Drezo Regalia: RE Ch 18

Chapter 18
Building Limit

Kiyro pulled Eve onto her feet. He was in a hurry to find the others. He didn’t know what could’ve happened to them. They could’ve been dead for all he knew. He quickly threw such thoughts out the window.

“Eve, where are your brother and the others?”

“Alex isn’t too far away from here. They’re in the longue. I think he was playing with Will. The others are together, but i’m not sure where they are at.”

Kiyro picked up Eve and ran towards the direction of where Alex was. He hoped that the rest were okay. Already people were rushing past them heading out the exit. The problem was that he had to go against the crowds to find the Alex. People pushed but did not shove, most of them time Kiyro could weasel through without getting trampled over.

“Alex! Will!” He shouted out hoping they could hear him. “Alex! Will!”

“Alex!” Eve yelled with him. “Where are you?”

“Eve?” A distance voice could be heard in the fest pool of chaos. “Eve! You stupid sister. Why did you run off?”

Kiyro heard Alex’s voice and pushed against the crowd over to where he was. Alex was standing on top of a table trying to find them, but he was still too short to see. He was wearing a blue shirts and pants while his brown curly hair covered his face. One would at times mistake him for a girl more than a boy. His arrogant attitude and demeanor was still present even from standing on top of the table. Even though Alex and Eve were both twins they look nothing alike.

Sometimes Kiyro wondered if these two were really even twins to begin with. Their mentality were completely different from one another nor did they have any similar defining features. If he didn’t known them since birth one would expect them to be complete strangers. Swerving his way through the crowds, he made his way through to Alex.

Placing Eve down, he spoked. “Alex you alright? Where’s Will?”

“He went to get the others and told me to stay here.”

“He left you here?” Kiyro was stunned that he would leave Alex behind. He was not to thrilled that he would leave Alex in such a chaotic environment. Was Will finally got to comfortable in leaving the kids behind or did something happened that Will needed to leave Alex behind?

“No. I said I would stay here and wait, you stupid plebeian. I knew either you or the others would find me.” Alex crossed his arms. He acted brave in front of his sister and even to Kiyro. Kiyro could tell that Alex was worried when he was left alone, he tended to rip the side of his skin of his fingernails when he was nervous. Already he could see a small trickle of blood on his fingers.

Kiyro hit him once on his head. He could already feel his blood vessel about to pop from Alex’s arrogant attitude. “You still haven’t learned have you? Who are you calling a plebeian?” He gave him a strained smile that brought sweat down Alex’s face.

“Ow, that hurts” Alex gulped and seem to shrink in size.

“Let’s go.”

Alex quietly followed and grabbed onto Kiyro’s outstretched hand. Eve grabbed Kiyro’s other hand and they all quickly ran.

“Is the building going to fall?” Eve asked worriedly. She clenched onto his hands tighter out of fear and worry.

“No. Not yet. I heard that the building is reinforced with extra support. I think it’s strong enough to hold for awhile.”

“I’m glad to hear that.” Eve sighed with relief. “So where are we going to go next?”

“Which floor did Will said he would go too. Do you remember Alex?”

“Three floors above us near the water fountain is what I heard from him.” Alex grumbled under his breath Kiyro barely caught of a wind of it, “stupid plebian of a brother.” Kiyro couldn’t help but sigh at his childish little brother.

“Let’s go.”

Opening up the door to the stairway, Kiyro and his small group ran upwards three flight of stairs. Upon reaching their destination, a sudden shake and a boom could be heard. Kiyro stopped. Was the building going to fall? How was it possible that the building would be able to shake so hard? If everyone dies does that mean we will all be Rebirthed at the same time? It was a dark thought to think at this moment. To reborn again was the last resort. He did not know if everyone of his group was even put in the Rebirth system.

A past memory cropped up, when Michael had stated that he had put the other kids into the system. Even still there are chances that one of them might not have. When he finally was strong, he would go back to the village and input them into the Rebirth Machine. It was a selfish thought. Kiyro, Eve, and Alex were forcefully inputted into the Rebirth Machine, while the others possibly might not have. This was a choice that the others had to make for themselves. Not him, but he wanted them to come back alive. The thought of losing them terrified him.

“What’s going on?” Alex called out, breaking Kyro’s momentary thought.

“Kyaaaaah!” Eve screamed.

Kiyro pushed both Eve and Alex onto the floor and ducked. A large chunk of the building was missing and bright sunlight followed after. An unbelievable sight had occurred above them. Kiyro stared in complete disbelief that the top part of the buildings was sliding off to the side crumbling onto the ground. There was no longer a ceiling but the bright blue sky.

How was it possible? What could cause such powerful attack that would level a building in cleanly in half. Kiyro was glad that he was not a couple feet taller. When he opened the door to the exit, what laid in front of them was complete massacre. Death. Only the lower half of bodies were present and they were laid out everywhere on the floor. Kiyro felt bile rise up from his stomach. He had never seen so much death before. This was his first time seeing human death before him. Blood painted the ground and even the walls. The pungent smell of iron was strong.

Kiyro hurled. As he wiped his mouth he noticed Alex and Eve curiously looking at the death. Quickly he raised his hands to cover both Alex and Eve’s face from the horrors before them. Even still Alex pushed away Kiyro’s hand unaffected at what was in front of them. Eve as well did not seem to be affected as much as well.

“Brother. What happened? Why are they only the bottom half?” Eve asked confused. “Are these human?”

“Stay down.” Kiyro ordered. He was hoping that another strange attack won’t come out of nowhere and chop them in half. “I’m going to look for the others. If something happens run downstairs to the fiftieth floor and get to safety.”

Both nodded. “Alex, I’m counting on you to keep your sister safe.”

“I know.”

Kiyro’s mouth still had the nasty aftertaste of his bile. He couldn’t help but spit out the taste to the side. Slinking through the destruction, he walked through the piles of the dead. It was truly an heart pounding sight to see. Each turn, each bodies were cut cleanly in half. Guts and blood dyed the floor red. He couldn’t help but pray that the others did not end up like the one’s on the ground.

“Will! Jack!?” Kiyro called out hoping that they were not dead. “Isabel! Alan!”

A loud buzz like sound could be heard over his head. Kiyro look up and saw a deformed looking wasp the size of an adult human. It’s stinger were specifically aimed at his head coming towards him in full speed.

“What?” Kiyro dodged the stinger by a hair’s breath. “There are flying type Deviants?”

Once again the Wasp Deviant flew towards him like a homing missile trying to aim at his body. Kiyro could see the glistening liquid coming out at the end of its stinger. He could tell that the stinger were bad news and he needed something to defend against. He saw what he needed, a broken metal pipe lying on the ground two feet away from.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” He didn’t want to die. In reality, he was afraid of death. Even still knowing that he would be Rebirthed did not give him much comfort. What if the Rebirthed system did not work. What then? What about the others?

Diving into a forward roll, he picked up the metal pipe with one hand. Turning a sharp turn, he swung the metal pipe like a baseball bat. The sound of breaking shells and green and black goo spilled out of its body spraying him in the process. Kiyro took this chance to push with all his might and flung it to the wall. With a loud thud, the bee splattered against the wall and slid down unmoving.

Breathing with heavy breaths, he walked over to the fallen Wasp Deviant. Is it dead? He hoped it would not move. How long has it been since he had slew a Deviant. The only time he encountered a Deviant was during his stay at the treehouse.

Raising up his pipe, he twirled it over his head towards the sharp edge and dove it deep into its body. The stinger was broken and the wings were tattered, the wasp had no way to escape as well it was pinned against the wall.

“That was easier than I thought.” Kiyro huffed. The adrenaline was still kicked in and he was ready to fight or flee. “The Deviant Crystals,” he softly spoke. The DM Crystal that would buy their freedom. Even in this chaotic situation, his thoughts were being ahead and gaining their freedom. He scanned around for any sharp metal objects to begin his search for the crystal. Luckily for him, he found a dagger lying on the ground next to a dead body. Reaching over he picked up the dagger.

He wiped away the green blood on his eyes. With the dagger in hand, he stab in a downward force prying away the thick shell. More green blood squirted out of the dead body hiding his sight. “For a dead being your life force is still so vibrant. How do you Deviants still stay alive with just a crystal heart?”

He fished his way into the gooey case of the wasp shell and finally reached upon a small crystal the size of his pinky. Using the pointed end of the dagger, he pried the crystal free. The moment the crystal was pulled out, the wasp body shuddered and fell silent.

“I did it.” Kiyro held the green crystal in between his fingers. His prize. His money to free him and his family from the contracted servitude.

“Kiyro?” A female’s voice called out behind him. Kiyro wiped around with dagger in hand and noticed that Isabel was in front of him. She was wearing a blouse and a skirt with knee high stockings. Isabel had grown to be a very cute girl with short hair.

“Kiyro!” Isabel squealed in happiness. “Alan! Jack! Will! It’s Kiyro!” She ran towards him, but stopped short noticing that he was completely covered in black and green blood. What more was the Wasp Deviant stuck to the wall behind him impaled with a metal pipe.

“Wow.” Jack whistled. He walked out from the corner with Will and Alan following behind. “You killed a Deviant. I never seen one of those before.” Both Will and Jack had grown up in body faster than Kiyro. They were a lot taller than him. Kiyro was glad that they were not chopped in half from the unknown attack.

Jack twirled a silver chain with the dagger on the end. It was hooked to his brown pants. His brown hair was cut short and had two silver ear cuffs showing on his ears. While Will had on a black and red coat like blazer, black pants, and black gloves. Kiyro noticed that he overdresses sometimes.

“This is hell,” Alan came out last. He wasn’t to keen to see so much dead bodies around him. His red hair were bright red like an apple. Even his clothes matched perfectly with his hair. Sometimes Kiyro wondered if he always wore such color to stand out.

“It’s so disgusting.” Isabel replied. She squirmed when she saw the dead Deviant. Already the Deviant was rotting away.

“Did you get the crystal?” Jack peered over his shoulder and noticed Kiyro holding onto a green Deviant Crystal the size of his pinky. “It’s so small. That’s not going to cut it in lowering our debt.” He wasn’t to pleased in the small size.

“Then why don’t you go out and get one instead of complaining about it.” Isabel pouted. “Kiyro did well to get his first one without a Fallen Weapon.”

“I will. Hehe. I’ll get lots of them and be free. You’ll see.”

“Kiyro is going to be the first one to be free. I’m going to help him.”

“It’s fine Isabel. I’ll be alright.”

“You heard the man. Why don’t you help me instead?”

“Because you’re an idiot.”

“Huyck. My lady you pierce through my heart with harpoons making me bleed.”

“Yea. Yea.” Isabel waved him off.

“Let’s move. I don’t want to stick around when another appears.” Will helped Kiyro up. Everyone was on alert when Will stated it. Another buzzing like sound could be heard coming closer to them from the left. “Hurry up,” Will hissed for him to move.

Kiyro pulled out the metal pipe in that was embedded into the wall and ran. Right now the dagger and the metal pipe was the only thing he had to use in this time of crisis. Backtracking towards where Kiyro had left Eve and Alex, everyone followed quietly behind Kiyro. They did not wanted to make a squeak for the fear of being found out, but Jack’s words erupted from his mouth warning them of danger.

“Kiyro to your left!” Jack threw his silver chain with the dagger on the end towards the flying Wasp Deviant. The dagger cut through the thin film of its wings piercing a hole, then he pulled upwards cutting off a large chunk of the wing.

“Nice!” Kiyro yelled pleased. “You’ve been keeping up with your training haven’t you?”

“This is nothing.”

“No time to waste. Kill it and grab its Crystal.” Will called rushing from behind from Kiyro. He came down with a brick in hand and smashed the Wasp head in one hit.

“Gah!” Isabel squealed in disgust. Everyone got a little bit of Wasp guts and bloods on them. “Seriously?”

Kiyro threw the knife towards Will. Will grabbed it in midair and started to dig out the crystal in the wasp body. Kiyro opened the door that lead downstairs, both Eve and Alex was sitting down waiting on the stairs. He was relieved that they were okay. He was not to confident in protecting Alex and Eve if they had came with him.

“Brother!” Eve happily cried out.

“Took you long enough,” said Alex.

“Go, quickly!” Kiyro heard another buzzing like sound not to far away from him. Isabel and Alan ran past him, while Jack covered their rear. “Will anytime now!”

“I’m going as fast as I could!”

“Faster is appreciated.” Kiyro saw this time four Wasp Deviant coming towards them in full speed. “Will!”

“I got it!” Will stood up and ran towards Kiyro. Kiyro pushed the door wide open for Will to run through and keep the Wasp at bay. When Will went through, Kiyro swung his metal pipe at the Wasp that was at Will’s heel. A sickening thud of metal hitting against their hard shell could be heard breaking apart. The Wasp flung towards the other wasp impeding their progress. Quickly pulling the door behind him, he quickly closed it. He sighed relieved that they could not get in.

“What going on? Wasp Deviants? Since when?” Jack asked. “I thought Deviants were only dead humans.”

“Me too.” Kiyro replied. He was amazed at the growth rate of the Deviants the past thirteen years of his life. “I don’t know what’s going on but the Deviants are evolving in a quicker pace than before.”

Everybody was walking down the flight of stairs.

“I heard from the members that a special case has cropped up a month ago.” Will cut in on their conversation. He was examining the crystal in his hand.

“What? From who?” asked Kiyro.
“Tyrell. I heard him talking to one of the superiors over a special mission that they were doing. “They were talking about a Deviant Queen or something of that kind that one of the group had came across. Only Tyrell and his special ops team had supposedly escaped and was able to bring this information.”

“Deviant Queen?”

“They said that she has been breeding a large number of Deviant creatures that had never been seen before. I think those Deviant wasp was just one of them.”

Everyone face fell at the horrible thought of the problem at hand. Kiyro have never thought that there were even more powerful Deviants out there than a Deviant and a Deviant Type II. How far were these Deviants even going to evolve? Their possibility seemed endless, but to what point?

“We can’t fight them with what we have Kiyro. There is war out there.” Will stared at Kiyro with a serious expression. “Our chance of survival is the Fallen Weapons. We got to get our hands on them.”

Kiyro thought for a moment. “I know. The problem lies with getting past the 50th floor, making our way down, getting out safely, but the worse part of it is that we could die.”

“Death. You make it sound so serious.” Will laughed at him. “We’ll all be Rebirthed if we die. That’s what you told us.”

“You need to be serious Will. I’m not truly sure if all of us have been put in the system. Death is not something you casually throw around as if it’s nothing. Did you forget that the village we use to live is surrounded with over a million Deviants. Plus we don’t know what the outcome will be if we fail the trial of gaining such weapons. You heard stories of how people died or worse their soul got devoured. With that being said if our soul dies there is no coming back.”

Everyone realized what he meant. Even Will gulped out loud a bit afraid of Kiyro’s words/

“But Brother. I don’t want to die getting eaten by Deviants. I want to live another day and see mom and dad one day.” Eve whispered. She reached up towards his hand and squeezed them.

“You’re all just a bunch of wusses you plebeians. This great one will show you all how it is done. I’ll be the first one to get the Fallen Weapon and become king.” Alex replied haughtily.

Kiyro smacked him on the head. “I told you to stop calling people plebeians.”

“Ow! This is child abuse! You dare hit your future ruler?!”

“Future ruler my butt. I just don’t get where this arrogant attitude of yours come from.”

“Hmph. Stupid commoner.”

Another smack on the head could be heard, Alex howled in pain and gave Kiyro and evil glare.

“Anyways,” Kiyro cleared his throat, “I am not going to force anyone of you to obtain your own Fallen Weapons or Armors. This choice risks more than just your life, but your very soul. I heard that it is not recommended for kids under sixteen years old, but that does not matter. It just means we have to try harder to compensate for the age. We can split up to two, one can get out of this building and head towards shelter or the other choice is to go with me towards grabbing our future. There is nothing wrong with living another day.”

Everyone stopped, thinking over what Kiyro had stated.

Eve spoke up first. “I want a weapon.”

Kiyro was alarmed. He did not expect Eve to be the first one to speak. He had hoped that she would go towards the shelter and live another day. She was just too young to handle such a dangerous task. In reality, he feared to lose anyone of his small gang.

“Me too.” Alex replied. “I’m going with Eve.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Mhmm. I know brother will get it. I’ll go wherever brother goes.”

“I’m in.” Will replied without any hesitation. “I been wanting for this just as much as you Kiyro.”

“I’ll be glad to get mine,” said Jack cheerfully. “I won’t lose to anyone of you guys.”

“I’m not sure I want to.” Alan replied. “I don’t feel confident enough to get it yet.”

“It’s alright. There is another time.” Kiyro shook his head in understanding. The last one to answer was Isabel, “I want to go to the shelter.”

“Okay. With this majority of us wants to take a chance to get a Fallen Weapon or Armor, but the problem now lies in dividing the team. I can not let Alan and Isabel go by themselves to the shelter. It would be best if we stick around together for awhile.”

“But how are we going to get past the barrier on the fiftieth floor? These silver bracelets hinder us from passing through.” Jack held up his silver bracelet up towards Kiyro. “At this rate we might just as well be stuck.”

“That’s not the only problem here,” said Jack. “The problem lies with whatever caused the building to be cut in half. We don’t know when the next attack will come from that might cut through the building again.”

“There is a way.” Eve raised her hands. “I know how to get pass the barrier.”

“How?” Kiyro did not expect the answer so soon. He was thinking of a couple of different ways but it could stall their time in getting downstairs.

“Their is a large hole that we found behind the ventilation system in the control room. Alex and I always go through that way when we wanted to go downstairs.”

Kiyro went silent. He was stunned that these two little menaces had found their way around the whole building so quickly. That explained a couple of times when he could not find them anywhere on the top floors. Smiling, he couldn’t help but smile at them.

Boom! Bang! Clash!

Everyone turned upwards wondering where the sound was coming from. Then they heard the sound of buzzing like sound descending downwards through the stairs.

“Run!” Kiyro yelled. Everyone sprinted down the stairs. Kiyro picked Eve who had stumbled on the ground. Worry creased his forehead. More Wasp Deviants were heading their way, and they did not have enough weapons to fend all of them if they were surrounded. With heavy steps, they ran downstairs. Five Wasp Deviants was chasing after them. Alan opened the door first for their escape, while Kiyro was the last person to go through. He once again slammed the door and placed his metal pipe through handle blocking anything from entering.

“This way,” Eve pointed towards the direction they were supposed to go and was placed down onto the floor. She pulled Kiyro by his hands.

“Will this work? Doesn’t the barrier field reach out through the whole level? How is it possible for Alex and Eve to pass through?” asked Will. “It is strange there is a slip in the system. I heard it was perfect.”

“Everything has a weakness somewhere. We just need to diligently seek it to find what it is.” Kiyro couldn’t help but be pleased by his siblings. Even though Eve and Alex can be a little minx, they somehow found their ray of hope in escaping. They all moved through the empty hallways. Not a single soul could be seen.

“Where is everybody?”

“I don’t know, my guess is that they are fighting the Deviants.” Will replied.

“But this is too quiet. It’s creepy.”

“Yea, I know what you mean. You would expect to hear some screaming and yelling but so far we haven’t come across a single person.”

“Maybe they are all dead?”

“Highly unlikely. By that last shake, I bet they all fled downstairs.”

“We need to get out of here too. I don’t know how long the building will last standing,” said Kiyro.

“It’s this way. We’re right around the corner.” Eve pulled strongly on Kiryo’s hand.

Kiyro glanced up and stopped. He did not like what he was seeing at all. Dead humans laid scattered around the door and they were slowly twitching awake.
“Their changing into Deviants. Kiyro!” Jack called out behind him. Trouble was brewing every step they took.

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