Drezo Regalia: RE Ch. 4

Chapter 4

    Kiyro was now one year and six months old. His unusually high intelligence had helped him speed up the process in understanding a large amount of what Steve and Diana was speaking. Since their departure from the desolate world of Earth, they had been traveling through space with a large fleet of Federation ships. Traveling through space wasn’t an instant thing. A vast majority of the soldiers were put in an isolated slumber that allowed them to stay youthful and in sleep until their arrival.
    Only Diana, Steve, Kiyro and a couple of the other soldiers were awake walking around the ship.
    “We should register him,” Diana said towards Steve. Her hands were on her hips, not budging from her decision.
    “Sweet heart. He’s too young. It’s too much of a burden on a baby. Much less a man.” Steve was trying his best to change her opinion.. “A normal man can barely go through the process of being Rebirthed three times. A baby has barely a strong will to survive through such process. What your asking is an insane thing to do.”
    “I believe Kiyro would make it. Look at him. He’s already past one years old and understanding people talking. It would be a true shame if the world loses someone like him. He already shows a high sign of intelligence. Think about all the things he could possibly do for the world.”
    Steve sighed. He was rubbing his hands against his forehead trying to come up with a better solutions. “But Diana.”
    Diana cut him off, “It’s too late. I already got the approval from the higher ups. They said I can go through with it.”
    “What! Why didn’t you tell me sooner.” Steve was peeved that Diana didn’t talk with him about the situation before making such a huge decision.
    “Because you would be against it. He’s our son. I don’t want to lose him.” Diana started to tear up in front of him, “You know having a child is difficult for me. My chances are one in a million for a success. We tried everything and nothing has worked. I’ve always wanted a child Steve. When you brought him to me, he captured my heart and brought more meaning to my life. This war has ravaged our soul, with you and the child I am blessed to be alive. To start a real family was what I always wanted. You gave this to me. I-I just c-c-can’t see Kiyro die.” Tears streamed down her face. Steve pulled her into his arms.
    “Alright Diana. I understand. I love you.”
    “I love you too.” She hugged him back tightly and silently wept in his arms.
    Kiyro was watching the whole scene play out in front of him. He silently suckled on his pacifier wondering what all the fuss was about with Diana and Steve. Diana pulled away from Steve and walked over to Kiyro. She smiled a brilliant smile and picked him up in her arms.
    “Hello sweetheart.” Diana cooed. Kiyro reached over towards Diana’s face and lightly touched her hair. “We’re going to register you to the Growth and Rebirth machine. This is going to allow you to live a lot longer.”
    Steve came over and reached over Diana’s should. He ruffled Kiyro’s hair. “It’s not going to take too long buddy. Just a simple in and out.”
    Both Diana and Steve walked out their room, and into the hallway. They walked through winding paths and stopped in front of a door that labeled G and R Project. The door slid open, allowing them to step inside. What laid before him even made Kiyro curious. In the middle of the room was a large open space with a metal platform.  Around the open space were test tubes that were specifically built around the metal platform with plugs and wires directly hooked to the middle. Off on the side, there was a man in white scientist clothes. His hair was wavy with curls and large glasses that tend to slip every minute.
    “David. I’m glad you are here,” Steve replied. He walked over and shook his hands. “I thought Ramus would be working today.
    “No. Ramus wanted a day off. What brings you here?”
    “I came to register our child.”
    “You have a kid? I didn’t expect you to have a kid so soon. Congratulations, what’s his name?”
    “Kiyro.” Diana walked over to show David their son. “We adopted him.”
    “You did what?!” David was shocked. “Where? How? Since when?”
    “Since the clean up on Earth. I found a child just born,” said Steve. “Don’t worry he has no new disease nor did he get infected by the space flu. He’s quite a sturdy kid. We had to go through some paper works and some testing before they allowed us to adopt him. It was such a pain to go through.”
    David let out a sigh of relief and glanced towards Steve. “I can’t believe you took a earthling. You do know their genetic makeup is inferior to our own. We are way ahead of their biological body. Compare to us and them it’s like heaven and earth.”
    “Watch it.” Steve said with annoyance. “Even though he is an earthling doesn’t mean he’s inferior. You need to wipe that thought out of your head. We are all descended from the same species.”
    “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you. Bring him here over to me please. Let me grab some blood work and hair.” David apologize and took Kiyro off Diana’s hand. “It’s not going to take long. Give it five minutes and he should be registered. Which program do you want him to be registered in? Family register?”
    “Yes. But also the Growth and Rebirth project.” Diana replied without wavering from her decisions.
    “What!?” Steve and David both shouted in surprise.
    “I thought he was only going to be in the Rebirth project. Not the Growth.” Steve was alarmed at Diana’s decisions.
    “I’m sorry Steve. Truthfully told, the only way to keep Kiyro was to enroll him both in Growth and Rebirth project. The paper works were just a preliminary. This was the second condition that the higher up has imposed on us to even allow him on the ship. There were no other way.”
    “You should’ve first came to me about this. I could’ve swayed their minds,” Steve was in outrage at what he was hearing.
    “Steve. You know as well as I that they would have never allowed an actual Earthling into this ship. After what happened back at Earth, the chance of him taking a foot into the ship could be considered a miracle. Without Michael’s help he would of died.”
    “Damn it.” Steve clenched his fist. He knew what Diana was talking was true. “What are the aftereffects or possible damage it could do to our son?” He asked David with concern.
    “That I don’t know. Usually kids are not put into the system. The highest chance of success rate is when their sixteen years old. It would be considered a miracle for a baby to survive the ordeal. I don’t know which is crueler. For him to have died out in Earth or die here going through the process.”
    “Is there no other way?” Steve and Diana was full of worry. They did not want their son to die.
    “No. He has to go through every process. I’m sorry. Even though our technology is considered the best, it’s not there yet where we can register children without an aftereffects.”
    “So what are the aftereffects?” Diana asked. Her hands were wrapped closely around Steve’s arm squeezing him tighter and tighter.
    “Usually migraine, pain throughout the body, possibly extra appendages, or worse death.”
    Silence followed after.
    “Are you sure you want to go through with this?”
    “We have to. Today is the deadline.” Diana whimpered.
    Kiyro tilted his head to the side, his large eyes staring with understanding. He knew something was going to happen to him, but he did not know what.
    David sighed, “I am truly sorry. I didn’t know the higher up will go to such lengths.” He walked up towards the metal platform and placed Kiyro on the floor. Pulling out a small remote, the room was brought to life.
    A large glass container three times the size of a normal human was brought up from the ground and surrounded him. A large TV and wires appeared hooking up to the the container. Gel like water entered into the glass container surrounding Kiyro quickly. A needle appeared above Kiyro as a large bubble was formed encompassing him inside. The gel water quickly filled up to the top while he was safe inside the bubble.
    Kiyro could see the worry in Diana’s face. Her hand was on the glass tank as she stared. He wiggled around inside the bubble trying to get towards Diana but could not escape. He finally gave up and sat waiting.
    A long thin needle entered into the bubble and pricked Kiyro’s arm. First drawing blood, and finally inserting a gold liquid into Kiyro’s body. There were no pain, except a wave of drowsiness sweep through. Quickly he fell asleep in matter of moments.
    “Did it start yet?” Diana asked with worry. She was praying that nothing bad would happen to Kiyro.
    “Yea. He’s just knocked out. I got to administer two injections in him and we will be done. I’m going to start with Growth’s injection.” Another long needle descended from the top and pricked Kiyro’s left arm. This time a permanent blotch of recognizable pattern appeared on his shoulder. It looked like a small red oval.
    “So far everything seems to going alright. The Growth injection went without any problems. New interfaces is being downloaded into his brains by now from the nanobytes. Okay, now we’re going to go into the Rebirth phase.” With a click of a button, another needle appeared on the right. A black fluid entered into Kiyro’s arm. “So far so good.”
    Steve and Diana sighed with relief. They watched the needle pull of Kiyro’s arm. When the needle finally came out, Kiyro body had begun to violently shake. He felt a sharp jolt of pain and he had begun to bawl.
    “What’s going on!” Diana called out in alarm. Fear was plastered on to her face. “What’s happening!?” She desperately cried out to David.
    “I don’t know! The machine is doing something crazy. I never seen these numbers before. What in the world.”
    “What! What!” Steve rushed over and shook David hard.
    Kiyro body was rapidly shape shifting. His arms, legs, and body was turning into a little fox like creature all covered in gold and black.
    “He’s changing! I have never seen this before. To counteract the strong drugs administered to his young body, he’s turning into something else. Are you sure he’s an earthling? Look!”
    The digital screen were plastered with different Error signs. A loud alarm blared through the room. A message appeared before all the digital monitors in the ship.
Since the 1111 different species DNA has been updated into the Growth  database, Growth has gone into phase one evolution cycle: Dispersal. All new humans inputted into the system from here today on forward injected with the Growth Serum will be given the Title Seeders and be administered additional Serum to counteract Rebirth aftereffect Syndrome. All new Growth Seeders will be able to survive a larger amount of transference in Rebirth phase. Older generation will be administered a second Serum to help strengthen their soul to help counteract the Rebirth Aftereffect Syndrome for additional ten times.
    A new needle appeared and injected Kiyro with a clear white Serum that were never seen or created before.
“What’s going on?” Steve asked baffled at what was going on. He had to reread the message over and over again.
    “I can’t believe this. Growth Project just evolved and its only in this ship. This is a complete break through!” David shouted with excitement.
“What do you mean?”
    “It means that all the first generation will now be able to go through the process of Rebirth with a higher success rate of not being phased by the aftereffect Syndrome for a larger amount of time. Kiyro here has allowed all new second generation of new Soldiers, I mean Seeders to be able to Rebirth a higher number of times without the aftereffect kicking in. I don’t know how many more times one can die and come back without their mind breaking.”
    “Are you sure? We are now allowed to come back from the dead a ten more times? I thought only five was the maximum a person can be born again.”
    “Not anymore. Ten times. I can’t believe this. Ten more times.” David repeated the words over and over again.
    The gel water disappeared and Kiyro was lowered onto the floor. He was still in his fox like form sleeping away. Diana rushed forward and picked him up carefully. His soft fur tickled her hands, and she wondered in amazement at what had happened before them.
    “It seems your son has a small percentage of an unknown DNA mixed in his human DNA. Wait. Huh? Drezo Regalia?” David read out loud in confusion. “Are you sure his DNA hasn’t been tampered with? You do know it’s been a trend these days to mix human DNA with some animal features in as well.”
    “I’m not sure. Like I told you. I found him on Earth.” Steve pushed back his hair surprised at what he had learned.
    “Well, I’m just going to put leave his information the same. He’s registered into both
Growth and Rebirth’s system. Now you don’t have to worry about him dying. You already know that now he’s registered just like all of us, when he dies his registered code will be recreated back in this room. His soul transference will be intact as well with the Rebirth aftereffect syndrome kicking in. This is truly a miracle.”
    “Yes. It is.” Diana whispered she smiled holding Kiyro in her arms. The black and gold fur slowly molted off his body and he changed back into his human form. “You truly are our little blessing.” She beamed down at him
A loud warning sound blared through the whole ship. Everyone was on edge, the ship rumbled and shook as the light blacked out.

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