Drezo Regalia: Re Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Being Alive

Kiyro was encapsulated in a small capsule like container with the blanket he was born in. Then the capsule was strapped to the back of the moving metallic humanoid metal, and they bounded forward quickly into the darkness.
He faded in and out from slumber. Each time a different scene was present through the small window before him. At first it was just darkness, than following after it were bright lights that blinded him for a moment. Next he heard the same ratatata sound that he first heard, then screams, and two different colored humans fell onto the ground motionless.
Something about these humans were strange. The regular pale skin humans were running away from the gray skin humans. The gray skin humans walked towards the metallic giant slowly with a broken body, foams coming out of their mouths, even riddled with bullets, the beings got back up and walked towards the metal giant. Only a harsh cut with a giant sword decapitated and killed the infected  gray skin human.
The third time he awoke, he smelled something sweet. His mouth opened unconsciously as he suckled on a bottle of baby milk. With a satisfied burp, he once again fell asleep.
Time flew by as the scenes before him was either darkness, gray skin humans falling onto the ground motionless, or a bottle of baby milk and the sound of ratatatata and occasional boom. To him, this was the sound of a lullaby that put him to sleep.
It has been over a month since Kiyro was born. During this month, he never once cried and instead demanded with a couple of gurggle to his caretaker to feed him. He would patiently wait to be fed, his diapers changed, or just silently watch outside of his capsule. There were many times out of the day when he was taken out of his capsule and was personally handed over to another metallic looking creature.
This time, the second face had a more of a smooth and sublime features. Her black eyes were filled with glee, and her smile was so contagious that Kiyro couldn’t help but smile back and reached up towards her with his small hand. At times he would grab at her black hair that fell out of the metal creature and he would yank at it for fun, which would get funny reactions from these two metallic creatures. He heard from the male that her name was Diana, while the male was named Steve.
There were times, when Kiyro saw Diana mumbling under her breath looking over pieces of papers. She would get frustrated and punch a hole in the wall with her metallic suit. At that time, Kiyro knew that it was best not to utter a single sound and break her concentration. Even though he did not speak or make sounds.
A month became two, four, and then six. There were less and less sounds of the loud ratatata sound that he would usually hear like fireworks in the first month and more and more interaction with the Diana and Steve in their metal creature like suits.
There were many time where he saw them shed their metal skin and they both came out with a skin tight suit in front of the crackling fire that they made. Kiyro was surprised that they could do that, and he blurted out a couple of gurgling words. This was his first time he uttered any word, and both Steve and Diana came over towards him with glee. Their face were plastered with a soft smile that he remembered it was exactly like the first human that he had eye contact with.
Both Diana and Steve gave him a warm tingling feeling that he enjoyed; he finally felt at ease and safe in their arms. As the days went on he spoke a little more diligently between them. Sometimes he would form sounds close to words, and he was slowly understanding simple words and the actions of both Diana and Steve.
They boisterously laughed and cried with tears of happiness. It seem they thought that something was wrong with him since he was born in a dark world underground. His golden eyes sparkled and glowed goldish blue, in that moment he saw something hovering over both the two non-metallic creatures some kind of green bar with odd symbols that he did not understand. In seconds, the bar disappeared and everything returned back to normal.
Playing around with Diana, Kiyro bite into Diana’s hands drawing blood. A small trickle of blood entered into his mouth and a sudden sharp pain hit him hard in the head. He was numbed from the sudden rush of energy. It was a dizzying experience, but something strange happened that shocked Diana. She pulled her hand away from Kiyro, while Steve took Kiyro off from her.
Kiyro was held with both hands by Steve, he curiously peered at Kiyro wondering what just happened. He pulled back Kiyro’s mouth and revealed four sharp looking canine teeth. With a giggling laugh, Kiyro took a chomp down onto Steve’s right hand. Drawing blood, Kiyro had tasted both Diana and Steve’s blood.
A flood of thoughts entered into Kiyro’s mind, they were all connected telepathically but at the same time they were not able to read all the deep thoughts of one another. This was why Diana was shocked when she found out that Kiyro’s bubbling thoughts were entering into her mind. Slight worry and fear crossed her mind, but when she saw the cute smile all her doubts and worry went away.
A strange groaning sound grew louder and louder towards them. Even Kiyro was curious in what it could be. He turned his head and noticed a stream of fifty gray skinned humans that stumbled towards them. The smell of death followed with them as they shuffled towards them.
Their eyes were sunken in, their bones broken, and large bites marks and heavily torn skin were present. Steve yelled towards Diana pointing towards her metallic suit, he rushed towards his and quickly put on his metallic suit.
Kiyro was quickly put back in his capsule and was laid with the pack of essential backpacks, while Diana was half way in her metallic suit when he heard the sound of gunfire. A constant barrage of gunfire could be heard, spraying out towards the zombie like humans. They fell like flies, but in minutes they crawled back to their feet and came towards them relentlessly.
Steve pulled out his sword that shot out beams of light. With a swoosh of his sword, he decapitated a couple of zombies in seconds. Diana quickly started to fire right next to Steve, her shots were landing with accurate headshots. They crumpled to the ground unmoving.
The large swarms fell one-by-one, until finally they were only a few left. With a last swing of his sword, Steve decapitated the last remaining zombies. Protecting Diana and Kiyro, he gave a satisfied sigh. Without realizing it, in matter of seconds, Steve was slammed hard on the wall. A heavy growling sound could be heard as a large human with black ashen skin, large claws that could shred through stones, and muscles that seem to double in size than a normal human.
With a loud cry, the capsule that Kiyro was in shook. For the first time in his life, he felt fear. A gurgle of sound was about to erupt from his throat ready to cry, but was quickly swallowed down from the loud inhumane cry the shook the Capsule. All he could do was quietly watch the desperate fight between Steve, Diana, and the unknown black creature.
Diana shot scores of bullets, all a perfect head shot towards the black beings. Even though the bullets lodge deeply into the head of the monster, it did not die. Instead something green and gooey appeared from the holes of the bullet left and pushed out the bullet lodged it in its head. In complete shock, Diana fired more and more trying to get rid of the creature in front of them.
Steve pushed himself off against the wall and rush towards Diana with the sword in hand. The black monster screamed and ran towards Diana with fury with one purpose in mind: to kill. With outstretched claws, the black monster swung at Diana’s sniper. She stepped backwards, trying to avoid the claws. Luckily the claws missed her and instead her sniper was cut in half. Since she could no longer use her sniper, she drew her blade out..
The was the sound of metal, and a blade appeared out of the handle and formed into a solid sword. With a flick of her hands, she chopped off one of the black monster’s hands. With a cry of pain, the black monster stepped back when Steve swung his sword in one clean sweep. A head fell to the side, and rolled on the ground.
With a hiss and a splatter of green blood, the body dropped onto the ground dead. Steve was breathing heavily as he opened his metallic helmet. He called out to Diana in worry and checked if she was hurt. Diana nodded and said more words that Kiyro could not understand. Her eyes were creased worringly and her sword were put away.

Kiyro finally felt safe, and he finally was able to sleep like any normal baby.

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