Drezo Regalia: RE Ch.8

Chapter 8

Kiyro woke up with a start from the loud rustling noise of Steve pacing back and forth. His face was worried with concern. Two years and nine months has passed by like a dream. During the two years and nine months, his vocabulary and intelligence skyrocketed quickly. Diana taught him alphabets, numbers, history, and many other subjects. He soaked them up like a sponge that was considered abnormal in his young age. His life were simple with studying, learning about their new world, and sometimes exploring nearby around the village. Already his mind was like an nine years old child even though he was four years old.

“Dad?” Kiyro asked. He turned around to see Steve walking back and forth anxiously. “Where’s mom?”

Steve glanced up towards Kiyro, but no words were brought forth. Instead, Kiyro thought his dad even looked more pathetic than before. He knew something was seriously wrong. Pulling back his blanket, he pulled his legs out of the wooden handmade bed that Steve had made. A cold puff of air escaped his lips. His curly hair was a mess, and he felt frozen crust in his eyes.

Already he was shaking from the cold. It was middle of winter. He heard from Steve that the weather were similar to Earth’s ancient patterns. The first time everyone experienced the harsh winter, many became sick from the cold. They were not ready for such a winter, but with their advanced leftover technology they were able to survive without much trouble.

Kiyro tried to peer into Steve’s mind but instead was blocked by a sudden red wall. He was surprised that Steve would put up such a mind barrier so strong and so quickly. It was not until Kiyro was around three years old that both Diana and Steve learned how to stop Kiyro from reading their thoughts. At first it was not easy for them, till they kept practicing.

They became professional as time went by. Now Kiyro was not able to enter unless they slipped up or forgotten to put up their mind barrier. This time for him to see a red brick wall was something he have not seen in a long time. Usually Steve’s barrier was a translucent barrier that he could still see words forming in Steve’s mind, but were all jumbled up for Kiyro to hear. While Diana’s mind were like a warm picket fence that has a do not enter sign. For Steve to put up a strong red stone barrier meant one thing. Trouble.

“Stay in bed Kiyro,” Steve replied as he tussled Kiyro’s hair. “You’re mom is going to be alright.”

Kiyro could hear the strain voice from Steve’s. Something was seriously wrong. He could not enter and see the answer. It was making him even more curious and worried. Steve walked over to the fireplace and lite the logs. In moments the logs caught on fire, and a warm burst of heat was brought forth throughout the whole lodging.

The room became bright from the light from the fireplace. It was a two room lodging where Kiyro’s bed was out near the fireplace, while Steve and Diana’s were in separate rooms. Usually Kiyro’s bed would be in with Steve and Diana’s room, but during the winter for Kiyro’s health they brought it out near the fireplace in the living room.

A loud banging knock could be heard pounding on the door. “Steve! Steve! We found her.” A male voice could be heard. It was their neighbor Tony who came rushing to their door.

Steve ran over to the door, letting Tony in from the cold. Tony was a burly man, he was wrapped tightly in his winter coat. He reminded Kiyro of the so called Santa Claus that he heard a lot about from Diana’s stories. Kiyro could see light snow falling from the sky and onto the ground. White snow blanketed the floor, and a strong cold breeze entered into the room making the fire’s warmth disappear in seconds.

“Where is she?” Steve asked desperately, he was already putting on his winter clothes and heading out with Tony.

“At the healer’s quarter. Sarah is watching over her now,” Tony replied.

“Kiyro stay home,” said Steve. Both Tony and Steve rushed out the building and closed the door in a loud slam.

Kiyro sighed. He didn’t disobey Steve’s words. Instead, he went back into his warm covers and laid down quietly. All he could do now was to wait. Pulling up the cover of his sheets, he went back to sleep.


The door was swung opened, and Kiyro woke up with a start. Loud footsteps and voices entered into the house. He turned around to see Diana was being carried by Steve’s strong arm. Tony and Sarah was closely following behind him with worried crease over their faces.

Sarah was a petite woman with short hair and heart shaped face. Even though people would mistake her for looking so innocent, she was called the little lion and her battle style was considered the best. Kiyro got up and followed behind. He stood behind the door peeking in on them.

“Be careful with her Steve,” Sarah said with worry. She followed closely next to Steve with medical bags. “She’s bruised black and blue. I can’t believe he would do this to her.”

“What do you mean?” Steve asked with rage. “Who did this to her.”

Sarah stood quite, trying to cover her up what she just spilled. “Look. I need you to calm down. Right now Diana needs you. It’s not going to do you good if you go do something stupid.”

“Who did this to her!” Steve roared. The room shook as an overwhelming presence followed.

Kiyro had never seen Steve so angry before. It even scared Kiyro to see Steve so furious.

“Michael and his goons.” Tony replied with malice. “He thinks he runs the place just because he’s the one that can fix the rocket. That rat has Captain Eon wrapped around his fingers like a snake. sooner or later he’s going to swallow him whole.”

“You’re saying Michael did this?” said Steve. He had begun to clench his fist to the point of turning red. “Why?”

Sarah smacked Tony on his head.

“What? The man needs to know.” Tony replied towards his partner. “She finally been reprimanded for speaking out towards him. I heard it was a nasty fight. Your little tigress did a bang up job of tearing into them like shredded cheese. I wish I was there to see the fight. I would of backed her up without a second thought.”

“She did?” Steve asked surprised. His anger disappeared for a moment. He couldn’t help but smirk satisfied on how well she fought. He raised his hands and stroke her cheeks.

“But she was overwhelmed. They were just too much. Later she was thrown into the dungeon and she was released just a moment ago,” said Tony.

“She needs rest. I suggest her not to be moved around to much. She has a couple of broken bones, but they’re all set properly so she should heal nicely.” Sarah replied. “Let’s go Tony. Give them some private time. I’ll be back to check on her.”

“Give us a shout if you need us. We live right next to you.” Tony called out towards Steve. He got up and followed Sarah.

Kiyro moved backwards letting both Sarah and Tony move past him. Sarah stopped and fished out a wrapped candy lollipop. She winked as she handed it to him. Kiyro took the candy with glee and unwrapped the lollipop. He popped it in his mouth and smiled. Tony tussled his head and both Sarah and Tony left the building.

He peeked in as he watched Steve holding Diana’s hand with his head against his hand. He was quietly whispering to Diana. “I’ll kill that bastard. I’ll kill him.” The words were repeatedly spoke underneath his breath.

With light steps, Kiyro walked over to the side of the bed. He climbed up and looked down at Diana. Black and blue were littered all over her face. She looked like a panda with stitch marks over her eyebrow. The beautiful lovely face were haggard and bloated. Kiyro couldn’t help it but feel a wave of anger building up in his heart for the attacker who harmed his mother. The thought of losing Diana scared him. Steve noticed Kiyro crawling up into the bed beside Diana. He gave him a sad smile that made him look like he had gain extra years on his life.

Pulling back the blanket, Kiyro snuggled next to Diana holding onto her other hand. Tears streamed down his face, his heart ached from the bruised up face of his mother. He did not want to lose the only family he had. He silently wept next to her waiting for her to awake.

Diana slowly awoke, and saw both Kiyro on her right and Steve on her left. She couldn’t help but smile at the loving warmth that both were giving her. She glance up towards Steve and shakily moved her bruise hand. He looked up and his worries were all washed away when he saw Diana alive and well.

Next Diana turned towards Kiyro who were curled up next to her. Kiyro glanced up and gave her the most brilliant smile he could muster. Love and happiness filled his heart washing away the dark thoughts that did harm to his mother.

“Are you alright?” Steve asked.

“I-I” Diana’s voice croaked, making it very difficult for her to talk. But in that moment, Kiyro heard her inner thoughts. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry Steve. The words continued to spill into Kiyro’s head over and over again. I’ve been raped. A gut wrenching pain that tore through Diana’s heart as her heart broke into millions of pieces. This was the first time, that Kiyro had felt such a shattering emotions. He couldn’t help but cry. He didn’t understand what she meant but he knew something horrible had happened to her.
On that day Kiyro learned his first dark emotions: hatred.

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