Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 19

Chapter 19
Building Limit II

The dead human bodies began to morph and turn pitch black. Their skin hardened with boils with their eyes turned wild and red. Some seem to bloat and deformed into odd angles. Kiyro could see that most of the people were killed by their heart being impaled by force, or from great amount of blood loss.

How the Deviants even got here and killed these people was a question that he did not want to find out. What he wanted to know was where was the Deviant that killed these people.

“Are we going to be okay?” Eve asked worriedly, she peered up at Kiyro.

“The first stage of changing into a Deviant is starting.” Kiyro worriedly stated. He turned his attention towards their destination. They were a good sprint away from the open door. Already the human Deviant’s were getting up. “Go! Go! Go!”

Everyone sprinted towards the open door, Jack viciously kicked a Deviant in the head that was reaching up towards Isabel. “Look out!!”

“Watch where you are stepping! They’re going to grab your legs!” Kiyro pointed out a couple more, he too stomped hard downwards towards a Deviant’s hand that slithered to his foot. A loud crack and a squish could be heard from the bones cracking underneath Kiyro’s feet. He had no time to hurl from the horrible sound. “Quickly!”

Kiyro kicked any others that encroached upon the group. Isabel, Jack, Alan, Will, and Alex went through the door unscathed.

“Brother! Watch out!” Eve yelled, he called out.

A Deviant got up from the ground and slashed upward towards Kiyro. Kiyro turned around a bit too late and was cut on his shoulder. A sharp pain was felt that shocked his whole body. For a split moment, he could barely move. Jack threw his dagger at the Deviant impeding the hand from attacking Kiyro a second time.

“Are you okay?” Jack asked. He pulled the dagger back in with his chain. This gave Kiyro a chance to make a break towards the door. Will and Jack pushed the door closed as quickly as possible.

“Did you find the exit?” Kiyro asked. He held on to his shoulder and he winced in pain.

“Is your shoulder hurt?” Will asked. He checked Kiyro’s shoulder. “It’s not too deep of a cut. We just need to make sure your shoulder does not get infected.”

“I’m fine.” Kiyro pushed Will’s hand away. “We need some more to block the door.”

Kiyro propped himself against the door and push as best as he could so it would not budge. Will went to help Jack drag some furniture over from chairs to desks.

“This one should do. Do we have anything else?” Will asked. He wheezed and slid down.

Thump! Bang! Clash! Screech!

The chaotic sound of claws and bodies were hitting against the door. Each hit created a dent that shook the whole door.

“The door is not going to last long!” Will glanced up in fear. He got up and rushed over towards the hole next to the ventilation in the wall the kids have opened. Eve and Alex already entered into the opening, following behind was Alan, Isabel, Jack, and then Will.

Bam! The door shook hard. Kiyro gulped. He did not like how quickly the door had a huge hole. He could see their ugly faces screeching with hunger towards them. Even the metal door did not keep the Deviants at bay. Any second now the door would be demolished and the Deviants would be swarming in non-stop.

Kiyro was the last one to enter before the doors bursted open. Deviants flooded through the door, pushing and shoving to get towards Kiyro. Frantically Kiyro was lucky enough to place the metal rail that covered up the hole just in time. Their claws stopped from the metal frame, Kiyro was startled backwards from the loud impact of the claws. Crawling backwards, he flipped over to his hands frantically.

“This way you slow plebeians! Follow your leader!” Alex voice resounded around. Kiyro shook his head. He wondered how Alex still had time to stay such words during such dangerous times. In actuality, it had helped him keep his mind clear and his dedication to escape more fierce. This one time that he thanked Alex to act like his usual self.

Eve punched Alex in the butt close to his family jewel’s. “Shut up brother. You sound like an idiot.”

“Gah!” Alex cringed in pain. “What’s your problem? That was way too close for comfort.” He scowled at his sister for her reckless behavior.

“Yeah. Yeah. Just be quiet and keep going.” Eve looked over Kiyro and wickedly smiled. Isabel giggled in the back breaking her fear for a moment. “Brother, We’ll just need to go through this passage and we-”

“Gah!” Alex slipped and fell down a long tube slanted downwards like a slide. “I don’t remember this!” He slide downwards in high speed. His screams were like an endless drop that had no end until finally a soft sound of hitting the bottom could be heard.

“Alex?” Eve voice bounced off downwards. She peered downwards wondering what had happened to Alex. “Are you okay? Alex!” Her voice echoed.

“I’m okay!” Alex called back. His voice was distant. “I think I’m on the 20th floor.”

“Is it clear?” Kiyro called out. He was worried for Alex, but he was at the end of the line and couldn’t do anything except wait his turn.

“I don’t see anything. I think we’re safe.”

“Wait, he’s on the 20th floor? He passed the barrier?” Will called out from behind him. “It worked?”

“I’m going,” Eve replied. “Watch out!” She slid down foot first. Laughing with a thrill, her voice trailed down with her while she happily slid down towards the Alex.

“Eve? Are you alright?” Kiyro worriedly called out. He didn’t hear anything from either Eve or Alex for a moment. “Eve?”

“I’m alright. Everything’s clear.”

The rest followed after. Kiyro was the last one to follow suit. Foot first he slid down the long winding ventilation system that had collapsed. The slide was long with angular curves. There were times, when he thought that he would hit the walls and black out. Luckily he did not get hurt and came tumbling out in an open room. He rolled like a ball that would not end until something soft and plushy stopped his momentum.

“What?” Kiyro hands and face felt something warm and furry. His pushed off to see what it was. It was a giant teddy bear that was triple his size. How it was there he did not know. Getting up he noticed something different about the room. There were a room full of plushies. From large to small, different colors, and even variety of unique animals. Each seemed to be handmade uniquely from one person.

Not to far away there was an open room. A large gaping hole broken by the shaking of the building. In that room there were a stockpile of woman lingerie from with bras, panties, and even female night clothing that Kiyro had never seen before. Kiyro was dumbstruck at the odd contrasting room. His face became hot when he saw the room with female lingerie.

“Brother why are you blushing?” Eve stared down towards Kiyro. He could not avert his eyes away without being caught. During his thirteen years, he was too busy thinking about how to become stronger that he did not pay much attention to the opposite gender. His schedule was filled to the brim with studying, learning, training, planning, and practicing what he had learned. Seeing so many panties caught him off guard.

Even Will and Jack was amazed at what they saw. Jack ran over interested. He was literally going through the different panty sections. Kiyro thought he saw Jack slip in a bear panty in his pocket. What made Kiyro wonder was why they were so many female lingerie in one room. The only thought he had was that this floor was possibly a stock room for merchandises.

“It’s nothing.” Kiyro cleared his throat.

“Gah! I can’t believe this!” Jack exclaimed.

“What?” Kiyro and Will rushed over. They were worried that something bad had happened to Jack.

Jack mischievously grinned and sneakily showed them a magazine with a females wearing bikini’s. “This is our sacred treasure for all men.” He proudly showed them. Opening up the first page, Jack’s face turned perverted. Kiyro couldn’t help but be interested in what Jack was talking about. His eyes was also glued to the pictures. For a moment, the three young boys forgot where they were and enjoyed ogling at the pictures.

“Let me see,” Alex came over and tiptoed to see what everyone was looking at. Even the quiet Alan came over curious.

“Kuhuhuh,” Jack laughed like an old perverted man. “Don’t you see. This is an everyday fantasy that one would like to see happen for real. If not there is something seriously wrong with you guys.”

“Huh? Do you mean the lady with big boobs?” Alex asked confused. He still was not getting what Jack was talking about nor understood.

“What are you looking at?” Eve peered over Kiyro shoulder, snapping him out of his trance. “Brother do you like big boobs?”

Kiyro snatched the magazine out of Jack’s hand and threw it unconsciously as if he was caught red handed doing something bad. “Well I. Uh. Um.”

“Kiyro what was that for?” Jack wailed, he retorted in disbelief.

“We don’t have time to be looking at this. Let’s go.” Kiyro recomposed himself. Eve was disappointed at Kiyro’s avoidance of answer.

“Don’t worry Eve. All boys are just idiots.” Isabel shook her head. She was not pleased at them. “You’ll understand when you get older.”

“Pft. As if you’re old enough to understand.” Jack snickered.

“I am.” Isabel scowled at Jack.

“Not with that flat chest you’re not.”

Isabel gave Jack an evil glare.

“Let’s go.” Kiyro cleared his throat catching everyone’s attention once again. His face was still red, and staying in a room full of female lingeries did not help cool him down. “We got a long way to go. We’re going to need to get out of here.” He walked over and opened the door. Stretching his neck to peek outside, he checked his surroundings. The lights were dim and flickering making it difficult to see. The whole building was in chaos, papers were thrown everywhere, merchandises were scattered, and even furniture were overturned. One would think a tornado had hit the inside of the building.

What made Kiyro even more curious was where everyone was. Not once did he meet a single living soul. His thoughts were that they were probably outside fighting the hordes of Deviants that were invading the city walls. Right now he knew their best chance of survival was gaining the power of the Fallen Weapons. If not they would die. Also staying to long inside the building, they will die from being crushed. Either way they were not in any favorable situation at this moment.

“Is it clear?” Whispered Alan. Alan had been quiet the whole time. His voice trembled worried that the Deviant or the building will crush them first.

“Yes.” Kiyro motioned everyone to follow them. He saw the fire exit sign and headed towards the door. Once again the building groaned with strain and shook. Everyone froze from fear as they grabbed onto the wall believing it would stabilize them. Finally the building went silent, and the buzzing sound of the light flickering off could be heard. Kiyro felt his way towards the door and pushed it opened.

Red streams of emergency back up light blinked on helping them all see their way. The rest followed as closely as possible. None spoke a word, because they were too focused on not stumbling on each other and the surrounding area. Their steps were quick and soft from going down the flight of stairs. Kiyro was proud of his family, they had all worked hard in their own personal way. Especially their training for survival and martial arts. He had spoken personally with Tino to teach every single of them how to fight.

Alex acrobatically flew down the stairs by sliding down the rails. Sometimes Kiyro wondered where he got so much bundle of energy in his small little body. Alan on the other hand was falling slightly behind. He was not the considered the most physically adept in long runs. Will and Jack were on par with Kiyro when it came to long distance runs and even fights. Kiyro outmaneuvered them with his skills, while Jack had the strength. Will was agile and a thinker. He did not rush out without considering deeply of the consequences.

Isabel and Eve were considered a class of their own. Eve was spoiled by Kiyro, but this did not stop the little tiger to bare her fangs. She was considered a genius in combat. She followed closely behind Alex, sliding down the rail with the least amount of energy. Even Kiyro did not have such good balance as Eve and Alex. While Isabel was considered an expert when it came to a bow. Kiyro was satisfied in how far they had all come in the years they have spent with the team of Regalia.

They all rushed down the flight of stairs and ended up on the second floor. The building once again groaned and shook violently, causing a large part of the ceiling walls to collapse in front of Kiyro. Their continually descent towards the first floor was blocked off in matter of moments.

“Kiyro!” Isabel cried out in horror. She thought the ceiling walls collapsed on Kiyro. A large burst of white powdered exploded around them making it very difficult for them to see.

“Kiyro!” Jack wheezed from the heavy air of chalk powder. Their body was covered in white.

“Brother!” Eve yelled out horrified thinking that she had lost him.

The white dust settled down. Kiyro luckily jumped back in time before he almost got crushed. Either it was his dumb luck or his last second instinct to jump backwards that saved him. Whatever it was he was glad that he was alive. He coughed clearing his throat and wiped his eyes with his clothes. “I’m fine.” He called out. “We have one floor to go.”

Kiyro walked over towards the exit and opened the door. The moment he opened the door, a broken blade flew over his head and embedded itself into the wall. Today he had way too many encounters with death that every time he thanked the higher power for allowing him to avoid death.

Dozens of warriors were fighting a large number of humanoid type Deviants. People who did not have a Fallen Weapon or Armor were either killed by the Deviants or were hiding. A good majority of them helped out with whatever weapons that they could find. Such as swords, guns, broken pipes, and more. Dead people laid scattered on the ground. Half of them had their heads and legs chopped off or crushed. Blood muddied the floor mixing in with gore of the fallen Deviants. The other half that died and were morphing into an Deviant making it an endless battle for the survivors.

Kiyro was flustered. He scanned as quickly as he could and reached down near him for the handgun. Even though they were quite a bit of weapons on the floor, there were more Deviants than he could count. Will picked up the broken sword that laid on the ground. Kiyro ran first towards the fallen debris of ceiling and furniture, giving him cover from the Deviants that were a good distance away from him. He motioned the others to follow, while he watched for danger.

Alan and Isabel was the first to run towards Kiyro followed by Jack and Eve. Kiyro raised his hands to stop the others. A stray Deviant roamed astray from the fight that was going on a good distance away from them. From Kiyro’s perspective, he assumed the Deviant was stumbling its way towards one of the Fallen Weapon holder from the back. Right now he had two choices. Either he fire and save the groups of people and catch the attention of the Deviant or allow the Deviant to continue on its course. The second option meant that they could be swarms of Deviants that could attack Kiyro’s small group.

Kiyro’s mind was in swirls for the possible problems that could arise. There were too many factors that his brain went into overload. Instinctively, he raised his handgun, his mind became clear and he aimed. Pulling the trigger, the sound of the gunshot could be heard. A perfect head shot. The Deviant stumbled forward and caught itself. The wound was small but it did not do stop the Deviant’s movement.

Jack stared at Kiyro as if he was crazy for taking the shot. Their location was compromised and the stray Deviant headed straight towards them. Kiyro took this chance and shot a couple more rounds into the Deviants chest and head. Each shot embedded itself into the body dampening the zombie like Deviant movement’s.

Kiyro’s gaze met Will. At that moment Will understood what Kiyro wanted from him. Rushing out away from his spot, Kiyro directed the Deviant’s attention. Will clenched his broken sword and ran behind from the Deviant. With all his strength, he sliced the Deviant’s leg. The Deviant fell with a thud and struggled to go after Will, but Will did not give the Deviant a chance to even touch him. He hacked his sword into the Deviant’s chest, where the heart was. With a grunt, Will pushed upwards and diagonally downwards in three movements allowing the DM Crystal to fall out.

With a shudder the Deviant crumbled onto the ground dead. With a satisfied grin, Will felt a rush of endorphins. His first close combat kill. All the years of training had paid off at this moment. Kiyro picked up the small DM Crystal and handed it to Will.

“Nice.” Kiyro grinned.

“Not bad yourself.”

“Could of done better.”

“If you say so.”

The rest of the group followed behind Kiyro and Will from their hiding place. They trailed behind the fallen debris, concealing themselves from the enemy. Kiyro had an amazing memory, and had memorized the whole floor plan of the building. He knew he would need to use it one day to maneuver around the building. Today was the day.

“Which way Kiyro?” Jack asked. He was watching their back making sure nothing crept up on them.

“We’re halfway from the window that’s across the room. We could climb down from the pipes and head towards the sacred grounds.”

“Wouldn’t that expose us to the other Deviants out there? Isn’t there any other way?”

“The stairs on this side was blocked off. The other stairs is where the Weapon holders and Deviants are heavily fighting. The chance of us getting caught up in their fight is high.”

“But we will be exposed from the Wasp Deviants.”

“I know.”

“Then what are we going to do?”

“See that bow and arrow over there?” Kiyro pointed next to the dead human, where a couple of Deviants were stationed.

“You’re kidding me right? We were lucky enough to take out one. This is a suicide mission”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to distract them. I need you to go grab it. I’ll join you guys at that spot near the window.” Kiyro pointed towards a fallen stack of shelves that gave them cover like a tent.

“I hope you know what you are doing, because none of us know where exactly the sacred ground is.”

“From my research. My guess is that it is not too far away from here. We have to cross Nora’s bridge to get there.”

“What?” Jack exclaimed in disbelief. That’s not far you say? That’s literally a five mile walk. Especially during this heavy invasion.”

“I know. Right now we need to escape from this building. Do you want to be crushed to death instead or have a chance to survive?”

Jack was silent. “Fine.”

“I’m going to take the rest towards the meeting point. I leave the retrieval of the weapon to you Will,” said Will. “Splitting up our forces like this doesn’t sound like a sound idea right now but what choice do we have.”

“I’m counting on you.” Kiyro clasped Will’s shoulder. Out of his whole group, Will was the most reliable friend that he had ever had. He had Kiyro’s back and gave him great advice. Will was someone he trusted with without a doubt his life with. He knew that Will would take great care of everyone else without him needing to say otherwise. With the handgun in hand, he slinked forwards towards his goal.

Kiyro shot his handgun twice, each landing on the Deviant’s chest or arm. The Deviants turned their attention towards Kiyro and went after him. Their claws outstretched, they groaned and clicked with such tenacity that Kiyro thought they were broken. With a strong push of his legs, he ran. He weaved and jumped over fallen obstacles trying to lose them as best as he could, but they relentlessly followed pursuit.

A firecracker like sound busted through the air, creating a shockwave of energy. The surrounding Deviants around a Fallen Weapon user blew up the Deviants surrounding him. Large gaping holes were appeared in the Deviant’s bodies as they all either fell dead or were immobilized from the lost of legs or arms.

Kiyro couldn’t help but feel jealous at the power that the Fallen Weapon Holders had. Even the weakest Fallen Weapon or Armor could decimate a large group of lower class Deviants easily without much effort. Even though there were two Fallen Weapon Holders present, they were quickly clearing up the room without much trouble. The only problem was the large gaping hole the Deviants were coming through to continually attack relentlessly. At the rate the Fallen Weapon Holders were going, they were bound to slaughter hundreds.

Taking a sharp turn, Kiyro headed straight towards the Fallen Weapon holder. He was going to use their abilities to easily dispatch the two Deviants that were following hotly behind him. This was his plan from the start. He been keeping tabs on the Fallen Weapon holders from afar, especially since they were getting closer to their vicinity.

Kiyro knew that they were safer in the vicinity of the Weapon Holders than being further away. Failing his arms, he called out to the female Fallen Weapon Holder. “Help!”

She turned towards Kiyro, surprised at Kiyro rushing towards her. Her Fallen weapon was three small plane toy model that flew around her like she was the sun. Each one shot out a laser beam that burned a large hole leaving a gaping wound. With a zoom, it would fly and eat up the DM Crystal in its heart. Kiyro remembered who the Fallen Weapon user was, she was part of Diamon’s team. Her name was Freya.

Freya pointed towards Kiyro and the small plane flew towards the Deviant behind him. They dropped small bombs that crackled and exploded on impact. The Deviants blew apart into smithereens, while the plane flew in to grasp the crystals in hand.

Kiyro was pushed forward from the blast of impact and flew towards Freya. He rolled and stopped in front of her boots.

“Well look at here. If it isn’t’ Kiyro.” Freya stared down at the battered Kiyro. Her puffy hoodie with cat ears, where her brown hair sticked out. Her cute face smiled down at him with laughter at Kiyro’s predicament.

“Freya. Are you trying to kill me too?” Kiyro gasped. He shakily got up. Pain shot through his injured shoulder.

“Boy you’ll be fine. That was barely nothing. What are you doing here?”

“I need your help.”

“My services don’t come cheap. Plus I’m in a middle of a battle.”

“I know. All I ask for is you to guide me towards my friends over by that window.” Kiyro pointed towards where the rest of his family was situated.

“Well. I can do that for you, but that would be a waste.” The planes flew around her like annoying gnats. They shot at any oncoming Deviants and destroyed them completely. Kiyro wondered what Freya was doing here fighting the small fires with her power. She was considered one of the top tier Fallen Weapon Holder.

“Come on Freya. You already know this building won’t last long. What purpose do you and the rest have to stay here in the building? The top floor was destroyed.”

“What? You serious?”

“Yes. I saw the large gaping hole on the 53rd floor. Everyone is dead.”

“Damn.” Freya swore. “Denzel!”

The other weapon holder heard Freya’s voice and turned towards her. He was busily fighting off seven Deviants all by himself.

“We need to evacuate now! Our mission failed. This building is going to collapse! Get the rest of the survivors and get out of here!”

Denzel nodded and completely wiped out the Deviants with one swing of his blade. He had begun to clear the path for the remaining survivors to run away.

“Let’s go.” Freya replied. Her plane zoomed ahead clearing a path for Kiyro.

Kiyro now had a Fallen Weapon Holder personally guiding him to safety. Kiyro grinned. Everything was going as planned.

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