Drezo Regalia: Re Ch 16

Chapter 16
Unfamiliar Territory

“Drezel.” The sweet female’s voice called out to Kiyro. His mind was in turmoil. The past events that happened flashed before him like a bullet making him sweat and squirm. The nightmare was intense where the body of his family all laid dead before him from the Deviants that slaughtered them. Their blood dyed his hands red making him scream out in horror. Everyone was dead. They were piled up scattered like snowflakes.

“No. No. No!” Kiyro yelled in desperation. His fear were taking place right in front of him. He was the last one that survived. He was alone. Falling down onto his knees, his will to live fluttered away from him.

“Drezel.” Once again the sweet female’s voice called out to him. The voice caught his attention and he looked around searching where it was coming from.

“Drezel. It’s alright. I’m here.” The face of the woman with snow white hair appeared next to him, hugging him with her warmth. “It’s alright. Everything is going to be okay.” Like a lullaby her voice calmed his nerves, and he reached over giving her a hug. The warmth of her body filled his heavy heart. Bright light entered into his vision making him warm.

Kiyro wakes up from the warm light that entered in from the window. His vision was still foggy but it was clearing up fast. Pushing his aching body up, he felt a soft cushiony bed underneath him. Startled in complete confusion, he wondered where he was at. Looking around him, he was in a room where a lot of sunlight poured through the glass windows around the room. Everything about the room reminded Kiyro of the pictures that Diana had shown during the modern era of the 21st century. He had only saw pictures and videos of them back at the village, but never experienced it till now. It was a complete shock that such an environment existed.

Just a moment ago his family was fighting for their lives trying to survive and the next thing he was in bed where he felt safe. Then it hit him, his family was not present anywhere. Pulling back the blanket, he stumbled out with a loud thud. Falling on all four a shocking pain erupted from his back making him tear up. It was an excruciating fight between his will to move and the overpowering pain. Sweat streamed down his pale face, soaking his white nightgown like clothes. Clenching his small fist, he got up with difficulties.

“Everyone,” he whispered underneath his breath. His dedication did not waver and instead intensified to search for them. He needed to know that everyone was okay. Opening the door knob with shaky hands, he walked out with shaky legs. Already he was using the walls to support his bruised and battered body.

“Alex! Eve! Jack! Will!” Kiyro called out towards the long empty hallway. “Isabel! Alan! Where are you?” His breath gasped, he was having a hard time moving. The small walk was already taking a heavy toll on his body.

“Kiyro?” Jack peeked out of an open door to his room. His face brightened when he saw Kiyro awake. “Kiyro you’re awake!” He cried out excitedly and rushed over to his side.

“Kiyro’s awake?” Will came out next. “Kiyro you’re alive!”

Both Jack and Will was next to him supporting him. They walked towards the room that they just came out from. Entering the room, he noticed that Isabel, Alan, Eve, and Alex was soundly sleeping.

“Where are we?” Kiyro asked weakly. Blood rushed to his head making the world swirl around him.

“We’re in a city called Diadem. That what the people who saved us called it. The only problem was that we didn’t understand them quite well,” replied Will. He helped Kiyro sit down on an open bed. Kiyro steady his breath trying to get his breathing under control. He didn’t think he would be able to last any longer without a rest.

“How long was I out?” Kiyro asked. He placed his hands on his head massaging the throbbing headache.

“A week.”

“So long?”

“Yea. It was Tino that dressed your wounds.”

“Who?” Kiyro brightened. The thought it being possibly one of their adults brought hope, but it was instantly crushed by what Kiyro had to say.

“Tino and his group helped us escape. I don’t understand what they are saying but they also gave us a place to sleep and eat.” Jack had said cheerfully. He held his hands behind his head. “I think we should stay here for awhile. They give us free food and a safe place to stay.

“What are you talking about. They are going to be trouble.” Will said with annoyance, “Everything has a price. They will want something from us in return.”

“Will has a point.” Kiyro thought it over. These new saviors might want something from them, but right now they needed a safe haven till they are strong enough. This could be a short answer solution that he was looking for. He didn’t have the power nor the ability to keep his family safe. The only answer was to learn from his savior and gain their power. “But at the same time we need a safe place to stay. Let me try to figure out what they want and we’ll decide from there.”

“Alright.” Jack sighed in disappointment.

The door to their room knocked and opened. A buffly built looking man with tan color skin walked in the door. Strange language were spoke out of the man as they towered over everyone. Kiyro could not understand what the man was saying.

“That’s Tino,” Jack ran up towards Tino in glee. Tino smiled and pulled out a candy from his pocket and handed it towards Jack.

Kiyro eyed Tino carefully, he could tell that this man was powerful. What caught Kiyro’s attention was the weapon in the man’s waist. It was the same weapon that he had saw during the battle with the Deviants. Something about the weapons felt alive to Kiyro.

This time Tino caught Kiyro looking at his weapon. He motioned Kiyro over to him telling him to come closer. Kiyro was not sure if he should completely trust this man, but the weapon in his waist made him very curious. Something about it gave off a very unusual feel that he had never felt before. Finally the curiosity got the best of him, and he got off the bed.

“Kiyro. Is this a good idea?” Will raised his hand and stopped him. “I don’t think you should trust him.”

“I know, but we need to know if we should stay or not.” Kiyro pushed Will hands back. “Stay with the others. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”

“Be careful Kiyro. This smells like a trap.” Will let go.

Kiyro walked over to Tino. Tino smiled and motioned Kiyro to follow. Following closely behind Tino, they continue on their path through the hallway. Finally they ended up in a large room full of weapons. He couldn’t help but be shocked at what he saw. There were thousands of different types of weapons hanging off the walls, on tables, and places that he couldn’t believe was possible.

Tino saw Kiyro’s shock and laughed. He slapped the back of Kiyro and Kiyro fell forward. A sharp stinging pain erupted from his back, and he clenched his fist trying to not cry out in pain. Another person stepped out from the shadow from behind Kiyro. Kiyro jumped up startled.

A man with similar looks as the Tino appeared, but skinner and more leaner. His hair were braided in dredges. and he was shorter than Tino. Kiyro could tell that the two were having a heated argument. He knew that the argument was him and his family. The only thing Kiyro was able to catch in their conversation was the man’s name, Tyrell.

Tino pointed and called out to Kiyro, and Kiyro pointed at himself confused. Tyrell crossed his arms and stare at Kiyro with disdain. Tino motioned Kiyro over and showed him towards the table. Carefully walking over Kiyro peered over the table to see the broken pieces of the battle suit watch.

“What are these doing here?” Kiyro glanced over and reached towards the broken watch. In a flash a large silver knife was stabbed in-between his finger. Kiyro gulped and did not move.

Tyrell angrily spoke towards Tino. From Tyrell’s action, Kiyro could of guessed what they were fighting about. Apparently Tyrell did not like Kiyro reaching over towards the watch thinking that Kiyro would do something dangerous. Tino quickly pulled the knife out of the table and pocket. He scolded out towards Tyrell for being difficult. Tyrell rolled his eyes and stood back.

Once again, Tino pointed towards the broken watch and back at Kiyro. Kiyro was not sure if he should risk his hand trying to touch the combat suit again. Tino motioned him to go on with what he was doing. Picking up the broken watch, Kiyro examined it. flipping it over to see where the problem were, a large electric spark went off causing both Tino and Tyrell to be on edge.

Tyrell had pulled out his black battle hammer, while Tino had his hand on his sword on his belt. Kiyro could feel his hair raise up from the energy that both Tino and Tyrell was putting off. The power was coming from both their weapons and the holder of the weapons. He had chills running up and down his spine causing him to shake. The watch fell of his hands and onto the ground loudly clattering.

Both Tyrell and Tino jumped forward. Tyrell aimed in a downward strike towards Kiyro’s body. With a clashing of weapons, Tino pulled out his sword in a blink of an eye. The sword was long and slender like a katana with wing like feathers appearing out of it hilt. A flash of sparks appeared before Kiyro’s head.

Kiyro couldn’t help but tremble from the power of the two. Their clash were tremendous enough to wipe out the building, but both expertly contained their power in the room. Tino yelled at Tyrell to stop. More sparks and electricity crackled around them creating an static shock around both of them.

Cling! Clang! Clang!

The sword and hammer were like a blur of light as both Tino and Tyrell found neck-to-neck. From Tyrell’s battle hammer an electricity flew around them both. A large shock of electricity zapped towards Kiyro. Stumbling backwards with his hand over his face, Kiyro cried out in fear. Tino’s sword flew across the room and stopped short in between Kiyro’s leg. The electricity was stopped and absorbed by the sword. All of the electric attacks was dissipated in seconds.

Tino rushed forward and swung hard against his brother with a barefist. His fist made impact on Tyrell’s face and he was pushed back towards the wall. A large cut formed around Tyrell’s lip and he spat on the floor.

“How?” Kiyro stared in shock. Was this some kind of magic that they were able to do. Kiyro had never seen such power before. Not even from Steve or Diana. They used powerful guns. Not a single one of them had an electric ability that seem to have a life of its own. He knew that there were electricity that man made to help improve their everyday lives, but not into a weapon like this.

Tyrell cussed at Tino and swung his battle hammer. Tino ducked and rolled towards Kiyro. He picked up the sword and stopped Tyrell from causing him bodily harm. Each swung brought more electric shocks, but then some other element appeared around Tyrell’s blade. Fire.

Heat waves so intense, Kiyro was sweating from the intense heat. The sword was completely engulfed with fire as both electricity and fire licked each other in a chaotic battle between dominance. Kiyro couldn’t help but watch with awe. This was power that he was looking for. The power to protect his family. His heart twisted and turn into greed, jealously, respect, and awe. No matter what, he was going to take one of their weapons for himself when they leave this place. With this he will be able to challenge the Deviant and find his parents.

He waited patiently throughout the whole fight. Tyrell took a step forward and shot out electric bolts that crackled on impact. Each stray electrical bolts shattered an weapon or furnitures. While Tino’s flames roared with such ferocity it incinerated almost everything it touched.

Tino shouted towards Tyrell, but it seems that whatever Tino was saying did not seem to go through Tyrell’s mad rage. Even Kiyro could tell that Tyrell was consumed by his own power. In that moment they clashed once more as both their powers were in a stalemate, then he saw Tino’s fiery power turn blue and white. It was an etherical flame. Kiyro held up his arms hoping it would keep the heat abay.

The thing about the blue flame was that it did not harm a single thing in the room, unless Tino directed it. Kiyro remembered he too could spew out red flames but never blue. His first breath of fire a week ago to save his little brother and sister. He did not expect he could do such thing, but right now he watched the epic fight between the two warriors.

The blue flames all wrapped around Tino’s sword and thrusted towards Tyrell. The battle hammer flew backwards and out of his hands. The battle hammer flew over Kiyro’s head and embedded itself into the wall. Sweat dripped from Kiyro’s, the battle hammer were inches away from his head.

Bringing back his courage, he reached over towards the battle hammer. He couldn’t help but wonder if he could take the weapon for himself and leave from the place. His hand touched the handle, and suddenly a shock wave of black electricity erupted around the weapon. Kiyro pulled back his hands in a snap.

That answered that question, Kiyro thought and sighed. He did not expect the battle hammer to have a defensive ability. Are these weapons alive?

Tyrell turn towards Kiyro, and rushed over to strike a blow. Number one lesson. Don’t touch Tyrell’s weapons. Kiyro swallowed. he didn’t have a second to even move to get out of harm’s way and instead he only saw the fist coming towards his face. Tino intervene pointing the sword at Tyrell’s throat while he kept Tyrell back.

Tino shouted something and Tyrell put down his fist. He clicked his tongue in annoyance and went over to pull the battle hammer out of the wall. The wall crumbled leaving behind a large hole. Tyrell left the room and slammed the door behind them.

Was Tyrell always like that? Kiyro hoped that he won’t meet Tyrell as often as Tino.

Tino helped Kiyro up and had begun chatting towards Kiyro as if Kiyro knew what he was saying. It took a couple of times for Kiyro to understand the body language of Tino. Just with a glance Kiyro could tell that these small squabbles did not even show a fifth of their potential.

Tino handed Kiyro the watch and once again pointed towards it. Kiyro shrugged not understanding what he wanted. Without learning this planet’s language, he would not be able to understand what they really wanted. The best course of action right now was to stay here and see if he could either take a powerful weapon like Tino and Tyrell’s or find one himself.

With a loud sigh, Tino placed the watch on the table. He once again motion Kiyro to follow once again. This time they walked to a kitchen, loud joyful laugh of chiefs. The aromatic smell of cooked beef, different spices and even the smell of apple pie. A boisterous redhead plump lady appeared before Tino and Kiyro. She handed him two plates. When she noticed the small skinny Kiyro, she put even more food on top of his plates.

Kiyro couldn’t help but drool from the delicious smell. He gulped. Tino smiled and gave him a plate of food and told him to follow. This time they both weaved through the kitchen and into the large dining room. It was jammed pack with adults with the same uniform as Tino and their joyful laughter rung throughout the room. Majority of them turned around to welcome Tino in and noticed Kiyro tightly following behind him. He was nervous to see so many unfamiliar faces, he thought that only his small village were the only ones alive in the world.

Tino greeted everyone and walked over to an empty table. He sat down his plate and Kiyro followed after. Three more people appeared before them and sat around Tino. The first was a man named Brook who was long and gangly. He seem to have an depressive air around him. The second was a teenager boy with curly golden hair that covered half of his face named Clay. Kiyro saw a glimpse of Clay’s face where there was a large scar underneath the golden curls. The third was a young red haired lady named Eli. Kiyro wondered why when she walked over he felt the table shake when she sat down. It was the sound of metal hitting against metal.

Kiyro couldn’t help but stare at Eli’s legs. They were completely made out of metal. He wondered how she had lost her legs. Eli caught Kiyro staring. She shifted and her skirt slightly moved upwards showing pale skin connected to the mechanized legs. Embarrassed and ashamed Kiyro blushed scarlet and turned his attention back at his food. Both Clay and Brook broke out laughing when they saw what had transpired.

Sitting down next to Tino, he quietly listen in on their conversation. Already Kiyro was piecing together the spoken language quickly. The more he listened the more his vocabulary increased. He could already piece together small fragmented sentences.

“Tino…..who?” Eli asked.

“Kiyro.” Tino hands was on Kiyro’s head. The rest of the group welcomed him in their small group.


“Stay……answers.” Tino replied.

“What……the Deviants?”

Deviants? Kiyro stopped eating the piece of bread. Where did these people get the same vocabulary in calling those monsters that attacked them Deviants? This was something that only his village called them. This could possibly mean one thing. Someone had told them what these monsters were. That means that there is a survivor in this place.

“….multiplying…….Deviant Type II.” Clay spoke out he was concerned.

“Possibly………….Deviant Type III appearing.” Brook stated worriedly. The four people were deep in thought in whatever they were conversating. It was as if Kiyro could cut the thick atmosphere with a butter knife if he wanted too.

“We shall see.”

“…..next?” Eli asked. Curious on what he will answer, she waited for Tino’s reply.

Tino turned towards and glanced towards Kiyro.

“Tyrell……not happy…..ok?” Clay sounded a bit concern.

Tino shrugged not caring on what Clay had to say and instead replied, “Regalia.” He pointed at Kiyro.

Clay burst out appalled not liking the answer. “No!…….young.”

Kiyro dropped his spoon on the dish and pointed to himself confused. “Regalia?” He spoke the same tone of words that Tino had said. This caught everyone in surprise, but Kiyro did not care. He was not sure what this Regalia was so repeated the same word again.

With a grin, Tino pointed towards Clay, Eli, Brook, and even himself each one saying the same thing: Regalia. From Kiyro’s understanding this word Regalia could mean one thing, a group name or an association. It clicked in his mind. Tino had brought Kiyro into their group: Regalia.

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