Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 20

Chapter 20
Building Limit III

Freya downed the oncoming Deviants without much effort. Her planes did all the job for her and protect her while Kiyro walked beside her. Two of the small planes attacked the Deviant while one as left to protect Freya and Kiyro. Kiyro was awed at the control she had over the three planes. Each one of the planes were a force to be reckoned with. They dropped bombs, shot lasers, and even fired their automatic guns.

“How is it that your Fallen weapon is a toy plane?” Kiyro asked. Majority of the Fallen Weapons that he had seen were either swords, wands, or some kind of weapons. This was his first time seeing a toy plane as a weapon of choice.

“Well Fallen Weapon takes on the form that fits you. You could say they are part of you in a sense.”

“Really? They’re not just a weapon?”


“Then is it possible that my Fallen Weapon could be a toy train or maybe a spoon?”

“Whatever you desire.”

Kiyro was deep in thought. This made him wonder what kind of weapon he would have when he himself gain his weapon. Already he was thinking about many different combination of possible weapons that would come out when he gained his.

“There over there.” Walking over towards the fallen bookshelves, Kiyro checked to see if everyone was okay.

“Kiyro! You’re safe.” Jack excited replied, especially since he saw Freya following behind him he couldn’t contain his joy. He was already admiring the Fallen Weapons that Freya controlled. “That’s the Triple Phoenix.”

“Oh if it isn’t Jack. Who else is here?” Freya walked up from behind Kiyro. “I see. So all of you guys are here.”

“How did you persuade her to come help us.” Jack eyes twinkled. He was inching over towards the small plane that was hovering next to Freya. He reached out to grab it, but a electricity shocked. him.

“You should know better than to touch it.” Freya was disappointed in Jack’s behavior.

“I’m sorry. It just look so cool.” Jack shoulder slumped.

“We need to get you all out of he-”

Boom! A loud crashing like sound reverberated throughout the whole building. A large deformed hand the size of a truck went through the building, leaving a big hole. All the windows shattered together in an instant. Kiyro pushed down Eve and Alex down for cover, while the others automatically followed pursuit. The building shook heavily but was still

Debris fell and dust formed around the whole building making it difficult to see. Screams of the dying and the hoarse yell of people could be heard outside the building. Kiyro peered up to see what had caused such a devastating attack. The screeching sound of metal bending rung loudly as the giant hand moved. More of the building supports were pulled out from under, making the building groan from the heavy weight.

“A Deviant Type III. Damn.” Freya cursed under her breathe. “Move it kid. Go down the gap now!”

Kiyro saw what Freya was talking about. A large gaping hole was present before them. A giant slab was bent downwards allowing Kiyro and the rest to slide down.

“What about you?” Kiyro asked. He was ready to slide down towards the first floor.

“I’ll be fine.” Freya licked her lips. “It’s hunting time.” She threw three small grenades towards Kiyro. “I don’t need this.” Then jumped out the window towards her giant prey.

Kiyro caught the three grenades in hand. He knew that Freya would not stay for long. She helped him create a diversion for his group without them having to fight Deviants. They even got another weapon and grenades. Not only that a good portion of the Deviants were cleared away. So far he had not seen a single Deviant around him.

Sliding down, he landed on his feet. The first floor was a complete mess. Dead bodies of Deviants were laid everywhere. Windows were broken and large gaping holes could be seen. Already he could see Freya battling the Deviant Type III. Kiyro had never seen such atrocity before, except on paper. Their size was four times bigger than a human with ridiculously thick muscles. Even their large body seem to be composed of three humans combined into one. If he didn’t know any better, he thought a sick scientist patch them up together haphazardly with extra appendages.

The Deviant Type III swung its arms towards Freya. For its large body it move considerably fast. Even Kiyro had difficulty following the movements with his eyes. Freya was jumping and running around the Deviant as if she was a hot potato being passed from one person to another. Her small planes bombarded with fire cracker like bombs rendered flesh like a shark.

Another couple of Fallen Weapon holder was also fighting with Freya. Their attacks seem ridiculously surreal from a pedestrian point of view. Swords that cut through the heavy flesh to battle axes that left a gaping hole like a cookie cutter shark. A battle of speeds between the Deviant and the Fallen Weapon Holder. Even still the Deviant Type III held its ground. Each time a large gaping hole was created, it would reach outwards with it large hands towards a random Deviant. With a giant gaping mouth, it would devour the Deviant in one go.

At that moment the injured body would be patched up by the consumption. An ugly extra head would be formed where the hole was once was. Kiyro couldn’t believe that it was possible for a Deviant of such class could recuperate in such degree.

“Kiyro!” Jack called out, breaking Kiyro’s concentration. “Watch out!” Jack jumped just in time to push Kiyro downwards. A stray Deviant jumped out with its claws outstretched. Will hacked downwards decapitating both hands.

Kiyro raised his guns and shot a couple of rounds to the head. This stunned the Deviants track momentary allowing
Will to finish it off in one sweeping swoop.

“Are you alright?” Will called out. He flicked his sword letting the black blood run off the blood’s groove.

“I’m fine. Thanks.” Kiyro was helped up by Jack.

“Which way now?”

“There a garage near here.”

“Wait. Is that why you wanted to go down the window?”

“Yea. I remembered there are vehicles station underneath us a couple rooms away from above. From my calculation from the hole we just slide down, we should be a couple room away. There,” Kiyro pointed towards the direction they needed to head towards. He was already leading his group towards their goal.

Lifting up his hand gun still in his hands, he checked how many bullets he had left. There were only two. Even though guns now barely did anything to Deviants, he could still use it to draw attention. He still needed something that could be useful like Will’s broken sword.

Kiyro carefully walked around the fallen debris. He did not want to attract attention to any foes that could be present near them. Sunlight entered from the large gaping holes that the Deviant Type III had created and the shattered windows. A large bent metal door was partially crushed. He peered in to see if what he was looking for was still present.

With excitement, he saw an old, black car present, but three humanoid Deviants were prowling around without any directions. Thier heads contorted in odd angles, while they made annoying clicking like sound.

“We have three level one Deviants.” Kiyro whispered. The Deviants cocked their heads and stopped. For a moment Kiyro thought they heard his voice. He froze.

“Wh-” Jack asked, but was stopped by Kiyro’s hand that silenced him.

The Deviants continued walking onward. Kiyro handed Will his gun and motioned for his sword. This was a gamble for Kiyro. He did not wish to draw their attention with the loud sound of the gun and instead he was going to slink in and try to dispatch them one-by-one. For a thirteen year old kid, he was doing extremely well in dispatching the Deviants with the limited weapons that he had.

Will glanced down and stared at his sword. He was not so keen in giving up a sword that helped him out a lot during the short amount of time. Still he took the handgun and handed Kiyro the broken sword. The reach was short, but for the past few kills it did the job perfectly.

“Watch my back,” Kiyro whispered to both Jack and Will. He entered by himself.

Stepping carefully without causing a sound, he slinked towards the first of the three Deviants nearest to him. His heart quickened, his adrenaline running on high. Kiyro boldly took the first strike. The metal cut deep into the Deviant’s left leg. With a pull, Kiyro was able to disable the first Deviant without much trouble.

Even though the Deviant was still moving, Kiyro ran towards the other one that heard the call of the down Deviant. He did not dally and went straight forward towards his prey. Like a young lion on his first hunt, Kiyro swung his sword in a beautiful arch that decapitated both hands. The third came rushing from the side.

Without warning, Kiyro jumped up onto the car hood to reach out of the third Deviant’s claws. Even Kiyro was surprised at his own jump. He did not expect that his adrenaline would kick in so much that he could jump two times than normal. With a bang of claw against the metal car, Kiyro roundhouse kicked the third Deviant with a snap. He could hear the sound of the Deviant’s head breaking from the hard impact.

Thump! An arrow flew over his side, where the handless Deviant was shot squarely in the head. Isabel was already nocking her second arrow aiming at the Deviant that was crawling on the ground. Jack ran forward with his dagger in hand and slammed downwards onto the crawling Deviant’s back. An arrow whizzed past Jack pinning the legs of the crawling Deviant. This allowed Jack to finish off the Deviant without much trouble.

With the first one dead, the second still stumbling around trying to get its bearing, Kiyro jumped off the hood of the car with his broken sword over his head. With the weight of his body and the downward force, he cut from shoulder to hip. A DM Crystal tumbled out from the chest and the Deviant collapsed unmoving.

With heavy breathe, Kiyro pulled out the lodge sword by kicking the Deviant off. He was finally reaching the end of his endurance, barely able to raise up the broken sword. His arms were heavy from the constant use and the quick movements. Even though he had trained his body hard and long, he was still considered an novice in training compared to the elites in the guild. The second Deviant was on the ground flailing around like a fish. Without any remorse, Kiyro quickly finished off the final Deviant. He let out a sigh of relief.

“Nice.” Jack gave him a thumbs up.

Alex and Eve was awestruck at both Jack and Kiyro. They both looked up to him as a hero and a brotherly figure. Already his group were quickly turning into a warrior. He was glad that Alex and Eve took this without a cry or a squeak. Isabel came over to pull out the arrows from the bodies of the dead Deviants.

“Here’s the key.” Will threw the key to the car towards Kiyro. Kiyro grabbed it out of midair. “Do you know how to drive this?”

“I read it in the books.”

“You’re kidding me right?”

“No. Get in.”’ Kiyro opened the door. He sat in comfortable in the seat. Even though his leg reached the petal he could not see past the dashboard.

“Can’t see?” Will chuckled.

Will rubbed his nose and also gave his two cents, “Maybe we find some books or something to raise his seats. It could help him see a bit.”

“That’s not a bad idea.” Will was already looking for something to cushion Kiyro’s seat. “Or I can drive instead.”

“I don’t know if I want to die yet. You are more of a novice in driving than Kiyro.” Jack snickered. “You crashed the small car for children into the wall. I don’t know how you could wreck it so splendidly.”

“Why you-” A shiver ran down Will’s back.

Kiyro glared at both Will and Jack. He was still was a bit touchy about his growth and Will was directed the conversation without having to call him short. He gave Will a strained smile. “I don’t know what you are talking about. I can see perfectly.”

“Brother. Stop lying.” Eve was sitting in the back. She leaned forward towards Kiyro and pouted. “It’s okay brother. I like you even though you are small.”

Everyone froze. They knew Kiyro did not like any words associated to being called short. Even though Kiyro doted on Eve, she had the courage of a lion. A crooked smile rose up from Kiyro’s lips. Shivered ran down everyone’s spine. If they compared Kiyro with the Deviants, they would hands down take on the Deviants instead of Kiyro. Will whistled and looked away from both Kiyro and Eve.

Eve patted Kiyro’s head. “Brother is so cool. I believe you brother.” She cutely smiled that brought out the dimples in her cheek. Even Alex would of been smacked a couple of times for spouting such words. The dark atmosphere that was around Kiyro was instantly vanished and instead his whole demeanor changed.

“Don’t worry. I’ll drive us out of here.”

The others face fell and could not understand the situation between these two siblings. Eve was the only one who escaped unfazed by Kiyro’s wrath. They knew that he doted on his sister, but to change so quickly they knew who had the upperhand. Today they understood the hierarchy of the system. Eve was queen.

“Really?” Alex at times was oblivious to the conversation that Eve and Kiyro just had. “There a garage door in front of us. Who’s going to open the door?”

“I’ll do it.” Will raised his hands.

“You know that’s going to difficult for you to open. Just one wouldn’t be enough,” Jack replied. “I’ll go help you out as well.”

“No need.”

“Are you sure? You didn’t get knocked on the head by a stray Deviant did you?”

“No. Look.” Will pointed upwards towards the ceiling of the car. A small garage door button was hooked near the mirror. Jack was dumbfounded by their luck. “All it takes is a push of the button.” Will pressed the button.

The rumbling sound of the garage door opened slowly. Metal chains grinded against each other and stalled for a
moment. Kiyro thought the garage door was broken , but the machine still drew up the garage door. Alan was the last one to close the car door. Kiyro reached over and locked the door. Putting in the car key, the car engine revved once and went silent.

Ding. Ding. Ding. The sound warned Kiyro of a problem with the car. A red icon blinked on and off on the dashboard.

“Come on. Come on. Come on!” Kiyro tried it once again. The car chugged as if it was sickly and then finally started.

“Yes!”exclaimed Kiyro. He was pleased.

With its final spurt of energy, the garage door reached all the way to the top. A bright blinding light dampered Kiyro’s
view. All he could hear was the loud sound of something impacting the building once more. The building shook violently and started to crumble.

“Look out!” Will yelled. He pointed towards in front of them, his hand accidently pushed the handle down into drive.

The garage door was fully opened, and a large crowd of humanoid type Deviants were gathered like a herd. They were headed towards the left. Will’s sudden yell startled Kiyro and he accidently pushed the gas pedal down. The car shot forward and hit the Deviants. Their bodies collided with the car and flew off to the side. Large cracks formed on the window of the car. The job was done, and Kiyro did not wanted to stop. His mind was on one thing to get out before they were surrounded completely.

He could hear the sound of bones breaking, large dents were formed on the car. Kiyro ran over the Deviants without any remorse. Cutting the wheel to the left, he rammed through a couple more.

“Ahhh!” Isabel and Alan screamed. While the other were hanging on for their life.

“Kiyro! You’re going to kill us!” Jack wailed.

“Shut up. I’m driving!”

The screeching of the car could be heard as the car weaved in and out of the herds of Deviants. Kiyro’s hands were completely sweaty. Even though this was his first time driving, he did not expect the herd of Deviants to be right in front of them when they exited the crumbling building. He could still hear the loud sound of the building crashing behind them.

Luckily he was able to get out of the herd of Deviants without crashing. He had sighed with relief being able to get out without anyone being injured.

A bright flash of light erupted out of nowhere, that blinded everyone for a second. An eerily high pitch of sound that felt like it could rupture his ear could be heard. Following after a large kaboom could be heard behind Kiyro. The car swerved and screeched to a sudden stop.

Kiyro fell forward and hit his head on the wheels, causing him to blackout.

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