Drezo Regalia: RE Ch.9

Chapter 9

Another nine months has gone by in a flash without much trouble. The forest around the crashed site was cleared out and instead small wooden cabin were built. A small village were forming day by day. They were higher percentages of male soldiers that outnumbered female soldiers three to one present in the village. About three hundred soldiers in total were alive from the crash landing. Already the once stalemate of the population of the stranded survivors were increasing.

New children were born into the small community bringing joy to the ever increasing population. Men went out to scout the world around them, traveling a bit further day-by-day. Already the whole surrounding area of the mountain range were thoroughly investigate in. Unknown creatures were found, and dealt with. They were lucky to be able to tame and eradicate the creatures easily without much trouble.

Special materials that they needed to fix parts of the ship were founded, but even still it was not enough to help bring back the lost technology that they had. Only ten percent of the technology from all three of their ships combined worked, while the rest were totaled or not usable until it could be fixed.

Hope was in the air as the third year was slowly coming close to closure. The rocket that Michael had told the group about were anxiously waiting for him to complete. He was months away from completing. The community was brought to life as they got ready for a small town festival.

Steve and Diana had stayed together mostly in their home. Diana was recuperating and slowly picking up her scattered pieces of emotions. Steve was there as much as he could, while he took care of both their scouting missions. It was a hard time for Steve. The first month, he had to take care of both Diana, Kiyro, and the scouting missions.

Diana did not speak much during her first month recuperating period. It was only when she Steve was sleeping next to her did Kiyro catch Diana silently crying and hugging Steve tightly in her sleep. During this time, Kiyro would wake up from the soft constant whispering in his mind from Diana’s thought. Her thoughts were always repeating ‘I am sorry or I should of killed him’ over and over again. Every time, the strong thoughts and swelling of emotions would overcome him and he too would cry with her out loud.

This was the only time that Diana would notice him. She would then get up to pick up Kiyro in her arms and sing her usual lullaby. It was not until the second month that Diana finally started speaking more and more. Steve worried face was finally starting to brighten up to see his wife coming back into color and life.

The months passed and Kiyro was finally five years old. He watched Diana’s belly grow larger and larger day by day. Steve was a shocked to hear from Sarah that Diana was pregnant.

Kiyro remembered if it was like yesterday when he heard the booming voice of Steve’s. They were in the healer’s quarter where Sarah was working. Diana was laid down on a white chair.

“Is it true? Diana’s is pregnant?” Steve voice was an octave higher than usual.

“Yes,” replied Sarah.

Steve was joyfully dancing around in complete happiness that he forgot where he was. Both Tony and Sarah stared at him funny. They haven’t seen Steve brilliantly smiling in a long time.

“Steve. I need you to calm down and listen to me.” Sarah told him seriously. “Promise me you won’t run out.”

“Why what’s wrong?” Steve stopped dancing around. He walked over a bit uneasy at what she had to say and he sat down on a chair.

“Diana has twins.” Sarah replied.

“That’s even great news!” Steve almost jumped out of his chair.

“One of them is not your child.”

“What?!” Steve asked stupefied. The sentence that she had stated had slap him in the face. Even Tony who was leaning on the side of the door, almost fell over.

“Superfecundation. Is when the fertilization of two or more ova from the same cycle by sperm from two different people. It commonly most happens within hours or days of the first instance of fertilization with ova released during the same cycle meaning Diana’s twins are fraternal twins with different fathers,” Diana’s voice became almost a whisper. She realizes what she just said. It dawned on her who the father of one of her child might be. “I don’t know if I should say it’s a miracle or a curse.”

“Explain,” said Steve.

“You should know the existence of paired existences.”

“Not hundred percent sure what you are getting at.”

“Well to combat the interstellar long distance travel and to create the best offsprings for the next generation to survive the harsh environments. There were thousands of experiments done to create the best combination of genetic makeup in the human race. Sadly we were only able to create the first generation. The second generation was impossible to create because of a genetic deficiency that cropped up and instead reversed the genetics done by the first experiment. You could say that the children born from copulation died by the age of three or had a huge deforming handicap: mentally or physically. To counteract this problem, a paired existence was born. You could say this is either a curse or a blessing.”

“Where are you going with this?”

“Well finding a paired existence is not an easy. Tony and I luckily found each other in the same age range before the Growth machine took care of all this problem. The Growth machine takes cares of all the data and matches the appropriate people. But this does not always mean one gets a happy ending. Just because our physical body matches with one another doesn’t mean our emotions will as well. My guess is that an unexpected anomaly happened giving a window of opportunity to have fraternal twins. In reality, it would of never been possible for either of you to even have a child. This is truly an extraordinary find.”

What Sarah said finally clicked on his mind.

“Then who’s the second child’s father?” Steve voice started to tremble.

“That I think you know who it might be without me telling you.”

“I’m going to kill that bastard.” Steve mumbled under his breath. “I’m going to kill that bastard!” He exclaimed in anger. He stood up and stormed towards the door. “I’m going to kill that bastard!”

“Steve!” Both Diana and Sarah called out. Tony blocked Steve’s path not letting him through.


“Steve this is not the right time.” Tony held up his arms stopping him from moving forward. Steve twisted out of Tony arms and pushed him aside. Even though Tony was considered big, his reflexes for his size was still considered fast. Grabbing Steve into a choke hold, he pulled Steve backwards from exiting. “You need to calm down. Do you want Michael to know?”

“He raped her! I should’ve known on that day she was bruised black and blue. He deserved death by my hands!” Steve was shouting at the top of his lungs but his breathe was being squeezed out. In seconds he was losing breath and starting to lose conscious.

“Tony!” Diana got up, trying to get to Steve.”Please. Don’t kill him.”

“Don’t worry. I’m going to put him to sleep.” Tony struggled with Steve. Steve fell asleep slowly.

Kiyro was watching the whole time as the event unfold before him. He was still confused on why Steve was getting riled up. He heard the word that Diana had stated and understood that the word was bad. He still did not understand what it was.

Slowly Steve blacked out, and Tony gently placed him back on the ground. “I’m sorry Diana. Right now it’s not a good time for Michael to know. He’s going to cause more trouble to you guys. We’ll talk about this later and plan ahead. Right now, it is best to lay low. We’ll get that bastard. Don’t worry Diana. We know you and you would never betray Steve.”

Diana burst into tears. Warmed up by the feelings of her friend. Kiyro couldn’t help but walked up toward Diana and place his hands on her hand. He cocked his head, confused at her sudden tears once again.

Kiyro was jolted back to his sense from the crying of the babies wail. He was sitting next to Steve waiting outside the door. Steve jolted up in panic when he heard Diana’s cry and finally now the first child was born. Steve was breathing heavily as if he just came from a long jog.

Almost jumping out of his seat from Steve’s sudden movement, he looked at him confused. He knew today was a special day for Diana. He was conflicted in feelings. One he was excited for his new siblings that were going to be born, but at the same time was worried that he would be forgotten or worse thrown away.

It wasn’t the first time he had such a heavy feeling. His growing worry increased daily as he saw Diana and Steve sitting together in a loving embrace. Their face were peaceful and happy. Out of all of the partners that he had seen, both Diana and Steve were considered the ideal couple. Disagreements were not long, their squabbles were considered short, their love could be seen without the usual display of a first time couple. It could be said their love were like an old couple that have been with each other for twenty years.

Kiyro twiddled his fingers and moved his feet nervously. Steve was making it worse. “Dad. Is everything going to be okay?”

Steve sighed and stopped in front of Kiyro. He went on his knees and placed his hands on Kiyro’s shoulder. “Kiyro.”

“Yes, father?”

“You’re going to be a older brother now. I’m asking if you could protect your younger brother and sister for me when your mother and I are not around. Even though you are not from our blood, we always believed that you are our son. Our family. We love you little one.” Steve pulled him in giving him a hug. He patted his back.

“I’ll protect them father. I promise.”

“Thank you Kiyro. You truly are a blessing to us.”

The worry that he would be left behind was gone in an instant. A second sound of baby’s voice cried with the first. Kiyro was picked up and placed on Steve’s shoulder. Sarah came out calling for Steve.

“Let’s go buddy. Let’s go meet your siblings.”

Both Steve and Kiyro walked towards the door to Diana. When they entered, Kiyro saw Diana holding both kids in her arms. She looked exhausted but still lively. Walking towards Diana, Steve got Kiyro off his shoulder and placed him on the bed. Crawling over curious at his new siblings, he noticed similar looking babies. It was difficult to tell right this moment which one was whose child.

“This is your sister Eve and your brother Alex. What do you think?” Diana warmly said towards him. He couldn’t help but look strangely at the babies. Their face were flat and chubby. Small hands were grasping the blanket. They both started to smack their lips as if they were eating. He continued to stare lost with words.

“I don’t know mom. They look kind of funny.” Kiyro replied. “Why are their face so flat? Did they get hit by a frying pan?”

“No sweetheart.” Diana chuckled. “They are just temporary look like that. “When you were a baby your face were small like theirs.”

“Are you sure? I don’t remember being hit by a frying pan.”

Diana chuckled. “You’ll see when they grow up a little more.”

“Come on buddy. Let’s give your mom some rest.” Steve picked up Kiyro by the scruff of his clothes and placed him on the ground. “Why don’t you go to bed. You’ll see your brother and sister again.”

“Okay. Dad.” Kiyro had begun walking out the door. He looked back towards his parents and his newborn siblings. A warm tingling feeling could be felt as he watched them. He walked over to his bed and snuggled into sleep.


“Steve!” Diana’s voice called out in desperation. Steve bolted in wondering what the horror in her voice were. “Their gone. Steve! Alex and Eve are gone!”

“What?! How? I was just gone for ten minutes.” Steve entered their small cabin. He had begun searching around as if he lost a key to the house.

Kiyro was behind Steve coming into the room, worried about what was happening around them. He heard a rustle behind him in the trees. A black shadow disappeared into the woods. Curious he followed the shadow that disappears into the woods. Breathing in a deep breath, he shifted into his creature form. His fur was completely jet black. His ears perked forward, his senses became sharper and the world around him felt bigger.

He enjoyed this small fox like form. In reality, whenever he got the chance he would sneak out and change. There was barely anyone of Kiyro’s age that he would be able to play with nor the similar mental capacity. Most of the children were still in their infant stage. Instead, he would be around adults absorbing and learning their knowledge like a parched desert.

Running through the bushes, and over fallen logs, Kiyro quietly followed the shadow, his nose tickled from the strong scent of licorice. It wasn’t hard to follow pursuit. The overwhelming stench was easy to follow. He made his way towards the warship that were fortified with walls. Two guards stood guard, as the man in a shadow cloak entered. The soldiers did not say anything allowing the man in cloaked figure to enter in without any trouble.

Kiyro slinked forward and hid himself underneath the shades of the bush, covering him from being spotted. Going through the front gate is not a good idea, he thought. He glanced around looking for another way in. He noticed not to far on the right, a small hole the size of a small dog could fit in.

Carefully watching the two guards, Kiyro slinked forward trying to not get caught. He moved in an half circle, and walked into the hole. It wasn’t long until he got in the broken warship. There were a large gaping hole that was not covered still.

Lifting up his nose, he continued to sniff through the air trying to pinpoint the location of the liquorice smell. He followed into the dimly lit hallway and towards a room. Everything about the room was still the same. The cold atmosphere where one would think it was a hospital. Tall glass tubes with a large circular space where one large tube was located.

Kiyro noticed that both his siblings were inside the tube already being administered with the Growth Serum. Not to far away from the glass was the man in the cloak and Michael. He quickly run underneath a table watching the scene unfold before him.

“Sir. Is this wise to take both the Steve and Diana’s twin children? I don’t understand why you wanted them in the first place.” The man in the cloak asked Michael.

“There both mine,” Michael said with a sharp tone. “You heard about paired existence right?”

The cloaked man gasped, “You’re saying Diana is your pair?”

“Why do you think I asked you to go retrieve them.”

“I thought there were other reasons.”

“Doesn’t matter what your reason are. Step back and let me finished my work.”

“But sir. Are you really going to administer the Rebirth serum? That could be fatal to the babies!”

“Quiet! I didn’t ask you for your opinion. They are my children, and they will be put in the system.”

The cloaked man quietly watched as Michael had begun to administer the serum for both Alex and Eve. Kiyro knew this was not the best time to get out and attack, but he still did anyways. Rushing forward howling like a dog, he jumped towards Michael’s arm and furiously bite down as hard as he could.

“Leave them alone!” Kiyro growled with his mouth full of Michael’s arm. This was his first time speaking in human language. He was surprised that he could. Even more surprised was Michael himself.

Michael howled in pain as he stumbled backwards. The failing arms clicked the button, allowing the machine to enter its first serum in Alex. Alex wailed in pain causing Kiyro to turn back towards the sound of crying pain. He let go of Michael’s arm and just before he let go, Michael swung his fist trying to get in a good swing in at Kiyro.

“Get that rat!” Michael howled in pain and anger. This time, he stomped hard onto the ground trying to squash him with his foot. If someone barged in at this moment, they would see a hilarious scene of some odd foot stomp dancing while the other crashing into things trying to catch Kiyro. “Kill him! I don’t care if it’s Diana’s pet! It should know its place!”

Kiyro speed in his creature form was faster than any normal human being. Even though Michael was a genetically modified human even he had a bit difficult time trying to catch a small creature that darted around like a mouse.

Finally, snatching him off the ground, Michael grabbed hold of Kiyro’s tail. With a loud yelp, Kiyro cried out in pain.

“Got you, you disgusting little rat. I don’t see why Diana likes this lice infested creature.”

Kiyro hissed. He reached out and scratched Michael’s left eye. Three large streaks of Kiyro claws damaged Michael’s handsome face. Streams of blood poured down covering half his face making Michael go blind. A chance had arrived for Kiyro to slip out of Michael’s hold and swung towards his chest. With a push of his strong paws, Michael went tumbling backwards towards the machine. Michael’s hands once again pressed the button making the next injection go into Eve’s.

Eve did not cry out instead, her face seem to hold in the cry and turn red.

She’s strong, thought Kiyro. He was quite surprised that Eve had taken the shot without much complaint. The hooded figure took Kiyro’s moment of distraction and scooped him up in a tight hold.

“Get rid of him!” Screamed Michael while he was covering half his face. Blood continuously flowed downwards onto his hands and ground.

“Yes si-” the hooded man’s voice stopped midway and instead he coughed up blood. Shock was instilled in his face wondering why he was bleeding.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” a dangerously cold female’s voice called out behind the hooded figure. Diana snarled and grabbed Kiyro out of the hooded man. Stumbling forward with a knife in his back, the hooded man fell dead to the ground.

“What a surprise. If it isn’t my lover,” Michael’s spoke out like a charming snake. Even though he was bleeding profoundly, his demeanor did not change and instead looked prouder than before.

“I am not your lover. You will die in my hands today Michael. I have dreamed about this day continuously over and over again. Trying to figure out different ways to flay you alive. I was thinking I would start with your pretty face but it seems my son had done a pretty good job. Your black heart now matches your outer appearance.”

“Your son?” Michael asked confused. He was on the floor, searching in his pocket for his knife. “All I see is your pet and our children in the Embryo machine.”

“If only you knew.” Diana barked out laughing, “You think they are yours? Think again you vile monster,” Diana gently placed Kiyro on the floor. She pulled forward the large dagger in hand and slowly closed in on Michael. Her anger flared and were in a torrent of emotions that even Kiyro could not help but be caught up in it. It was a blinding rage that Kiyro had never felt before, his mind became chaotic, his heart pounding and screaming to kill. The only thing that stopped him from moving forward was Diana herself.

Kiyro was next to her staring at Michael, waiting for him to take a sudden move. He growled an animalistic growl ready to pounce on him like a cat. Michael did not seem to pay much attention to Kiyro instead he watched Diana carefully biding his time.

“You think I would not know Diana? You think being squirreled away would stop you from hiding them from me. You are wrong. I knew it all along. I just played it off as if I didn’t know.”

Diana was silent from Michael’s words. Then she once again spoke, “How could you do this to them?” Diana pointed towards Alex and Eve inside the glass tube.

“I have done us a favor.”

“They’re just born!”

“Does it matter? After the success of the orphan son you brought in, I was sure that this will succeeded. Already all the children born in this village has been registered into the database of both Growth and Rebirth machine.”

“You approved of this?” Diana was in complete shock. “H-how could you! You monster!” Diana rushed forward with dagger in hand. Her mind was on one thing: to kill Michael on the spot and make him disappear from existence.

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