Drezo Regalia: RE Prologue


    Mankind had advanced quickly in the 20th Century. In the 21st Century, space had opened up its doors to man. The Frontier was the goal of mankind, to conquer new lands and find new homes, but by the end of the 21st Century, a catastrophe that engulfed the world called the Genesis War was in full throttle. Brothers against brothers, nations against nation, and family against family, all fought to the bitter end.
An apocalyptic winter had begun as Earth fell into a complete silence from the world wide Nuclear bomb. The ground shook as the Earth were divided into blazing hot summer and a never ending winter.

The remaining humans had no choice but to work in unity to build a fortress in space and on the moon. Their beloved home was now almost inhabitable to live in. The poor were left behind, as the rich moved forward to escape death. Time went by as once again, humanity survived and grew. In the 22nd Century, technology had made a quantum leap where it was now possible to cut the distance time of travel through the star-gate.
As Earth finally had begun to settle down, the materials gained from Earth was now possible to harvest in large quantities but it was still inhospitable to live in. The first pioneered humans settled on Mars, terraforming the planet into a hospitable land. Then the first star gate to Mars was constructed on the moon. . The next to be made was on one of Jupiter’s moons, and another century passed as they made their way to Pluto.

In the year 2576, the first long distance travel ship was made possible. Traveling to other galaxies took less than a hundred years, but it was still not possible to travel too far from the base.

Time flowed and technology grew in rapid succession as interstellar grew. In the year 2898, the first hospitable planet for humanity has been found. It was named Titus and it was 1.6 billion  light years away. Once again, humanity firmly grasped and dived into the technology needed to survive the long ride over. But they knew that their genetic make-up was not strong enough to handle such a dangerous ride. The first generation decided a new breed of humanity was needed, and successfully bio-engineered new humans to take on the task. They were stronger, smarter, and lived three hundred years longer.

Three ships were sent out one after the other. and upon arrival they quickly started building the star-gates that would allow them to connect back home. It was a success, as the door to humanity’s prosperity had opened.

During this time, two new super technologies were created called the Growth and Rebirth project. It revolutionized humanity and turned the concept of living into a completely different meaning. Made by two well-known scientist, Danny Kim and Asana Petrov, their technology was considered ingenious. This technology helped grow the humanity to the next level.

Following after in the year 2990, a second hospitable planet was found from Titus 3.8 billion light years away. It was named Zeno. The second planet was terraformed for humanity to live on. The next five centuries were called the golden age of humanity as they grew bountifully between Mars, Titus, and Zeno.

Humanity waited and dreamed of going back home to Earth. Their failure and destruction of Earth had caused a deep rooted regret and sadness between the people. As time flew by, Earth’s temperature constantly fluctuated in between hot and cold. The people that were left behind on Earth since the Genesis War, created underground shelter’s to survive.. Many had died as the centuries passed and only a couple million remained. They could not leave Earth, for it would be instant death out in the storming weather.

With the remaining hope to one day leave Earth, or better yet, to return Earth back to its original state, they poured their life and soul into science. Genetically modified human beings were created using the DNA of past animals that could survive in harsh weather of Earth and possibly began the task of balancing Earth’s unnatural habitat.
But a new disaster struck, the Virus called U.R.D was born.



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