Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 23

Chapter 23
Break III

Eve, Isabel, and Alan snuggled up in the round bed. Jack was sleeping on the floor with the sleeping blanket as he wrapped himself completely in it. Will was on the floor still tied up not moving. Kiyro finally deemed it safe for him to come over and talk to Will.

“You okay?” Kiyro asked. He walked over towards Will and sat down beside him.
“That’s a matter of opinion.” Will stated. “Can you scratch my back for me it itches.”

“Give me a second.” Kiyro reaches over and scratches Will’s back. “I’m going to keep your blinds on but untie you. I don’t want you to go crazy again.”

“Go crazy? Ah, so it happened.”

“Yea. Isabel told me the reason.”

“I see.” Will went quiet for a moment and then spoke, “It a disorder that I can not seem to overcome. I lose my sanity for a split moment. I’m sorry you got to see something so ugly.”

“No. No. We all have faults somewhere.”

“You always say the right words Kiyro. Sometimes I wonder how you are able to put on such a calm demeanor. I would of broken down ages ago.”

Kiyro thought it over for a moment. “I think you got me all wrong. I’m not strong as you think I am.”

“What are you talking about. I have never seen you waiver before.”

“If you only knew.” Kiyro mumbled. He didn’t expect Will to think so highly of him.

“You were the first one to go out and fight off the Deviants when we were little. I was so scared that I thought we were going to die.”

“You and me both. I was running around doing what I needed to do. I was just lucky at that time.”

“Lucky? I don’t think so. You have risked your life countless of times when we were young, even flinging yourself to protect Eve and Alex without a second thought. Not even a day has passed since the building collapse and the Deviants invading you took the first initiative to come and find us. You slaughtered Deviants without a blink of an eye, while we watched from the back.” Will took a moment to breathe and continued on what he was saying. “Not only that you went ahead and went in by yourself to clean out the Deviants when we were going for the car. You somehow even knew where the car was. If that isn’t something you consider amazing that I don’t know what is.”

“You’re flattering me, if you weren’t here I would of made some bad decisions. You know me I don’t always think first and instead overthinks things or jump into a situation from emotions.”

“Really, I didn’t expect you to say that. I always thought you were level headed. What a surprise to find out you’re not.” Will chuckled. He rolled onto his back and rested his hands over his head.

Will went silent and he turned over to his side. “When will we ever have a normal life?”
“Normal? I think this has been normal since the beginning.”

“You know what I meant. Having to not worry about anything except going to school, having a family, and growing old without having to fear for our lives in dying against the Deviants.”

“What are you talking about wouldn’t you say that past few years consider normal to you?”

“No. The time of peace is just time to prepare for war. You should know this better than I,” Will sighed. “Everyday we knew that the Deviants were out they’re just biding their time waiting to overrun us. You know this perfectly more than I do. There was no normality in all this.”

“Well then think of it like this. We are fighting for that normal life. A future where we don’t have to worry about such thoughts.” Kiyro knew that in this life, the closest thing to a normal life that Will was looking for was close to a dream than a reality. What caused the Deviants to appear, why they were growing, and for what purpose he was not so sure. Even though what he said to Will was to help him feel better, he too could not help but wish for such thoughts to become a reality.

Kiyro laid down on his sleeping bag. His mind was in turmoil for what had happened in the past day. Things that he had never expected to happen had happened. All of the guild was destroyed in a single day by the Deviants. Were the Fallen holders not strong enough or was their just not many of them to counter the ever growing threat?

Was his thinking of going to get the Fallen Weapons or Armour the safest option? Or was this going to spell their doom? He couldn’t help but have such thoughts running wild in his mind. It was especially during the times of being alone did the weight of the whole matter come rushing into his brain. Being a leader was a lonely job, everything depended on his decision solely and they were no one to tell him which way to go. To carve their path in life meant that he had the sole power to make sure they stay alive till this chaos had end.

But for how long? How long would the Deviants run rampant and continue their offensive approach to mankind? For what purpose? Kiyro thought as he uncomfortably move around in his sleeping bag. Not once did he find the answer to this question even from the history books that he had mercilessly scored through the digital database.

“Hey Kiyro.”


“Do you remembered the history of the appearance of Deviants? The sky was blood red and shooting stars raced across the sky. That was supposedly the beginning of the so called apocalypse to these people and the appearance of Deviants.”


“They were something that bothered me about that history. Don’t you remember you telling me that it was the same time when the supposed battle ship from the stars came crashing down and made our village?”

“Yes.” Kiyro remembered that day perfectly in his mind. The chaotic shake of the ship, the worried voice of Diana, and finally the impact. It wasn’t a memory that he would ever forget.

“The first sighting of the Deviants appearing in this world was a couple days later when the ship has crashed into this world. Everything didn’t happen all at once, instead the infection of the dead moved slowly and eventually an explosive boom happened seven years ago. That fateful day was the day when all seven of them had escaped to the treehouse.”

“What about it?”

“Have you ever wondered if it was us in that ship that brought the disease over here and started this whole mess?”

“I’m not sure. It could’ve been us. Someone might have died in the ship and brought it at this planet.”

“I know it was us.”

“How are you so sure?”

“I remember listening the story from my father. The day when the battle ship crashed was because of deviant test subject that the battleship was ferrying. Apparently a couple of them was kept alive and brought on board. Somehow someone freed it allowing it to go rampaging around the ships. The unforeseen part was the evolution of the Deviants.”

“What do you mean? I never heard about this before.”

“I was afraid to tell anyone really. I thought it was all a dream, but today really confirmed my thoughts.”

“During the space travel, the Deviant’s cells has been rapidly evolving till finally whoever let them go created chaos inside the battleship. The battleship crashed into each other causing them to go down. The worst part about it was that one of them escaped out into the wilderness. My parents said that they hunted day and night, but could never find it.”

Kiyro couldn’t believe the revelations that he was hearing about. So the virus spreading was all because of the crash landing of the ship.

“That one escape had caused all this chaos. If only we all didn’t survive that ship crash none of this would of happened. It could have all ended.”

Kiyro smacked him hard on his head. “What are you talking about? This is not our fault. Whoever let them go was the one that started this. Plus who could of foreseen that the Deviant would have escaped? But you know I believe that this has happened further back than that.”


“I don’t know if you remember, but I do. The Deviants supposedly appeared on Earth.”

“Earth? Wait, The Earth? You don’t mean the Earth where all humanity had been born form. That’s supposed to be even an legend in this world. Wait how did it go, god had brought the chosen people across galaxy as they escaped from their beloved world called Earth and brought this world Noriene. It went something like that.”


“How do you know this?”

“Because I remember seeing them thirteen years ago when I was born.”

“Come again. You’re saying that you remember seeing the Deviants when you were a baby? Is that even possible?”

“I remember watching Steve and Diana fighting off the Deviants at that time. The Deviants during those time wore more closer looking to humans with gray skin and zombie like. The one’s in this world has morphed into something completely different.”

“So you’re saying that the source is at Earth.”


“You kidding.” Will was shocked at the thought that their mother planet was where the Deviants had originated from.

“Not only that I heard from Steve that Earth has become a hostile land where barely anything could live. It was either to hot or too cold to live on because of the Genesis war that created the Deviants.”

“That would make sense. It’s like Mother Earth coming to take a revenge on us humanity, saying this is what you have done now it’s payback.” Will couldn’t help but give him a disbelieving laugh. “Earth is real. I can’t believe it.”

“That’s the same thought I thought as well when I heard that from Steve.”

“Give me a moment so I can take this all in. This is just too much.”

“You have all night.”

Kiyro was pleased that Will did take it all fine. He was worried that he would go into another strange fit.

“Have you ever wondered what the Deviants purpose?”
An unexpected question was thrown at Kiyro’s way. “No. I never thought of that before.”

“I believe its to eradicate all mankind.”

“That could be a possibility, but do you believe that’s the only answer?”

“Yes. Why wouldn’t it be? The Deviants seem hell bent on coming after us constantly without any rest. It’s like evil knocking on our doorsteps saying come and join me in the dark side.”

“Well the darkside is not going to be easy for people like us. Especially because of the Rebirth Machines.”

“Rebirth machines. I am glad that such a machine exist.”

“It does gives us another chance to fight without worrying too much about death.”

“I wanted to tell you this so you don’t have to worry too much, but Isabel and I have been programmed into the Rebirth machine.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. I heard it from my father. It was just like you said, all the children had gone through the process.”

“I see.” Kiyro was relieved, but at the same time he knew he shouldn’t think like that. He did not even know if the Rebirth process would even be successful nor what it could do to one’s mind.

“Michael was the one that administered the process.”

The moment that Will had stated Michael’s name, he was steaming with anger. Even remembering him sickened him to the core. “Micheal. That rat.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just forget about it. Just if you ever do see Michael again stay far away from him.”

“Is something the matter with Michael? I thought he was an okay guy.”

“Just don’t ever trust him and let’s leave it at that.”


Kiyro tried his best to clear his mind of the day when Diana was injured badly. The emotional rollercoaster ride that Diana had put out through their telepathic link. He could still feel it vividly in his heart.

“Hey Kiyro,” Will turned towards Kiyro and moved his hands unders his head.

“What’s up?”

“Don’t ever go to the darkside.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know. I felt like I have to tell you that.”

“You just gave me weird goosebumps. Don’t do that.” Kiyro shivered. “You’re like predicting my future or something.”

“Pft. If that was even true. I believe the person that goes towards darkness would be me. I probably harbor a bit of wanting to destroy this messed up world and recreating it anew.”

“That’s a bit dark wouldn’t you say?”

“No. Think about it. We are quite fickle creatures. Humans have gone through war bickering over small things because we can not come and sit together in terms. We all are never satisfied with what we have and we want more. It would makes sense if Mother Earth took the initiative and wiped out such species that was doing harm to the planet. We take and take and take. Never giving back. Look at what the humans in this world are doing. It’s the same thing.”

“True, but that doesn’t mean that they are only humans that take from this world.”

“I know it’s just there are more people who take than give.”

“Yea, but that does not mean that people can change.” Kiyro understood what he meant. He had seen the news during his stay in the Cerberus guild. The deforestation, the garbage, and even the crime rate that still happening in the city. Even though they had a common goal for an enemy.

“If only that was simple.”

“Everyone has a choice to follow the path they are given. Same goes for you. You can either take up the mantle and lead the way to create a better tomorrow or take the opposite direction and destroy the world.”

Will sighed. “Sometimes you just don’t give me a direct answer and instead give me a roundabout answer to everything.”

“What is that bad?”

“No. Just thanks.”

“Anytime. Let’s go to sleep. We have a long day ahead of us.”

“Yea. Good night Kiyro.”

“Good night.”

Sleepiness washed over Kiyro as he finally closed his eyes to sleep.



Kiyro woke up with a start. He felt something heavy fall onto his chest waking him up startled. Eve was bouncing around over him causing him to lose air. “What-?”

“Breakfast. Get up.”

“Aw come on Eve. I was just about finished with drawing on his face.” Alex gave Eve a scornful stare.

“You’re making his handsome face ugly.”

“Handsome? Pft. I’m handsome. He’s just a lowly plebeian.”

Kiyro groaned. It was to early for this usual routine from both Eve and Alex. It was either one or the other that made him get up one way or the other. Alex with his pranks or Eve’s jumping that made him lose his breathe. For once he asked for a peaceful morning without either of them waking him up in such a particular way. A nice shake from Eve or Alex serving him breakfast.

But dream was just a dream. Neither Eve or Alex had such a fantastical personality that he drew up in his head that such a thing could happen.

“Here is breakfast.” Eve brought over a tray with peanut butter and jelly sandwich with orange juice. “Alex made it.”

“He did?” Kiyro couldn’t believe Eve’s words and smacked himself in the face. This was all a dream. for Alex to finally act normally.

“Brother, why did you hit your face? Do you really believe you are ugly?” Eve was concerned at Kiyro’s odd behavior.

“No. No. I just wanted to wake myself up. That’s all.”

“If you need help I can help you.” Eve came over and smack him on his cheek and then she kissed him where he slap him. “Pain, Pain. Go away.” She sang.

Kiyro was dumbstruck. Alex broke out laughing at Kiyro’s behavior and the scribbles on his face.

“Your face!” Alex was bawling on the floor.

“Here,” Eve handed him a wet tissue and a mirror to wipe himself. When he brought up the mirror he saw the scribbles that Alex had drawn. He had one long unibrow with circular designs one of his cheeks, and a poop drawing on the other.

“Why you-” Kiyro felt himself boil in annoyance at Alex’s pranks.

“You’re awake.” Jack came over. “We are all ready to go. We’re waiting on you.”

“I’m surprised you guys didn’t wake me up.”

“Well we thought you needed some rest. Yesterday was no joke.”

“Yea, hopefully today will go smoothly.”

“That’s quite a bit to ask.”

Kiyro wiped away the marking that Alex’s drew and gobbled up the food that Eve had brought over. With his mouth stuffed with food, he got up and clean up after himself.

“Where is everyone?”


“Will with them?”

“Yep. He was the first one to leave and went out scouting around the building.”


“Nothing so far.”

Kiyro, Eve, Jack, and Alex went downstairs and came up behind Will and Isabel. They were both sitting near the entrance using their binoculars.

“Did you see anything?” Kiyro spoke quietly without startling Will.

“I saw a couple of Deviants passing by, but that was awhile back. They continued onwards past the us towards the direction that we came from.”

“How about anything across the bridge?”

“So far nothing.”

“Let’s go. We should get this over with.”

Will nodded. Everyone pulled out their weapons and followed behind Kiyro ready to go through the unknown ordeal waiting for them across the bridge.

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