Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 13

Chapter 13

“Kiyro.” Jack frantically called out. He was firing his arrow one after another as best as his small body could. “Kiyro! He’s coming closer!”

“Quickly fire at the supporting Deviants!” Kiyro aimed as best as he could, but his body was quickly tiring from firing over twenty arrows. Only once did he luckily fire a shot that knocked down four Deviants.

Even Jack and Will was getting tired fast from the repetitive motions until finally they couldn’t pull the bows anymore.

“I can’t do it anymore,” Jack replied his arms were shaking so badly that he could barely lift their arms. They were still kids and they could not do much about their stamina and strength. Even Kiyro was shaking but he knew he could not stop.

He needed a different option that could push the Deviants back. They were not strong enough to keep firing their small bows in their small form. An idea hit him and he remembered something from the past. Kiyro had seen Diana hide away a gun in the other food storage.

“Will! Jack! Follow me!” Kiyro replied. He ran towards the storage where the food were stored.

“Where are we going?” Jack called out. Even though he could not pull any more of the bow they were still able to run on their two feet. They frantically followed behind Kiyro crossing over the walkway that connected to another small treehouse.

“We can’t leave the others behind. The small Deviant is getting closer!” Jack exclaimed with worry. He was worried about his sister from getting hurt.

“I know.” Kiyro reassure him. He opened the door and went inside.

Boxes of large containers that kept food air tight and climate controlled. There were even a high-tech refrigerator that kept meat, vegetable, and fruits well preserved.

“Watch the door for me will you?” Kiyro motioned them to stop by the door. He walked towards a stack of large crates and squeezed behind it. Reaching with his short arms, he tried to grab a key hidden away.

“Kiyro! The Deviant almost reached the top!” Will yelled with horror. He face scrunched up in fear for they did not know what to do.

Kiyro pushed and stretched as best as he could. It was a difficult strain, where he had to tip toe and stretch as far as he could to reach the keys. It took a couple of tries to reach the key, but he was finally able too. Quickly with the key in hand, he unlocked the closet that was in the corner of the room. Inside were different types of guns and ammunition.

There were a specific gun he was looking for. The gun was the size of his own forearm, but was unusually light for a gun. Scanning quickly from one to another, he found what he was looking for. There was a small engraving of a bird that Steve carved specifically into the gun’s handle. Kiyro did not know what kind of gun it was, but he knew what it could do.

Picking it up, he recalled exactly the same procedure that Steve had done. He pumped the gun like a shotgun as a loud kachunk like sound was heard.

“It made it to the top!” Jack screamed with horror. He stumbled backwards and fell onto the floor. Will was frozen stiff from fright unable to move once again.

Even Kiyro froze for a moment, till he saw where the Deviant was heading towards. It was heading towards the entrance to the main building where the other children were hiding.

“Eve! Alex!” Kiyro snapped out and ran. Screaming at the top of his lungs trying to get the Deviant Type II attention as best as he could. The moment the Deviant Type II turned its ugly head, Kiyro raised the gun at the Deviant Type II that
was rushing towards him, with blue lights illuminating the side of the gun.

“Get away from there!” Kiyro yelled at the top of his lungs. He pulled the trigger. A blast of plasma energy shooted out the end and perfectly created a large gaping hole in the chest, while Kiyro fell a good foot backwards from the backlash.
Luckily for him, Will and Jack ran behind him to support him from hitting his head.

Stumbling forward, the Deviant Type II fell to the ground lifeless.

“You got it!” Jack cheered happily. Both Will and Jack cheered. They glomped him pure joy.

Kiyro did not have time to cheer, he headed over towards the edge to check the Deviant self made pyramid. What surprised him next was that the working pyramid crumpled apart and was in complete chaos. Since the disappearance of leader, they snapped and move around without a purpose.

“Shhhh,” Kiyro held up his hand against Jack cheerful laughter. Already they were drawing the Deviants that were in chaos. They grunted, moan, and clicked continuously.

“Gaaabbbb!” Diana’s voice yelled as she buest out running behind a tree. Her sword swung in circular motion hacking each one like butter. The Deviant that were once chaotic all turned their target towards Diana.

Slipping through each Deviant, each swing of her sword made its impact slicing and decapitated the deviants in half. She ducked and twirled making it even more difficult for the Deviants to get even close.

“Kiyro, stay up there don’t come down!” Diana yelled. Twirling her blade she sprinted away from the treehouse dragging the Deviants with her. Disappearing back into the thicket of the forest.

Kiyro kept quiet understanding what Diana meant.

“Where she going?” hissed Will. He too was leaning over trying to see everything that was going on.

“She’s dragging them away.” Jack replied a little too loudly.

Kiyro raised his hands to quiet Jack. He raised his other hand motioning him to be quiet. Jack gulped understanding him. More Deviants pushed out from the trees and ran past the trees after Diana. More and more stream passed them like a storm. He couldn’t believe that so many stampeded past them. It was more than hundred Deviants.

Quietly watching, they all held their breath waiting for the Deviants to pass by. They did not want a single Deviant to catch a whiff of their scent or their voice. Twenty minutes passed by as they stayed quiet the whole time. Kiyro sighed and flopped onto the floor relieved.

“I don’t know if I want to go through that again.” Kiyro whispered. He was holding his breath the whole time that the Deviants that were passing by.

“They’re gone.” Jack whispered. He too smiled with a relief.

Will burst out into a laughter happy that everything was over. The others started to begin to laugh with him from relief from the whole ordeal.

Pushing himself off the ground, he headed towards the inside of the main building. He made his way towards the locked door and knocked. The sound of deadbolt opening from behind the door was pushed open. Out stepped Isabel with her purple nightgown. Her pudgy cheeks smiled with a wide grin as she glanced up towards Kiyro with pure happiness.
“Kiyro!” Isabel squealed jump towards Kiyro and hugged him furiously. Her short hair made her pudgy cheeks even more rounder. She favored Kiyro immensely and always tried to stick to him more than her real brother Will. Kiyro couldn’t help but give her a warm smile.

“Hey Isabel. I’m glad you’re okay.” Kiyo gladly stated. In reality, he was glad that everyone was okay and that they came out on top. “Let me go check on Eve and Alex.” He gently pried her hands that was squeezing him tightly.

“Okay,” She sounded downcast by his brief attention. In reality she wanted all of Kiyro’s attention as much as possible.

“They’re sleeping,” said Alan as he was sitting on the bed hugging a giant teddy bear. He was not to keen in coming down to greet him. Instead, he pulled over the blanket covering him from head to toe.

Kiyro walked towards the small cradle that was near the window. Tiptoeing to get a better look, he saw Alex and Eve soundly sleeping. He was quite amazed that both of them slept so soundly. His heart was at peace that they were okay. His heart tingled with love as he watched over his brother and sister.

They have grown so much since they were a baby. Kiyro couldn’t help but chuckle at their unique personality. Eve was quiet but spontaneous, her beautiful hair was snow white. He couldn’t help but gaze at her rich colored green eyes. While Alex had sharp black eyes and black hair just like Diana’s. Eve was strong and rarely cried. While Alex was more outspoken and demanding.

Kiyro pulled up the blanket tucking them both. The fear that was there was gone and instead, Kiyro was determined to keep his family alive.


Weeks past as there were no words from Diana or Steve. Kiyro was worried sick that something bad had happened to both Steve and Diana. He looked up towards the ceiling where the soft blue light casted into the room. Even though both of them were considered veteran soldiers, something still could of happened that cost them quite a bit of trouble. Will and Jack both took turns sitting on the small post high up in the trees watching for Diana, Steve, or their parents.

These past few days their depression had increased. Jack usual chirpiness had mellowed out to the point where it affected everyone. They were all afraid to go down for the fear of the Deviant popping out and killing them.

The only problem was that Kiyro had to move the Deviant Type II by himself. Jack and Will were to afraid to even get to close to Deviant. It was not hard. All he did was push it off the edge and it fell down with a sickening thud. There were more dead Deviants on the forest floor beneath them. Their deteriorating body decayed faster than normal, something about them made them disappear in under a week.

Kiyro too felt the burden of the hardship that they were going through, he had to take care of both Alex and Eve, cook food, and protect them. He noticed that their food was getting dangerously thinner and thinner. By his estimate, they could last another month before they had to go out and search for food. The thought gave him a headache and worry. He was afraid of what could happen if they went down to search for food.

Kiyro got up from the bed and glanced around. His eyes softened at the sleeping forms of his family. His heart saddened at the thought of the difficulties that were to come and the difficulties that they have all endured. Pushing the blanket away, he noticed Isabel sleeping next to him hugging a small bear in her arms. Holding her in his arms was Will sleeping soundly. Across the room was Jack and Alan in the same bed with the blankets spread out all over the place.
He sighed and got up. Walking over to Jack and Alan, he pulled the blanket back up keeping them warm. Alan smacked his lips and continued to drool. Walking out the dark room, he quietly walked over towards Diana’s and Steve’s room. Crawling up into the bed, he could still smell the strong scent of Diana’s lingering in the blanket.

Wrapping himself tightly, he curled up into a ball. The stress of taking care of everyone had made him stronger but at the same time the worry and fear had accumulated for someone so young. That night for the second time, he cried a heartfelt cry. The facade of a young adult disappeared and instead a young child was shown.

“Mom.” He sniffled and wept clenching the blanket tightly in hand. “Dad.”

Hiding himself underneath the cover, heavy streams of tears fell from his eyes. “Where are you? Why aren’t you here?”

He felt his heart clenched up tightly. It was hard to pretend that everything was going to be okay, but they all look up to him for guidance.

On that night, he wept till daybreak.

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