Drezo Regalia: Re Ch. 10

Chapter 10

Diana swung her dagger towards his neck, Michael seem to perfectly dodged out of the way with barely any effort. Kiyro could hear the sound of the dagger swish through the air, making his ear’s slightly ring. It was a spectacle to see two fighters in combat.

“Are you nuts Michael? Have you finally turned into a Psychopath and used humans for your science project?” Diana growled. She was slowly inching closer getting ready to strike.

“This is for the better of humanity. You would not understand.” Michael retorted. “Even if I die today, you know that I will be Rebirthed again.”

“I know that too well Michael. I will be here every single time you are born again and make sure you die till your last life is used up.” Diana words were cold as ice. Michael couldn’t help but shiver in delight. “You are definitely my perfect pair. Just thinking about it makes me shudder in excitement.”

“You fucking pervert. I hope you stay in hell!” Diana screamed she rushed forward with a dagger in hand. She aimed swiftly towards his vitals, once in the neck, twice in the side of his stomach, and another towards his heart, but each time the strike were perfectly deflected by Michael’s own dagger.

“I thought you were better than this. You disappoint me Diana. It’s like a repeat of last time we were together.” He grabbed her hand and flipped it behind her back.

Diana struggled hard, trying to break free by kicking, punching, and even using her teeth to get a chunk out of his arm. All attempted failed, she was pushed down onto the ground. Michael was straddle on her back, while using his whole weight to keep her down. Diana’s dagger flew out of her hand from Michael’s strike.

“What a shame. You’re actually weaker than the last time we tango together.” Michael was sigh in disappointment. He was unbuttoning his shirt. “I wouldn’t mind another child don’t you agree?”

“Get off of me you fucking ass! Get off!” Diana wildly screamed. She was desperately pushing herself up and even reaching towards her dagger. Her eyes were in fury.

Kiyro jumped in and viciously tore and scratched Michael. He made sure that he did not take a single gulp of Michael’s blood, he did not want to be mentally connected with Diana’s enemy.

Michael yelled in frustration and pain, his beautiful marble like body was torn apart by Kiyro’s claws. He took no qualms in allowing the wretched man to have his way. This moment of distraction allowed Diana to break free and scramble up to her daggers. With a sharp turn of her body, she dived towards Michael and impaled him in his heart.

With a wicked twist of her dagger, she drove in deeper. Her body fell onto of Michaels. With heavy breath she watched Michael spit up blood and slowly die. Michael’s eyes had a dangerous glint in his eyes, he reached over to Diana’s face and pulled her in for one last kiss. Roughly pushing apart, Diana notice Michael’s grin.

“Now you’re just like me,” said Michael and he died on the spot.

“Mom?” Kiyro called out, he too was breathing heavily. He expended a lot of energy from dodging and fleeing from Michael. Trotting up to her with worried glances, he sat next to her. “Mom?

Diana wiped away her bloodied lips, and spat on Michael’s torn face.

A loud beeping sound continuously sounded off inside the room. Alex and Eve was pulled out of the glass container, and placed neatly in a metal bin where a blanket was cushion in. Kiyro bolted over towards where Eve and Alex laid. Their crying had stopped and were asleep. He peered in to see if they were okay.

The machine beeped and cranked as the glass container was filled with water. Electromagnetic electricity ran through the whole container. Sparks dangerously flying like a frankenstein movie. A small embryo was formed in the test tube as it became bigger and bigger. A message appeared on the glass container in bold blue and red letters.

Rebirth time of Michael Evangel.

Countdown to Rebirth.

6 days 59 minutes 55 seconds

Diana turned towards the glass container. Her eyes in a wild craze when she saw the message on the glass container. Without saying a word, she got up and walked towards the glass container. Kiyro could feel the blood lust coming out of her body and making his hair stand on end.

Forcefully disconnecting himself telepathically with Diana by putting up a wall, he reverted back into his human form. For a four year old, he was quite tall, one would mistake him to be six years old at most if people didn’t know better. When he shifted forms, the black shorts and shirts that he were wearing were gone and instead he was naked.

Lucky for him, he had a collar that had an unique function. It could store large amount of items by shrinking it. All he needed to do was to turn the gold collar a certain direction and the items he wanted could be extracted out. Like magic, they would grow larger to their normal size. Pulling out his clothes, he tapped the end of the collar a couple of times allowing Kiyro to receive his pant, underwear, shoes, and shirt. The sudden change of switching over forms without taking it off usually ended up with shredded clothes.

While he bolted off after the hooded man, he did not have time to change out of his clothes, so there were nothing to salvage.

The door to the room was abruptly opened. Steve burst through the door. “What?” He stare and noticed Michael dead on the ground. Then turned towards Diana who was staring into the glass container, where Michael was being rebirthed. She was mumbling over and over again like a madman while she stared into the glass.

Kiyro was halfway into his clothes, when Steve bursted through the door. It was a bit of an odd scene to see a naked child putting on clothes next to two small babies soundly sleeping, a dead body on the ground, and a woman mumbling like a lunatic. One could say nothing matched with one another and could of entered some kind of crazy mental hospital scene.

“Diana?” Steve called out towards her. He stepped around the dead Michael. His hands rested gently on her shoulder.

Diana woke up from the crazed daze, and she burst into tears. Covering her hands over her face, she leaned in on his broad shoulders. “I did it Steve. He’s dead.”

“Shhh. Sweet heart don’t cry. I can’t stand seeing you cry.”

“He deserved every bit of it. Every single bit of it.”
“I know. I know.” He gently patted her shoulder and quietly waited for her to quiet down.

Finally after her crying started to die down, she wiped away her tears. She pulled away from him, and fiercely stared back at Steve. “He’s going to be Rebirthed. I need him dead for good.”

“I understand Diana, but this is not a good time to stay here. We need to go. Something has happened that’s worse than Michael himself. Before he’s fully Rebirthed, he’ll die again from what is coming. We can’t waste our time here.”

“You don’t understand Steve. He has more than fifteen times before he could truly die. I want him dead before he comes back for us!”

Steve raised his fingers towards her lips and stopped her from talking. “I know. I’ll come back and get a couple in for my own sake, but did you forget your promise? You will kill any man over and over again till he reaches his last life. Your ideals are being broken in seconds because of Michael. If you do this, there is no going back. You know this. You have drilled it into me so many times that it is stuck in the back of my head. Not only that the Federation has made this into a taboo. If they find out, you will automatically get a death sentence. I don’t want you gone.”

“I-I,” Diana couldn’t speak anymore realizing her ideals and taboos. “Fine. I’ll make him suffer instead.” She coldly replied, but the craze look was slowly disappearing and being replaced by her usual self. Kiyro was listening in to the whole conversation, and wondered what they meant by killing over and over again was taboo. It didn’t click at this moment, but he kept such thoughts in the back of his mind.

“Let’s go. I have everything packed up and ready to go. Sarah and Tony should be finishing up with their end as well.”

“We’re moving?”

“For now we need to take our children to safety. Ten thousands infected Deviants are coming towards the entrance of the mountain. They will be here in less than three hours.”

“What?” Diana gasped in shock. “How? I thought there was no one infected by the U.R.D and turned into a DM in this planet nor any inhabitants.”

“We were wrong. From the look of the infected, they look humanoid. We are guessing that there are survivors on this planet that made a home here.”

“I don’t get it. How were they infected? This doesn’t make any sense Steve. I thought the only place where the infected U.R.D’s were on Earth five years ago.”

“I don’t know either, but things could happen in that three years. I’ll tell you more on our way.” Steve went over to the metal bin where Alex and Eve was sleeping. Quickly picking up the bin, he took them under his arm. “Kiyro.”

Kiyro walked over wondering what Steve had got to say. “Yes, father?”
“Good job protecting your mom. Let’s get going.”

With a brilliant smile, Kiyro felt a wave of satisfaction. “Yes!” He chirped. He followed quickly behind Diana and Steve. Diana and Steve continued to conversate with one another.

“We were wrong. A scout came in that more than a ten thousand monsters infected with U.R.D is coming towards the village. I never seen these type of DM before.”

“What do you mean?”

“They look more like monsters than humans truthfully told. A best way to describe them is a walking undead with some kind of enhanced skin protection. They remind me of snake scales. What is even more worrying is that bullets are not going through. A clean head shot with a bullet is not enough.”

“Then how are we even supposed to kill them?”
“We have to lop off their heads.”
“Close quarter combat. I’m not liking this. We might get overwhelmed if we are not carefull.”

“On the other hand, if there are humans living on this planet that means that we are not alone. If we could possibly find one of their villages or cities it could help with our survival.”

“Are we abandoning this facility? The one and only working Growth and Rebirth machine is here.”

“I know, but what choice do we got. Three hundred soldiers against ten thousands or possibly more. A good portion of the people are stationed on the ledges of the mountain bottlenecking them. We don’t know when they will break and come through. Right now, the kids needs to be taken to safety. You will take them to the secret spot while I’ll meet up with you when this is all over.”

“No. I want to go with you.”

“Diana. There is no time. They’re too young to make it by themselves.“

Diana pouted and understood what he meant. They quickly went towards where Tony and Sarah was busily putting items into a large handmade wagon. In the front of the wagon, a large ostrich looking bird was strapped to the wagon in the front. The ostrich birds that were the size of a normal horse and were natives to the land around them. Even though they could not fly, their legs were strong and fast. These birds were named Phillia.

“Is everything ready?” Tony asked, while he slung a bag over his shoulder. He walked towards the wagon and dumped the item in the large wagon. Steve walked over and placed Alex and Eve into the wagon, while Kiyro climbed up onto the driver side and sat waiting patiently. Both Tony and Sarah were in their metal suits, while Steve and Diana went inside the cabin to suit up for battle.

The battle suits were all unique suits, each outfitted to each person body and DNA. No one but the owners were able to wear these metal suits that made them taller and stronger than normal people. They were combat suit specifically made for the soldiers. Even then there were two types of suits that the Federation gave to their soldiers: one was a combat suit that was mass produced and the other one were personalized suits given the best of the best. A third of the soldiers had these special tailored suits that had all types of gadgets that fit well to each person’s own body.

The biggest difference between the personalized combat suits were that they came in a size as big as a fist. Once touch, the combat suit would open up, grow, and connect with the user. One could say once the combat suit were almost part of their body.

“Don’t you think we should also put the kids in a combat suit?” Diana asked worriedly. “It could give them the extra protection needed to survive.”

“There is no time. None of them are going to fight.” Steve reassured her. He was moving a couple more large wooden crates into the wagon. “We all ready to send them away?”

Kiyro looked back into the wagon and noticed a small group of small eyes peering out of the blankets. There were a total of four new children hidden. They were also kids that were born in the new world or in the battleship: Will, Isabel, Jack, and Alan. Both Will and Jack were the closest to Kiyro age and been born in the battleship. Will was four months older than Kiyro, while Jack was only a month younger. Jack was slightly chubby with brown hair. with lightly tan skin Will was taller than Kiyro. His golden hair glimmered close to silver.

Isabel and Alan were born two years ago. Isabel had short hair with light brown. Her eyes matched with Will’s blue eyes. Alan had red hair with freckles that littered his face. He looked a bit girly for a young boy.

Will and Isabel were Sarah and Tony’s kids, while Jack and Alan were someone else’s and were not related. They had fear in their eyes. Huddled together in a corner, they kept quiet.

“Anymore kids that we need to take?” Tony called out.

“None that I know of. It seems the rest were already taken to their own hiding spot before all this happened. That damn Michael kept his mouth shut till the last minute,” said Steve in disgust. “I’m glad that prick is rotting in hell for awhile.”

“What?” Tony asked confused. “He’s dead?”

“He’s in a Rebirthing process for now.”

Tony stared at him appalled. “You didn’t.”

“Not me.” Steve shrugged it off as if it was nothing. He didn’t give two cents about Michael’s death. Tony turned towards Diana, and Diana took a long look at Tony before turning away without a single word. “I can’t believe it. Wow. I didn’t thought it would be so soon.”

“If Steve didn’t stop me I would of seen him killed till he had no lives left.” Diana snarled when the name Michael was even mention. Tony uncomfortably took a couple of steps back because of Diana’s harsh words.

“I got the last of the things.” Sarah called out. She had more wooden crates of supplies into the wagon. “We’re ready to go.”

“Get them to safety. I’ll make sure to come back for you.” Steve replied, he grabbed a hold of Diana’s hand and pulled her in.

“I know you will.”

“Diana, we are counting on you to keep them safe.” Sarah sternly stated towards Diana. “We’ll be back for our kids.”

“Sarah, you know I’ll keep them safe.”

“I know you will. Let’s go so we can get this battle over with. I can’t wait to come back and get into a hot bath. I dislike staying inside these stinky battlesuits.”

Tony chuckled. “I’ll be joining in with you.” He smirked. Sarah elbowed him and blushed a rosy red.

“Okay you two love birds. Let’s get the show on the road. The faster we do this the faster we will get back home,” Steve happily replied. They were not to worried about the ten thousand humanoid undead creatures that were coming towards their village. They were all battle hardened warriors and war were their everyday life. Their life in the village were only a temporary vacation and they knew that they will be pulled back into war for survival. They just didn’t know when they it would come knocking at their door.

Tony and Sarah went first, they sprinted off into the woods towards the direction of the oncoming undead. Steve gave one last light kiss on Diana’s cheeks, his worried face was quickly turned to battle hardened. He then left and followed after Tony and Sarah.

“Mom. Will dad be okay?” Kiyro asked. He sensed that something amiss was going on. He understood that some kind of monster were coming to destroy their lives. He too wanted to follow his father and fight next to him even though he was so young. Already he had faced death many times as a child and it had hardened his survival skills

There were many things that Diana and Steve had taught him. Each new thing he absorbed it like a sponge, allowing him to retain the information for a very long time. Even though he was not old enough to learn how to fight, he was taught the basic ability to avoid fights.

“Kiyro. I need you to listen to me.” Diana walked over to Kiyro who were sitting on the wagon. “You remember our promise.”

“Yes, Mom. Never change unless necessary.”

“Good. Now things are going to get rough, but you must watch over your friends and family. They are part of our family now and you are the one of the eldest. I expect a lot from you. You are a very bright child. Let’s go and get you all to safety.” Kiyro nodded, “You want to learn how to drive today?”

Kiyro brightened up from the what Diana asked and jumped quickly on the offer. “Really? I can?”

“Mhmm.” Diana got up on the wagon and sat next to him. She checked to see if the twins were okay as well as the other child, before she had begun to teach Kiyro.

“Well then, let’s go before it gets too dark.”

Kiyro happily took the reigns and the wagon moved forward on the uneven dirt terrain.

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