Drezo Regalia: RE Ch.3

Chapter 3

    Another three months went by as days seem to blur past Kiyro. He woke up in a start. He was jolted awake as Diana jumped up and scooped him into her arms. She quickly wrapped him up in a blanket and placed him in the capsule. She then frenzily went into her metallic suit as the male did the same thing.
    Locking the capsule in place on the back of the male’s back, they both ran through the maze like tunnels. Kiyro was wide awake and noticed the ceiling was breaking apart. The ground shook, and the walls behind them caved in one after another. He could hear the gruff voice of the male yelling to the female something he could not understand.
    He knew something dangerous was happening before him, and he squirmed uncomfortably. The sound of small rocks hitting the container was giving him a headache. There were many close calls as large boulders skimmed past the container a few millimeters away. He could see every little detail as it skimmed past him.
    The capsule he was in was roughly shaking making him feel dizzy and ready to hurl. A couple of times, there were close counters when he saw a giant rock pass as the tip scraped on the metal capsule. The screeching sound could be heard as it made him shiver. He wonder when it was all going to end. His young intellectual mind was worried about the whole situation before him. He could not tell what was going on around him except seeing out the the small window.
    Kiyro could hear screams, rocks hitting on metal and even the sound of ratatata that he normally heard. He sighed. The best thing to do was go to sleep until everything settled down, but the shaking, the loud noises, and even the screams were not helping him fall asleep. All he could do was patiently wait.
    As time went by, the scene before him changed. He noticed that they were out in a completely different terrain. They were dashing through the snow, and the  temperatures were below -70 degrees. He could hear the sound of ice slowly freezing over on his capsule and on the window. Everything turned blurry and difficult to see, he was even starting to shake with a chill.
    Even though the capsule were well insulated with temperature control, it could not completely beat the harsh cold weather. It still needed improvements.
    All of a sudden, he heard a loud sound of the aircraft engine turning on. New sounds that he had never heard before kept him awake the whole time.  He wondered what and where the sound was coming from, but there were nothing he could do. All he could do was to wait patiently.
    With a loud kathump, the capsule rattled, and more sounds of heavy metallic footsteps running could be heard. Then the high screeching sound of a door closing was heard right after as the room and the capsule shook and wobbled. Kiyro was starting to feel a bit queasy from the continuous shaking and bouncing around in the capsule. While he was in the dark, he was wondering what was happening.
    What Kiyro didn’t know was that the underground city was collapsing into rubble. Foreign rogue pirates ships were attacking the Federation army, creating havoc and chaos upon the large fleet of Federation. The Federation’s mission was finally coming to a closure, and while they were finishing up their missions, explosions that were being set off like chain reactions could be heard underground.
    Many soldiers that were still present underground died from the collapse. They did not expect the collapse of the underground to happen and for the rogue pirate ship to appear, meant one thing. They were prepared to make an intercept the Federation to steal their valuable assets and top secret mission.
    It was a full out war between the two space fleets, with the pirates bombarding everything with missles. They were specifically aimed towards the underground and the Federation ships, trying to keep two apart from each other.
    A loud intercom blared out towards the Federation’s army to hold on tight, with a red light flickering on and off, making things difficult to see. The ship rattled and shook, causing the metal soldiers to shift around. The capsule Kiyro was in opened,and a metallic hand placed in a pacifier for him to suckle on. In that brief moment when the capsule was opened, the blaring sounds that was ringing out in alarm was three times more louder than before.
    Kiyro could hear the muffled voice of concern, even though he did not understand. Only bits and pieces of words that he started to pick up through his interaction with Diana and Steve.
    “…attack…be careful,” sounded a male’s voice he had never heard before.
    “…Home…monsters…..defend,” said a female’s voice.


Kiyro’s eyes became droopy, he getting sleepy from all this excitement. The pacifier wasn’t helping, instead making him even sleepier than before. This was truly an odd circumstance where usually a baby would be crying rather than falling asleep, but Kiyro was not a normal human baby. With the closure of his eyes, Kiyro fell asleep.

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