Drezo Regalia: Re Ch.1

Chapter 1

    Running. That was all she could do. Panting, breathing heavily to escape the Federation. Her people were dying and she could do nothing about it. She prayed to God that she would escape unnoticed, if she failed, their hope would die with them.

“How could they do this to us”, she wept silently. Tears streamed down her face. The Federation were humans just like us. Why would they do this to us? Are they even human anymore? Anger rose up from her throat as she clenched something that was tightly wrapped in a blanket in her hands.

Her life had turned upside down in a single day when the Federation had invaded and found their home. The sound of screaming people, gunshots, and fire spread from one building to another. She could still remember the burning smell of rotting flesh strongly in her nose.

She continued to run in the darkness without a single need of light, her sense of sight was drastically different from an average human. Her people had grown used to the dark. Their skin and hair were pearly white, their eyes clouded over with gray. They sensed with their mind, and their sight had become sharper in the dark.

Throughout the generations, humanity on earth had adapted and turned into something different. A way to live underground without the source of light from the sun and instead found bioluminescent light to light the underground.

“I can do this.” She inhaled deeply, and stumbled across the hallway. A bright shining light stunned her senses as she covered her eyes from the flashlight. A large humanoid being almost twice the size of her stepped towards her with a gun in hand. Shots were fired in her direction, but missed as she quickly rolled over.

The package in her arms was tucked underneath her shirt. More gunshots were fired as bullets riddled her body. Covering the package with her arms, she tried her best to protect it from damage.

“I’m not infected!” She shouted out loud, but the sound of gunshots were louder than her voice. It was too late to be saved.

She coughed. Blood dripped and escaped from her mouth. She tried. She really did. A small movement was seen as a gold pair of eyes stared back at her. His curly black hair was still slightly wet, and his cheeks were rosy red, and his skin slightly pink like a newborn human baby. Her heart melted and a wave of grief, happiness, and love all came over to her all at once.

“I’m sorry.” She whispered. “All I can give you is a name.” Her eyes had begun to slowly close as she tried her best to fight against the darkness. She needed to say it before she left, but breathing was becoming difficult. Words were hard to form, and her mind was becoming clouded quickly.

With her last dying breath, she uttered a name. “Zero.”


The first breathe of air as the baby struggled to get out of its encased hard translucent egg shell. He pushed and chipped it away with its unnaturally sharp nail that normal humans did not have. All he could do in the darkness was to push forward. A loud gasping like sound of continuous breathing could be heard as he gulped for air.

With another push, the shell broke free allowing him to breathe a bit more. Getting out of the shell was difficult. With each tap, each push, it drained away his stamina and he had to stop every minute of the way. All of sudden, he was shaken hard as he heard a loud thump and an unusual loud continuous sound.

His egg shell cracked further without his help and split ways allowing him to squirm out without any trouble. The soft blanket parted ways for him to see. The first sight he saw was a pair of gray eyes that seem to smile as they made eye contact. He couldn’t help but stare back with curiosity. He engraved the look of the pair of eyes that stared back at him. He was already lost in her stare. All the message he needed was conveyed in that one contact. One word stuck to him like glue. “Zero.”

He was an unusual baby that had a higher capabilities of learning and understanding that were considered extraordinary. He did not cry or yell, but instead just watched. Taking everything in and committing to memory.

Their gaze finally disconnected and she disappeared from his view. He squirmed around to find that gaze once again, but instead he saw a cold humanoid metallic creature that towered over him like a giant.

He did not squeak or cry and instead curiously watched. Wondering what this being would do next. The metallic creature bends over and picks him up with both cold metallic hands. The warm blanket fell from his body as the egg shells and a chip fell to the floor. He was now completely naked. There were no harsh wind, so it did not make him cold, instead he kept staring at this giant wondering what it would do.

All of a sudden his face scrunched up fighting an uncomfortable feeling, his eyes closed, and let loose the pent of stress relieving himself on the metallic creatures feet. With a satisfied smile, he opened his eyes. A stunning pair of mixed color eyes of blue and brown stared back at him. The metallic giant seemed to have a second face that he did not know about. The first time he saw him, there were with no eyes, and now he saw him with a different set of facial features.

A sharp angular face and nose with bushy eyebrows, and thick mustache stared back at him. Creases of lines were present in the edges of his eyes and lips showing age, but he was still considered the top of his prime.

His stubborn mouth curled up into a smirk and he laughed a boisterous laugh startling him. Words he did not understand were spoken quickly and roughly, but one word was repeated over and over again. “Kiyro.”

On this day he was given two names. One he kept dearly in his heart, his true name Zero, and the other was the name he hid behind from the world, Kiyro.

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