Drezo Regalia: Re Ch.22

Chapter 22
Break II

Laid out before the group were canned fruits, chips, ramen, battery packs, blankets, lighter, kitchen knives, metal mop handles, toilet papers, toothbrush, toothpaste, water bottles, pots, pans, soap, sleeping bags, camping tools, tents, and ropes.

“Is it me or do you guys feel like we’re going camping?” said Jack.

“Camping? What’s camping?” Eve asked, she curiously peered up to Jack wondering what he was talking about.

“You know camping as in going out in the woods, and building a tent.”

“Is it something to eat?”

Jack smacked himself in the face. “How do you not know camping? I thought someone would have told you something common.”

“Actually it’s not common. The word camping nowadays have a negative connotations to living outside in the wilderness and fighting for your life against the Deviants. Such thought is frowned on, so the word rarely crops up,” replied Jack. “I think I only heard it twice throughout our stay here.”

“But there are tents here. What else would they be using it for? Putting it up in their back of their yards?”

“Actually yes.”


“Don’t ask me, it’s what the high class society’s close recreation of their so called camping. Lately it has been a trend.”

“Wait, how do you know this?”

“Tyrell was once chatting about it.”

“You actually had the time to talk with Tyrell? How were you able to talk with him without getting stabbed by his ice cold glares? He hates us.”

“Well, I just went up to talk with him.”

“Just like that? You just waltzed up and said hey be my friend?” Jack was in complete disbelief of what Will had just spouted. Everyone knew that Tino hated everyone of their guts, it was apparent from the first day.

“Something on that line.”

“Lies. I hands down call that lies.”

“Whatever you want to believe. Either way, I learned a lot from him anyways. Plus I don’t need to prove to you it’s true. There is no point if you already dead set against me in believing it’s a lie in the first place.”

“This is too unrealistic.”

Even Kiyro had a difficult time believing the words that Will had got to say, but even still he had sensed no lie from Will. His answer were straightforward with any waiver of doubt. Will was not the type to state something without a second thought. The only thing he could do was believe him. “Well, never mind about Tino. Let’s split the things we got for each person. We don’t know if we’ll ever get separated from each other, so this will prepare each of you. I pray to god that we never lose each other.”

The words that Kiyro stated impacted everyone more deeply than they thought. The thought of losing each other was considered astronomically difficult. They did not know if they were going to be Rebirthed correctly, and if they did what would they do in the hords of Deviant’s nest? How would they survive? Shaking the thoughts out of his head, he squatted down and divided the spoils.

“Keep the kitchen knives, cloth, and leave the mop handles out. Put the rest away.”

“What for?”

“I’ll show you in a minute.” When each one of them finally got to divide the spoils equally, Kiyro patted his clothes of any dirt. Already he could feel his legs cramping from squatting to long.

“Wait a moment.” Isabel called out towards Kiyro. She brought over the backpack with the first aid kit. “Let me cleanse out your wound or it’s going to get infected. If you’re not carefully you can die from infection.”

“Oh. I forgot my shoulders are like this.” He forgot that the had a wound on his shoulder that he got. The blood was dried up.

“Sit down and take off your shirt.”

“Aren’t you demanding.” Whistled Jack with a snicker. Isabel glared at Jack evilly and went back to what she was doing.

Already Kiyro was ahead of her. Isabel blushed red when she saw Kiyro half naked body. Even though he was slim, he had well defining muscles that did not bulge too much. Small cuts were present on his back from training and working out.

“That stings.” Kiyro hissed and winced. He gripped his pants tightly to hold in a couple of tears that was starting to form from the pain. Isabel was dousing alcohol on his shoulder, he could already hear the hissing like sound from the wound being cleaned.

“Hold still, good thing it’s only a slight wound. You won’t need stitches for this.” Isabel took out a small grun looking needle. She placed it against his arm giving him a shot of antibiotics.

“I think it would be better if you give him double the dose.” Will pointed out. He was already handing Isabel a second needle cartridge to replace.

“Wait, what?” Kiyro sharply turned towards Will looking at him as if he was crazy.

“You brought dosage for small animals. You’re not a animal.” Will handed him the small bottle that had a label for dachshund.

“That’s a matter of opinion.” Jack chuckled underneath his breath. Kiyro threw a broken piece of small stone towards Jack. It perfectly hit Jack’s forehead, causing Jack to yelp in pain.

“Hehehehe.” Eve laughed.

“That hurts.” Jack wailed and he rubbed his bruised forehead. “Why do you use your skills for such trivial action.” He was disgruntled with Kiyro’s actions.

“Don’t give me a reason to use it then.”

Isabel finally finished wrapping his shoulder with clean bandages. “All done.”


“Where are we going to go now?” Alan asked. “No the best question is where are we?”

“Did anyone find a map?”

“Actually I did.” Will brought out a large piece of folded paper and placed it on the floor. Eve, Alan, and Isabel was peeling opening the canned fruits and were handing them out.

“Look. We’re here.” Will pointed showing everyone. “I saw a sign that stated Drego street and Urban Rebel Street. The
shelter is literally the opposite direction from where we need to go. In all honesty, I don’t think we should go to the shelter. The Sacred grounds is actually a lot closer than I had thought. We just need to cross the bridge that’s a good mile away from here and we should arrive to our destination.”

Kiyro was pleased. Here he thought he caused them to get further away from their goal, but luck was on their side and allowed them to end up closer than before.

“The only problem is that we can’t go by car.”

“Wait, back up? What?” Jack was not pleased in hearing what Will had to say. “That’s our safety measure. Without it how are we going to get across safely?”

“Everyone had seen the road been blocked by other cars. We can’t make it through.”

“This is a serious problem,” said Kiyro. He was thinking of solutions, but couldn’t find any.

“If we are out in the open we’re going to be attacked by Deviants. Isn’t there a way around this where we stay in the car?”

“The next bridge is literally further away and it’s closer to wall. I don’t know about you, but I would stay away from the wall. Who knows if the area we go to is breached or not. Not only that look,” Will slide his fingers across the map, “If I remember correctly this bridge is under construction. It will take us a whole hour to go through this way, then just walking across the bridge that is in front of us.”

“Not all of us have weapons to protect ourselves.I got my dagger, a broken sword, a gun with only a couple of bullets, and a bunch of kitchen knives. In which case, we’re prepared something close to close quarter combat.”

“Actually, I do have an idea on our makeshift weapons.” Kiyro cut in. “We can tie the end of the metal pipe with the kitchen knives or saw of the edge and make a sharp point. Whichever one comes first does not matter. We’ll have enough to make a spear for everyone.”

“Do you think it would be enough to keep the Deviants at bay though?”

“Better something than nothing. We already have defended ourselves with miscellaneous objects that we have found. Don’t back out now just because we don’t have special abilities.”

“Well you do.”

Kiyro went silent.

“What does he mean?” Alex asked. Even Alan, Isabel, and Eve stared at him with wonder, thinking he had some special ability that could save them all.

“Tell them Kiyro. It’s not going to do them harm. I can’t believe throughout this whole time you haven’t used it even once.”

“I had my reasons.”

“Isn’t this a good reason enough?”

“No. I can only blow fire once a day in short bursts. Only in emergency situations.”

“You serious? Are you some kind of fire breather?” Alan asked skeptically of Kiyro’s answer. “Are you telling the truth.
You’re not making up a fable like Will are you?”

“He’s telling the truth.” Will and Alan both replied.

“We have seen him practicing it everyday. It’s quite fascinating, but I didn’t know you could only use it once a day. Though it is an huge improvement from only being able to blow fire once every week.”

“That’s not that helpful than.” Alan frowned. “What’s the use of only using it only once a day. During such period of time, one should be able to freely use it whenever he really needs it. You could of been roasting those Deviants in one go.”

“Hey. Hey. Be glad that he has a skill that’s useful. It’s already considered unique in my opinion. No one is born with the power to use flames unless one is using those weapons.”

“My brother is a fire breathing dragon.” Eve’s eye twinkled.

“I wouldn’t push it that far.” Kiyro couldn’t help but smile at her adorable nature.

Alex rolled his eyes and grumbled. “Siscon.”

Kiyro held his fist back from smacking him on the head. Sometimes he wondered why recently Alex was giving him side comments.  “Did you see anything to cut the metal pole?”

“Yea. I think I did something when I pass by. I’ll go get it.”

“Okay, the rest let’s quickly make these weapons before we leave.”

Everyone picked a kitchen knife, metal rods, ropes, and cloth. Kiyro showed them step-by-step.

“Keep the ropes tight or else the knife will fall.”

“I think I’ll keep mine like this.” Alex replied put together two kitchen knives back-to-back creating a double edged short sword. “I like the feel of it closer to my hand than on the end of a stick.”

“Are you confident enough to go face-to-face?”  Kiyro asked. “You know it’s more dangerous to deal with than hitting them from afar.

“Yea, but I personally don’t feel like I’ll get the job done correctly with something I’m not familiar with.”

“So you’re saying you’re more familiar with a knife than a spear.”

“We’ll see when the time comes.”

“You’ll be amazed.”

Kiyro couldn’t help be smile at what Alex said. He did have a good hands on using the knife than a long spear. Plus he did not want to keep his Alex back from growing up quickly in this dangerous world. Keeping both his siblings under his wings all the time was a bad idea. He did not know what will happen in the future and it was best to keep them ready for the worst.

With the completion of the  makeshift spear, Will also brought over the saw to sharpen the edge. Kiyro also remembered making homemade black eggs from a book that he read awhile back. They were empty eggshells that he put household ingredients that would be used as a deterrents that worked something close to a smokescreen. The others also made whatever they thought they could get their hands on. For the next hour everyone ate, worked, or rested. They even made different makeshift weapons that they could get their hands on.

“We should start going now or it’s going to get dark very soon.” Jack was sitting outside near the entrance with a binocular. “Or we should find a place to hole up. I’m not to sure if its going to be a good idea to walk in the dark when we can barely see.”

Kiyro walked up next to him. “Any signs of activity?”

“Not a single soul.”

“That’s odd. No humans either?”

“Yep. Only cats and dogs.”

“I’m not liking this.”

“You and me both. I did see some building that seems empty, if you want to stay on this side for the night.”

“I think we should. I didn’t expect for us to stay here for so long.”

“What do you expect? It’s been awhile since we travel outside. Even though for us its a second time running away from Deviants for Eve and Alex this is all new to them.”

“They’re doing well for their first time.”

“I’m surprised that they didn’t scream and hide. They were a couple of times, when I thought they would go out and
fight for themselves.”

“Kind of remind of us when we were around their age.”

“No kidding. Brings back memories.”

“Yea.” Jack silently scanned around for any unusual activity. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like living a
normal life with our parents?”

Kiyro thought for a moment. There was a time in life when everything was peaceful, happy, and warm. Those days were long gone even though it were brief. Such feelings eluded him day after day, the hardships of life slowly overwritten those memories. Even though such thoughts would come up in his dreams, they were not something he actively remembered. Surprisingly enough the days spent with Steve and Diana was brief, he felt that these memories were shoved back into his mind and kept in the dark. It’s not that he had forgotten those memories, it was more of he could not bare to bring these memories up without his heart hurting to the point he would curl up into a ball.

“I can barely remember what my mom looks like anymore. I don’t know if they were just a dream or a figment of an imagination.”

“They’re more than just a dream.”

“All those years thinking about what I would do when I meet my parents once again. I thought about bringing them here to this city and showing them around. Living together in a house and peacefully living out my days.” Jack placed his binoculars down. Light breeze blew towards them bringing in the hot summer air. “I can’t help but feel envious of those kids that have their parents living with them at the Cerberus guild building. I couldn’t help myself from feeling happy that they had no place to return too. They become like us. Homeless with a parent.”

Jack was ashamed at what he had said but he kept on talking. “When I thought such thoughts, I could not help but feel ashamed. I hated myself to think such dark thoughts to befall on them.”

Kiyro understood Jack. “You are not the only one.”

“You too?”

“Yes, I felt the same way when I saw the building collapse and the family members lost. For the people who had look down on us, I thought they deserved it just as much.”

Jack stared at Kiyro and was surprised at what he was saying.

“But at the same time, I felt that It was not the right thing to think such ill tidings at them. They also are human like us. Going through life like everyone else. They are, in a sense, became someone as similar to us in what they have lost.”

“Yea. You’re right.” Jack shoulder slumped. “I miss those beds we had when we stayed at the building. Honestly it was so much better than the one’s that I slept in when I was child.” Jack grinned.

“I completely agree with you on that. I don’t know what Steve used to make those beds so uncomfortable. Every night I felt like something was poking my back.”

“And those itchy nights. I couldn’t stands those days.”

Kiyro nodded vigorously. He  perfectly remember those days.

“I always wondered why we didn’t live in a better house like the ones we lived at the Cerberus building.”

Then it dawned on Kiyro, even though Jack and Will were kids when the crash landing happened, their memories of the time were not as vivid as Kiyro. He remembered the exact details even when he was a child. There were warm beds in the battleship just like the beds that he used to sleep in the Cerberus guild building.

“Actually, we did use to sleep in beds similar to the ones at the Cerberus building.”

“What when?”

“Hey guys what are you talking about?” Alan walked up from behind them. Everyone else was ready to leave and they came out the building.

“We were talking about the past. Kiyro was just telling me we used to sleep in a comfortable bed back during the time when we were with our parents.”

“Really? You did?” Everyone was curious on what Kiyro would say.

“Yes, but I don’t think this is a good place to talk right at this moment now. The sun is setting and we need to find shelter soon. Jack suggested we try the building over there.”

“Is it going to be okay?”

“Don’t know till we scout it out.”

Alan groaned. “I like where we are.”

“I’m not so sure that would be a wise idea. The windows and doors are broken. Who knows when a Deviant will be coming through.

Everyone followed after Kiyro who was leading the way. He ran up to the a car and pushed his back against it. Peeking over to the side, he made sure nothing was present. Everyone splitted ways hopping from one car to another, till they finally reached the building that stated Pink Hotel.

Kiyro went in first, the door was not broken into and the door slide open for them to enter. The receptionist room were empty with nobody present. The lights were still turned on, and the buzzing sound of the air conditioner could still be heard. Walking over to the reception desk, Kiyro went around to check for any keys. Ten different room card keys were present. He picked out one and he took it with him.

“Did you find anything?” Will asked. He was watching their back to see if anyone would come in after them.

“Room 203.”

“Second floor.”

Jack opened the door leading up to the stairs and went in first. They carefully made their ways, checking for any irregularities, but so far they did not see or hear anything.

“Here we are.” Jack walked up towards the door. Kiyro handed him the card key. With a quick slide of the card key, the machine lights up green allowing them to enter. Gently pushing the door open, Jack went in. The room were clean and nicely kept, nothing was out of place nor messed up. The only thing was that their were a giant round bed with fluffy pink and white curtains and pink walls.

“What’s with this room?” Jack stared with gaping jaws. “Why is it all pink?”

“Look around to make sure their no Deviant’s around.” Kiyro pushed open the closet door, and looked inside. He poked around to see if their were anything present, but instead he found some strange clothes inside. Picking one up, he noticed that the it was a female bunny outfit. They were even more different types of clothes present inside that would be considered the fantasy dreams of all man. With a quick close of the door, he accidently slammed it too hard.

“Is everything alright?” Alan asked, he peered over his shoulder and looked towards Kiyro.

Kiyro quickly nodded. His face was burning red. Trying to keep his mind back in the game of searching for possibly danger, he went next to the bathroom. Slowly opening the door, he noticed the bathroom was even cutely decorated in pink. It hurt his eyes on how retardedly pink the bathroom and the room was. He thought whoever designed the room needed to get a psychologically examined.

“All clear over here.”

“Same.” Jack called out.

“Same.” Alan replied. “I believe we’ll be safe here.”

Kiyro turned around and was just about to leave when he saw an odd pack of pink square packages. Picking it up he read the words. “Strawberry flavored Candy? Great use for maximum durability?” Confused, he was about to rip it open when Jack stopped him.

“What a great find.” Jack smiled mischievously. “I suggest you to keep it for later use.”

“Use for what? Aren’t they candy?”

“You don’t know?” Jack was shocked to hear such blasphemous words coming from Kiyro’s mouth. “Y-You can’t still be a virgin?”

“Hah?” Kiyro stared at Jack strangely. “Why are we talking about that all of a sudden?”

Jack sighed and rested his arms around Kiyro’s shoulder. “My friend. You been missing out on life.”

“I have not.” Taken back by Jack’s sudden words. “If they are not candy what are they?”

Jack smacked his face dumbstruck by Kiyro’s words and shook his head. “This is safety for you and your partner.” He took one for himself. “To protect you from all ill things that will happen if you are not safe and bind you to a life of servitude.”

Confused, Kiyro stared at him strangely.

“Never mind.”

“Brother,” Eve called out towards Kiyro. “I found a new weapon.” Kiyro turned towards Eve who was holding onto a
black whip. She was wearing a black hat that matched the whip.

“Wha-” Kiyro was dumbstruck at the strange gadgets that Eve and Alex had found. Alex was wrapping the spike collars around his fist thinking it would be a great use as a weapon. Will simply seem to be lifelessly in the corner as if he was shocked over something. Isabel and Alan was beat red, twiddling their thumbs with magazines that he had never seen before laid sprawled on the ground.

Kiyeo did not know how to take this all in. Everyone’s action seem out of place in the pink room. Whatever this pink room was, he did not feel comfortable at all any longer.

“Put that away Eve. You’re going to hurt yourself with it.”

“But I think this is a great weapon.” Eve pouted. She stored it into her watch with her black hat.

“Alex you too.”

“You take all the fun away.” Alex also stored it away into his watch.

“I think we’ll just clean these up.” Alan and Isabel quickly snapped out of their embarrassment and stuffed the magazines underneath the bed as far as they could.

“Will?” Kiyro walked over towards Will to see if everything was okay. “Are you alright?”

“P-” Will whispered under his breathe. Hitting his head against the wall over and over again.

“P? Do you got to use the bathroom?”

“Pink!” Will roared. He seemed to snap into rage. He punched the walls continuously causing his knuckles to bleed.

“What the hell is wrong with him?” Jack stepped back to not to get hit by Will’s wild tantrum, it caught him off guard and he got socked once in the face.

Jack flew backwards into the desk with his nose bleeding. Eve rushed to his side to see if he was okay. Alex and Alan moved backward out of fear from getting hit and the unusual behavior of Will. No one ever had seen such rage coming out from Will. Kiyro couldn’t believe where that extra bit of strength was coming from. They were holes in the wall from Will’s punch.

“Is he turning into a Deviant?” Alan squeaked in fear.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked, he pulled out the kitchen knife for protection.

“Calm down Will!” Kiyro yelled, trying to put some sense into Will outrageous behavior. “We’re you’re friends. Come back to your sense!”

“I HATE TOO MUCH PINK!” Like a bulldozing bull, Will ran towards Kiyro in full throttle.

Alarmed, Kiyro dodged out of Will’s way. He reached out towards Will and threw him onto the ground in one fluid motion pinning him perfectly with his arms and legs.

“I HATE PINK. I HATE PINK. I HATE PINK!” Will thrashed around like a madman.

“Someone grab me something to bind him and cover his eyes!”

Isabel was the first one to run over to him with the necessary things before he even had a chance to finish his sentence. With one hand free, Kiyro quickly bind Will as best as he could. It was a difficult task for Kiyro, especially because Will was taller than him. Jack ran over to help hold down Will’s legs. Isabel wrapped the a cloth over Will’s eyes as best as she could. Finally Will calmed down allowing Kiyro and Jack to get off his back.

“You okay?” Kiyro asked. He had never seen Will go out of control before. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Um, actually Will has a strong hatred for the color pink.” Isabel spoke up.

“We can see that,” said Jack. “Why though it’s just a color.”

“Our family used to live near the borders of the town. Our home was the first one to be attacked by the Deviants. When the first group of Deviants came through, our mom picked us up and put us in my closet filled with pink clothes to hide us away from the Deviants. We watched as our mom and dad got slaughtered by the Deviants through the cracks. We waited inside the closest scared as we watch our mom and dad’s body turn into a Deviant.” Isabel started to tear up. She started to shake as she continued her story. “It wasn’t until we saw the second slaughter of our mom and dad by Steve’s hands. It was like we were watching our parents die all over again.” She hiccuped.

Kiyro was speechless, he didn’t know they were such a traumatic experience from Steve and the Deviants. “I-” He didn’t know what to say.

“We know it’s not your father’s fault, but that day being in a room filled with pink brings back such sides to Will. The word pink doesn’t trigger anything, even a small amount of it is nothing.”

“Then how come you are not like him?” Jack asked curious.

Eve elbowed Jack in the ribs and glared. She walked up towards Isabel and hugged her. “It’s alright. We are here.” Isabel burst out crying from remembering those days.

How long has it been since he seen Isabel or Will break down. He was quite surprised that both of them held it in for so long.

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