Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 6

Chapter 6
Horned Rabbit

Kiyro was suckling the milk bottle wrapped in his hands. An unknown female voice spoke in his head.

Growth’s data is being uploaded into the brain and the body. Rearrangement of the Seed DNA has begun. Name: Kiryo. Level 0. Species: Human. Status updating. Please wait a moment while your body is being analyzed. Strength 5. Speed 20. Stamina 5. Health 5. Defense 5. Intelligence 25. Dexterity 15. Special ability: Telepathy (Mind link) and Transformation. Activation of Seed has begun. All data has been uploaded and saved into the Growth machine.

Kiyro glanced around wondering where this unknown voice was coming from but he did not find his answer. Not all the words were completely understood. All he got was that there was someone linked into his mind that he did not know of.

He wondered what all the commotion was all about when they walked through spaceship. Soldiers that were initially sleeping, both men and women, were woken up suddenly. A loud intercom directed the soldiers to get suited up and exit the space ship.

A one mile radius search was being held throughout the perimeter of the three fallen ships. Like a busy beehive, soldiers move around doing their respected job.

Kiyro, Diana, and Steve exited the space ship and onto open land. He could see through his life capsule the world around him. This life capsule was different from his other life capsule. It was thick but transparent, like glass. He could see a lot more than usual when he stared out into the world. He was perfectly strapped on Steve’s back.

This was his first time seeing a different world around him. All the plants that he had seen were plants that were small and illuminated in the dark, to trees that were giant like the California red giant or as small as a dwarf tree. A wide variety of colorful plants decorated the forest floor, while sounds that he never heard before echoed around them like music.

Steve went out first carefully looking around. He motioned Diana to come out from the space ship. With guns drawn, they stepped out with caution.

“Everything’s all clear. I don’t see anything dangerous out here.” Steve spoke through his communication device. They had begun to walk through the forest.

“I’m glad to hear that. Which way are we going to go?” Diana asked. Her hands were also on a gun, ready to fire when necessary.

“We’ll go west for now. A straight ten miles and circle around to see if there is anything worth seeing.”

“Did you get spare bottle for Kiyro?”

“Yea. It’s on my pouch on the side. By the way why am I carrying him?”

“Because the chance of you surviving is a lot more higher than me.”

“What are you saying. Don’t jinx yourself like that.”

“I’m sorry. I’m just stating the truth. After the Rebirth and Growth injection, Kiyro needs a bit of rest. You’re the fastest and the strongest out of both of us. Plus, I do better covering for you. Any extra weight on me usually slows me down.”

Steve was silent and sighed. “Woman. What am I going to do with you.”

“You’re going to love me.” She cutely giggled.

“You got me again.” Steve feigning to clench his chest. “What I am surprised is that Kiyro was able to survive through the Rebirth stage. That was a complete shock to me.”

“Yes it is. I was praying to god that he would survive and my prayer was answered.”

“One out of ten humans that try out to be put into the database dies from the injection. It is truly a miracle for a child to survive. Every human being wants their DNA to be coded to be able to go through the process of Resurrection. Wasn’t it every year millions of people try out for the army to get a sliver of a chance to get picked?”

“Mhmm. The best of the best are chosen to survive through the ordeal. Steve, I have to wonder, how many times were you Rebirthed? You tend to avoid that topic.”

“Well I had my reason. I just didn’t want you to be worried about me.”

“Come on. What’s the rush. We got ten more extra lives that we can go through without much trouble now. Both the Growth and Rebirth machines has given us a new life. New powers and a chance to avoid death. We both also got the new serum input in us before we left. Don’t you think now you can tell me how many more times before death comes knocking on your door?”

Steve sighed and gave up trying to avoid her question, “I only had one more chance to escape death Diana. I just didn’t want to worry you. Especially since you had three more than me.”

“You only had one!” Diana gasped. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier!” Her voice was filled with anger and sorrow. “I could of quit.”

“No, you could not. You know better than I that once you enroll into the federation that your life is theirs till your second last life is used.”

“I know but still.”

“Diana.” Steve stopped in front of Diana and held her hands. “I love you. I really do. I would use my last life protecting you. It would pain me to see you die before my eyes and get rebirthed through the Rebirth machine. You know how painful the feeling of your soul being ripped from your body and forced into a new born body feels. Even though all the physical body looked the same, adjusting into a newly created body from scratch is excruciatingly painful. The last time I remember seeing you go through the process you were naked, kneeled over, and screaming in pain. If I could delay that, just for another day, for you to not experience that again, I would sacrifice my body anytime.”


“Diana. If I could take the pain away from you every time I would.”


“Please, you understand me perfectly don’t you?”


Steve stopped what he was saying and stared at Diana.

“Look. I would do the same for you, but don’t ever waste your life like tissue paper. Our life is a gift. This rebirth process is just a delay for our time living in the universe. You should know that living now has become a valuable gift. We can’t turn like those battle junkies that throw their lives away. At the last moment, they forget that they don’t have a single life left to be even rebirthed. Life is not a game Steve. I don’t want you to disappear. Do you know how much pain that would bring me?” Diana voice was filled with complete sorrow.

“I’m sorry Diana.” Steve reached over and hugged her closely. “But you know better than I that our lives have become like a game when we enrolled in the Federation.”

Kiyro was diligently listening into their little soap opera and hiccuped. He burped heartily. Something moved in the bushes and caught his sight. A pair of ears and a small horn poked out of the bushes. A small brown bunny with horns appeared.

Dropping the milk bottle in the container, Kiyro stared. He watched as the little bunny hopped around looking for food. Kiyro couldn’t contain himself. He was excited to see something alive and moving. He stammered with glee, and without much thinking he changed into the small fox like creature. Downy black fur with golden spots appeared on him. Fingers turned into claws, and he scratched up the interior of the glass container. With prying claws, he pushed apart the glass container and weasel out.

With a bark, Kiyro bolted forward chasing after the small bunny. Like a child that found something interesting to play with, he headed towards the bunny that bolted away in fright.

From Kiyro’s bark, both Diana and Steve yelled in alarm watching their son disappear before their eyes.

“Kiyro!” Diana gasped out in alarm. She ran forward chasing after Kiyro that disappeared into the forest.

“Diana!” Steve yelled following closely after her while the same time looking for clues of Kiyro.

Kiyro chased the little rabbit with a horn deep into the forest. They crossed through rivers, hopped over fallen logs, and even hopped onto large rocks. Each and every one of the ordeals, Kiyro perfectly followed pursuit closely behind. He yelped and snapped at the heels of the young rabbit. There were many times that Kiyro almost caught the rabbit by its heels.

With a last spurt of energy, Kiyro jumped and tackled the rabbit. They both rolled dangerously towards the edge of a cliff. The rabbit furiously fought with all its might, but with Kiyro’s quick dexterity and speed, he got the upper hand with each bite, till finally the rabbit gave up with a squeak.

Squealing with delight, Kiyro shifted back into his human form and hugged the rabbit tightly. The rabbit gave up struggling and instead stood still.

“Kiyro! Kiyro!” Diana desperately called out. Her frantic voice was livid from the unexpected escape. Broken branches and plants snapping, Kiyro could hear them running towards him in a full out sprint.

Diana spotted Kiyro and rushed up towards. She scooped both the rabbit and Kiyro up from the ground. “Kiyro!” She angrily called out towards him. Kiyro face froze, finally realizing that he was in trouble. He stayed quiet. Steve came running out behind her with guns drawn. He scanned the area around them making sure everything was okay until he saw Diana, Kiyro, and the rabbit all in one spot.

Kiyro raised up the rabbit in front of his face and with his mind he said, “Mommy?”

A arrow pierced through Diana’s heart. All the pent up anger was gone in seconds and she laughed a hearty laugh. Her metal face plate were pulled back showing her dazzling smile. “Now what am I going to do with you?”

“Spank him. That’s what you need to do.” Steve angrily retorted. Even though the same cute face that he showed to Diana also affected him, he knew that this same action could not repeated again.

“I can’t.” Diana turned her head away. She held up both the rabbit and Kiyro towards Steve.

“I can.” Steve took Kiyro from Diana’s hand, and Diana then took the fainted rabbit from Kiyro’s. He flipped Kiyro and pulled down his diaper. Taking off his metal gloves, he gave one good loud smack on Kiyro’s butt. “Do not ever do that again!” He roared.

That day, Kiyro learned and feared his father. He let out a burst of cry, and wailed loudly throughout the forest. The birds flew in fright and even any other creatures in the surrounding area ran away from the unusual sound that they never heard.

Kiyro whimpered and hiccuped. Finally after a good five minute his cry was settling down into a whimper.

Steve sighed and gently put Kiyro back into the capsule. “Stay put.” He sternly scolded Kiyro. Kiyro quietly watched without squirming too much. Instead, he was neatly wrapped in the blanket once again, but this time the Horned rabbit came in with him.

“Steve are you sure this is a good idea putting in a creature that we don’t know anything about?”

“I think we will be fine. Look. The rabbit seems to be warming up to him quickly. Our son caught his first prey. I don’t think he would be letting go of the rabbit any time soon. What happens if another one catches his attention. He could try to escape again.” Steve this time double locked the capsule.

“Yea but still, the rabbit could have rabies.”

“He’s all clean. I just scanned it to make sure no unknown disease would affect him. It’ll be fine.”

“What about him being scratched or worse impaled!”

“Highly doubt it. Look, tell me if that rabbit seems like it would attack him any time soon.”

Diana stared at Kiyro and the rabbit. Already they were becoming close friends. He snuggled up into the rabbit’s fur. “You got a point.” She gave up and instead watched them peacefully snuggle up against each other.
“Let’s go. We have a scouting mission to complete.” Steve once again strapped Kiyro on his back. This time, Diana followed behind, watching both Kiyro and their surroundings.

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