Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 7

Chapter 7

Darkness finally settled, and Steve and Diana came back to the crashed site. Lights and tents were put up around the partially destroyed spaceship, with soldiers moving back and forth as they were moving supplies and cleaning up the wreckage. Both Diana and Steve were out of their metal suit when they came back from their mission.

Kiyro was fascinated at what he was seeing around him. He couldn’t help but curiously wonder what they were doing.

Steve headed towards a large tent, where the captain of the ship were present. Three more officers were present as they speaking. They were hovered over a holographic screen of the terrain of the map that they have scouted. A large portion around the crashed site was explored as new updated chips were plugged into a computer.

“Sir!” Steve called out towards the Captain that had his head over the map.

“Come in.” The captain Eon waved them in. He did not look up but instead was deeply engrossed with what he was doing.

“We have the chip that we have scouted. Hopefully this could help.” Steve pulled out a small usb from his metal suit and handed it to one of the soldiers that were present. The female soldier took the usb and inputted it into the computer. An uploading screen appeared.

In under ten seconds the map of the places that they explored added itself on to the hologram.

“Any sightings of civilization?” Captain Eon asked.

“Nothing sir. All we found were unique creatures that we have never seen before. We have one with us now.” Steve pulled the glass container where Kiyro was in and was laid on the table before them.

“Your son?” Captain Eon asked lost with words and strangely looked at Steve.

“No. Please look closely, don’t you see that rabbit with a horn sleeping next to him?”

The captain stopped what he was doing and stared into the glass container. “What in the world? Where did you find
such creature?”

“Well, I didn’t find it. My son did.”

“Excuse me? Your son?”

“Well, you wouldn’t believe what had happened.” Diana was next to Steve and elbowed him hard in the ribs.

“What he meant to say is that our son spotted this creature before us. Without realizing it he gave us his usual squeal of delight and we turned around to see what he was laughing about. At that moment, we saw the horned rabbit snuggling up to our son.”

“Interesting. It seems your son has affinity with creatures.”

“That’s not all, we saw creatures that look like deer, badgers, foxes, and many more that you would normally see in the ancient history of Earth. What’s fascinating is that these creatures had seem to have other animal qualities mixed in with their genes, making them a totally different creatures altogether.”

“What an interesting find. Send the specimen to David to get it dissected.”

“Wait!” Diana spoke out. “I’m sorry sir. Please excuse my rude outburst, but because we knew you would say something like that we caught an extra.” She pulled out a dead horned rabbit and set it on the table.

“That would do, but next time do not speak out of turn.”

“I’m sorry sir. I will not do that again.”

One of the soldiers grabbed the rabbit’s ear and took the rabbit with him. He left the tent with the rabbit in tow. Another young very handsome man in his early thirty entered the tent. His sharp pointed ears that look like an elf, and short pure white hair like snow. One could say he did not fit the description of an human but more like an fantasy elf. He was not heavily decorated like the captain before him and instead wore normal everyday clothes. Kiyro felt an odd feeling about the man that entered the room. Something about the man did not feel right. Instead, his hair stood on end as he watched the man go by.

“Micheal. What brings you here?” Captain Eon asked in surprise.

“I came to check on how we were doing with the scouting mission.”

“As you could see everything is going well.”

“That is good to hear. Oh? Why if it isn’t Diana and Steve. I’m assuming you came back from the scouting mission.”

“Yes sir,” said Steve calmly. But Kiyro heard a trickle of Steve’s thought. You conniving bastard. Kiyro still didn’t have a full grasp on his mind link ability. “If I may. I have a question I would like to ask.”

“Go ahead,” said Captain Eon.

“Are there any chance for us to get help from the federation?”

“That is a matter of opinion,” Michael spoke before the captain could.

“What do you mean?”

“It seems our interstellar communication is completely broken. We don’t have all the necessary materials to fix it as of now, but it seems our S.O.S rocket could be fixed.”

“How long would that take?”

“Five years at minimum.”

“Five years!” The captain voice rose up in alarm. “Are you serious? Is there no one else that could fix the S.O.S rocket any time sooner?”

Michael shook his head. “I’m the only one that’s able to fix the S.O.S rocket. It’s so old that there aren’t many engineers that had any experience tinkering with such a toy. If we had five more people like me, possibly in two years at most.”

“I-I-I can’t believe this. F-f-five years.” The captain hand slipped from the table, and he stumbled forward. He caught himself before he crashed onto the floor.

“We need to set up camp and create a temporary stay. Even if the S.O.S rocket has been sent into the sky, we don’t know when the Federation would be able to find us. It could take years or possibly the next generation.”

The words that Michael had stated shocked everyone to the core. They could not believe what they were hearing from

“Y-you’re kidding right?” The captain voice went up an octave in disbelief.

“No. This is all a temporary guess though. Believe me. I would love it if everything went towards the best option.”

“I can’t believe this,” Captain Eon hands were leaning on the edge of the table. “How are we going to survive?”

“Get back to your senses. All’s not lost.”


Michael sighed. “Let’s get this started. We have other things to do. Diana I need to speak with you for a moment.”

“Steve. I’ll meet you outside with Kiyro,” said Diana.

“Call me when you need me. Really.” Steve hinted towards Diana. He picked up Kiyro from the table. Kiyro heard a strong thought cross through his mind, that damn Michael he better not touch my wife.

Kiyro hands reached over towards the glass, trying to reach over to Diana. He felt a strong negative energy coming from Michael. He couldn’t do anything but wait with Steve. They both left the tent with the other soldiers and Captain Eon.

“Little buddy, you and I are going to have to wait. I know I don’t like him too.” Steve walked over to the chair and sat. He opened the capsule that kept him locked in. Kiyro held the rabbit in arm and glanced up at Steve. “You know what. Do you think you can protect your mother?” He had an evil grin.

Kiyro heard Steve’s thoughts loud and clear. This was the first time he heard whole sentences from Steve’s mind. I need you to change form and protect your mom. You have every right to bite Michael if he thinks about touching her. Wait why am I asking a baby to do something like this. Never mind.

Kiyro understood that Diana was possibly in trouble. He could feel the worry in Steve’s mind. With understanding, he changed form into the fox form without a second thought. Jumping out of Steve’s arm. He bounded towards the tent where Diana and Michael stood.

Steve got up in a start holding the rabbit in hand. “Kiyro!” He whispered loudly as he could without getting him caught by Michael. Stopping before getting both of them in trouble, Steve watched as Kiyro slinked into the tent unnoticed.

Kiyro sat underneath the table watching and listening as best as he could. The majority of the time, he did not understand what they were talking about.

“Diana. Why do you choose such a specimen to be your partner. He’s beneath you.” Michael said with disgust. “If you were with me, you would have everything.”

“Not anymore Michael. We’re stranded in an unknown planet that doesn’t have the basic necessities to survive at this moment. Don’t you think that your priorities should be towards the people then you and me? Our lives are at stake here.”

“Don’t worry. I have things under control. We’ll be fine.”

“That is a very dangerous thought to have.”

“Sweet heart.” Michael slink towards her with arms outstretched. He walked over to her and pulled her in into his arms. “Leave him and come back to me. Just like old times when you and I were happy together.”

“Back off.” Diana shoved Micheal hard off of her. “You never loved me you selfish narcissistic bastard. Everything about you is a lie. I would never trade in Steve for you.”

“Diana!” Micheal raised up his hands ready to strike her. Kiyro bolted forward and jumped towards Michael’s hand. In the moment between Michael’s hand striking Diana, Kiyro bite down hard onto his hands. “Augggh!” Michael yelled holding up his hands in pain while Kiyro was dangling off of Michael’s hand.

Diana was in complete shock to see Kiyro. She quickly snatched up Kiyro off of Michael’s hand and pulled her close to her body. Kiyro looked up towards Diana. Crease marks of worry on Diana’s face. Like a panther protecting her cub, she watched silently waiting wondering what Michael would do next.

“Where the hell did that rat come from?” Michael spat with disgust. He was blowing on his bloodied hands. “Is that yours?”

“Yes. He’s a pet. He’s still learning his in and outs,” said Diana quickly worried that Michael would find out. Kiyro felt a strong telepathic communications with Diana. He understood that this was not the best time to change back into his human form.

“Well get that rat out of my sight!” Michael stormed. He was not to happy on how things were going between.

“I’ll do that right away.” Diana quickly turned to leave but was stopped short by Michael’s words. She tried her best to cover her smile.

“You know the reason why you can’t have a child?” Michael called out. “It’s because you picked the wrong partner and you know it. We are a paired existence and only a pair is able to have them. We were created for each other.” He chuckled.

“You are wrong!” Diana left the tent in a hurry upset over Michael’s words. “You’re wrong. Even if we were created for each other I choose who I want to love and be with.” She mumbled under her breathe. Kiyro raised up his paws to pat at her cheek. He did not like to see Diana crying. She smiled the most sweetest smile towards Kiyro, he could not help feel warm and tingly all over.

“Woah there pretty lady.” Diana was stopped before crashing into Steve. “Did that monster made you cry? Give me a few moments, while I go beat him.” Steve gently moved Diana aside. He was ready to burst through the tent to beat Micheal black and blue.

“No! Steve I’m okay. I don’t want you to get in trouble. Please. Let’s just get away from here.” Diana held him back. Kiyro changed forms and were in his human form once again.

Kiyro too telepathically connected into Steve’s mind and put in a couple of words. “Let’s go.”

“If you say so.” Steve sighed. He gently wrapped his arms around her waist and held her close. Together they walked away from the tent.

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