!” Steve gave off a panicked voice. Kiyro’s head whipped over towards Eve who was suckling on the Deviant crystal in hand. “Not you too Alex.” He cried out in annoyance. With his rough hands, Steve reached over to try to pry it away from both of them. What he got next was a wet piece of Deviant Crystal in his hands.

“I guess you were wrong dad.” Then the scene fades away and instead a burst of bright light erupted from his vision and all he could see was white.

“Dad?” Kiyro raised his hands above his face trying to block out the bright light. “Steve?” His vision became clear as he stared out before him. He was back on the bridge and his senses were slightly dazed.

A loud roar erupted from the giant Deviant as it pounded on the ground. The surrounding area of the Deviant broke from the impact and the cars around it screeched from being pushed back. The large Deviant was a difficult opponent that Kiyro had never encountered before.

Did their luck finally hit rock bottom and their death was finally here at hand? No. He would not believe it and instead he would change his fate if it was so. Pushing up with great pain, Kiyro stumbled forward. His knees, arms, and face were scrapped up badly from the rough throw. Slight stinging erupted all over his body as he moved forward, but even still it was not enough that would stop him from moving forward.

“Eve?” Kiyro called out. He scanned for her and found her underneath the car. He slipped through the cars and went as quickly towards her.

Alex was already at Eve’s side, crouched towards her at a face pace. From one car to the next, he darted around like a lizard. He was trying his best not to get attention from the Deviant as best as he could. He finally reached the car and crawled towards her. “Eve, are you okay?” He worriedly asked.

Eve was curled up into a ball with her hands covering her face. Alex pulled her into his arms with a worried gaze.

“P-p-pull back your hands. Let me see.” He stuttered and gently peeled his hands away Eve’s hands.


“It’s alright. It’s alright.” Alex gently replied. Eve’s hands were pulled back and what he saw shocked him. Large tears erupted from his eyes and trailed down his face. “Does it hurt?”

“I’m okay. Don’t worry.”

“B-b-but your eyes!”

“What are you talking about? I can see.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Y-y-yes.” Eve replied and then she glanced away from him.

Alex was not sure what to believe. The horrendous red blisters around her eyes and her eyes were pale bluish-white. He could clearly see that something was wrong with her eyes, but how badly it was damaged he was not sure. All he could do was believe in Eve’s words.

Kiyro arrived next to Eve and Alex. He saw the horrible wound on Eve’s eyes. His anger boiled up in the pit of his stomach. The Eve’s beautiful face were scarred and it was all the Deviant’s fault. He felt ashamed of not being next to Eve to save her when it happened.

“I-” Kiyro couldn’t speak any further. Words were stuck up in his throat. Alex gazed up towards him in anger and then changed in seconds to sadness.

“Brother. Don’t feel bad. I’m alive. It’s just my eyes.” As if Eve was reading Kiyro’s mind, she consoled him. She patted around herself trying to find Kiyro, and instead her hands were picked up by Alex.

“It’s not alright,” said Alex in anger. “You can’t see.”

“I’m fine. I’ll be alright.”

“Stop saying that. You don’t have to pretend that you’re strong. Lean on me too!” Alex wailed in anger. His face was scrunched up in sadness as he hugged her tightly. Kiyro was about to step forward to hug them both, but was stopped short.

A sudden cry of the the Deviant cried out in anger and madness. It swung its large arms around itself like a tornado. Cars and debris flew around him, making it very difficult to go near.

“Watch out for its arms!” Jack swung his dagger like a lasso. He cut through skin and muscles and the Deviant stumbled.

“Are you kidding me?” Alan gasp in disbelief. He threw his makeshift spear as hard as he could towards the large Deviant. It flew and impaled itself perfectly on its sides. The end of the spear was broken cleanly in half as its attention was directed towards him.

“This Deviant is slow. It’s bulky body is not fast enough to catch you!” Jack was twirling the dagger and cutting up the Deviant even more. Even though the cuts were not deep wounds, it irritated and distracted the Deviant from going
after Alan.

Isabel jumped in on the fight by casting her arrows with her bow. One after another, she was sticking the Deviant like a porcupine. Her aims were flawless and accurate. Its large body was an easy target for Isabel, but even still the Deviant did not fall. Even with cuts, arrows sticking out of its body, and parts of the spear embedded into its body it would not go down.

If it was not bad enough, while they were fighting the large Deviant, the fish looking Deviants and the humanoid looking Deviants that were chasing them were slowly enclosing upon them. The bridge had not completely collapsed, and whatever remaining Deviants that were still present on the bridge came forward towards Kiyro’s group with only one thought. To kill.

Kiyro quickly got up and slashed at the nearest Deviant near him. His broken sword cleanly cut the head of the Deviant in one swing, and another in half. He could not budge from Eve’s predicament nor could he go and help the rest of his group to fight off the Bear Deviant that the other were fighting. Already the leftover smaller Deviants were swarming around Kiyro, Alex, and Eve like locust.

“Alex, take your sister into a car. Now!” Kiyro shouted. He dodged out of the way from the Deviant that swung towards him.

“I’m already ahead of you.” Alex picked up Eve. He ran towards a car and tried to open it. The first car was locked, so he had to run to another.

Each time the Deviant that came close to both Alex and Eve, Kiyro decapitated them as quickly as possible. Even if his arms tired, he kept pushing forward. They were no time for him to take a rest. Already he was breathing heavily from the movements from one to another.

His hands were sweating and his body covered in Deviant’s blood. Pieces of flesh stuck onto his body, while with each strike, a bit of his stamina was drained. He did not know how long he could last slicing away at the hordes of Deviants. His body was not used to fighting for a long period of time. Especially since he had run through the cars, jumped and even held on for his dear life so he would not fall.

Kiyro was not superhuman. He had a limit, but even still he held on. Keeping the Deviants at bay from both Alex and Eve as best as he could. Alex was finally able to safely put Eve in a car and slammed the door behind him. He ran towards Kiyro with his knife in hand and struck sideways into a Fish Deviant’s side. Dragging it across its belly, all of its innards fell onto the ground and the Deviant fell unable to walk or run forward. All it could do was struggle forward with its arms.

“Die!” Alex hissed. He stopped down hard onto the Deviant’s head and crushed it in one stomp. Alex did not give the
Deviant a chance to come near him. He then quickly move onto another. Both Kiyro and Alex fought hard. Alex striked like a snake, immobilizing the Deviants for a split moment while this gave Kiyro a chance to swing in one go.

Heads went flying in the air as the duo created a perfect strike team. It was not often when Kiyro was perfectly in sync with someone. This only happened a very rare few times with Will and even then it would only be for a split moment.
Alex and him were constantly in perfect sync without a breaking their rhythm.

Bodies of the Deviant fell around them, slowly piling up into small mounds. The first wave of Deviants were completely annihilated. Thirty Deviants laid scattered on the floor without their heads. Kiyro took the embedded sword that he threw at the Deviant. His foot stomped down onto the Deviant’s head killing it one blow.

Already both Kiyro and Alex was breathing heavily from the fight. Kiyro couldn’t help but smile at Alex. He was truly proud of his younger brother. Both him and Alex was easily wiping out the Deviant Type I as if they were nothing. Normally people would not be able to face their fears and continually wipe out the large swarms. Instead one would of ran away to survive for another day, but for Kiyro and Alex it was a different story.

They had a purpose to live and that was to protect Eve who was blind. They all wanted to survive, but they could not easily leave the bridge without clearing some Deviants away from them. Kiyro knew if they had just ran with Eve in tow, they would not have made it across the bridge. It was either to stand up and fight or die running away. With the first wave gone and only the bear Deviant to fend off, their chance of survival was that much greater.

“They were nothing,” Alex whizzed. He was breathing fast from the strenuous darting in and out from Deviant to Deviant. “I could take care of more.” He proudly stated.

Kiyro nodded. He did not disagree with Alex’s statement. In actuality, both of them could of taken down another ten more without much problem. They were perfectly in sync that not a single Deviant was able to lay hands on them. If anyone were to see the teamwork between Alex and Kiyro, one would think that they had a Fallen weapon in hand.

“Get in the car and rest. Keep Eve safe.” Kiyro directed. “I’m going to help the others.”

“But I can help too.”

“I know you can, but then Eve won’t be able to fend for herself. Her ey-” Kiyro choked up. The shame of being too late to
protect her gnawed at his soul. He rested his hands on Alex’s shoulder. “I’m counting on you.”

Alex stared with surprise. He straightened his back, and brought his knife to his chest. “You can count on me.”
Kiyro couldn’t help but smile. In the short amount of time, Alex and Eve grew up quickly in front of him. Alex had become a battle hardened warrior for someone so young, he could not help but be saddened by such fate. This world had changed everyone. No more were Alex and Eve could be kids anymore. Playing around, laughing happily, and having a peaceful days were over. Their temporary stay with the Cerberus Guild was like a fleeting dream.

Alex opened the door and slipped in the car. He locked the door. They were temporarily safe for now. Kiyro prayed that the bridge would not slip and break and further. If it did, all the remaining cars would slip into the waters.

Kiyro went over towards the Bear Deviant that Isabel, Will, Alan, and Jack were fighting. They were all battered and bruised but were still holding the Deviant back. He was not sure what was keeping the Deviant still alive from the looks of it, the Bear Deviant was already riddled with arrows, cuts, and a couple more spears stuck in its body. He would of thought by now it would of fallen dead on the ground.

“Keep back. It’s going to throw a car again!” Jack called out. He dodged behind another car.

Soon after the Bear Deviant waddled over to a car. It’s bulging muscles picked up a car and threw it towards Kiyro and Will. Kiyro barely had time to dodge from the thrown car. Both Will and Kiyro was behind a SUV with their back against it.

“What’s taking so long for it to fall?” Kiyro asked with short breathe. He could feel his stamina was reaching its limit. He knew that very soon he would not be able to fight or run anymore. He was in a dire need of rest.

“It’s the crystal in its chest. I have never seen such big crystal before.” Will glanced through the glass window. The Bear Deviant was crashing into cars as Isabel fired off more arrows. She too was running out and seem to only have ten more left. “I was lucky to land a hit on it and even cut partially its chest. You wouldn’t believe how big that crystal is. It’s the size of a baseball.”

“What!?” Kiyro had never heard such big crystal before.

“It’s not like the normal Deviants where the crystal is the size of one’s pinky, nor the Type II or III that I have seen before and it does not compare in size.”

“So you think it’s an advance version. A possibly a Type IV?”

“No. It acts like any other first generation, it just has a bulky body, dimwitted, slow, but have amazing strength and jumping power. It’s in between a Type II or Type III in strength. If it was a new Type it would be usually smarter not dumber.” Will replied. He was scrolling through his watch for any items that he could find to use. “Do you think it’s an anomaly?”


“I don’t know how it’s staying alive, but my guess is that crystal in its chest that keeping it moving. I can barely get in and cut off its head without it throwing an ugly tantrum.”

“How close were you able to get in?”

“A good feet, before it threw a fit.”

“That bad?”

“Yea. I almost lost my arm from getting to close. Long distance weapons seem to slow it down immeasurably, but it seems we are going to be soon out of weapons before it becomes immobile.”

Kiyro thought it over and then searched through his watch. He pulled out his last grenade that he was given.”I only need it to be still for a couple of seconds.”

“I’ll buy you some time.” Will nodded and ran ahead. He grabbed had a knife in hand and a strange object he had never seen before.

“What?” Kiyro stopped himself from asking any further. In actuality, he was too far ahead to even ask the question that he was going to ask. Whatever it was he believed that Will will do whatever he promised that he would do. All he had left was his trust.

Will ran forward into the dauntless mouth of the monster. Even though he feared getting eaten, destroyed, or mauled apart, Will ran forward with his life on the line. The Bear Deviant slammed his feet into the ground creating a shockwave of electric energy. Within a ten feet of the Deviant, the surrounding area had momentarily become electrified with electricity.

“What the hell!” Alan yelled in dismay. He jumped back from getting electrocuted. “It had never done that before.”

“I can’t get close enough to hit it.” Jack said with annoyance. He held back his knife and tried to find a different way to get toward him. The electricity intensified and dissipated into the world.

Will ran forward with his knife in hand, he rolled out of harm’s way and was right underneath the Deviant’s giant foot. With quick hands he jabbed into the Deviant’s feet. The Deviant rolled in agony as it fell onto its knee on the floor. It’s hands that were like giant clubs bashing into the ground around Will, trying to get in a good hit. Luckily for Will, the Deviants body stopped the attack from connecting and instead momentarily impeded it.

This was the chance that Will was waiting for, the disk like device that he had in hand he slipped it onto the Deviant. Like a sticky glue, it stuck onto the the skin. Will twisted the small device in a counter-clockwise motion and it was set. A green light appeared on the device as it beeped in a slow pace.

Will crawled underneath the stomping feet of the Deviant. When he was finally was able to pull out of harm’s way, he ran away from the Deviant. “Get back!”

Everyone heard him and ducked behind safety. The device on the Deviant started to beep louder and louder until finally the light turned red. A high pitch sound erupted from the device as cold mist escaped from its side. Cackling like sounds could be heard as the ground and flesh around it had begun to freeze instantously.

The Deviant body became rigid from the frozen ground and finally became immobile. A good surrounding area of the Deviant was completely frozen and slick. Even the ice slowly crawled up the Deviant’s body like a snake up towards its stomach.

“Now!” Will yelled giving Kiyro the chance that he needed to wipe out the Deviant in front of them.

Kiyro took this chance without a second thought. He pulled the plug from the grenade and threw it towards the Deviant. The Deviant howled in anger as it twisted its body to free itself from the solid ice. With each movement, it was able to break away even more of the frozen ice around it.

“Boom!” The grenade exploded in front of the Deviant’s body. Pieces of the Deviant’s flesh flew outwards everywhere.

“Nice!” Jack exclaimed in happiness and he pumped his fist.

“Nice shot!” Yelled Alan. He cheered happily.

Even Isabel and Will smirked with satisfaction. Even Kiyro couldn’t help but be satisfied with the outcome. The Deviant before them slumped onto the ground with large chunks of its body pieces missing. Both’s its arm, shoulder, and even a chunk of its side were missing.

“Where did you get that piece of work?” Kiyro asked. Will made his way back towards him.

Will gave him a sneaky glance and smirked. “I took it from the Weapons room in the Cerberus Guild.”

“You did? I never suspect you out of anyone who would resort to theft.” Kiyro couldn’t help but chuckled. “It definitely came in handy. Do you have anymore of it?”

“It was just there on the table. No one was going to take it in such a situation. It would of gone to waste.” Will crossed his arms. “That’s the only one I could swipe when we left. If we had more I would’ve used it already.”

“Better having one than none at all.”

“I can’t believe this.” Alan replied in a gasp. He was in complete shock at what he was seeing in front of them.

The Deviant that was missing a large portion of its body, and even the Deviant Crystal showing from its chest. Burn marks and the sound of hissing like sound could be heard burning all over its body. Even the stench of burning flesh could be smelled around them like a pungent air. It was truly extraordinary to see the Deviant still alive and moving.

How was it possible for such a large being able to survive from such a disastrous outcome? Truly the Deviants were evolving at such a rapid pace that it mind boggled even Kiyro’s mind. How far can these Deviants evolve up too. What was their limit even?

With a crash that sounded like thunder, the Deviant rampaged even with its torn body.

“Watch for its arm!” Jack shouted. He ducked under the only arm that seem to wildly swing in chaos.

“Kiyro! This is bad! They are more Deviants coming from the sides!” Alan was looking behind him in shock. Already a second batch of Deviants over fifty were coming towards them in droves.

“There more coming from the side as well!” Jack replied. He was pointing towards the edge of the side of the bridge.

Was this their end of the line? Kiyro thought. His breath was quick as he inhaled deeply trying to keep his heart in check. No. It was not going to be an end. He was going to make sure of that.

“I’ll keep them back. Don’t go to far away from the rest.” Kiyro replied. He gripped his hands against the sword.

“Are you crazy? There going to swarm us!” Will replied. “We need to all run off the bridge to safety.”

“How? Do you have a way?”

“Yes. Come on.”

“Wait. I need to get to Alex and Eve.”

“Hurry it up.” Will, Isabel, and Jack ran with him and towards the destination where Kiyro had placed both Alex and Eve. Alex saw him running towards them and opened the car door.

“Is everything alright?” Alex came out of the car first. “Is something wrong?”

“No time to explain. We need to get out of here.”

Kiyro scooped up Eve in hand, and the rest followed after him. There were no time to waste. They were outnumbered and outclassed. If they stayed their any longer they were going to be overrun and killed. He knew that his stamina to hold out would not last long fighting hundred of smaller Deviants plus the giant bear Deviant.

They ran till his feet could run no faster, even with the extra burden in hand he did not stop. Cars were hurled from the sky like rain by the Bear Deviant. Dodging was harsh and the crashing impact of the flying cars made traversing through the bridge more difficult. The bright side was that the tightly packed cars were more spread out making it easier to pass through. He was glad that they were getting closer to the end of the bridge. They were only a good mile away before they came on solid ground.

Another car came flying from the sky and crashed in front of them. Kiyro stumbled forward and fell with Eve in hand. His group were divided into two groups. Kiyro, Alex, and Eve were on one side of the crushed car and Jack, Will, Alan, and Isabel were on the other. They all barely dodged from the impact of the crashing car.

“Kiyro they are here!” Jack cried out. He already had his hands on his dagger. With a quick hand, he threw the dagger onto the closest Deviant that stumbled upon them. Will and Alan both rolled out from the grasping hands of Deviant and attacked with their knives in hand. They fought back with their life at stake. Isabel shot her last few remaining arrows. Each one of her arrows hit her mark and not wasting a single one.

Kiyro and his group were surrounded and all they could do was fight their way out of the horde of mess. Another car came flying down upon them like rain and crashed behind Isabel and Jack. They flew forward from impact as they rolled to safety.

“Back off ugly!” Jack hissed. His daggered chain split through the air creating a wong like sound. He threw, sliced, and retreated the blade over and over again. “We can’t keep this up! There’s to many!”

Kiyro searched for answers, but nothing that he could see could help them. For once he had nothing. Only a broken blade in one hand and Eve in another. Time was running out and there was no escape from the swarms that surrounded them. With a grit of his teeth, he gently placed Eve on the floor. If this was going to be his last stand, so be it. He was going to fight to at least take down these hordes of monster and hopefully give a chance for the rest to slip away. Raising his blade, he ran forward screaming at the top of his lungs.

“Get down!” An unknown male’s voice called out before them. Every heeded the stranger’s words and fell to the ground.

A swooshing like sound of sword cutting through air could be heard like a blaring trumpet. In a clockwise motion each and every one of the Deviants heads flew off by an wind.

Kiyro saw before him was total annihilation. One could not compare the power from the Deviants to the unknown intruder. It was a welcoming sight to see the death of hundreds of low class Deviants that were able to gobble Kiyro’s group. Even the bear Deviant was killed in seconds as if it was nothing but an annoying fly. Dust and debris kicked up from the force of the wind and in the thick clouds a humanoid figure emerges.

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