Drezo Regalia: RE Ch.5

Chapter 5
Crash Landing

“What’s going on?” Diana stumbled and fell onto the ground with Kiyro on hand. “Did we get hit?”
    The emergency light flickered on, showing a dishevel Diana, David and Steve. They were holding onto a desk, or they fell to the ground trying to get their bearings. Kiyro was jolted awake from the sudden shake of event. He silently watched the whole event happen before him.
    With a loud metallic creaking sound, something in the engine room burst. Sirens were sounding off getting people’s attention.
    “Please strap yourself into a seat. We are in an emergency crash landing. I repeat. Please strap yourself into a seat. We are in an emergency crash landing.” A female’s voice called out in the speaker com.
    David stumbled up on his feet and yelled toward Steve and Diana. “Over here. There is an emergency seat over here.” He pointed towards the wall where three seats were stationed. David was the first one to get himself into the open seat, and were able to buckle himself in. A metallic shield covered him protecting him from possible glass breaking and spilling onto him.
    Next Steve was able to get to the chair seat next, but he waited for Diana to stumble over. He quickly helped Diana in on her seat, buckling her in. He handed Kiyro into her arms. An extra seat belt were procured and was strapped onto Kiyro.
    The metallic shield finally came down, keeping them both safe. Steve rushed towards his seat, and strapped himself in. With a rumbling and groaning of the ship, the gravity field was turned off. He slowly started to float in the air, trying to pull himself in towards the seat the ship shook.
    “Please strap yourself in! We are in an emergency crash landing. I repeat. Please strap yourself in! Thirty seconds till impact!”
    Steve sweated, his hands grabbed wildly onto the belt and he pulled himself in. Pulling himself in was not an easy feat, especially when the ship moved in odd angles making it very difficult to maneuver.
    “Twenty Seconds!”
    Finally with click of the seat belt, he was in the seat. The metallic shield seem to slowly come down. It seemed to Steve that the shield was taking longer than usual to come down.
    “Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven. Six. Five. Four. Three. Two.
Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!” An annoying static like sound erupted throughout the ship. A loud boom, and a high piercing sound could be heard.
    In a blink of an eye, the safety device of the Room’s system activated. A white flash of energy erupted outwards like a balloon encompassing the whole room. The glass shook, but did not break. Everything was kept safe, and the shaking came to an abrupt stop.
    The metallic shield doors protecting David, Steve, and Diana was forcefully opened. With a click of their buckle, they left their seats confused.
    “What just happened? Did we get hit?” Steve asked, he pushed himself out of the chair. He went over to help Diana and Kiyro out. Kiyro was dizzy and nauseated. He could not help but vomit a white puddle on Diana shoulder. He burped and sighed.
    Diana’s face scrunched up in disgust. “Steve, Can you hand me a towel or something please?”
    Steve nodded and made his way to the desk. He searched around and found a box of tissue. Bringing it with him, he gave it to Diana. She thanked him and grabbed a handful. Wiping the vomit with disgust, she handed Kiyro to Steve.
    “David, what just happened? Why did we crash land?” Steve asked.  He walked over towards David who were busily scanning through the computer. Flying microbots were sent out to see the scene before them.
    They were in the middle of a valley where large mountains surrounded them. A large forest surrounded them on all sides. Broken exotic looking trees were present, while three other fleet ships crashed landed not to far away from each other.
    “Where are we?” Steve asked.
    “I don’t know. I don’t think we are even close to the planet Titus and Zeno. They are not even on the stellar map.” David was desperately looking for more answers. “The air outside is breathable. Actually this planet is the closest thing to our home planet Earth.” He stated in shock.
    “I can’t believe this. This is truly amazing.” Steve was getting riled up in happiness forgetting all about how they crashed landed onto the planet.
    “What’s the status like with the ship?” Steve asked.
    Bringing up more diagrams and pictures of the ship, red flashes of different part of the ship could be seen with an error sign over it.
    “It’s not good. Everything is broken. We can’t fix it. Not even the other two ships have anything to salvage.” It finally hit David that they were all stranded in this new planet, and that they had no idea where they were.
    The door opened to the room, and a elderly man steps in. He was fully covered in metals of his achievements. He was the captain of the ship.
    “Sir!” Steve stood up straight like a board, and saluted towards him. Kiyro curiously peered towards this new intruder. He lightly scratched the surface of Steve’s mind and was able to get a name. Captain Eon.
    The Captain Eon waved his hands allowing Steve and Diana to stand down. They relaxed wondering what the captain had got to say.
    “What’s the status on the Rebirth and Growth machines? Are they stable?” The captain asked.
    “Yes. It seems that everything is intact. I’m not so sure about the other ships though,” replied David.
    “One is down, while the other seems intact. This shall do. For now we’ll move all the personal data into this Rebirth machine till the others are fixed.”
    “Is there going to be any rescue?”
    “I’m sorry, but it seems for now we won’t be able to send out a distress signal. We’re stuck here for now.”
    “You can’t be serious,” said David. “There nothing in the ship that’s working?”
    “Calm down. Everything would be fine. The Growth and Rebirth machine are intact. We are alive. Isn’t that something we should celebrate for?” Steve replied. “Being alive gives us a chance to find a way out of here.”
    “David. I need you to go to each ship and manually transfer all data into this System. I’ll be waking up the surviving crew members. Steve and Diana. I need you to search the surroundings. You can do that right?”
    “Yes sir.” Both Steve and Diana saluted towards him.
    “Good,” Captain Eon nodded and turned around. He left the room, leaving David, Steve, and Diana in the room.
    “I’ll go get the capsule for Kiyro. I can’t leave him here.” Diana replied.
    “It’s safer for him to be here.” Steve replied.
    “I know, but no one is awake to take care of him. We don’t have time. I’m not even sure when night will fall.”
    Steve sighed. “Fine, but make sure to put an extra setting to keep him protected.”
    “I’m already ahead of you.” Diana replied. She hurriedly exited the room and went to grab the life capsule for Kiyro.
    “Buddy. You’re going to see a new world for the first time. I hope you are ready as I am.” Steve held Kiyro in both hands staring at him wondering what he got to say.
    Kiyro smacked his lips, and glanced around. His stomach growled loudly. With just a thought, he directed milk into Steve’s mind. Steve couldn’t help but crack a smile.
    “Hunger seems to be your first choice huh.” Steve grinned from ear to ear. That’s not going to be a problem. Your mom should get you something to eat.”
    Once again, Kiyro injected the word ‘Milk’ and cocked his head. When he heard the word mom, he used his mind to input the word ‘Milk’ into Diana’s mind. He heard a light giggle from Diana’s mind. In the next ten minute Diana walked in with the a bottle of warm milk and the life capsule to put Kiyro in.

He was gently put into the life capsule with a bottle in hand. He watched as Diana and Steve put on a their metallic suit, which perfectly formed around them.

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